Sydney antivaxer attacks Young Australian of the Year (WA) Cath Hughes – updated

This post was originally published on October 27 2015 as:

Sydney antivaxer attacks Young Australian of the Year (WA) Cath Hughes

On November 8 2015 Catherine  Hughes was awarded the 2016 WA Young Australian of the Year!

Cath Hughes is the mum of Riley Hughes. Riley passed away in March 2015 from whooping cough. Since Riley’s passing the Hughes family have worked tirelessly, in their own time and at their own expense, to raise awareness of the still present – and sometimes fatal – dangers of vaccine-preventable disease. The Hughes have successfully lobbied around Australia for the introduction of free maternal pertussis boosters and, in some states, free boosters for dads and carers. This family have had a direct positive impact on the health of babies for years to come. They are public health heroes.

Rightly, Cath Hughes has been nominated for Young Australian of the Year in Western Australia. From 9 News Perth’s Facebook page:


A Perth mother, who lost her newborn son Riley to whooping cough, is a finalist to be WA Young Australian of the Year. 28-year-old Catherine Hughes has spent the past seven months campaigning about the importance of immunising children and adults against the deadly disease. Now her and her husband are hoping for another child.


Now is when we ask ourselves – unfortunately, and with alarming frequency; already knowing the answer – “who on Earth would have a problem with such a wonderful, well-deserved nomination?”

Lo Mong Bridge is an anti-vaccination activist who resides in Sydney. She has become increasingly more active in the last few months with the advent of the national anti-vaccine protests which are tied in with the anti-vaccine campaigns against various proposed state and Commonwealth immunisation legislations.

Mong 10 public photo Simon Bridge

Publicly available image of Lo Mong Bridge with husband Simon Bridge

Mong 14 Protest1 Sydney

Publicly available image from June 2015 Sydney anti-vaccine protest

Mong 15 Protest1 Sydney

Publicly available image from June 2015 Sydney anti-vaccine protest

On September 15 2015 Lo Mong Bridge was also busily attempting to set up an illegal anti-vaccination childcare service in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Screenshot from the 700-member, closed Facebook group, Unvaccinated Australia; published in the public interest:

Community childcare: Any Eastern Suburb Sydney families out there needing alternative childcare arrangements? I have posted previously & there was not much interested generated. Either the families out there are not affected financially by the new legislation or they are going to vax their children to put them through daycare? I’m posting again in the hope of reaching out & generating numbers so we can all support each other. It would be good to hire a full time preschool kindy teacher for $200 per day cash in hand & each day a mum volunteers her time, we have 5 to 10 children per day, so the cost of the teacher is shared between the families. Each family may pay as little as $20 per day for childcare. Please get in touch with me now 🙂

Mong 11 September 15 2015 unvaxed childcare organiser

What follows is a publicly available Facebook thread taken from Lo Mong Bridge’s profile, today, in which she and her fellow anti-vaccine thugs attack Cath Hughes over the death of her baby son, as well as Cath’s Young Australian of the Year (WA) nomination. I can’t find the words to express any emotion over their cruelty, so I won’t add to them; only to say that this is no longer an outlier. This behaviour has become de rigueur for the modern anti-vaccination movement, much to the dismay of the rest of the community:

Lo Mong

Good to share the other side Gina Bernadette:

How disgraceful using her sons death to gain such an acclaim – what about the parents who’s children have died from vaccines – I feel sickened to my stomach at this publicity stunt on behalf of pharmaceuticals – shame on her!!!
The “awards” are corrupt.
I know personally of a government infiltrator I exposed who received an OAM for doing NOTHING.
Its all a set up.

Mong 2 Cath Riley Aust of Year

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Josie Mai but the baby was vaccinated wasn’t he?

Kathy Matthew being a newborn, prob not – sadly this is what they are trying to portray to the public to get them to immunise against it – even though its shown that its the vaccine itself causing WC through the shedding

Erin Anne The probably had the Heb B and Vit K vaccine but not the Whooping cough.

Lo Mong So if this little baby only had visitors who were 100% up to date with vaccinations & it didn’t save him,he still died, then how can they keep pushing vaccinations?

Giselle Kara Vles Yes we need to fight to protect babies, but the current vaccines are not the answer! Obviously!

Kristie McDonald This is so infuriating!!

Julia Zahav Debbie Kemp theres a photo is that collage of him at the park!

Kristie McDonald They are still advising families to do what they did putting more babies at risk… Where is the sense in that!

Julia Zahav Kristie McDonald the mother didn’t have a third trimester booster, thats what they are pushing on people. they are recommending booster with every pregnancy regardless of time inbetween, crazy

Kristie McDonald So bad so now how many unborn beanie won’t make it out alive or be damaged. Of course links to the vax will be completely ignored and declared ridiculous.

