Sunrise's Seasonal Series of Stupification – Springing into Denialism

Last Saturday Channel 7’s Sunrise program kicked off its latest ratings grab by featuring an anti-vaccination liar, portrayed as an “expert”, up against a real expert. This was in the midst of a Measles outbreak. Here is the biography for Professor Peter McIntyre, the real expert, from the NCIRS site:

Peter McIntyre is the Director of NCIRS. He trained as a paediatrician and infectious disease physician, completing the FRACP in 1986, and became a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine in 1992. His PhD in the epidemiology of invasive Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) disease with the School of Public Health, University of Sydney, was completed in 1995. His current research interests include surveillance and prevention by vaccination of invasive Hib and pneumococcal disease and pertussis, and the use of routinely collected data including the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR). He has extensive experience in vaccine trials.

Professor McIntyre has a clinical appointment at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead as a Senior Staff Specialist in Infectious Diseases and a conjoint academic appointment as Professor in the Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health and the School of Public Health, University of Sydney.

Here is the correlate biography for Meryl Dorey:



Here is how they were portrayed together, on our god damned televisions:

Dorey McIntyre Sunrise October 19 2013

Experts weigh in on what’s best for our kids”.

They really said that.

Sunrise has featured in one of my earlier posts, regarding grieving parents who were targeted by anti-vaccination liars:  “I never have and never will harass or hurt a grieving parent” – Meryl Dorey. This should probably be enough to give Sunrise pause for thought at their actions. And, it’s not the first time Sunrise has had a real expert up against an anti-vaccination liar. Remember Professor Robert Booy up against vocal neighbourhood person, Wendy Lydall? Lydall actually laughed about Chicken Pox deaths in that one. She laughed. About kids dying from Chicken Pox. On Sunrise.

So, I tuned into Sunrise again today, as I was expecting the denialism series to continue. Surely they want to continue, for the ratings? The shareholders must be thrilled.

Today was meant to be David Irving’s turn, denying that the Holocaust ever happened:

IrvingThe following Saturday Sunrise has scheduled Christine Maggiore, who believed that HIV does not cause AIDS. Maggiore’s daughter, unfortunately, had no choice in what to believe. Maggiore makes a strong case:


If Maggiore is unavailable to present the HIV/AIDS denialist position, then, Meryl Dorey is ready and willing to go as a back-up; as is Greg Beattie:

The two people in charge of the Australian Vaccination Network are HIV/AIDS denialists.

The two people in charge of the Australian Vaccination Network are HIV/AIDS denialists.

Because taste is paramount at Sunrise, the following Saturday they have scheduled renowned Facebook person, Jock Doubleday, to dispel several outrageous myths: that the Sandy Hook school massacre was not a government plot; that 9/11 was not a government plot; that the Boston Marathon bombing was not a government plot. He will be joined by his Australia-based expert, Liz Hempel, who will attest to the fact that the Port Arthur massacre was a government plot, just like the Colorado theatre shootings:

Doubleday HempelAnd the following Saturday Sunrise will be crossing live to South Australia, to No Fluoride Australia Guy, who will demonstrate that fluoride is a government plot to destroy the brains and precious bodily fluids of our precious children. He’ll also be giving a workshop on photoshop, and apparel for the discerning denialist:

NFA 26 shirtThere is such a stellar line-up that they can’t all be included here. Maybe we can all contact  @sunriseon7 and tell them which facts you want overturned by their barrel of experts. There is no bottom to their barrel.

Here is a tip to real immunisation experts, contemplating media appearances; as already stated by a friend (and a real expert in his own field). Repeat this line:

If AVN appears, I don’t.

And don’t mention the lizards.

Update 27 October 2013

I forgot to include the Sunrise expert on chemtrails and, well, everything: the Deranged Californian™ chiropractor, Billy DeMoss. DeMoss is a welcome friend of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, and the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Luckily DeMoss reminded me to include him with this morning’s post:

DeMoss 47 Sunrise chemtrails expertAnd forgive me for forgetting the world’s greatest climate change expert, Mr Chris Monckton, who claims that other experts are Nazis. It’s obvious when you think about it:

Monckton Sunrise expert


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