Light for Riley attacked in official “Vaxxed” group run by AVN president 2

On June 29 2017 – just over one month ago – I wrote this:

Picture a round-table populated by untreated, angry perianal abscesses, each with their own internet connection. That’s the Australian anti-vaccination movement: infected; weeping offensive, purulent exudate; ready to explode at the slightest of prodding; causing excruciating pain; adjacent to faeces and often indistinguishable from it; carving out distressing fistulas from where its festering message can newly seep.

At the precise moment when the discredited, antivax Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network is busily plugging its joint-venture with the makers of the antivax fantasy-film, Vaxxed, antivaxers in the official Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand Facebook group are busily lying about and vilifying Catherine Hughes and her deceased baby boy, Riley.

The official Vaxxed ANZ group is run by AVN president, Tasha David; AVN member and Vaxxed organiser, Jennifer Smith; and NZ child-abuser and official Vaxxed leader, Sarah Cox. Readers would recognise Cox from her recent threats to hang award-winning journalist Brian Deer

The liars from the AVN and Vaxxed attempted to distance themselves from that previous hatred spewed at the Hughes family, in the AVN’s Vaxxed Facebook group. But, nothing changes.

These are the administrators and moderators of the Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand group: Tasha DāvidTasha DavidJen SmithSarah Jayne; Chris MitchPhil DiazMohamed Hakim OuastiSamantha WisteriaAlison JaneJamie Elizabeth Crook:

On August 7 2017 – today – anti-vaccination activists once again coordinated their efforts in attacking Light for Riley both in the antivax Facebook group, and on the Light for Riley page itself.

This is an example of the type commentary being directed at bereaved parents Catherine and Greg Hughes, on their own page, for promoting immunisation and having tens of thousands of vaccines donated to UNICEF:

“Vaxhole”  is a derogatory term which has been recently concocted by anti-vaccination leader, Vaxxed star and producer, Del Bigtree.

Catharine Layton is a producer for Del Bigtree’s online radio program:

We know where these attacks are being orchestrated; on August 6 and 7 2017, in the Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand group, antivaxers went on the attack. We also know for a fact that at least one official AVN/Vaxxed moderator – Jamie Elizabeth Crook – has seen this whole thread, having commented in it, twice. Only a couple of members objected, without qualification, to the vile attacks:

Katie Chinnock Way to build your celebrity!! These parents are shameless 

Janis Cole What about the hundreds of kids who have died from these precious vaccines – No mention of those families suffering is there?
Another one sided ZERO investigative useless journalism

Ivana Veronika OMG the comments of all those brainwashed people! Good luck to them all

Moira Diripio Leisy Yeah..someone bragging about 3rd trimester shots…I’m guessing we will be seeing that exploiting post soon too

Raewyn McColley Someone even mentioned they posted flu shot selfies….who are these humans?

Adrian Drew Gee they are walking the gauntlet.

Deborah Cooke Russian roulette

Kelly Winder is the anti-vaccination activist who owns the Belly Belly business. She has posted anti-vaccination misinformation to Light for Riley on a couple of  separate occasions:

Kelly Winder They block and delete anyone with any other opinion no matter how polite or kind you are.

Moira Diripio Leisy I tried to report their post for exploitation. ..but that option seems gone I reported it as a scam. Because it pretty much is

Jo Grant Fake news. Is it even true? Who are these people?

Tigram Xam Perera fearmongering at its best or should I rather say, worst

Mikka Lee Whitaker wow this family is something else wow. i have never seen this page. wow wow wow

Caraline George Wow… Rileys parents… just wow. I really feel for them. And the disgusting thing about the way Drs handle babies deaths that are unpreventable is to blame ‘something else’ rather than tell the parents their baby wasnt strong enough etc. Friends lost a baby under 1 after his vaccinations. Mum and Dad know it was the vaccinations he had. Drs say “he had underlying conditions anyway” because thats easier than saying….oh.. that batch must of been all riddled with stuff that didnt agree with your childs body. This whole story just makes me want to cry for the pain and suffering of the parents… the fact is babies cant be immunised, heard immunity is a fallacy and Drs need to be honest with parents. NO one wants anyone to lose a child but blaming everyone else who isnt even sick or doesnt have sick children is not theway forward together.

Adrian Drew Same with heart attack drugs they kill people too. But save many they say. Until it is someone you love and care about. 2% of population should not have heart attack drugs. They will bleed out. Cayeen pepper works same as the nasty drugs but the body will not be damaged in anyway. In fact it will heal it.

Katrina Baldwin Russell Leave the parents alone, unless you’ve lost a child you have no idea. It might not be your way and you don’t have to agree but let them deal how they can.

