Anti-vaccine chiropractors 51

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Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.


If I earned an income from a mere whiff of the promise that the saliva of arrogance, ignorance, and hubris which drools from the side of the mouth of anti-vaccination activists – who are also health care practitioners – will flow inevitably into the public sphere, ensuring that down-river there will be a bucketload of good, old-fashioned footbullet; then, I could probably afford more things than I can at the moment. It doesn’t matter that some health care practitioners should know when to stop talking about things they don’t understand. The flow is inevitable. They can’t help themselves.

Today, my friend Annette pointed me towards a thread on the Channel 9 Facebook page. It is a story serving as a public health warning regarding a potentially serious Measles outbreak:

Ch 9 measles public health warning January 3 2013Annette had noticed one of the commenters on there, and his attitude, and some trigger-words, and her Spidey Senses tingled. She followed his profile and, well, what do you know, the guy is a chiropractor. Here are his comments on the Channel 9 page. They are confusing, given the comment set up used by some Facebook pages, where one cannot work out who is replying to whom, and when. But, you get the general feel of the anti-vaccination hubris welling at his lips, ready to roll:

Davidson 23 Ch 9 thread argue with foolsDavidson 24 Ch 9 thread disease drop cannot be attributed to vaccineDavidson 25 Ch 9 thread pharma shill gambitDavidson 26 Ch 9 thread brainwashed sheepDavidson 21 Ch 9 threadDavidson 22 Ch 9 threadSo, we had a further look. Yes, Koe Davidson is indeed a chiropractor who makes money from his customers at  Peak Potential Health and Wellness, in Melbourne. As is expected Davidson is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. Now, he would possibly, usually, get away with his inaccurate, arrogant, ignorant public comments on the Channel 9 page. He probably shouldn’t, but, he would. He doesn’t out himself as a chiropractor. But – and this is where I want the Chiropractic Board of Australia to show they are there for a reason, that being regulation, the reason they were formed – given the misinformation which exists on his publicly available Facebook pages, Davidson should be dragged over, under, through, and back over the coals.

This post will consist of a lot of screenshots. As with my series on Anti-vaccine chiropractors I won’t be offering debunkings for each example of demonstrable anti-vaccination misinformation published by Davidson. The screenshots of the anti-vaccinationism are there as proof that the anti-vaccination misinformation exists on his pages. Then, it’s up to the CBA to do some dragging. It’s time for examples to be made.

The first screenshot I want to show you is one I would like you to keep at the forefront of your mind as you view the following anti-vaccination rubbish. I want you to remember that this little person who is here not of their own free will, but, that of their parent; a parent who is captive to Davidson’s anti-vaccinationism should it enter any conversation; a parent who has been led to believe that there are good clinical reasons to have her 4 week old baby in a chiropractor’s business (there aren’t); a parent who has been led to believe that Davidson’s talk of subluxations is based in reality:

Davidson 8 adjusting 4 week old babyOn Davidson’s Facebook profile I came across the first burning red flag of what was to come. Here is the Meryl Dorey petition, based on a lie; a revolting piece of misinformation also shared by other chiropractors:

Davidson 1 Dorey's killed by vaccines petitionMoving on to his own professional page, Dr Koe Davidson – Chiropractor – a page classified under “doctor” – Davidson proves he does not understand anything about relative risk, or numeracy, or the Pertussis vaccine, or the waning immunity of the  adult population, inferring that the Pertussis vaccine should not be trusted (this is a clear breach in itself):

Davidson 4 Fb page Pertussis still trust vaccinesHere is the “safety-pin/subluxations/dis-ease” meme which is loved by straight chiropractors since DD Palmer cracked his first mark. I should make it quite clear: the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), and the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA) – COCA are the evidence-based guys – have declared the vertebral subluxation complex is a “historical concept” which is “not supported by any clinical research evidence”. Yet a great, big, fat swathe of CAA chiropractors base their business model on correcting these subluxations, including on babies (just like above) and children. If you go to a chiropractor and you see this image, run:

Davidson 5 subluxations safety pinHere Davidson asserts that vaccines cause autism. And he attempts to get that misattributed Schopenhauer quote in there, but gets it wrong as well:

Davidson 6 MMR and Thimerosal cause autismDavidson cites that high impact journal, The Liberty Beacon, to get another thing arse-about:

Davidson 7 chicken pox Liberty BeaconDid I mention he said this on the Channel 9 page? I didn’t?

