Antivax chiropractor Simon Floreani rewarded with light conditions on his registration

Renowned and unapologetic anti-vaccination chiropractor Simon Floreani – once the president of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia – has been let off, once again.

Floreani – who has regularly thumbed his nose at regulators with his anti-vaccination activities, for which he was previously cautioned by AHPRA; who recently allowed his business to be used by the antivax pressure group the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, to show the anti-vaccination movie, Vaxxed; who has also bragged about sneaking into a hospital, using a fake identity, to treat a spinal patient; who also referred a patient to a fake gynaecologist; and whose supporters recently compared themselves to Jews during The Holocaust – continues to laugh at the regulators.

New conditions have appeared on Floreani’s chiropractic registration, noting that his suspension now appears to be over:


On 14 November 2017, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal stayed the decision to suspend the practitioner’s registration until further order of the tribunal on condition that, subject to the outcome of the proceeding:

a. The applicant will not display, promote or provide materials, information or advice that is anti-vaccination in nature to patients;
b. The applicant will not make public comment discouraging vaccination; and
c. If the applicant is asked by a patient or prospective patient for information about vaccination, the applicant will refer that person to an appropriately qualified health professional, such as a general practitioner.

Presumably this now allows Floreani to make his tilt at the CAA presidency, once again.


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