Auckland mothers aim to deliberately infect children with chicken pox and measles

Measles kills. Chicken pox kills. Yes, the severity varies immensely, case by case. But, these illnesses are not harmless childhood diseases. Outbreaks of these diseases are a public health nightmare.

The measles and chicken pox vaccines are safe, and they are effective. There is no good reason to deliberately infect your child, nor anyone else’s child, with these vaccine-preventable diseases. There is good reason why public health workers were aghast, the last time we saw this irresponsible activity planned by anti-vaccination activists.

These antivax, childhood infectious disease advocates, in the official Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand Facebook group – a group run by the president of the discredited Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Tasha David, along with other Vaxxed leaders, like child-abuser Sarah Cox – have posted their plans to hold chicken pox parties, extending out to the deliberate spread of the measles virus, including plans to send infectious material, via international post, to Australia.

Asked about this Vaxxed ANZ Facebook thread, New Zealand public health expert, Dr Helen Petousis-Harris – from the Immunisation Advisory Centre at the University of Auckland – stated, today:

What would possess a parent who actually cares about their child to place them in the direct path of pneumonia, cellulitis, encephalitis, meningitis, sepsis, requirement for intensive care, brain damage and yes, possibly death. This is like placing them on the motorway and assuming all the cars will swerve and miss them.

On July 11 2017, Auckland resident, Teena Rose Hauwai, posted her plans to hold a chicken pox party, inviting others to join. The post has been shared 31 times, so far:


Hi all, parents in Auckland, my 2yr old has chickenpox currently if anyone that hasn’t had it wants LIFETIME NATURAL IMMUNITY!! Pm’s welcome. We’re in Birkenhead, North Shore, you’re welcome
Nau mai, haere mai!!

Inept Australian anti-vaccination liar Bronwyn Hancock, a veteran enemy of public health, provided advice on how to deceive local public health units into locating outbreaks:

The Commonwealth Government publishes fortnightly reports of incidences of infectious diseases: which could be helpful.

Plus of course outbreaks are often reported in the media, so you can regularly do a search using the keywords “news chickenpox outbreak”.

You could also ask your state health department (in NSW the local public health unit might be more helpful). If they think that you are asking because you want to keep your children AWAY from any such outbreak they would be more motivated to help of course , though it would seem odd to ask them without saying that you have already heard any news or rumour of a local outbreak.

Lisa Welbourne, also of Auckland, joined with Hauwai in plans to deliberately infect their children with measles:

LW: I am pre-ordering measles if anyone is willing to share please

TRH: Hehe!! That’s the spirit

LW: Been trying for ages Teena

TRW:  Nice! If you’re in Auckland we’ll definitely be keen to tag along also  

Chris Phillips, of South Australia, requested that infectious swabs be sent to her via post:

CP: Can you swab and send me some
In Australia !!

Richelle Coombs: Me too please

CP:  Richelle Coombs I keep asking but no one will
They only have to swab the lesion put it in a plastic bag !
Maybe they are worried they would get into trouble ??
Might be OK to swab and send it in a small souvenir packet
Willing to pay for all and souvenir !

RC:  Lol good idea Chris:)why would they get in trouble why would customs even test it? There would have to be a way if getting it here or even better someone here must have it lol where do you live Chris?

CP: Richelle Coombs you can’t send toxins through post lol
It might cure people !!!
Rural south Australia
Almost two hours from Adelaide !
Most locals in nearest town would hyperventilate if I even said the words chicken pox !!’
It’s true what they say about a lot of country folk !!!
They gladly run around after vaccinating but freak if you don’t vaccinate :: idiots

If we needed further evidence that the anti-vaccination campaigners from Vaxxed are a direct threat to public health, we certainly got it.


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