Davidson 30 Ch 9 peer reviewed researchMore of the vaccines-cause-autism lie, because Davidson does good research:

Davidson 9 vaccines cause autism memeThere’s nothing like a Strawmanning lie about vaccine ingredients to start the day for the CBA, right?

Davidson 10 flu vaccine scary ingredients including mercuryAnother anti-vaccine meme made by people who hate history books:

Davidson 11 sue the drug companiesProving that he does, in fact, look at peer-reviewed literature, showing that the HPV vaccine something something, Davidson presents the work of anti-vaccinationists Tomljenovic and Shaw in meme form. The reality is that the HPV vaccine is one of the safest, most effective vaccines ever:

Davidson 12 Tomljenovic Shaw HPVHere is the real deal from Tomljenovic and Shaw, showing that Gardasil and other “vaccines are not effective” (really, where’s AHPRA?):

Davidson 13 vaccines Gardasil not effective Tomljenovic Shaw paperHOLA! DOCTORED! Although, in Davidson’s defence, the CAA and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation also promoted this anti-vaccine advertorial:

Davidson 15 DoctoredOne of the biggest frauds in western medicine is the flu shot with a 98% fail rate and loaded with neurotoxins.

I can’t add anything to that. Only to call for AHPRA:

Davidson 16 flu shot 98% fail rate loded with neurotoxinsHOLA!

Davidson 17 Doctored trailerI imagine Mr Davidson providing a scholarly interview, stating “there’s nothing which says balanced and sane like a health care practitioner posting an anti-vaccine meme featuring the skull and crossbones”:

Davidson 18 skull and crossbones Vactruth memeDavidson raises the bar for AHPRA with the vaccines didn’t save us gambit. Take note, Chiropractic Board of Australia. Mr Davidson, chiropractor, exclaims:

Vaccines are not the answer people..!

Davidson 19 vaccines are not the answerThis is a multi-post of bollocks which includes the German homeopath. Remember earlier where Davidson said “peer-review”, or words to that effect? Really. The German homeopath:

Davidson 20 multi post including German homeopathI really had to leave out some posts so I could have a look at his main business page. It is nowhere near as bad. It’s still bad, but, either he has cleaned it up, or, he just never went full mental jacket on that page, knowing it would scare off the customers. Here are some posts from there.


Davidson 27 Peak DoctoredThere can never be enough German homeopath for the discerning reader of peer-reviewed literature. That’s what I always say:

Davidson 28 Peak German homeopeath flu vaccine mersury lieAnd here’s the money shot. The testimonials. Banned by the CBA. That doesn’t stop Davidson and his coworker, naturopath Renee Trost, from providing testimonials to themselves. And here I was thinking anti-vaccination zealot Meryl Dorey had a grand set of testicles:

Davidson 2 testimonials including self

This is what the Chiropractic Board of Australia has to say about the use of testimonials:

Guidelines for advertising of regulated health services

5 What is unacceptable advertising?

This section is intended to provide a clear indication of the
type of advertising of services that the boards consider to
be unacceptable. Where examples are provided, they are
intended to assist practitioners and other persons who
advertise regulated health services to comply with the
advertising provisions of the National Law. They are not
intended to be exhaustive.

To comply with s. 133 of the National Law and these
guidelines, advertising of services must not:

(d) use testimonials or purported testimonials

There is one more post I wanted to explore. I’m only guessing, but, this must be something to do with the bundles of static or energy which get blocked due to subluxations, or something like that:

Davidson 29 Peak static blockage in spine stopping bundles of energyWhat say you, orthopaedic surgeon, Mr John Cunningham?


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