R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to…Meryl

Prelude: on January 4 2012 Meryl Dorey wrote this on Girl Clumsy’s blog post:

[Thank you for showing] respect even if you don’t agree with us. I wish everyone could show the same restraint as you have. Thank you. Meryl Dorey www.avn.org.au

There’s that word, again.

I love it when Meryl Dorey goes on a persecution rant. I love it when she points out how haters gonna hate and abuse (“hate” and “abuse” meaning someone has investigated several of her claims and found her to be a demonstrable liar). I love it even more when she allows her own special little people, who practise this, to remain on her Facebook page. I love it even, even more when you let her know, and her hubris and spitting hatred of you makes her ignore (or block?) your emails.

I’ll be frank: I couldn’t really care too much about courageous, anonymous internet cowards calling names; making how ugly is she jokes, he’s a wanker jokes; he’s a short faggot jokes, on the internet. But – and this is important – I do like to point out the hypocrisy of Meryl Dorey and her AVN, as it goes straight to integrity. Dorey and the AVN have none.

There is a Facebook page set up by courageous, anonymous, anti-vaccination AVN supporters, called Stop the Australian Vaccination Network Now – Say Yes to Neurotoxins. Yes, it’s really called that. It has been set up to do something, of which I’m not sure. But, it is serving a very useful purpose: showing the hypocrisy of Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccination colleagues.

One of the regulars on the page can be seen in action, here.

Here is one of the page admins; the artist formerly known as Liz Whatsherface/Twotits/Sheisser [“shitter”, in German], now Liz Hempel:

This is Liz on the AVN page, saying something something about meaningful debate

Here is Liz stating that she is an admin of the “Neurotoxin” page:

This is no secret. Liz openly refers to her own AVN posts and conversations

I thought I’d provide some recent screenshots of the Neurotoxins page, administered by a current AVN contributor, and her partner, and other AVN contributors, helped along by a now well-known anti-vaccine troll. If you have the energy to scroll through the page, you will see some startling homophobia and other delights.

Amy is an oncology nurse. She helps treat people who have cancer, and also deals with the horrors of advanced cancer on her patients, their family and friends:

Sue is an emergency physician. I don’t need to explain any more than that, do I?

Reasonable Wank – get it? I slapped my thigh.

Here’s some more from Liz’s partner (“partner”: a claim made by this individual which has never been denied by Liz), and his alter egos (the link is a blog Liz created to vilify Martin):

Here are the lovely admins in full swing:

Here are a bunch of the nice anti-vaccine, AVN supporters, attacking Meryl Dorey’s friend and, former, AVN Page admin Susan Butler:

No wonder Susan Butler is absent from the AVN page. With friends like Meryl…

Here are some polite Facebook Personal Messages, sent to Amy by Liz Hempel’s partner (copypaste received by me):

And here is another one sent to Amy, by Liz herself (copypaste as  well):

Another *yaaaaawn* fake profile created by our heroes

These Facebook Personal Messages were sent to Annette, by Liz:

October 4 2011

and, this charming one; sent on the same day:

October 4 2011

Like I said above: Meryl Dorey is aware of these people. I sent her an email this morning (10 hours ago). Maybe Meryl Dorey will listen to her own words, as she refuses to listen to anyone else (but, I’ve said that before):

If [AVN] wants to prove that they have any credibility whatsoever, I urge them to oust him from their group and to ostracise him (or her).

It’s all yours, Meryl. Really. I mean that. It really is all yours.

Update January 9 2012

As shown in the following screenshot, Meryl Dorey and her AVN have no intention of acting  on the continued presence of Liz Hempel, and other fake accounts, on their Facebook page. Courageous, anonymous admin “RR” continues to defend Liz’s demonstrably unconscionable conduct. Of note, RR admits that many fake profiles are created by “Johanna Holland”: this admission ironically being made right underneath one of the Holland fake profiles, “Suzanne Payne”. Liz threatens legal action, quietly and conveniently forgetting about the wealth of documentation of her behaviour. You couldn’t make this up.

Liz Hempel threatens legal action. The gallery approves of this threat.

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  1. Scott Hansen says:

    These are the kinds of people rational society have to deal with in regards to vaccination. How this movement can influence the public perception of the success, indeed – need for a strong vaccination program boggles the mind.

    The world is turning into the plot for the movie “Idiocracy”, not one small step at a time, but in ginormous, leaping strides.

  2. Are you fucking serious? RE that last screen shot, “I know exactly what they can be like, all the filth…” etc. This is the moron that took complete credit for that abominable facebook page vilifying SAVN members with the most psychotic filth I’ve ever seen. I guess she thinks her own shit must smell like roses, too.

  3. Excuse my language… honestly, I’ve met people like this before, and they anger me. They’re the kinda people that go ape shit if they either a) don’t get their own way, or b) don’t get any attention. Typical cheerleader-with-a-superiority-complex attitude

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  5. Autismum says:

    I got a whole load of abuse on my blog for saying Polly Tommey has nice legs. Even when you try to be nice… though, ok, I did have other things to say about Wakefield’s hand made. She makes it sound like she’s encouraging her partner to sue for the suggestion that they’re married.

  6. Autismum says:

    *handmaid* I don’t actually think PT was made by hand. oops!

  7. Liz Hempel says:

    Hello Hank. I have been told that my name and image has been used without my consent on a couple of social networking sites to cause trouble. I believe it is my ex and his gf who isresponsible but I cannot prove it so i am messaging everyone who ithink might have been harassed by them & who using my name and image. i believe they have also been pretending to be one of my friends who is also contacting everyone who byron has harassed. i beieve byron has taken down a few of the fake accounts he created in my name but i am asking you to please remove my details from your site. I have tried to contact byron but i don’t even know if he’s in town any more. It looks like he has even changed his mobile no.
    I ask if u see any one else using my name to start trouble that u contact me on my email so i can try to put a stop to it. Thank u.

    THE REAL Liz Hempel

    • I’ve just approved this comment today (March 15 2012) as it appears Liz has made a comeback, offering an explanation and apology for her behaviour, only to slip back into her behaviour again.

      I emailed Liz to provide evidence for all of the claims she makes in the above comment, but, she decided not to reply.

      I didn’t publish the comment earlier in the belief that, given the chance, Liz might have a good, long, hard look at herself.


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  9. I'm sceptical of injecting toxic shit says:

    what a wanker

  10. I'm sceptical of injecting toxic shit says:

    I meant, “You are a wanker”

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  14. @advodiaboli says:

    Shudder. Ample pro choice evidence there. These are the cream aren’t they. Dr. Brian Martin would be proud of their persecution. And Liz… Well Liz is Mini Meryl. Only plays the nice card to BS. Whoever it is.

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  16. @advodiaboli says:

    Just had to pop back to be sure. The bloke who procreated with Oktoberfest wanna be waitress, Liz Hempel is a misogynist judging the attractiveness of other women. The MySpace buxom in ya face profile picture Hempel? And it comments on profile photos? Of women? Okay, just wanted to be sure.

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