Meryl Dorey: when is repeating a lie about a grieving family okay?

This post is written in anger. I admit it. Since becoming aware of the anti-vaccination movement only three short years ago, I’ve seen some of the worst of our species. Wilful ignorance; callousness; denialism; cruelty; lying.

It shouldn’t surprise any of us every time they try it on.

They did it again today.

The Sunday Telegraph published an article by Jane Hansen: Muddying the water on vaccination. It is a good piece about a seminar given by Dorey in Byron Bay. Jane was present, which made it even better. That’s not the main reason for this post.

The main reason for this post is Dorey’s reply, on the AVN Facebook page (and through her other fora). Dorey gets one thing right. The mention of “autopsy” is incorrect. Dorey did, however, contact Paul Corben, Director of Public Health at the then North Coast Area Health Service, “disputing” the laboratory confirmed fact that Dana McCaffery died of Pertussis. All of this is covered in Toni McCaffery’s response to one of Dorey’s more callous posts.

Why won’t Dorey stop lying about this family?

Yes. Just asking questions. This is a big defence amongst the anti-vaccination zealots.

Anyway, Dorey’s claim that “the McCafferys were then and are now blaming the unvaccinated for Dana’s death”, is a lie. She knows this is a lie. She keeps repeating lies about the McCaffery Family. I find it stunning that this anti-vaccination organisation has just had its Charitable Fundraising Authority reinstated. How is this organisation possibly, in any universe, conducting any charitable purpose, under the guise of a health educator? How did this ever come to pass?

Remember, it was only a few weeks ago that Dorey and her ilk were roundly condemned for the vilification of the McCaffery Family: and, yet, they do it again. Now, as then, the McCafferys have had to issue another demand for Dorey to leave them the hell alone. I have lost count of the number of times this has needed to be done. It is more than six separate, public occasions, now. On Facebook, David McCaffery has stated:

Once again Meryl Dorey, you lie.

Do not suggest that we blamed anyone for our daughter’s death. We have not, never! We were horrified that a deadly disease was prevalent in our community due to lack of awareness. Hence our involvement in media at the time and since, to try to help others prevent the death of their babies to whooping cough. And you lie about not knowing when you called Paul Corben about obtaining Dana’s medical records. At that time you contended that Mr Corben was misleading the public about her death, as ‘YOU’ don’t believe that whooping cough can kill. You are wrong, misleadingly so! You did it the day before our daughter’s funeral. Our daughter was front page news that day in the Northern Star and your husband turned up at my parent’s home later that day to ask if you could speak to them about Dana’s death. We remember, as do my parents. Mum and Dad are honest and beautiful people. Do not continue to lie about them as well.

Stop lying about us and our family. We have had enough of your absolute callousness and disregard for others that don’t promote your misleading ideology.

We do not lie. To suggest we do is defamatory.

This post is not an invitation for you or your members to comment here or anywhere else about us. We are just setting the record straight by telling the truth. The truth!!!!!

Leave us alone, again!

David McCaffery

Someone tell me why the McCafferys should ever need to do this, again and again? Tell me how it is okay that a family whose baby died needs to keep defending themselves against deliberately inaccurate claims about themselves. Tell me, again, how the AVN pursues a charitable purpose. Where is the evidence of this charitable conduct?

As to Dorey’s accusation that Jane Hansen has a history of “abusive” articles: here is the last time Meryl Dorey and her cult took a swipe at Jane Hansen’s accurate reporting.

The charitable AVN, and their cadre of footbulleting chiropractors

Dear Our Government,

Do something about this callous, cruel cult parading as a charity under the guise of health education.


Sane People with Ethics.

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19 Responses to Meryl Dorey: when is repeating a lie about a grieving family okay?

  1. @advodiaboli says:

    The silver lining to this is non-vaccinators more and more want nothing to do with the AVN, eventually making up “late vaccinator” figures. The result is 2% in total refuse vaccination. Whatever aim Meryl really has it surely isn’t to educate people.

