How “Vaxxed” is anti-vaccine, in their own words

There are many articles already published showing why the fantasy-film, Vaxxed, is an abomination of anti-vaccination propaganda based deeply within the conspiratorial minds of its creators and those who lap it up. For an excellent compendium of such articles, please see our friends at Losing in the Lucky Country‘Vaxxed’ Debunked – a selection of references:

There is absolutely no doubt that the fraudumentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe” is demonstrably bogus nonsense.

It is also potentially very harmful nonsense and as such deserves to be debunked when the opportunity arises. There are a huge number of references that outline just why, and indeed how, this intellectual revulsion is firmly discredited by evidence. More so, there are a range of approaches presented in various critiques. This isn’t a result of authors seeking to be creative. Rather the final product of Vaxxed is so egregiously wrong on so many levels, it can be nudged into a pile of rubble from so many angles.

Interestingly the argument can be made that the main claim put forward in Vaxxed helped in destroying any attempt at credibility. The story of a so-called CDC whistleblower was easily revealed as bogus. The companion claim, that suppressed data showing a 340% increased risk of autism among specific populations of African-American boys resonated only in the echo chambers of antivaccinationists.

Recently, we’ve seen how official Vaxxed New Zealand spokesperson – and child abuser – Sarah Cox, called for the execution of award-winning journalist, Brian Deer. We also saw how the official Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand Facebook group – run by AVN president Tasha David – was used to attack and vilify the mother of deceased baby boy, Riley Hughes, and the Light for Riley campaign.

Today, I want to allow the creators and promoters of Vaxxed to speak for themselves – to show that the movie is, as opposed to their own claims to the contrary, anti-vaccine – via a series of very short videos contained in my Vaxxed Greatest Hits YouTube playlist. It is worth watching the videos, now featured below; many of them are under one minute long; and they all retain the context in which the excerpts first appeared.

Anti-vaccination activists need to obfuscate. They know the term “anti-vaccine” stinks. They will do anything to deny that what they are doing is anti-vaccine. Wakefield even disingenuously states, in Vaxxed, that a regime of safe immunisation is a laudable notion. We know he doesn’t mean it. We know that Wakefield and his personality-cult do not think that there are any safe vaccines. That’s about as supportive of immunisation as Vaxxed gets.

In press conferences, held at the time of the film’s release, the creators were adamant that the film was not anti-vaccine.

The vanity-film’s star, producer, and director, Andrew Wakefield stated:

The most important thing is it is not anti-vaccine. It is about safe and effective vaccines for children against serious infectious disease. It has been portrayed as an anti-vaccine movie. It is most certainly not that.

The film’s star and producer – and Foghorn Leghorn impersonator – Del Bigtree stated:

This is not an anti-vaccine movie. This is a movie about making vaccines safer

The film’s distributor, Cinema Libre chairman, Philippe Diaz stated:

 This film is not anti-vaccine

Interestingly, this clip from Vaxxed – of Andrew Wakefield stating that “every healthy child in the world” is at risk of autism from vaccines – gives their game away:

Another common lie told about the film, by its promoters and devotees, is that the film is solely about the MMR vaccine, and not about any others. In September 2016, anti-vaccination activist, Sandy Hook hoaxer, and Vaxxed promoter, David Thrussell, lied to the media about the film:

For the record, ‘VAXXED’ is not an ‘anti-vaccination’ film. It raises potential questions about one specific vaccine. The film makes this clear repeatedly.


He said those demanding it not be shown had not seen the film. “I have seen the film and it’s been grossly misrepresented. It’s not an anti-vax film, it’s about a whistle blower.