Josie Mai how come when a mother lose a child to vaccines there’s no campaing?

Mong 4 Cath Riley

Lilly Spano Who are you to insult this woman. You have no idea what grief she is going through. Medical people have made her feel guilty about not vaccinating her child. She is speaking up because she blames herself about her childs health. Yes she may be brainwashed by doctors and scientists and those who own vaccination. But she deserves love care consideration and also human compassion. Perhaps instead of denigrating her someone could show her the other dangers of vaccination. As right now all she is doing is self blame for her childs death. She needs to be healed and to know it was not her fault. The drug companies are using this poor grieving mother.

Lili Bilal Riley was only 3 weeks old, the whooping cough vaccine is given at 6 weeks, medical people making her feel guilty for not vaccinating is not plausible.

Agnieszka-Geisha Maksacheff Exactly Lili , she is a well known member of a heavily pro vax group SAVN and she would had every man and their dog vaccinated and utd who would have had access to their son.
It’s nothing to do with not vaccinating and everything to do with vaccine failure .
It’s awful they are using the death of this baby to promote a ineffective vaccine.

Lo Mong If this baby was indeed confined & only fully up to date vaccinated members of family got to see him & he died, then how can this woman be rallying for vaccinations when vaccinating the population that visits him, had failed him?

Sam Pearson It’s not logical. You’d think this mother if she is going to use her son’s death to influence others would be trying to get them to see how ineffective they were in protecting her child.

Mong 6 Cath Riley

Lili Bilal Wow making claims that the vaccine is safe during pregnancy even when the manufacturer explicitly states no safety studies have been done on pregnant women, and claiming it’s effective when the vax does not even cover the predominant strain i.e. 80% of cases, and claiming that ‘cocooning’ works when expert advice was given to the Govt in 2012 confirming this strategy did not work (and in fact whooping cough rates rose). Misinformation much???

Cass Merrigan The puppet masters Really have no conscience.

Courtney Hebberman None.

Pete Melov long term profits we must, my precious…my precious.. 

Julia Zahav the video she state they vaccinated over 300 women, really, she’s vaccinating people now! and on their page it states that women have to get vaccinated every pregnancy regardless of when their last vaccine was and regardless of how long between preganancies. so they are either admitting that antibodies didn’t develop the first time, or they did work and they are just pushing it unnecessarily. you either develop antibodies/immunity or you don’t. and how does no one question why they need the DTaP,? Ok you want WC vaccine, why you need all 3, every pregnancy? none of it makes any sense.

Sam Pearson There is just no logic to their reasoning.

Irene Peace Disgraceful manipulation by the media. Many have DIED on the flipside of this slippery slope we call vaccines. The young and old are vulnerable regardless of vaccine status and this is where Big Pharma alongside the media clamp in on the feeble minded and uneducated sheep to PUSH their agenda. 

Mong 30 Cath Riley Hebberman

Lo Mong This woman is at all the baby expos around the country. We should all drop in on her & ask exactly how here baby died. Was her baby 100% in confinement? Was every family member & friends all 100% up to date with their vaccinations? How does she think he got it? When was her & her husbands last booster shots? Then we could probably poke bigger holes in her campaign………

Mong 8 Cath Riley

Julia Zahav her main message is pushing third trimester boosters. so in that logic, if a women has her third trimester booster, she passes antibodies onto the newborn, so if the newborn comes into contact with hoping cough, it won’t get very sick or die. in which case, wheres the logic behind cocooning? if the baby has antibodies it doesnt need to be cocooned or have every visitor up to date. none of makes any sense if you look into it a tiny bit! and can you imagine the uproar if vaccine injured parents started attending baby expos with photos of their dead and injured babies!!

Lo Mong That’s the sort of message required out there! Parents with vaccine damaged babies & dead babies from vaccines NEED to be at those baby expos to shed light on other side!

Kristie McDonald Areed

Anna Kaszonyi Don’t bother trying

Anna Kaszonyi My private message got published in public

Julia Zahav Anna Kaszonyi what do you mean?

Anna Kaszonyi * Google my name and you will find it :/ it was nasty to name and shame me 

Anna Kaszonyi Reasonable hank website

Anna Kaszonyi I wasn’t even rude but this person twisted everything around

Anna Kaszonyi I couldn’t get that frigging privacy back

Kristie McDonald Pro vax doing what they do best

Lo Mong Anna, this Reasonable Hank guy is paid a lot of money to do what he does. I recognise so many people’s name on there!

