CAA’s Floreanis and pal Billy DeMoss together again at EPIC #CAAGotYourBack

It has been just over one month since I  last wrote about the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia’s glamour couple, Jennifer Barham-Floreani and husband Simon Floreani – both of whom are/were members of the thoroughly disreputable anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – so it must be time for them to appear at another event with some more disreputable anti-vaccine chiropractors. Yes, it’s EPIC time again.

EPIC is an annual chiropractic practice building event run by go-getter, Dave Jackson. If you dislike hubris, motivational speakers, life-coaches, and sales pitches, you do not want to be anywhere near this place.

I first came across EPIC in 2014 when I had a look at the speakers list for last year’s Dynamic Growth Congress, the annual faith gathering of the extremely antivax-friendly Australian Spinal Research Foundation. This is what happened at the 2013 EPIC:

Jackson 2 Wakefield added to event

“Dr Andrew Wakefield…pioneer…defender of the TRUTH”.


Our friend Billy DeMoss has kindly uploaded a promotional video for Jackson’s 2015 EPIC, to be held in October, in San Diego. DeMoss explains (0:44):

I’m bringing the heat because the kids are getting mutilated and they’re getting destroyed by Big Pharma and…the reality is they’re killing the kids.

DeMoss 310 EPIC video

Proudly on the bill with The Big Red Flag of  Orange County (and this is a regular occurrence, as regular readers – and the CAA, and Chiropractic Board of Australia – would know), are the CAA’s stars, the Floreanis:

Floreani 24 JBF DeMoss EPIC

Of DeMoss, we hear:

Outside of running one of the most successful practices in Orange County, he is also known for his no-holds-barred approach to telling it as it is

DeMoss 309 EPIC bio

Telling it as it is: previously predicted…MANDATORY VACCINOSIS/POISONING is now coming to YOUR state too…get used to more and more government and less and less FREEDOM as the global agenda pushes on…this is NOT only about poisoning and dumbing down the children but they will be coming for you NEXT bro!!!…get used to getting corralled and cattle prodded…you are just another number of exploitable protoplasm…time for a revolution yet?…it is percolating…the police state is ready too!!!

DeMoss 311 vaccinosis etc

Telling it as it is:

…”the religion of science”…how people have been brainwashed and bamboozled into believing in “The System” via bogus science promulgated by those that want to dumb down,enslave and depopulate…how can you measure the infinite?…I will be touching on the zombification of the human race via the mass drugging,fluoridation,mental programming,vaccinosis,etc…at tomorrow night’s Dead Chiropractic Society (Official)…it won’t be pretty…never is!

DeMoss 312 mental programming zombification etc

I deliberately didn’t search any further back than yesterday, on DeMoss’ Facebook page, to find those two posts.

The CAA: still got the Floreanis’ backs.

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