Three anti-vaccine CAA members unlucky hacking victims #CAAGotYourBack

Anti-vaccine members of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia are an unlucky bunch. They are the target of elite hackers who hack into their private Facebook profiles so as to carry out a clandestine hacking objective of posting hacked anti-vaccine comments which are precisely like those made when these hacked accounts are not usually hacked.

These hacked chiropractors have sympathetic ears in the Chiropractic Board of Australia, as well as the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. Hacking is a dastardly business. I mean, what would any elite hacker have to gain by hacking into the private Facebook accounts of anti-vaccine chiropractors so as to make anti-vaccine comments almost precisely like those made elsewhere when the hacked accounts are not being hacked? Are they evil hackers? Are they reprobate hackers? Are they, even worse, skeptic hackers? It stinks. It stinks to high hell.

On August 16 2013, anti-vaccine chiropractor, Rob Hutchings, of Body Brilliant Chermside, Brisbane – a member of the CAA – alerted his fellow CAA chiropractors to his hacking travails. What a business it was, comrades. Better tell the CBA:

Guys, just discovered I’m in that post as well. Interestingly the comment that he quotes me on is one of the many they have fabricated. Back in 2010, skeptics apparently discovered my existence and hacked facebook and email to make false comments in an effort to pursue slander like this. They’ve also posted false comments by “me”and other chiropractors (and other non druggies) saying things like “Chiropractic is the cure for cancer” in many public forums.

I had to pre-empt complaints to the board based on this. (Who would have thought I’d be a fan of the George Bush era of preemptive strikes?) It was a lot of unnecessary aggravation.

I don’t have the answer to what is the best approach here. I don’t think anyone except skeptics read this guys blog. Most people have better things to do. But at the same time, it is quite disturbing that they not only hack accounts, they’ve obviously also tracked my movements from Adelaide to Brissie. It’s not like I’ve broadcasted that, so these people are very persistent in their stalking.

I advise you all to be careful, not only on facebook. These people are known for escalating to extremely aggressive behaviour.

Hutchings 7 I waz hacked August 16 2013

Hutchings had previously made dozens of comments on the anti-vaccine Facebook page of the Australian Vaccination Network (most of which I still  have), which are consistent in subject and tone to everything else he has written. Hutchings had also claimed he was “a doctor” in a Courier Mail online article’s comments section; and he had also claimed to be able to sign conscientious objector forms via fax (he can’t, and he can’t). From the AVN Facebook page, on November 8 2010 (probably another elite hacker comment):

Hutchings 57 sign CO forms by fax November 8 2010 AVN

On April 3 2015, I wrote about anti-vaccine chiropractor Koe Davidson, of Peak Potential Health and Wellness, in Melbourne  – a member of the CAA – who had been investigated by AHPRA with a determination made by the Chiropractic Board of Australia. Davidson was caught cold posting anti-vaccine misinformation on his professional pages. He was cautioned for those.

In January 2014, Davidson had posted several anti-vaccine comments which were, mostly, precisely the same in content and tone as those previously posted on his professional pages. The difference with the 2014 comments, however, was that those comments were made by elite hackers who had hacked into his private Facebook profile to publish hacked comments in his name, which were consistent with his beliefs and personality, for some reason unbeknownst to himself, or the CBA; or us. The CBA agreed:

Davidson 54 CBA hacked

Well, stick a fork in me and call me “chump”.

On August 1 2015, I wrote about anti-vaccine chiropractor Jason Parkes, of Boambee – a member of the CAA – who had been making outrageous anti-vaccine and anti-medicine comments on the AVN Facebook page over a three-year period. Parkes had, inexplicably, been hosting third year medical students out of Coffs Harbour on their allied health rotation.

Today, an article has been published in Australian Doctor (full text at bottom of this post), which investigates how Parkes came to be in a position to mentor a bunch of students who are being trained in evidence-based medicine. Obviously Parkes’ services won’t be needed any more:

The chiropractor was adamant he had always been professional with the students and was not preaching anti-vaccination propaganda.

“The students observe me adjusting patients. I go through a normal chiropractic examination history. I go through X-rays and explain how that side of things works,” he said.

“At the end of the day, it’s no skin off my arse. I’m doing this voluntarily on my own time.

“So it would be the school’s loss, not mine [if the placements were discontinued].”

In a twist of what can only be understood as fate – let’s face some hard realities, here – Parkes claims he was probably also hacked when elite hackers made comments from his personal Facebook profile which were also consistent with the content and personality of Parkes’ non-hacked comments. There is a nefarious elite hacker intent in here somewhere; I just can’t nail it down:

Mr Parkes last week described some of his previous comments on vaccination as “debates” and banter, but also said that his Facebook account “may have been hacked” around the time of his “medical sham” comments in mid-2011.