Katie Chinnock No!! They are using their celebrity to poison other children NOT OK!! I have lost 5 children it does not make me want to kill other children

Katrina Baldwin Russell And you don’t think it’s possible they’ve been used? It’s not ok to badger a grieving parent.

Raewyn McColley Yes- some of us know that pain…and certainly wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone else.
However, this is wrong- so wrong.
There are crazies who take things way too far on both ‘sides’ – yet only one lot is vilified and held accountable.

Katrina Baldwin Russell Raewyn McColley me either but there are other ways to go about it rather than attack them in their page.

Raewyn McColley There are- you are right.
I’m not angry at them- just very sad that their very private pain and grief is being exploited by others.

Kim Shirley Forth Reading the comments makes me feel sick…

Raewyn McColley Poor parents- they not only have to cope with the death of a child but now are sacrificial lambs for the ’cause’.
Can’t they see how they’re being exploited and used by others- it’s disgusting and sad.

Caraline George I know talk about putting yourself out there in the pain zone. But I guess they think they are changing something.. I cant even imagine what it must be like for any parent. Ihope they find some peace soon.

Adrian Drew What will they say when one of their followers has a really bad reaction.

Raewyn McColley They’ll still blame others- like the silly woman in the paper whose kids were vaccinated, still got sick and it was the fault of non vaccinated people…

Dakota Fox Neither should the deaths of all the other thousands of kids who have lost their lives from a vaccine reaction! Im sorry your baby died, but you dont know what you are talking about regarding vaccines, and you are both being extremely reckless and irresponsible trying to force vaccination on our perfectly healthy children, if you are living in 2017 and still don’t believe that vaccines are full of toxic harmful ingredients and that they not only damage children but can kill them, then I’m sorry but you are not only highly ignorant, but you’re also dumb.. very very dumb. I’m not sure how you both sleep at night, yes you lost your baby, and may he rest in peace, but in turn so many more of our children have died and continue to die because of vaccines. You have blood on your hands and i hope the day you do finally realise the damage that youve done to our children with your pathetic views that it eats you up inside.

Dakota Fox This is what i wrote

Jamie Elizabeth Crook may just make things worse…is that what we want/

Dakota Fox Haha ok then

Sarah Rayma Saunders They lost there son. And responses like this put ppl on the back foot. It doesn’t make someone vaccinating there child second guess and go research. It makes other parents mad and angry for this family and pushes there agenda further.

Imagine the high road we can take by giving the same compassion to those families that loose children no matter the cause.

Dakota Fox Oh my gosh. Ok.

Kazia-Moana Guy We have to remember that these parents would feel very similar to us. We need to respect her path as a parent who lost a child to what they think is a “vaccine preventable illness” as much as we respect the parents of vaccine injured children and their path

Dakota Fox I very much do, but theyve gone too far and dont even understand the damage they are helping create

Kazia-Moana Guy It’s sickening I know. And they feel the same about us encouraging people not to vaccinate

Wai Burton ill informed parents… must be paid big money to promote this death …

Raewyn McColley Well damn…
Blocked for politely enquiring as to whether someone believes in freedom of speech after they squawked with indignation about a vaxxed promo leaflet on a PUBLIC noticeboard…..
Dear oh dear….they walk among us.

Teresa Ann Piatt I’m truly sorry what happened to this baby, I’ve tried to communicate with this family in a kind way, they won’t hear it… I believe she was vaccinated during pregnancy and that baby received his newborn shots… there’s no way he could fight off whooping cough with the amounts of toxins he had already received… I don’t believe they should be attack but there are far more babies dying from vaccines than there are from whooping cough…1991 my daughter spent a month in the hospital because she had whooping cough.. NO it wasn’t fun… it was scary!!! She was 6 weeks old.. too young for her shots!! She survived and she has a life long immunity ..We are made to fight off illnesses… this whole thing with Riley is blowing way out of control, let’s hear about the vaccine death toll… these parents remove any post about vaccine death or injury… they are not allowing the other side of the story and they are using their son’s death as away to get attention… it’s beyond the point of grieving, it’s ridiculous… I’d like to point out that my unvaxxed 4 year old grandson hasn’t been to the doctor since he was 2 months old… the only reason he went at 2 months was because my daughter was curious how much he weighed, he doesn’t get sick.. he gets colds but nothing serious for a doctor visit…

Lee Ann Ness-Yorke Why is this sounding more and more like propaganda? Are they real people?

Teresa Ann Piatt Yes they are real… I tried to leave them a kind message but anything posted suggesting anything other than what they believe is immediately deleted.

Teresa Ann Piatt Really sad thing is they have 100’s maybe 1000’s purchasing polio vaccines for African children as a way to strike against the VAXXED team…

Alison Lagertha Phoenix Can we not share it and give it more view? Screenshot such stories instead?

