“Vaxxed” broadcasts violent threats against California senator and others

Thank goodness Polly Tommey has been banned from Australia after her recent anti-vaccination tour of her propaganda movie, Vaxxed, held in conjunction with a membership drive for the disgraced and disgraceful antivax pressure group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network.

By now we come to expect violent rhetoric from anti-vaccination and other conspiracy theorists, often incited by leaders such as Meryl Dorey and Tasha David of the AVN, and Barbara Loe Fisher of the NVIC; but, it doesn’t happen on video as often as it does on regular social media.

On August 28 2017, Polly Tommey broadcast a live video from the Vaxxed bus. Her interviewees were Curt Linderman and his wife Kimberly Strode Linderman. What followed was an hour of deranged, conspiratorial threats and abuse against Senator Dr Richard Pan, Craig Egan, and others, incited and egged on by Tommey and her socmed lackey, Anu Vaidya.

Tommey hails the Lindermans as the Tommeys’ “bestie besties.”

In this short excerpt, Linderman prays for a time – unencumbered by legal sanctions – when he can exact his retribution on those who have provided immunisations, including Senator Pan and other “trolls”:

In this excerpt we see Linderman incited by Tommey into threatening Craig Egan – whom Linderman calls a “punk bitch” – with Vaidya chiming in to escalate the threats:

It is worth watching the following 10-minute compilation I have created so the reader doesn’t have to watch the whole Linderman interview. Highlights include: denials that he is a conspiracy theorist; admissions that he is a conspiracy theorist; the ideal of a spiritual war in which he is fighting evil; Illuminati; New World Order; Georgia Guidestones; depopulation; deliberate sterilisation; executions of public health advocates; vilification of paediatricians; advocacy of violence; Vaidya exclaiming “remember the Bourgeoisie”; and Linderman boasting of his loaded side-arm which is carried on his hip at all times:

You can still donate to Craig Egan’s GoFundMe campaign, here.


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Light for Riley praised in federal parliament whilst antivaxers panned for attacking them

In August 2017, in our federal parliament, Shadow Health Minister Catherine King MP praised public health heroes Catherine and Greg Hughes, and Light for Riley, whilst highlighting the abhorrent attacks on the Hughes family by the Australian anti-vaccination movement:


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Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network lies about deceased baby, attacks her parents

On Sunday August 13 2017, the Australian government launched a campaign aimed at increasing immunisation coverage whilst combatting anti-vaccination misinformation. Called Get the Facts, the campaign features two families who have both lost babies to whooping cough: the McCaffery and Hughes families. Here is the ad:

Toni McCaffery: 93% of Aussie Kids are fully vaccinated.

But it’s not high enough. We need to do more to protect all our kids.

Our baby Dana died from whooping cough. She was only one month old and too young to be vaccinated.

David McCaffery: We lived in an area that had low immunisation rates.

Greg Hughes: Our baby son Riley died from a vaccine-preventable disease. Nothing can bring him back.

Catherine Hughes: But together we can all help to prevent this tragedy from happening to other families.

Back in March 2017, we showed how the disgraced anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, lied about the McCaffery family, joining in with other anti-vaccination groups in inciting the abuse and vilification of the McCafferys and the Hughes, whilst inciting death threats against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and abuse against his wife and members of  his government.

Back in March, the AVN shared this misleading image from anti-Semitic, anti-vaccination liar, Ian Hastings:

As was demonstrated, in March, the quote-mining from Hastings and the AVN was egregiously dishonest. This is what was really said by the McCafferys, who had been consistent from day one. From our earlier post:

The attack on Toni McCaffery is a lie. From The Sunday Telegraph, on May 26 2013:

TONI McCaffery suspects a daycare centre was the most likely point where her daughter Dana contracted whooping cough in 2009.

Dana was just six days old when Mrs McCaffery took her inside the centre while dropping off her four-year-old daughter Aisling.

Just over three weeks later, Dana was dead, her tiny body ravaged by whooping cough.

After Dana died, Mrs McCaffery set up a spreadsheet to track her movements and pinpoint where her baby had been exposed to the disease, narrowing the potential places down to the shopping centre, the school and the childcare centre.

Then six cases of whooping cough were confirmed at Aisling’s childcare centre.

Indeed, the McCafferys themselves have been consistent regarding the source of Dana’s infection from the beginning.

NSW Health pamphlet featuring Dana’s story was released in 2011. The text is from NSW Health, but, this shows the McCafferys’ consistency:

On the fifth day, the whooping cough toxins caused her organs to shut down and Dana had a cardiac arrest. She was only 32 days old when she died.