Mong 9 Cath Riley

Debbie Kemp ** I don’t think this woman deserves that, she’s grieving her child. She’s being used by an industry to not only spread their message but to discredit the anti-vax crew who criticise her. I suggest we move on and stop giving that campaign, and Hank, more publicity. That’s exactly what the key players want.

Lo Mong Anyway sure thing, everyone lets move on as Debbie says 

Mong 12 Cath Riley Kemp

Anna Rodgers Wow hank is a piece of work.

Lo Mong Yep couldn’t agree more. The HANK is so highly paid he all his paid time writing up about anybody. No body should bother with what he writes, just ignore him folks is the best way 🙂

Anna Rodgers I don’t actually think he has that many followers – same with that other troll Rosalie!

Lo Mong Funny, I was just sharing an opinion from another person & he has taken all his time to investigate & write up a whole story on me & made me out to be an ogre. LoL. We still have freedom of speech in this country. We are very sad that babies die from both sides of the camp. We just want equality in both sides being heard, both for vaccine damaged families as well as from poor mums who have lost their innocent babies to VPDs.

Anna Rodgers This is what he is paid to do! What a miserable man he must be

Mong 29 Cath Riley Anna Rodgers

Lynne Hopewell *** Not to mention Ben Hammond who was permanently disabled from the vaccine with no compensation and on going health deterioration its disgusting that the praise the saving of natural disease but suppress the harm caused by mans own hand hate all this agenda crap I want to scream!!!!!!!

Pete Melov breathe Lynne..we are going to get there..

Lynne Hopewell Yes Pete it just really upset me when you know them and know what has happened it makes me angry when Rileys mother is benefiting from all this because she is promoting the governments agenda and people that are harmed by their legislation are TOTALLY ignored and left on there own there is no justice in this world!!!!

Pete Melov she is lost lynne, we arent,,thats the difference….change is coming in such a massive way…I dont know, about you, but I can feel it, 20 years of this for me..and I am very..positive.. 

Mong 31 Cath Riley Hopewell Melov

Gina Bernadette Problem is this woman is channeling other parents to go through what she has gone through -this makes her a danger to all babies / children if truth be known – she should have declined this publicity and decision to front a corporation that is doing nothing more than injuring and killing our precious children – I’ve heard that many anti valets have been on their fb page to enlighten her and have had their comments deleted – so she is well aware of the controversy and risks of vaccination yet still spear heads this campaign ….

Josie Mai Why exacly mums with desable children don’t do the same? Campaing Campaign, it works!!!

Mong 19 Cath Riley

Anna Rodgers **** I agree! I got trolled because of me writing something about her! Actually don’t regret what I said either! She puts her sons death as more valid than those that die after vaccines. The ironic thing is he actually had hep b shot and vitamin k, so he probably didn’t make it due to those shots harming his immune system first! And he was c section birth as far as I know?! Is that right?

Mong 20 Cath Riley Rodgers

Julia Zahav Just saw two recent comment on the LFR page “my baby/grand baby has whooping cough right now, we are so lucky we are fully immunised as it’s very mild, thank you so much for tireless dedication”

Anna Rodgers Omg!! How mental are those people!

Julia Zahav They don’t even understand basic concept of health and immunity 🙁

Anna Rodgers Stupidity at its finest from people who see doctors and vaccines as gods!

Mong 32 Cath Riley Rodgers

Pete Melov Keep it up ladies with your awesome work, this is ALL about profits, and that woman is getting paid to do this, she doesnt understand, totally lost, and now a ”celebrity”, the first time she has something in her life.She hasnt got a ”husband”,weak relationship.. she doesnt have anything but the memory of her child, and blames herself, Self blame is what this is all about.And this criminal system creates that, through de-education, of how the body functions..lack of..we will get there..she will wake up..when she understands that the womens health to create healthy babies, solves the problem of disease, and also..the profiting..from it ..awesome for all…and ALL for one!..

Anna Rodgers Man those comments in there grr! Kudos to you Courtney Hebberman and Veritas Aléthia for fighting this out with some of those idiots

Mong 33 Cath Riley Rodgers Hebberman Lulu Langford

*Indeed, Anna Kaszonyi does appear in the blog post which lists the attacks made against the Light for Riley memorial Facebook page by anti-vaccinationists. Kaszonyi sent a private message to Cath and Greg Hughes insinuating that they were being dishonest. Kaszonyi was asked to cease messaging the family. She refused, sending them more messages. Screenshot from the blog post:

Kaszonyi 1 screenshot from LFR attacks

** Debbie Kemp is the owner of Bowral Street Childcare. Kemp is an anti-vaccine activist who was one of the speakers at the recent Sydney anti-vaccine protest.