To counter these common mistruths told by the film’s promoters and creators, I have created this 5-minute compilation of excerpts from Vaxxed, in which it is demonstrated that other vaccines are also attacked. Although the bulk of the film is dedicated to the debunked CDC/MMR conspiracy theory, it is clear that whooping cough immunisation is also falsely blamed for causing autism, as well as other “mercury” or “toxin” containing vaccines, vaccines given at 6 months of age (which cannot be the MMR), and even the Gardasil vaccine is mentioned (it is seen in document form on the computer screen of anti-vaccination activist, Brandy Vaughan):

Adding to the antivax credentials of the film is the latest official campaign from the filmmakers, teaming up with Australia’s premier, disreputable, discredited, callous anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – an organisation which has the dubious honour of having a public health warning issued against it for its rampant, dishonest anti-vaccinationism – in this new antivax caravan of carnage:

Also busily plugging the new, national liefest across the internet is AVN founder Meryl Dorey, herself known for many hideous acts, among them stating that vaccination is the same as the rape of a child:

Even less than one month ago, the official Vaxxed Facebook page shared this defiantly antivax video from US antivaxer Marcella Piper-Terry, a person more well-known among evidence-based readers as the person who also declared that vaccination is the same as rape:

The whole Vaxxed campaign is anti-vaccine. Do not be fooled by anti-vaccinationists who really do have their infected fingers in this steaming cow-pie.

Warn your families. Warn your friends. The clown car is coming to town.


July 24 2017, in Australia, Vaxxed star and producer, Polly Tommey, states that it only takes one vaccine to kill your child:

July 24 2017, in Australia, Tommey, states that there is no such thing as a safe vaccine; AVN public officer and founder, Meryl Dorey, nods in agreement:

July 24 2017, in Australia, Vaxxed star, Brian Hooker, states that children should receive no vaccines:

July 24 2017, in Australia, Hooker states that vaccines are poison:

July 29 2017, in Australia, Tommey, states that vaccines kill and that doctors are killers:

July 29 2017, in Australia, Tommey states that doctors are murdering our children:

July 31 2017, in Australia, Tommey tells attendees that travel vaccines for an Africa trip are not worth it:

August 2 2017, in Australia, Tommey states that the best safe vaccine is no vaccine:

August 2 2017, in Australia, Tommey claims that immunisation is the cause of many unrelated health issues, including dead babies:

July 26 2017, in Australia, Vaxxed star, Brian Hooker – in response to hearing that Light for Riley had managed to have tens of thousands of vaccines donated to UNICEF, in the names of the AVN and Vaxxed – states that he will toss the measles vaccines in the river:

March 27 2016, Bigtree lauds Wakefield as a martyr:

March 27 2016, Bigtree repeats the antivax lie that vaccines are injected into the bloodstream of babies:

March 27 2016, Bigtree tells the lie that the CDC reproduced Wakefield’s findings:

July 5 2016, Vaxxed star, Polly Tommey states that Senator Dr Richard Pan and others who are responsible for the SB277 school vaccination legislation in California are murderers, with blood on their hands, and that Pan and others need to “be scared, because we are coming for you”:

July 9 2016, Tommey tells her Vaxxed audience to “stay away from paeditricians…they are dangerous”:

July 9 2016, Bigtree equates public immunisation campaigns as the same as Nazis coming for the Jews in 1930s Germany:

July 9 2016, Bigtree screams about bodily sovereignty and tells his Vaxxed audience to stay out of vaccinating paediatricians’ offices:

July 11 2016, Tommey states bluntly that there is no safe vaccine:

June 17 2016, Tommey congratulates the work of NZ Vaxxed leader, antivax activist Sarah Cox:

October 5 2016, Vaxxed NZ leader Sarah Cox and Australian anti-vaccination activist Tanya Hammond boast of their anti-vaccination beliefs:

October 15 2016, Bigtree claims that vaccines are not safe or effective, and repeats a series of lies about vaccine ingredients, among them that vaccines contain “antifreeze”:

The Lies of Vaxxed series:

Related Vaxxed videos

June 24 2016, Bigtree equates kids with autism to dogs and chimpanzees:

June 11 2016, Tommey states that she will never judge a parent who  murders their autistic child:

June 11 2016, Bigtree calls for anti-vaccination activists to take up their guns:

June 2016, Bigtree issues a bizarre rant against a public health letter which he calls “gestapo”:

June 2016, Bigtree issues a bizarre zika virus conspiracy rant:

September 24 2016, Wakefield accuses Australian critics of his film of government endorsed domestic terrorism:

June 20 2016, Bigtree and Tommey promote and call for support for convicted child killers, David and Collet Stephan. This is real. Actual child killers are promoted by Vaxxed:


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