Nobody knows where Dana was infected with whooping cough. It may have been at her sibling’s school or preschool. A loving relative or friend, or a complete stranger may have unknowingly passed the infection on.

Of note, as early as 2010, Toni McCaffery is on the record regarding the likely source of Dana’s whooping cough, describing events in the week following Dana’s funeral, in 2009:

…a week later we found out that there were 6 positive notifications at my older daughter’s childcare centre, where I had taken Dana on one day, and numerous notifications at my son’s school. He started kindergarten. That’s right. On one day, I took Dana out because I need to drop my son to school and daughter to preschool and there was whooping cough everywhere– and I live with that every day. If I had known Whooping Cough was around, I would not have stepped foot inside these places with Dana. I am gutted. We also held a review with NSW Health – and there were no cases of whooping cough in the maternity ward of Lismore Base Hospital. We have never stated that Dana was infected by an unvaccinated child. That is a complete lie and Mrs Dorey should retract it.

This is nothing new. The AVN and Meryl Dorey have been lying about and inciting abuse against the McCafferys for years. It also set the groundwork for the abuse and vilification of the Hughes family, from 2015 onward.

Back in 2010, Toni McCaffery was forced to make a statement correcting lies made about Dana and the McCafferys, by Meryl Dorey and her followers (full statement included in appendix):

I am so distressed I have to do this. But Mrs Dorey from the AVN has just published another terrible article about us…

Enough is enough. We just simply ask the AVN and Mrs Dorey to stop spreading false information about our daughter. She caught whooping cough. She died a torturous death. Leave her in peace and stop misleading the public.

Whooping cough is dangerous; and it is deadly for 1 in 200 babies…

Mrs Dorey and the AVN…please leave my family alone.

In 2012, David McCaffery was forced to make another public plea for Meryl Dorey and her antivax network to stop lying about Dana:

Stop lying about us and our family. We have had enough of your absolute callousness and disregard for others that don’t promote your misleading ideology…

Leave us alone, again!

And just two months ago, Catherine Hughes was forced to issue a statement in response to anti-vaccination lies about her deceased baby, and her family.

The anti-vaccination cult will never change.

Yesterday, August 14 2017, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network lied about Dana McCaffery and attacked her family, several times:

Here is how your foregone childcare rebates are being spent – propaganda fronted by well-known mandatory vaccinationists. I wonder if the Health Minister knows that the McCafferys were selective vaccinators in that Dana was not vaccinated against Hepatitis B at birth, which was recommended and funded under the National Immunisation Program in 2009. In other words, “do as I say, but not as I do”. Outrageous. VC

This fact is not even up for debate: Dana McCaffery had the birth dose of the hepatitis B vaccine.

Toni McCaffery has never stated that Dana did not receive the birth dose of the hepatitis B vaccine.

The AVN continued its lies, then, used its lies so as to provoke its members into contacting politicians, with these lies:

The AVN’s members stated that the deaths of Dana, Riley and others are “propaganda”:

Olivier Vles (Bernie Smith) argued that the McCafferys’ story is a government psy-op:

The AVN continued its lies about Dana and the McCafferys:

The chances are – according to Dana’s doctor – she contracted whooping cough while in hospital (because her symptoms started so early). So all this crap about living on the North Coast and being exposed to whooping cough because so many in that community don’t vaccination is just that – crap! The most likely scenario is that their daughter was exposed to whooping cough from a fully-vaccinated person in hospital and, since we know that the vaccinated are many times more likely to be asymptomatic carriers of pertussis or parapertussis, all of this is just more superstitious pseudo-science being pushed by the ignorant to influence the gullible. We see through it though.


More AVN members accused the McCafferys of being part of a corrupt, big pharma cover-up, or “fear propaganda”:

How much abuse and vilification do bereaved families have to endure before those who orchestrate such vitriol are held criminally responsible?

Why isn’t  Meryl Dorey in prison?


Toni McCaffery Response to AVN article A grieving family and baseless accusations

[Published on Facebook, July 31 2010]

I am so distressed I have to do this. But Mrs Dorey from the AVN has just published another terrible article about us at http://nocompulsoryvaccination.com/2010/07/30/a-grieving-family-and-baseless-accusations/

It was a very difficult decision to make a formal complaint to the HCCC. It took us until December 2009 to decide, because we knew it would put us back in the public spotlight. We did not make our complaint public, for fear of further harassment, which has continued unabated. This article demonstrates there is no protection for complainants in this whole process

The subject of our complaint was that many articles published by Meryl Dorey, like this one, contain false information about Dana. This article demonstrates why we made our complaint – and yes, this is distressing and a form of harassment as it is full of false information about our daughter.