  2. Liz Hempel says:

    Unfortunately the deadly whooping cough still thrives due to lack of awareness. As far as I am concerned, the medical community at large has alot to answer for. They are misleading parents and lulling them into a false sense of security with the whooping cough vaccination. While I am empathetic to the McCafferys and their plight, and I don’t believe they directly blamed the unvaccinated, I do believe that those who attack the unvaccinated (through blogs such as this one) are doing their best to smear, vindicate, ostracise and create fear directed at those who choose not to vaccinate. That is wrong. If you, Peter Tierney were truly about upping the awareness of whooping cough and infectious disease and preventing the transmission of both, you’d be more interested in pressuring vaccine manufacturers to ensure that vaccines are safe and suitable for more children, rather than attacking those who have good reason (and evidence) to believe that they are not. I find it very interesting that you and your friends stage a co-ordinated effort to smear all those you oppose (via blogs) all ‘coincidentally’ written at the same time. This isn’t about keeping a blog, this is a deliberate act of trying to sabotage anothers life via social networking and the internet. While I don’t care what rubbish you write about me personally, I do care about what you write about others. Understanding is the key, not fear, not hatred. You are spreading hatred.

    • I won’t be moderating any more of your comments, Hempel. You refuse to answer for older comments. You can’t read. You interpret only what you want. You are a troll who likes to make accusations, yet never accept any of the consequences. I don’t see anywhere I have attacked non-vaxing parents, for not vaxing (their choice; just don’t proselytise bullshit): this blog is about holding demonstrable liars (like you, Dorey, Jensen, Milka et al) to account. You would do well to hold them to account yourself, instead of shoving your nose into their anuses. Goodbye.

    • Caroline Shipley says:

      fuck off Liz

  3. ausduck says:

    Liz Hempel, it’s not censorship when you have been continually asked questions to which you do not reply, you continually make unfounded and indeed irrational accusations, and you have been asked, time and time again, to leave the McCafferys out of it.
    It’s not censorship, it’s Hank’s response to your continuous hubris and unwillingness to be responsible for what you say. And your sometimes unhinged ramblings. You are trolling, Liz Hempel. You are not engaging in discussion. At. All. And as it’s Hank’s blog, he can jolly well let whom he wants comment.
    Get over yourself, Liz Hempel. And get some help.


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  5. boostick says:

    I lost someone recently. He wasn’t a baby, he wasn’t far off 80. His death wasn’t from a preventable disease, but from a sudden onset pneumonia.

    That said, getting his affairs in order, trying to plan a funeral when the coroner wouldn’t release his body, trying to empty out his house and pay his bills, it was physically and emotionally devastating.

    If someone had come to our house, or that of a relative, attempting to interrogate and intimidate us for daring to say, I dunno, “keep an eye on old people during this bad weather”, I would have snapped.

    Meryl Dorey is an inhumane monster. Only a. sociopath would not be physically sick at the thought of stalking the devastated parents of a dead baby. Only someone completely devoid of humanity would send out the troops to corner and harass the family members of that baby at ALL, never mind so close to her funeral.

    We got to celebrate our dad’s life. As heartbroken as we are, we have good times to remember. All that family have are empty arms, crushed dreams and hopes of a life never lived, and a pack of rabid wolves frothing and gnashing at their heels for the ‘crime’ of losing their daughter to pertussis.

    Dorey and her minions should be charged with stalking, harassment and slander.

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  10. Liz Boyle says:

    Hi Hank, I have a beautiful 6 month old grand daughter. All her immediate family were given updated vaccinations. She has had all her injections, is thriving and will go to pre school and school in the knowledge that she will be as safeguarded as much as possible by the people who love her.
    Our daughter has had to have their two dogs vaccinated before they can be put in a doggie daycare… how can people be allowed to put their children in daycare and school without vaccinations and yet dogs are deemed more worthy of protection from contracting diseases.What a wakky world!!!!!

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