*** Lynne Hopewell also concern-trolled the Light for Riley Facebook page.

**** Anna Rodgers has told many lies about Cath and Riley like those she repeats in the above thread. One of the things she is proud about is referring to Cath as a “bitch” and denying that Riley exists. Rodgers features in this post: The Abhorrent Cruelty of Anti-Vaxxers. Rodgers’ is known on Twitter as Miss Eco Glam.

Rodgers 50 Riley mum a bitch husband Nathan Rodgers missecoglam

Publicly available images of Anna Rodgers and husband Nathan Rodgers.

Tell your friends and your families, and alert politicians: this is the true face of the anti-vaccination movement. This is what they do, now. It is no longer just the rabid contingent like Meryl Dorey and her AVN cabal which vilifies grieving families. It’s the everyday anti-vaccinationists as well; the ones we used to think were well-behaved. Even those who appear not to condone the execrable behaviour only do so with the addition of further slurs against Cath and her family. They are all as bad as those who do their worst.

Morrison quote standard you walk past


Update October 29 2015

It would seem the provision of anti-vaccination misinformation is something which runs in Lo Mong Bridge’s family.

Huong Lau is Lo Mong Bridge’s sister. A registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Houng Lau owns Bondi Acupuncture.

The reason we know this is because Lo Mong Bridge left a testimonial on the Facebook page of Bondi Acupuncture, conveniently leaving out the conflict of interest that she is the owner’s sister. This testimonial is a breach of the National Law:

This is the best acupuncture clinic in SYDNEY!
I am very needle phobic & sweat at the idea of being needled. However at this clinic I have no anxiety as there is no pain or discomfort.
From the myriad of serious life threatening health complications I encountered since having a child, this clinic has been able to address everyone of them by assisting in my healing process.

Mong 35 review sister Bondi Acupuncture Fb page Huong Lau

This testimonial is also illegal:

Mong 43 testimonial 2014

This testimonial is illegal:

Mong 44 teatimonial 2013

This testimonial is illegal:

Mong 45 testimonial 2011

These testimonials are also breaches of the National Law:

Mong 36 Bondi Acupuncture testimonials

This is also an illegal testimonial:

Mong 41 testimonial September 28 2013

And this is an illegal testimonial:

Mong 42 testimonial January 28 2013

But, even worse than illegal advertising is the provision of that aforementioned anti-vaccination misinformation; this is a breach of the Code of Conduct. All of these breaches – above and below – should be reported to AHPRA.

On March 1 2015 Bondi Acupuncture linked to the rabid anti-vaccination website, Vactruth:

Do you need more information about whether to vaccinate your child?

Please refer to this website: wwwdotvactruthdotcom

Mong 37 Vactruth Bondi Acupuncture

On January 24 2015 Bondi Acupuncture included vaccines in a very misleading aluminium toxins gambit:

Want to avoid chemicals?

My chemical free romance (Excerpt from Sharon Hall).


Aluminum is a silvery white, soft, ductile metal and the 3 rd most abundant element on the planet. Being this available no wonder it’s used in the production of many everyday products, from food to medicine.

Look out for aluminum followed by the following words – chlorohydrate, compound, hydroxide, starch octenylsuccinate and stearate.

Health implications include:

⎯ Aluminum accumulates in the kidneys,
brain, lungs, liver and thyroid
⎯ It competes with calcium for
absorption and can affect skeletal
⎯ Slowed growth in infants
⎯ Aluminum attacks the central nervous
⎯ Studies show that it contributes to
brain diseases by producing oxidative
⎯ Commonly thought to be linked to
degenerative brain diseases such as
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
⎯ Linked to mental impairments in


⎯ Many vaccines

Mong 38 Bondi Acupuncture aluminium in vaccines

On January 25 2014 Bondi Acupuncture claimed that homeopathy is safe and effective for treating a range of serious conditions:


Homeopathy can be used for first aid and common acute conditions, like colds, flu’s, coughs, childhood illnesses, stomach disorders and headaches.

Homeopathy can also treat chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, arthritis and women’s health concerns. Emotional and mental disturbances, including behavioural problems in children, depression, anxiety and phobias.

Personalised kits available for Pregnancy/Birthing, Children ailments, Travel and General home remedies.
The list of ailments is endless and is a safe and cheap holistic treatment.

Mong 39 Bondi Acupuncture homeopathy safe treatment

On December 8 2013 Bondi Acupuncture made similar claims about the safety and efficacy of homeopathy in the treatment of serious conditions:

Mong 40 Bondi Acupuncture homeopathy safe treatment

Remember to include all registered Bondi Acupuncture practitioners in any AHPRA notification, as they are all liable for claims made by the business.

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