Dr Kevin Coleman – the antivaxers’ champion 4 – expelled by the AMA

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As we found out last week, Kevin Coleman has had his medical registration suspended. His wife Flavia Coleman told anti-vaccination Facebook group Unvaccinated Australia, on October 6 2017:

We now also know – also courtesy of his wife Flavia Coleman, who told Unvaccinated Australia, on October 8 2017 – that Coleman has been expelled from the Australian Medical Association (New South Wales):

Flavia Coleman Kristen Kevin Coleman my husband is a GP who has been bullied and intimidated by the system for 6 years for trying to do the right thing. Some details I can’t go into but I know this will sound strange read our novel you will read a lot into things. The last now losing count couple of years the bullying and intimidation has slowly reached fever pitch as he has come out in favour of pro choice for vaccines. In other words a parents choice for what is best for their child . They have tried all the nasty and underhanded tactics in the book to silence him after he wrote a letter of submission to the senate on passing the no jab no pay legeslation. Which he was entitled to as a citizen of this country. You will see the letter on the link I will put up for you if you scroll to the end of the page beneath our novel which as I suggest read what you can into it. Our novel that is. As a consequence of his letter to the senate Oz doc which is a doctors mag got a hold of it and wrote a rather nasty distorted article which became open slather for pack mentally bullying from countless doctors commenting and attacking him. Keep in mind Kevin’s letter to the senate was both legal and not antivax but prochoice in presenting a balanced argument against this coercive legislation. The pack mentality of doctors replying to the distorted oz doc article was not only nasty but if you were to read the pack mentally replies you will quickly see that the replies themselves appear to demonstrate that they have little to no scientific understanding of vaccines. Or so it seems as most the pack did not attack him with science but school yard comments such as Kellogg’s is not the only one who has fruit loops was a topical attack. I kid you not for the most of the hundred of attacks this type of reply by educated professionals made me personally lose respect. All the while Kevin kept his replies to the science. This all attracted the attention of the authorities and Reasonable Hank a group of on line trolls who publish distorted information on their page. Including a complaint about Olivers an organic chain restaurant for misleading the public that organic food is better than non organic. Not sure if they are serious or dellerious keeping in mind we have McDonald’s in the foyer of children’s hospital. Sorry for digression but an illustration of Reasonable Hanks page or maybe it should be re named Reasonable Prank. Back to Kevin he has subsequently been called on by parents to speak on behalf of themselves and their vaccine injured children so that politicians hear the voices of the thousands upon thousands injured. All the while this has led to numerous sitting before the authorities ultimately leading to being dismissed as a member of the AMA and a suspension. The awesome part is now we have more time to pursue our dreams of more novel writing, public speaking and research. We get to live the dream!

I am hoping that this will be the final collection of Coleman’s anti-vaccination activism. I wanted to publish this collection so that AHPRA and the Medical Council of NSW would be under no doubt about their correct decision to suspend Coleman’s registration. Surely, now, deregistration is the only answer.

The following collection of evidence includes three more video speeches from Coleman’s attendance at Sydney anti-vaccination protest rallies, one of which (June 4 2017), we had not seen before. The screenshots come from Coleman’s public Facebook profile.

Coleman’s speeches

On June 4 2017, Coleman gave this presentation whilst at a Sydney anti-vaccination protest rally. This video presentation had not been included, previously:

On September 12 2017, Coleman gave this rambling, first speech at the Sydney anti-vaccination protest rally outside NSW parliament:

On September 12 2017, Coleman backed up for a second speech at the same antivax protest rally:

Coleman’s Facebook profile

On October 11 2017, Coleman cited discredited and abusive anti-vaccination practitioner, Jim Meehan, who featured just days ago in Maggie Fox’s NBC article about abusive anti-vaccination activists. Coleman was subsequently defended by anti-vaccination chiropractor/osteopath Greg Fitzgerald:

On October 8 2017, on the public Facebook profile of Louisa/Lulu Kenzig/Langford – known for attacking the parents of deceased baby boy Riley Hughes and denying Riley’s existence – Flavia Coleman repeated Coleman’s spurious claim that he had a stroke due to the influenza vaccine:

On October 8 2017, Coleman shared an antivax screed from noted US antivax activist Ginger Taylor:

On October 2 2017, Coleman shared a YouTube video from rabid antivaxer Bev Pattenden, clearly showing that he does not understand the biochemistry nor the contents of vaccines:

On September 29 2017, posted HPV vaccination misinformation:

On September 24 2017, Coleman promoted delusional, anti-Semitic antivaxer Chris Savage, now living in exile in the Philippines. Savage is still a wanted man in Queensland:

For immediate character context, this is one of Savage’s most recent Facebook posts, from October 11 2017:

On September 24 2017, Coleman argued against routine immunisation of elderly persons:

On September 23 2017, Coleman promoted the rabid conspiracies of Olivier Vles (AKA Bernie Smith) and Vles’ The Truth Library:

On September 23 2017, Coleman again presented information against immunisation citing only mortality rates. Coleman used as his source, anti-vaccination activist JB Handley:

On September 18 2017, Coleman shared a post from Bev Pattenden claiming that vaccines are “poisons”:

On September 15 2017, Coleman promoted this embarrassing anti-vaccination screed:

Vaccine insanity 101

1) If I question the safety of vaccines, I’m told I’m not a doctor and I have no right, even though I’m the PARENT.

