Health Australia Party and Jason Woodforth – Anti-vaccine in excelsis.

At the July 2016 federal election, a rebranded natural health political party ran senate candidates in four Australian states: the newly branded Health Australia Party was quickly outed as an anti-vaccination, anti-fluoride, and anti-chemtrails party.

The HAP quickly descended into chaos after the election, due to its failures in all states.

During the lead-up to the election – and even after the election – the HAP leadership  was at pains to paint their poor showing – and the accurate public depictions of them as an anti-vaccination party – as deliberately misleading; the work of a biased media, they argued.

Indeed, HAP national spokesperson Jason Woodforth even decried the “anti-vaccine” tag:

Mr Woodforth rejected the suggestion HAP is anti-vaccine.

He said the reason the party was seen as anti-vaccine was because it did not support the “no jab, no pay” or “no jab, no play” policies.

“The Health Party believes in safe and effective immunisation, always has. The problem we’ve got is there’s no adverse reactions register,” he said.

He believed people were not given enough warnings before vaccination, which he said could lead to severe, even permanent health conditions.

This is anti-vaccination template: we’re not anti-vaccine (they are); we’re pro-safe vaccine (they’re not); there’s no adverse events register (there is); there aren’t enough warnings given to parents (there are); there are severe and permanent injuries from vaccines (not for the bulk of health conditions they claim are vaccine-induced, like autism, SIDS, shaken baby syndrome, asthma, eczema etc).

“We’re really not anti-vaccine, you see…” anti-vaccinationists always tell us, knowing that their real beliefs and intentions are anathema to live babies and public health, and to the community. Anti-vaccinationists are very well aware of just how awful they are; that’s why they don’t tell us the truth. They cannot be both a) honest, and b) successful. It’s one or the other.

Let’s be clear: there is a wealth of evidence that the Health Australia Party is over-populated by anti-vaccination activists. That the HAP leadership would even consider denying their anti-vaccinationism is cringe-worthy.

Even more striking was the behaviour of HAP national spokesman Jason Woodforth, immediately following the election. As expected, before the election, Woodforth was decrying the anti-vaccine tag. After the election, Woodforth went full-blown anti-vaccine, in public, on his Facebook page. Our diligent friend at Diluted Thinking has a collection of the anti-vaccinationism of Woodforth and many other HAP leaders. And Woodforth has been busy this year as well.

On March 3 2017, Woodforth shared this post of anti-vaccination and anti-Vitamin K lies to his Facebook page; the familiar names of his sources will follow, below:

Woodforth’s source is Shawn Dhu, this WA anti-vaccination thug who has made several threats to many critics, as well as a journalist:

And the source for Dhu’s post – “thank you LL”  – is Lulu Langford (AKA Louisa Kenzig), a WA, deregistered enrolled nurse and crackpot, unregistered healthcare provider who attacked the family of deceased baby, Riley Hughes. Here’s just one example, in which Kenzig denied that Riley ever existed:

That’s the community from where Woodforth gets his information.

It should be noted that Woodforth still features his affiliation with the Health Australia Party, on his Facebook page:

What follows is a collection of Woodforth’s public anti-vaccination posts, only going back as far as January 2017; the posts are only from this year.

On March 1 2017, Woodforth shared lies from conspiracy theory website Natural News, regarding the HPV vaccine:

On February 28 2017, Woodforth shared anti-vaccine lies about the Hepatitis B vaccine and the Vitamin K shot. This type of activism has resulted in deaths and it will again:

On February 19 2017, Woodforth shared anti-vaccination standards from US anti-vaccination activist, JB Handley:

On February 22 2017, Woodforth called out the “sheeple” and listed worthy conspiracy theories including chemtrails:

On February 17 2017, Woodforth promoted anti-vaccination activists Robert F Kennedy and Robert De Niro:

On February 7 2017, Woodforth shared an anti-vaccination post imploring the “sheeple” to wake up:

On January 19 2017, Woodforth shared a post from Handley which asserts that vaccines cause autism:

On January 18 2017, Woodforth promoted anti-vaccination misinformation about the measles vaccine and measles complications:

On January 15 2017, Woodforth shared a post from Handley citing the anti-vaccine, CDC conspiracy theory promoted by Kennedy:

On January 14 2017, Woodforth posted misinformation against the polio vaccine:

On January 6 2017, Woodforth posted anti-vaccination lies about glyphosate in vaccines:

On January 4 2017, Woodforth posted anti-vaccination misinformation against the tetanus immunisation:

On January 3 2017, Woodforth promoted a dishonest anti-vaccination post from Natural News:

On January 2 2017, Woodforth shared a lie from US anti-vaccination activist Ginger Taylor, claiming that antivax fraud and ex-gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield had been cleared for his ethics breaches and fraudulent research; he has not:

Once again, tell your families, and tell your friends. Save this evidence for coming elections, both state and federal. Provide this evidence the next time the Health Australia Party attempts to claim it isn’t anti-vaccine. It is. It always will be.


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