“Vaxxed” broadcasts violent threats against California senator and others

Thank goodness Polly Tommey has been banned from Australia after her recent anti-vaccination tour of her propaganda movie, Vaxxed, held in conjunction with a membership drive for the disgraced and disgraceful antivax pressure group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network.

By now we come to expect violent rhetoric from anti-vaccination and other conspiracy theorists, often incited by leaders such as Meryl Dorey and Tasha David of the AVN, and Barbara Loe Fisher of the NVIC; but, it doesn’t happen on video as often as it does on regular social media.

On August 28 2017, Polly Tommey broadcast a live video from the Vaxxed bus. Her interviewees were Curt Linderman and his wife Kimberly Strode Linderman. What followed was an hour of deranged, conspiratorial threats and abuse against Senator Dr Richard Pan, Craig Egan, and others, incited and egged on by Tommey and her socmed lackey, Anu Vaidya.

Tommey hails the Lindermans as the Tommeys’ “bestie besties.”

In this short excerpt, Linderman prays for a time – unencumbered by legal sanctions – when he can exact his retribution on those who have provided immunisations, including Senator Pan and other “trolls”:

In this excerpt we see Linderman incited by Tommey into threatening Craig Egan – whom Linderman calls a “punk bitch” – with Vaidya chiming in to escalate the threats:

It is worth watching the following 10-minute compilation I have created so the reader doesn’t have to watch the whole Linderman interview. Highlights include: denials that he is a conspiracy theorist; admissions that he is a conspiracy theorist; the ideal of a spiritual war in which he is fighting evil; Illuminati; New World Order; Georgia Guidestones; depopulation; deliberate sterilisation; executions of public health advocates; vilification of paediatricians; advocacy of violence; Vaidya exclaiming “remember the Bourgeoisie”; and Linderman boasting of his loaded side-arm which is carried on his hip at all times:

You can still donate to Craig Egan’s GoFundMe campaign, here.


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