A Troll’s Fixation

I’ve been saving up this silliness from an anti-vaccination troll. I’ve simply copypasted the comments from the spam folder. I’ll keep collecting for another post, if I decide to include it again.

The first few comments come from one Liz Hempel. The latter comments came in quick succession after Hempel was blocked from commenting on my blog. I’ve included the email and IP addresses from the spamming troll. I’ve left Hempel’s real email and IP addresses out of this blog, for privacy reasons. If the owner of the spamming emails and IPs wishes to file complaints against the publication of the addresses; then, go for it.

Here is the delightful Hempel:

Publicly available image. Thanks for the duckface.

Here are the comments:

Submitted on 2012/06/24 at 18:39

“Furthermore, if we (the govt, medical professionals & the community) were more open to discussing vaccination risks and benefits without resorting to labels, put-downs, smear campaigns and other rubbish, the AVN and other such organisations would not be in existence to begin with. If you were interested in truly stopping the AVN, you would be more concerned with getting into the nitty gritty of our concerns, rather than labelling us all nuts, loons, ‘unhinged’ etc. Nasty labels will not achieve anything and certainly will not make us disappear. We’re outspoken and we will fight for the sake of our kids. I understand that the pro-vax side is also outspoken for the sake of their kids. The least both sides could do is try a little harder to understand where the other is coming from. I can’t say where I’d be if I lost a child to a disease such as whooping cough, rather than my son being vaccine injured. I may well be standing on your side of the fence right now, who knows. Life deals some unpredictable cards.”

Submitted on 2012/06/24 at 19:42

“Well my apologies, Tierney! I don’t spend every minute of every day reading your replies. But since you’ve taken to censoring me, that makes you a hypocrite. (well, we already knew that). Deleting already. Keep spreading your hate. If it helps you to sleep better at night (which I highly doubt).”

Submitted on 2012/06/24 at 19:56 | In reply to reasonablehank.

“I find it interesting that you allow others to leave ‘spiteful schoolgirl comments’ on your blog (the very thing you accused Meryl of doing on her FB page). But since you decided not to publish the entire conversation I had with Illijasx, allow me to correct you. Incase you decide to censor this post like the other than you conveniently deleted just today, I will take a screenshot.

Illijasx was implying that the problem was only with my computer, and that no one else was receiving the warnings. It was therefore logical of me to conclude that my computer may have been individually targeted, as a virus on my end would not prevent me from seeing the one website. its not the first time that SAVN have tried to conclusively uncover my identity. They have called my family, they have demonstrated knowledge of such, so is it really far fetched to assume that they may also be targeting my computer? Oh, on the topic of public spectacles, what say you on blaming the’ anti-vax trolls’ for a Norton Anti-virus warning on your blog, without a shred of evidence whatsoever? Making a spectable of oneself would be accusing me of being a moderator of AVN FB page (again without any proof whatsoever – you can blame one of your mates for that, yes the sound-minds of SAVN suggested this. Another suggested that I am probably Meryl Dorey because I resorted to using an American phrase. You also stated that my partner was involved in trolling the SAVN when had absolutely NOTHING to do with my FB page. So quit with the hypocritical rants. If you want a retraction, you can start by apologising to my partner. You and your friends initially came to my FB page and targeted me and why? Because I was a supporter of the AVN. That was the ONLY reason. So I suggest you sit back and take a good long hard look at your own behaviour before you dare lecture me on ‘making a public spectacle of myself’. I’m prepared to admit my mistakes. What about you?”

Submitted on 2012/06/24 at 20:09 | In reply to ausduck.

