Meryl Dorey sees terrorists

Dorey pic I see terrorists

If you are reading this it means I have been killed

No, not really. I’m just doing some channeling. I may even be opening up a book as to when that predicted comment will be made.

Because, according to Meryl Dorey, fatwas have been issued. The fatwas are to be carried out by terrorists. It’s a sick, sad world. Doctors are terrorists. There are Nazis and Brownshirts everywhere. Dorey and her acolytes are being exterminated exactly like the Jews. Here I was thinking that the hypocritical yelp for “FREE SPEECH” was the new last refuge of the scoundrel. I admit it; I was wrong. Callous, barking mad hyperbole is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

Over to you, Health Service Provider Dorey, whose business holds a Charitable Fundraising Authority:

Tell me – how do the skeptics and SAVN members differ in any way from the Taliban or any other religious fanatics? They have started a Fatwa against anyone who questions vaccination

They have no compassion for the pain of others and many of them are paid trolls working for the benefits of Big Pharma (you need only look at the number of hours they spend writing on various online forums to see that).

SAVN are the REAL Australian terrorists and if the law were in any way just, they would have been cited and charged with the crimes of harassment, abuse and threats – all of which are illegal according to Australian Federal and State statutes – years ago.

AVN Dorey Fatwas and terroristsThe raft of investigations into this dazed and confused person, and her sinister cabal, parading as a legitimate provider of health information can’t conclude soon enough.

Dorey pic terrorists

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15 Responses to Meryl Dorey sees terrorists

  1. I’ve been called a lot of things but a terrorist?
    Nice way for a Health Care Provider to talk.

    Get bent, Meryl et al. I’m sick of the wahhhfest. The sooner the AVN are held to account by all the investigations underway the better.

  2. Darkly Venus says:

    Yeah, they believe in FREE SPEECH as long as it’s not against them, and as long as they get to decide who speaks freely and what is said. Speaking out against or trying to prevent proven harm is more harmful than the proven harm. The presentation of facts is abuse and criticism is fundamentalist terrorism. I know, I cop the same.

    If the illustrious Dorey has a fundraising authority,is that part of a charity registered with the ACNC?

    ACNC registered charities can lose their charity status if you can make a case for harm to beneficiaries (or if it’s a sham, set up to benefit private individuals).

  3. grlwonder says:

    Meh. Everything she types further embeds her standing as a barking mad danger to public health in the eyes of anyone with a modicum of rationality. Keep painting yourself into that corner, Meryl.

  4. Sue says:

    I love this bit: ”many of them are paid trolls working for the benefits of Big Pharma (you need only look at the number of hours they spend writing on various online forums to see that).”

    My teenager spends many more hours on the internet than I do – with no sponsorship other than her parents’. I wish Big Pharma were issuing grants for people to spend time on the net…

  5. Trevor says:

    People of the SAAVN are smart enough and articulate enough to be able to put together material that is evidenced and logical a lot quicker than those of the AVN and its acolytes. Her attitude is amazing and surely there are those in her camp that are questioning her rabidity. Poor showing when an expectation for accountability is met by unfounded claims and accusations. Rats, corners….

  6. Angus Shepherd says:

    I’m a big fan of her insistence that we “do our research” yet when research publications are provided, they are dismissed as nonsense and opinion pieces triumph. Vera Schriebner and her lap dog Judy Wilyman are classic examples of muppets offering opinion. Despite the decades of research (reading), they are only able to offer views contrary to common sense.

  7. Mike says:

    It’s time to get right down to the crux of this problem: Meryl needs help, as do several of her closest circle of AVN friends. Professional help. This is becoming a mental health issue for her and she needs treatment. What she is saying and writing is simply not normal behaviour for a mentally healthy person, and I’d hate to see her institutionalised in the longer term.

  8. I was accused of terrorism in the lawsuit brought against me and many others in 2000 by the late and unlamented Hulda Clark. Meryl is just late to the game.

  9. cat says:

    MD is the terrorist, inflicting preventable dieases to all of us!

    • wzrd1 says:

      Ahh, but the physician is most assuredly a terrorist to communicable, vaccine preventable diseases. 😉

      Humor aside, Meryl behaves in a manner more consistent with the Taliban than anyone in the west that I’ve heard from in a decade and change.
      She harasses people, says the most horrific of things, decries modern medicine, decries vaccination, disparages freedom of expression of anyone who disagrees with her and she has made a number of threats (of litigation, thankfully). She likens any who have a different view than hers as an evil person who is of the devil or something similar.
      the only real difference between the Taliban and her is that she has yet to throw acid into little girls faces, blow up occupied schools, murder health care providers or bomb village markets.
      Fortunately, she’ll never manage to achieve those things, as Australia has rather good control on who can acquire a weapon or explosive devices.

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  11. Andy says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if there were government departments established to deal with groups like this?

    We could have one for health providers, and it could maybe take a look at this group’s activities, and shut them down.

    And we could have one that regulates therapeutic goods that could take action when groups like this make false claims about such goods and supposed alternatives. And maybe shut the group down.

    And we could have one that administers charity licences and it could look at groups like this and take action to not only make sure they stop claiming to be a charity but also penalise them for breaches of regulations. And maybe shut them down.

    And we could have one that deals with trading names that could ensure any group’s name accurately reflects its purpose so as not to trick people into parting with their money and making other bad decisions. That department could maybe demand a group change its name. And, if that order was contested, we could have it heard before a judge and, after a day or two or argument and a few days to weigh up the evidence, that judge could make a decision like some judges do, sometimes. And maybe shut the group down.

    Wouldn’t it be great?

  12. Oh, Andy. It’s like you’re talkin’ dirty to me

    • Andy says:

      But seriously, did the ADT judge go on long service leave as soon as the case closed? It took just two days for both sides to state their case and here we are, over two months later, and still no decision. If I wasn’t so practically minded, I’d start to think there’s a government conspiracy to keep the AVN operating for as long as possible.

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