I would go a step further. I would say that both Parkes’ and Hutchings’ Facebook accounts had been hacked by the same elite hackers when they were having this hackers’ conversation on the AVN Facebook page, on December 1-4 2010:

Hutchings 33 AVN 2010 mitochondiral bullshit Parkes

I mean, there really is no other logical explanation.

you ain't seen me right


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0 Responses to Three anti-vaccine CAA members unlucky hacking victims #CAAGotYourBack

  1. Esther says:

    I found the other day chiropractors are able to officially witness stat decs.

    Chiropractors 🙁

    Witnessing via fax defeats the purpose somewhat.

  2. ds says:

    So brave these ‘principled’ ones.

  3. Sue says:

    “I advise you all to be careful, not only on facebook.”

    Excellent advice!

    I would advise them also to be careful with the truth, and careful with treating vulnerable patients. ANd careful not to make false claims. ANd careful not to pretend that babies need adjustment….

    • wzrd1 says:

      Why babies *do* need adjustment at times – of their diapers. Occasionally, of their diet as well, although that is rather rare. Their chair and car seat require occasional adjustments.
      Their spines are self-adjusting wonders, which are quite fine the way they are.

      As for the “hacking”, Anonymous, could you be dears and explain to these tools just what being hacked *really* is like?

  4. Dan Buzzard says:

    So these people can supply the incident report number they got when lodging a criminal complaint with the police. Unless of course they are just lying fraudsters.

  5. shellity says:

    This comment has been removed due to elite hacking.

    • Yes, Parkes used the links I provided in the previous Parkes post to go back and delete most of his comments on the AVN Facebook page. He couldn’t even do that properly. He missed some. I’m not going to say which ones.

      • wzrd1 says:

        ROFLMAO! I’ve some pen testing experience, on networks I’ve been responsible for. I’ve confronted pen testers, when caught.
        Interestingly, once, my online accounts were attempted a hijack, briefly. I halted that nonsense.
        I do daily deal with every advanced persistent threat on the planet.
        That child has not a clue.*

        *The Anonymous bit was a bad joke, as that group actually hates me, due to an interruption of an attack by their barely skilled group.
        Still, it’d be nice to get some cover for a damned good reason, for once.

    • Andy says:

      I didn’t write this reply.

  6. So so good. PS, this was not written by Ebony McKenna, but by an 733t H8x0r (That’s hacker speak for ‘elite hacker’, noobs).

  7. Andrew says:

    It’s fairly obvious what has happened here. It’s not the facebook accounts that were hacked, but rather their entire bodies – by our evil reptilian lizard-people overlords! Clearly through a combination of chem-trails, mind control from cellphone towers and other toxins introduced by the government, the lizard people have been able to slip into their bodies unnoticed and start spreading this evil propaganda in order to discredit the only people that truly know what is going in the world – the chiropractors! They need our full support at this difficult time, and perhaps some kind of lizard-person exorcism, fortunately I know a guy who will do this, he’s a qualified doctor* as well.

    *May not have any actual qualifications, but he has a brain and once saw a surgery performed on TV.

  8. Stephen says:

    “…no other reasonable explanation.”

    Some folk might suggest that depends on the
    definition of the word ‘reasonable’.

    Thanks for the light humour.

  9. Andy says:

    The question that must be asked is why they never notice these “hacking attacks” until you point them out – and why their like-minded colleagues don’t seem shocked by the anti-vax sentiments, and even give the comments a big thumbs up without their support being questioned or corrected by the supposedly not-anti-vax owner of the hacked account.

    • wzrd1 says:

      @Andy, why that’s simple. All of their like-minded colleagues and followers were also hacked and the hacker wasn’t surprised over what the hacker wrote.
      This explanation being along the lines of the antivaxxers in ignoring the fact that hackers do not have infinite amounts of time to even attempt this insanity.

      They’re invoking hackers out of ignorance and attribute superpowers to hackers.
      Of course, I do happen to know professional hackers, who hack into networks and systems for a living, being paid by organizations to evaluate their security posture. So, I’m quite well aware of even a team’s capabilities.

      • Andy says:

        And that reply (ignoring the logistics) makes perfect sense – except none of the account holders appear to mention the attacks anywhere until Hank writes about them. Not even on the nightly news.

        But then, I guess we introduce the mainstream-media conspiracy.

        • wzrd1 says:

          Ah, but you’ve got the wrong of it.
          It’s the lamestream media covered it up. 😉
          I do believe it has something to do with the Grand Conspiracy of the Space Aliens.

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