NZ Vaxxed leader threatens to hang award-winning journalist Brian Deer

Sarah Cox is a New Zealand anti-vaccination activist and child abuser who is renowned for inflicting bleach enemas on her disabled son, then, posting photos of his gastrointestinal mucosa and faeces to Facebook.

Cox is also one of the official leaders for the anti-vaccination fantasy-film, Vaxxed, produced by and starring discredited ex-doctor, liar and fraud, Andrew Wakefield. Cox is an online colleague of Tasha David and her Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. They both run the official Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand Facebook group:

Brian Deer is an award-winning journalist whose investigative work led to the uncovering of Wakefield’s fraud. Deer is a hero. His work has undoubtedly saved the lives of children.

Tonight, Cox made the threats that Brian Deer will be hung for his work in uncovering Wakefield’s fraud. Cox posted a Vaxxed image to her public profile:

When questioned about Brian Deer’s work, Cox made the threat that Deer “will be hung,” adding that Deer “makes Hitler look like a bloody saint”:

Brian deer will be hung when we have finished with this atrocity

This is the true face of the anti-vaccination movement. Those of us who have been covering these people for any period are used to seeing this sort of stuff. We expect it.

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3 Responses to NZ Vaxxed leader threatens to hang award-winning journalist Brian Deer

  1. Lozza89 says:

    Im laughing reading this. Lets face it – these anti-vax nutcases love to act all big and tough and type about what they are going to do tho who. Its just to make themselves feel better and receive pats on the back from the echo chamber. Tomorrow, someone else will publish a true, scientific back article that points out the benefits of vaccination and these morons will be off this band wagon and onto that one, posting all their gutless threats. Again – these idiots wont do a thing about it except go on a keyboard warrior stint. Still, while they are wasting their time type about who should be hung and killed, the real scientists can go about their research helping the planet fight diseases such as Ebola and Zika, without worrying about dealing with these freaks.

  2. Rob England says:

    Cox is insane.
    When I challenged her on Facebook, she stalked me, found my sister, then rang my sister’s boss and all her colleages to abuse them, and spammed them with antivax emails and abuse of me. I had to threaten legal action and my sister’s employer blocked her phone and email.

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