Jamie Elizabeth Crook please make sure not to make the situation worse all…. if you have to write on that post, be considerate and kind.

Lynne Hopewell Its interesting they cocooned their child with the vaccine of the disease that killed their child you have to wonder whether he caught it of an asymptomatic carrier? Then they blame anti vaxers for it

Adrian Drew It seems that they may end up with some very bad backlash when one of their followers has a injured child. The plank is really short.

Sarah Rayma Saunders Sometime we win more ground and push further with compassion even for ppl who’s opinions we don’t agree with. They lost a child and no comment suggesting anything but sorrow will be taken with anything but hate. Hate from the community that push vaccinations. And anyone on the fence will look and get mad with the family. Some times silence says a lot more

We can’t change anyone’s minds or put doubt in a vaxers head by throwing negativity at a parent that lost a child.

Marie Klarich Riley’s death shouldn’t have happened. Neither should any of the hundreds of babies who die from vaccine adverse effects. But, hey, they obviously don’t matter because you’ll never hear about them in the mainstream news…

Anita Bugges Riley’s doctors should have used Dr Humphries’ vitamin C protocol, proven effective for thousands of babies and children.

Leisa Goldsworthy They blocked me ages ago.
How can they say the vaccine prevents whooping cough when it says on the insert that it hasn’t been shown to stop transmission. FFS!

Kay Vickery One simple initial step could help reduce so many sick ppl: dont go.out in public if you know you are sick: vomits, the runs, running nose, persistent cough.
Air cons in shopping centres.. medical centres etc are the best breeders, too.

Sacha Marie Watkins I just can’t keep reading these things. It’s heartbreaking that people believe this.

Chris Phillips He caught it from a vaccinated child but they don’t tell you that hey !!!
They are full of it !

Chris Phillips Went to take grandson 19 months to play group today : walked in and three of the kids there all had runny noses deathly pale ! We walked straight out ! Keep your vaccinated germ spreading mosnsters home people !!!’

Yarri Nungunkari If Riley wasn’t injected with Hepb and vit c his immunity would have been strong enough for him to survive

Shelley Richardson It’s a made -up story… from whoa…to..Go!

B.S….!!!! 100%

The so called parents do not behave like real grieving parents… not even close!

The narrative exposes their concocted lies!

But, the anti-vaccination activists were not done, having attacked the Hughes on the above post.

Today, August 7 2017, they piled on, again, in a new post:

Katie Chinnock  Those poor babies!! Just reading thru those comments made me feel sad for humanity

Richard P Clark This is absolutely disgusting. Bad Karma… we don’t need to lift a finger, karma will sort it out. (I’ve seen karma take care a few times, and it’s much more retribution than I’d give..)

Kelly Weston I feel very sad about this situation. I don’t understand why people don’t read vaccine inserts then ask questions? Plenty of medical professionals have seen the damage, but to speak out means they loose their jobs. My dad is a pro vaxxer I showed him the list of vaccines a child has before they go to school. His face said it all… what the hell are all these for???
He was shocked, and was not ok with it. I went on to inform him of all the allergies and sick kids there are now, I think he got it. My mum is constantly reminded to get the flu vaccine at her work.

Kathleen McKay Yes, I think we MUST focus QUICKLY on education and not worry about provaxxers.

Kelly Weston Yes absolutely….the hate around this debate is getting way out of control!! I don’t hate parents that choose to vaccinate their children. I just cannot stand the IGNORANCE they show towards parents that choose not to vaccinte, and that so many children are chronically ill, but will not think about how they became allergic to stop it getting much worse, but only how to manage and carry on.I have thought for a while now that the hate generated toward non vaxxers will be the next “war” on humanity…I bloody hope it doesn’t come to this. Its definatly gaining momentum.

Magenta Bentley Such a disgrace

Stacey Milich Smith The post itself is so immature! It’s like “we will get one up on you”

Laurene O’Connell Not to mention all the comments!

Stacey Milich Smith Haha I think they have blocked me from the page

Stacey Milich Smith Yup I am blocked because I commented that the post was immature

Sara Mae They delete all non vax posts and block people. Ignorant fools

Caraline George This is just the saddest thing Ive ever seen. Its like they are bragging they have the power to vaccinate 3rd world children… who are being forced to be vaccinated anyway. Their Mums dont have clean water or living conditions let alone a Macbook Air to do their research. Sending love to these parents for their loss and hope their journey becomes easier.

Raewyn McColley It just sounds ridiculous.
Worse are all the ‘rah rah take that baby killers’ self congratulating posts that follow….what species of human are these?

Caraline George Its not healthy.

