Meryl Dorey sees terrorists

Dorey pic I see terrorists

If you are reading this it means I have been killed

No, not really. I’m just doing some channeling. I may even be opening up a book as to when that predicted comment will be made.

Because, according to Meryl Dorey, fatwas have been issued. The fatwas are to be carried out by terrorists. It’s a sick, sad world. Doctors are terrorists. There are Nazis and Brownshirts everywhere. Dorey and her acolytes are being exterminated exactly like the Jews. Here I was thinking that the hypocritical yelp for “FREE SPEECH” was the new last refuge of the scoundrel. I admit it; I was wrong. Callous, barking mad hyperbole is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

Over to you, Health Service Provider Dorey, whose business holds a Charitable Fundraising Authority:

Tell me – how do the skeptics and SAVN members differ in any way from the Taliban or any other religious fanatics? They have started a Fatwa against anyone who questions vaccination

They have no compassion for the pain of others and many of them are paid trolls working for the benefits of Big Pharma (you need only look at the number of hours they spend writing on various online forums to see that).

SAVN are the REAL Australian terrorists and if the law were in any way just, they would have been cited and charged with the crimes of harassment, abuse and threats – all of which are illegal according to Australian Federal and State statutes – years ago.

AVN Dorey Fatwas and terroristsThe raft of investigations into this dazed and confused person, and her sinister cabal, parading as a legitimate provider of health information can’t conclude soon enough.

Dorey pic terrorists

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