“Wow. Just wow. I wonder whether Hank will start deleting the various ‘schoolgirl rants’ on this particular post, or whether he will resort once more to being yet another hypocrite of SAVN land. Any comment on SAVN refusing to take responsibility for bothering my sister in law over the phone? Or for Hank involving my partner by including him in his little smear blogs? If you were all squeaky clean and actually relied on the burden of evidence, I wouldn’t have a problem with anything you say. The fact is, we both know that is far from the truth. You troll. That is what you do. SAVN continually sends mutilple profiles to AVN FB page to fabricate stories, demand answers and otherwise cause trouble. Members who have attacked AVN have even been caught up accidentally addressing themselves in posts, rather than other AVN members. So for you to come here and pretend to be hollier than thou is absolutely astounding. Sure, I agree to respect the McCafferies and leave them out of debate. How about the SAVN start respecting the families of vaccine injured children? Why does SAVN send its henchmen to my twitter to grill me about my sons injuries and call me a liar? Sounds like everything you are accusing Meryl Dorey of doing. SAVN do it all the time. Its not acceptable and it is not nice. So take a leaf out of your own book, start by demonstrating a little respect and stop being a pack of hypocrites.”

Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 05:28 [re Stephanie Messenger]

“I am speechless with disgust that you dare to claim that AVN are harassing a grieving family, yet here I see you harrassing a grieving mother. You were well aware of the fact that she lost a child due to vaccination (as cited in your attachments), yet you still vilified and smeared her. What a demonstrable hypocrite you are! Who has this woman harassed or lied to? Vitamin A is a great way to combat Measles, therefore one can be afforded protection against the more deadly side effects of Measles. What protection has one got against vaccine risks? Shame on you, Peter Tierney. I hope this woman writes a Newspaper article about you and your ilk for your campaign of harassment against her.”

Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 08:14 | In reply to reasonablehank.

“Hypocrite! Attacking a grieving woman. You make me sick!”

Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:35 [from new email address and IP: Vick Sphaporrub MrImpossible7820@hotmail.com]

“Speaking of grieving families Tierney, what ever gave you the right to attack Stephanie Messenger, a grieving mother? You claim to hold demonstrable liars to account. Start by looking in the mirror, you demonstrable hypocrite. With any luck, she’ll be in contact with the press to share her story sometime soon.”

Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:39


Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:40


Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:40


Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:41 


Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:43 [from another new email address and IP: Paidshill ajdhajak_ahsjs@hotmail.com]


Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:44


Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:44


Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:46

“Smith pays my bills”

Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 19:52 [from another new email address and IP: Paidshill superted9021085@hotmail.com]

“I’m paid to do this, mostly.”

Submitted on 2012/06/30 at 12:50  [from another new email address: Paidshill Green329238dksnalmfao@hotmail.com108.62.186.80]

“City of lights.”

Submitted on 2012/06/30 at 12:51 [posted on my tribute post For a Friend]

“City of lights”

Strange troll/s is/are strange.

This was my final comment to Hempel’s final post on my blog

Bye Liz. Until you provide some more input into my spam folder, that is.

Update August 25 2012.

It would appear that another attempt has been made by anti-vaccination advocates to falsely report my blog, a WordPress blog, as malware.

This was uncovered when this post was linked on the Why We Protest forum.

A big thank you goes out to the forum admin who reported that this was a false report, as seen in this screen capture of the comment thread.

This is further evidence that anti-vaccination activists and trolls have no interest in their own words and actions being presented to the community: they have nothing left but bile, and censorship, whilst claiming to be free speech advocates.

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  1. Shouldn’t that be “Shoving your nose into their ani”? Anuses sounds sorta hipopotamusus.
    Which ever it is, I’m glad its not me with such esteemed nasal accoutrements.

  2. Sian Morton says:

    Maybe she fancies you, Hank. You need to stop being so reasonable 😉

  3. @advodiaboli says:

    Shame on you Peter Tierney. Shame! “Nuts”, “loons”, “trolls”, “unhinged”, “Buxom”. Oh, wait… sorry. Carry on.

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  5. The more I learn about this female, the more she appears to be distinctly unhinged. Her behaviour is so puerile it would make a 13 year old cringe.

    Bitchery: interesting that from her out-of-focus photo she seems to agree with everyone that whatever’s north of her neck is the least attractive part of her Although that cleavage doesn’t look too natural, either.

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