Sara Mae Vaccinated to their eyes balls. Full of fluoride and whatever medications they think are necessary. Surely that’s what’s turned them into hateful unintelligent human beings.

Summer Rose This page makes me sick

Kylie Metje Anti vaccine activists???? They really are so close minded. The only important babies are the ones who get whooping cough, not the ones who get sick from vaccines…
And I’m sick of hearing it’s completely preventable as if the vaccine is 100% effective, which we all know it’s not….

Karin Adams Sickening glee – the real level of previous threat to oublic health has been completely

Kazia-Moana Guy

Lee Ann Ness-Yorke Well … it says donated but not necessarily administered… reminds me of Nazi Propaganda during WW2

Elizabeth Gillespie “50 000” unavoidably unsafe vaccines – You should be proud Catherine Hughes Campaign for Riley is just starting

Connie Wilson Disgusting they think other children should suffer because there baby died thats shocking.

Connie Wilson So let me guess little Riley has a sister who was most likely vaccinated with the whooping cough vaccine and then spread the virus to the baby and its the rest of the worlds fault? OK then! Stupid people!

Alison Lagertha Phoenix Can we screenshot and not share stuff from that page?? Enough pro vax share without us contributing to views and shares too

Sharon Bailey Wonder if they’re those quality chinese vaccines..

Janna D Kowalchuk That’s so fucked up. The comments are sick.
We don’t care about our children?? It’s opposite!!
Brainwashing at its finest…

Darynn Waho Indoctrinated people’s greatest fears are stepping outside of their comfort zones of what they perceive to be true and challenging themselves that the past has not always got it right. on the basis that government / bureaucrats and big business / elites are always right and have our best interests @ heart should be the red flag for the asleep to awaken and begin challenging-Questioning and researching issues close to them.

Michelles Well Im beginning to smell a rat.
Can’t help but wonder if this lot is another big pharma set up.

Diana Thaib So sad big pharma supporters use the innocent dead baby for vaccines promotion! No one is anti vaccines. Those are people who either suffer from vaccine injuries or have loved ones injured by vaccines and decide to say No to vaccines! Why can’t we respect others’ informed choices!

Diana Thaib Poor babies in those developing countries where they donate the vaccines! They only need better sanitation, healthy organic food, healthy home, some dose of sunshine, good sleep and lots of love and hugs!!

Diana Thaib Where is the light for those innocent babies and children who are injured or killed by vaccines?

Nicola Beeby is a veteran AVN member and sister of callous former AVN committee member, Jane Beeby:

Nikki Nick They don’t count. They are just written off as taking one for the herd.

Chris Phillips Hey the bright side of this is the families injected with them can now sue !! The responsibility of vaccine damage now rests with the family !!!
Freedom of information should tell us where they have been sent and notification of their sender to those receiving and how to claim against any injury !!
It’s time to make the ass holes accountable

Janna D Kowalchuk Well, I really doubt that people in third world countries are gonna have the means to access a lawyer to sue big pharma…

Chris Phillips Janna D Kowalchuk they don’t need to !
If I send a item anywhere in the world under my name which is then used by someone : an injury occurs from its use : which we know vaccines do ) I can be sued !
I do not come under the protection umbrella !!
These are the very people who are dying in many many more instances from vaccines !
They are in need of the truth : and not after the fact !!

Janna D Kowalchuk Yea I get that 🙂 I didn’t say that they couldn’t sue. They would still need a lawyer and money and even be able to get somewhere where there is a lawyer in many cases.

Claire M Reyes I posted on that post. Probably shouldn’t have as it’s full of brainwashed peeps and there will probably be an onslaught. But I love in hope that even one person may read it and ponder. edit: ‘live’ not ‘love’

Lisa Welbourne It’s not as if these children wouldn’t be getting them anyway. Likely these parents have been conned into lining someones pockets, but hey, I am pro choice.

Sharon Bailey God- the irony- giving a potentially damaging gift to children to spite those who raise awareness of children damaged by the gift itself.. please wake up world!

Karl Noseda

Deb Viitaniemi I wonder how many deaths and vaccine injury these sick people have caused?

Andrea Schell They would have top marketing people knowing how to use anything to dominate the narrative. They are using clever tricks.

Debra May That page needs to be removed. So many untruths on there it’s just not even funny.

And, to round things off, here is AVN member Jane Beeby trolling directly on the Light for Riley page, today:

Beeby was recently interviewed as a hero by Polly Tommey and the Vaxxed crew, in Byron Bay. From July 27 2017:

Of course this won’t be the last in this series, as anti-vaccination activists cannot help themselves. Hatred and spite runs through their veins.

Shun them.

Warn your friends and families.


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