Anti-vaccine chiropractors 10

The Chiropractic Board of Australia has had enough:

“We will not tolerate registered chiropractors giving misleading or unbalanced advice to patients, or providing advice or care that is not in the patient’s best interests,” chairman Phillip Donato said.

Dr Donato said chiropractors should only provide evidence-based treatment and anyone with concerns should report them. [Sydney Morning Herald August 9 2013]

Today we meet Damian Kristof. He is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, and one-third of the entrepreneurial outfit The Wellness Guys. Kristof practices his day-to-day business activities at Vida Lifestyles, in Victoria. If there’s one thing these guys know, it’s how to make wellness money. This is Kristof’s professional website, which links to his Facebook profile:

Kristof 6 professional page links to Facebook profileLet’s have a look at the Facebook profile of Kristof, the “chiropractor, naturopath and speaker”.

Wakefield is just a misunderstood anti-vaccinationist fraud of the highest order:

Kristof 1 Wakrfield claims not just hoo haaNot strictly vaccine related, but, given the person in this screenshot is also an anti-vaccinationist whose inaction assisted in the death of his wife, one should choose better professional company with whom to present a seminar:

Kristof 2 DingleLucija Tomljenovic should be a meme by now. Why hasn’t it happened yet? The most industrious anti-vaccine researcher of the last couple of years gets a run. “Wow!!!!!” This is indeed “massive”. Good to see CAA NSW board member Tim Shakespeare (Adjustasaurus Rex, or “The Rex”, as he likes to call himself – ikr) likes the anti-vaccine bollocks:

Kristof 3 Tomljenovic paper HPV WOWHere is the abstract of the Tomljenovic link:

Kristof 4 Tomljenovic paperAnd here is why the anti-vaccine Tomljenovic paper is anti-vaccination nonsense:

Answering human papillomavirus vaccine concerns; a matter of science and time

Abstract (provisional)

Since the introduction of the HPV vaccine, questions have been asked about its efficacy in preventing cancer linked with HPV. Concerns about the HPV vaccine safety profile have also been raised. This paper highlights the rapidly growing body of evidence (including clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance) illustrating both the safety of the HPV vaccine, through a detailed investigation of reported adverse events, and its efficacy in reducing both HPV infections rates and the resulting drop in cervical lesions, which have been demonstrated to be good predictors of cervical cancer risk

Here is the best one. Kristof links to the blog of the anti-vaccine Australian Vaccination Network, and states:

i think Meryl does a great job help people get more information to stay informed.

Meryl Dorey. Does a great job. Informing people. With information. Meryl Dorey.

Kristof 5 Meryl Dorey does a great jobMeryl Dorey.

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6 Responses to Anti-vaccine chiropractors 10

  1. tuxcomputers says:

    Is there ANY member of a single state or the national CAA board that is NOT anti-vax?

  2. wzrd1 says:

    I’m curious as to what limitations Damian Kristof thinks one should abide by when “living as one pleases”?
    Obviously, spreading vaccine preventable communicable diseases is acceptable for a neighbor of his. Indeed, intentionally spreading vaccine preventable communicable disease seems to be also acceptable, to judge by who he likes the comments of and champions the banner of.
    So, what limitations would the good quack find acceptable?
    Would he also tolerate my discharging hydrogen cyanide from my home?
    Unless I was next door to him. Then, he’d rail and rally many against me and rightfully so.
    But, it’s acceptable in his warped world view to spread misery, disease, morbidity and mortality that could otherwise be prevented.

    Back when my grandson was a bit under one month old, my daughter was taking her two year old daughter to the library, a twice a week custom and a worthy one.
    Whist there, accompanying her, I bumped into a woman who wanted her children to play with my granddaughter. My daughter, a Registered Nurse, had advised me that the woman was militantly antivax.
    Giving the woman the benefit of the doubt, I engaged in conversation, guiding the conversation along by noting her children’s sniffles. Eventually, I mentioned vaccination and her true colors were displayed.
    She then learned that militancy fails when it meets real military. I’m retired military, former Special Forces and have witnessed polio, measles and more epidemics ravage villages in various unpleasant places all over the world. I’d not call myself militantly pro-vaccination, I’d say that I’m militarily pro-vaccination.
    In short, I’d give the antivaxers their worst nightmare of armed men dragging them and their children to be immunized.
    I gently chided her, advising her of the epidemics I personally witnessed and helped treat. She decided to stick to her guns and claim some Grand Conspiracy of the Space Aliens or some other tripe that goes beyond reason or direct, personal observation.
    Met with unreason, I addressed unreason with unreason.
    I advised her that if she or her infected spawn ever caused illness to my grandchildren, especially the new grandson who was too young to be immunized against “the harmless” (as she called them) “childhood illnesses” that were vaccine preventable, I would remove her and her entire extended family from this world.
    She kept her infested issue well and truly clear from my grandchildren.

    My daughter suspected she knew what I said, she was largely right, though her thought was slightly lower in scope.
    For, in life, there are times it is not what one *would do* that counts, it’s what the unreasonable perceive that you *may do* that counts. 🙂
    For, the lunatic’s imagination knows no bounds.

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