In response:


We have never blamed any person for Dana’s death. See our letter – we are all innocent victims in this. The ‘victim of ignorance’ is our quote that appeared in the Northern Star. It refers to the fact that despite record levels of Pertussis notifications, no-one knew that this area was in the grip of an epidemic, we did not receive one warning, a warning sticker on Dana’s Blue Book and adults did not know they needed a booster. We have been nothing but respectful throughout this. We do not know where Dana caught whooping cough from – all we know is that it was everywhere we had been.


“Dana had presented to doctors several times before being diagnosed. Her mother said that her only symptoms were a runny nose and possible breathing problems.” – Meryl Dorey

Yes, we stated this. This is how whooping cough starts as per NSW Health Fact Sheet


“She was admitted to hospital with a simple runny nose and only became seriously ill after her admission”. – MD

No. This is dangerously misleading and I plead with any parent, do not delay in taking your child to hospital – 10 minutes later and I would have been resuscitating my daughter on the side of the road. After a positive diagnosis of Pertussis, we went straight to hospital. We have stated in media that she started having little coughs. On the way to hospital she ‘bubbled mucous’ in the car. I was in the back seat. We were not worried at this stage. Once we walked into the ward, 10 minutes within arriving, Dana had her first coughing paroxysm in my arms. She stopped breathing, went blue and needed oxygen. Oxygen was her first form of treatment. She then coughed like that and kept having apnoea attacks up to 10 times every hour throughout the night. It was pure hell.


“She was diagnosed with whooping cough within a day or two of when she was admitted to hospital when a whooping cough diagnosis generally takes 10-14 days to produce a positive result.” – MD

Dana had the PCR test. My doctor called with the positive diagnosis and we drove straight to hospital. Thank goodness this test is so quick and reliable as it means quick treatment, and means people can be treated earlier with antibiotics so they don’t infect others. This statement tears my heart out and is so offensive. My daughter did not survive another 10 days!

Fact: Dana had Pertussis – end of story and no-one should be stating otherwise. She had blood tests every half hour in hospital for goodness sake, so yes we have toxicology results to prove she had Whooping Cough. It satisfied the Coroner; that should be enough for anyone.


“The media and her family reported that her treatments had included blood transfusions;” – MD

Yes. As per latest medical articles, when Pertussis turns fatal, doctors cannot ventilate a child’s lungs because they become like concrete, and the blood becomes so thick. This means blood cannot be pumped to vital organs. The blood transfusions are a last resort to remove the toxin and give them a chance. The other option is a heart/lung bypass machine – with very low chances of success. I was alone, sat down with all the specialists and given two options that I had to make then and there. Dave was driving up and I had not told him of how serious it was as I did not want him to have a car crash. There I was being told my daughter would die and given two choices, that specialists had consulted experts all around the world. I chose the blood transfusion, and you know what, she nearly made it. If you mean to hurt me by implying that I made a wrong choice, you have been successful.


“her heart was twice its normal size” – MD

We have never stated this and it is completely false. We stated on Sunday Night, aired on 26 April 2009, that Dana’s body was swollen. This is called oedema, a sign of multi-organ failure. Dana suffered myocardial dysfunction that means her heart muscle died and she had cardiac arrest due to the strain of the Pertussis. If Dana had made it, and God I wish she had, we were facing future transplants, dialysis and brain damage.


“She had a systemic infection” – MD

She had Pertussis – an infectious disease. What does systemic infection mean? We have evidence of Yahoo forums where Mrs Dorey has made a statement that Dana died of septicaemia. This is completely false and I do not know where Mrs Dorey got this information from. But, many babies that do get Pertussis and develop pneumonia are at risk of septicaemia. Anyone that develops pneumonia is. Doctors take blood cultures every half hour to monitor oxygen and C02 levels. That is why babies are ventilated, because they cannot breathe on their own. If C02 levels are too high, people can suffer toxic shock and die. However, Dana did not have septicaemia.


“none of which are normal with whooping cough” – MD

Actually – these are all complications of whooping cough. As are broken ribs, pneumonia and brain damage. Parents need to know these are risks of the disease. 60% of young babies that catch whooping cough need to be hospitalised. 1 in 200 babies can die. These are facts.


Re: Dana’s medical records.