2) If a doctor questions the safety of vaccines, he or she is a “quack” and should be stripped of his/her medical license.

3) If I want to kill my unborn child, I have that right because it’s “MY BODY”, but once that child is born, he/she belongs to the state, and I cannot choose what’s best for that child.

4) I can abort my child, but if I don’t, I am forced to inject that child with other aborted children so the corporations can make money from the dead children.

5) If I score 18% on a test, that’s considered an epic failure, but the flu shot, which is only 18% effective, is “recommended” for my health.

6) If my child dies or has a severe reaction following a vaccination, it’s just a coincidence and I cannot spare my other children from the potential same outcome.

7) Vaccines do not cause autism or any other auto-immune disease, even though it’s listed on the package insert as a side effect.

8) Vaccines have nothing to do with our high Infant Mortality Rates, even though other countries who don’t have as many vaccines, have much lower infant deaths and we have the highest infant mortality in the industrialized world.

9) I must inject my child with toxins to protect another child, because the toxins only work if everyone gets injected with them.

10.) There are hundreds of diseases with higher death rates than the VIRUSES we vaccinate for but fear and common sense don’t matter as long as we go along to get along and trust the pharmaceutical companies.

On September 14 2017, Coleman promoted the fundraiser for suspended Melbourne antivax doctor John Piesse:

On September 14 2017, Coleman shared his Sydney antivax speech, posted originally by anti-vaccination activist Dan DeBuriatte:

On September 13 2017, Coleman asserted that vaccines cause autism:

On September 13 2017, Coleman shared DeBuriatte’s Sydney protest video, which featured anti-vaccination activists Allona Lahn and Judy Wilyman:

On September 13 2017, Coleman promoted a deranged anti-vaccination post from Maha Al Musa:

On September 13 2017, Coleman promoted the anti-vaccination protest rally in support of Piesse, which was held outside the Melbourne AHPRA offices, and starred AVN president Tasha David:

On September 11 2017, Coleman promoted the Sydney anti-vaccination protest rally:

On September 9 2017, Coleman promoted Handley’s claims that vaccines cause autism:

On September 9 2017, Coleman promoted Handley’s admiration for anti-vaccination celebrity Jenny McCarthy:

On September 9 2017, Coleman shared Handley’s post which asserts that vaccines cause autism:

On September 9 2017, Coleman shared his intricate knowledge of criminal investigations surrounding the AHPRA/police raid on Piesse’s medical practice:

On September 6 2017, Coleman shared this anti-vaccination screed from antivax activist Anna Rodgers, best known for calling deceased baby boy Riley Hughes’ mum a “fricken bitch” whilst questioning the existence of Riley:

On September 5 2017, Coleman shared the debunked lie that mercury causes autism:

On September 3 2017, Coleman shared an article calling herd immunity “Junk Science at its Finest”:

On September 3 2017, Coleman promoted the debunked lie that mercury in vaccines causes autism:

On September 2 2017, Coleman promoted Olivier Vles’ conspiracy site The Truth Library and one of Vles’ Facebook groups.

Olivier Vles’ – the creator and admin of The Unreasonable Wank Facebook page – asks members of PHARMA CORRUPTION AWARENESS (PCA) to “refrain from name calling and trolling”:

On September 2 2017, Coleman shared a Bev Pattenden post claiming that there is a “medical  mafia.” The post gained the approval of Coleman’s friend Meryl Dorey:

And, finally, on September 2 2017, Coleman states of this article:

This study confirms what that Measles immunisation is sabotaging “herd immunity”

Now, because I know my limitations, I asked someone who knows what they are talking about to provide a paragraph or two regarding Coleman’s misunderstanding of the article.

From a public health professional with experience in vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases:

“Measles immunisation is sabotaging herd immunity”

It is certainly true that individuals who have experienced wild-type measles infection tend to have higher measles neutralising antibody titers (levels) than do those who acquire immunity by vaccination.

But, is that sabotaging herd immunity? No evidence for this. Two doses of measles vaccination provides life long protection from infection (and therefore the ability to infect others in the “herd”/community) in almost all of those vaccinated. No evidence to support lower antibody levels generated by vaccination is causing problems with this.

This paper is about manufactured immunoglobulin given to individuals exposed to measles if they can’t be vaccinated (pregnant, profoundly immunocompromised, <9m of age) or if it is too late to be vaccinated after exposure (i.e. >72 hours but <7 days).

As the donor population has decreasing old people (wild type virus infected) and increasing young people (vaccine virus infected) the levels of measles antibody in immunoglobulin collected from donors is falling. And this paper is asking could we re-vaccinate specific donors to boost measles antibody for higher levels in immunoglobulin.

In countries like Australia where we have had high 2 dose MMR coverage for decades now, we achieved WHO documented measles elimination in March 2014, and every year since then have had our elimination status re-confirmed. If herd immunity were sabotaged or being sabotaged, this would not be the case.


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