We stated that Mrs Dorey rang Mr Paul Corben the morning of 12 March 2009 seeking information on Dana – this is her health record. She rang him after seeing the Northern Star article on the morning of 12 March 2009. Mr Paul Corben confirmed in an email to us, which we initiated:

“As discussed on 8 May, when Ms Dorey called me on 12 March seeking details of your daughter’s illness and death, I advised her that while there was laboratory confirmation of Dana’s pertussis diagnosis, I would not be providing to her any details in addition to those provided in the media release as this would be, as she was aware, in contravention of privacy legislation and NSW Health policies. Ms Dorey contended that I had mislead [sic] the public in attributing your daughter’s death to pertussis and in so doing had put all associated information into the public domain. I advised Ms Dorey that she should put any further questions in writing to the Area Health Service’s Chief Executive to be considered under a Freedom of Information request. No request has been forthcoming. I will advise you if I receive such a request.”

We had not made any other statements about Dana’s reported symptoms or treatments – we did not appear on Sunday Night until 6 weeks afterwards. No-one has the right to ask these questions. Come to us and ask permission. This beggars belief, particularly when your husband saw the grief of our family that same day. The public would not have known about Dana’s death only that we allowed it to be confirmed anonymously in a NSW Health media release.


“The NCAHS told me that Dana’s death was determined by using a ‘quick test’. At that time, I was unfamiliar with this type of test but subsequent research has shown me that this is a test which gives false positives up to 100% of the time.” – MD

NCAHS said they confirmed the diagnosis was by laboratory diagnosis. Dana had both PCR and blood culture. Again, there is no debate here. Dana had Pertussis.

Mrs Dorey, in a discussion on your Yahoo forum in May 2009 you stated the following false information:

“I don’t know how or why, but she developed septicaemia – blood poisoning. That is what may have caused the swelling though it’s always possible that steroids were used – that is a common ‘treatment’ for Pertussis and it can cause massive swelling. I would love to get a look at this poor little one’s medical records. But that will never happen.”


“I have been accused of harassing this grieving family by making this call. It is my assertion however that the official from the NCAHS has not only committed a serious breach of confidentiality by informing a third party that I had contacted him; he in fact, has harassed the McCafferys by calling a grieving family to tell them that I had asked for confirmation of Dana’s diagnosis. What possible reason could he have had for taking this action?” – MD

This is false. We met with Paul Corben, Dr Kerry Chant and Chris Crawford on 8 May 2009. We showed them the letters and emails we had received, including the AVN brochure. We expressed our concern at the harassment and fears that people were trying to spin the facts on Dana’s death. We asked a direct question of Mr Corben, and he confirmed that Mrs Dorey had contacted him on 12 March 2009.

He then provided a written email to us on 19 May 2009. I had googled Dana’s name one night, and found the discussion on Yahoo where Mrs Dorey and AVN members were discussing Dana’s death. I emailed him in disbelief and he confirmed the phone call in response.


“I have never phoned them, written them a letter by post, email or contacted them in any other way except for the once which I will describe below.” – MD

This is correct. However, your members and participants have sent mail to our home and emails. We received this email from a regular participant on your Facebook and Yahoo Forums on 19 April 2009:

“Dear Dana’s family, I am so sorry to read of your daughter’s passing. It must be tragic to lose a daughter and I wish you all sympathy and trust that God delivers unto you. We believe that God chose Dana for a reason, perhaps she had passed a test and has been elevated awaiting you. God made us all equal and gave us amazing unique bodies to live in.

We find it amazing that some people firmly believe that God was not perfect. Apparently, according to these people, God forgot to add the heavy toxic metals, pig cells, chicken cells etc that are found in vaccines. I choose this subject because your whole website seems to be pointing the finger at vaccines, or lack thereof for your daughter’s tragic death. How can you be so sure ? Do you have so much faith in the financially pressured drug companies to outstrip God that you do not doubt them at all ? Have you done any research into vaccines and seen the reason why so many people will not tolerate injecting their families with toxic muck. Do you have justifiable logic to discredit all their fears ?

I am sorry, but I believe Dana passed away because of different reasons than you claim. All the same, please accept my sympathy for your tragic loss.”

However, the basis of our complaint is the false information you yourself have published about Dana: An initial e-newsletter that one of your members emailed to my sister-in-law soon after Dana’s death; The Fear Factor article; Numerous online discussions on your Yahoo forum where you have made false statements about her treatment and cause of death and referring to Dana as the ‘baby that supposedly died of Pertussis’ – including at seminars confirmed by attendees.

We have also seen terrible letters sent to Internet forums and to media outlets from your members and participants of your Facebook group. These are a sample:

“Dana did not die from Whooping Cough but of complications from. Why weren’t all the details of her death told in the story, like what treatment was she given, was her temperature suppressed so that her immune [sic] could not function as nature intended etc”

“Why don’t you look at the big picture and look at more reasons why this child died. One question you could ask is, what poisons had already been injected into Dana’s little body, which possibly compromised her immune system…What did the toxicology report say, was there one performed?”

“Toni, you seem quite indignant that anyone is daring to question your beliefs in the religion of vaccinology. I would have thought that it is incumbent on you or anyone else who is seeking a very costly heightened “awareness campaign” about the dangers of pertussis to provide evidence of vaccination efficacy and safety. In other words put up or shut up! It is irrelevant to me whether or not Dana died from pertussis or something else, it’s simply not relevant to the debate surrounding vaccine safety and efficacy, except to say that, the Hepatitis B vaccine and other vaccines are well known to cause immune suppression, making recipients of the vaccine more susceptible to circulating infectious disease. Given you are so ardently in favour of the governments vaccine schedule I am assuming that Dana was administered the Hep B vax at birth, per the current schedule. To have any credibility you need to state publicly whether or not Dana received the Hep b vaccine, because if she did, it muddies the waters somewhat, in terms of causation of death. Was an autopsy conducted, was it rigorous, these are the questions that you and your husband need to answer publicly.”

Mrs Dorey also published a dreadful article in The Inside Edition, and this latest one. They all contain false information about Dana, and us, and we ask you to stop. We have seen much worse statements from the beginning of this year, with terrible statements made about us on your Facebook site that Mrs Dorey allowed to remain up there. Statements such as that I “speak with a forked tongue”, and from your own administrators that we are not “honouring [our] daughter’s death with the truth”, and are “milking her death”.


“The McCafferys claimed that I had provided incorrect information to the ABC, but the final outcome of the ABC’s investigation of this issue stated that the journalist had actually made a mistake when she was speaking – the error was not mine.” – MD

No. I have the recording. The journalist asked a question of our paediatrician citing statistics of vaccination and Pertussis. Our paediatrician asked the journalist where she got the data from, and she said the AVN.

The letter from the ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs says:

“We have investigated the statistics used by Ms Quigley (the presenter) in her question and determined that their presentation was in breach of the ABC’s editorial requirements for accuracy and context in factual content. The statistics compared a vaccination rate from 2001 for children aged 0 to 6, with a vaccination rate from 2008 for children born during a particular three month window who had been vaccinated by the age of two. The two statistics are drawn from different data sets and relate to different groups of children. Accordingly, comparing the two statistics was inappropriate. Furthermore, the first vaccination rate statistics was for the year 2001 but was presented as a vaccination rate for 1991…In this case, whilst each individual statistic was in and of itself accurate and drawn from a verifiable Government source, the comparative manner in which they were presented was misleading.”

This was not the journalist’s mistake. She read out statistics provided by the AVN.


“Ken and I were both aware that a Lennox Head child had died from whooping cough – it was in all the media – but this was the first time that either of us knew who that child was.” “Neither Ken nor I were aware that Dana was the child involved; her name was not published in the papers until one or two days after Ken’s visit and her funeral was even later then that.” – MD

Ken Dorey visited my mother-in-law Carmel on the early afternoon of 12 March 2009. Dana’s funeral was on 13 March 2009, also published in the funeral notices of the paper. As we have stated, Ken and Carmel do know each other through the environment group. While Ken claims to not have known about Dana, Meryl did. She was interviewed for the Daily Telegraph the day before (11 March) about the death, then Dana was on the front page of the Northern Star newspaper on that morning of 12 March 2009, and Meryl admits she saw this article and then rang Paul Corben from NCAHS that morning. This all occurred before Ken visited Carmel. Whatever reasons for Ken being there, he saw a grandmother in grief. He probably was shocked and provided his condolences. However, when most people send cards and food, what did Meryl do? Start to spread lies about our daughter. It beggars belief and continues distress us.


“At the end of the conversation, Ken remembers Carmel saying to him that the doctors told Toni and David that it was most likely that Dana had caught whooping cough from an unvaccinated child in the hospital.” – MD

This is so disgusting. A private conversation from a grieving grandmother and Mrs Dorey twists it and uses this in e-newsletters and The Fear Factor. What a betrayal of trust. Carmel would never have used those words. Dana could have caught it in the hospital, but a week later we found out that there were 6 positive notifications at my older daughter’s childcare centre, where I had taken Dana on one day, and numerous notifications at my son’s school. He started kindergarten. That’s right. On one day, I took Dana out because I need to drop my son to school and daughter to preschool and there was whooping cough everywhere– and I live with that every day. If I had known Whooping Cough was around, I would not have stepped foot inside these places with Dana. I am gutted. We also held a review with NSW Health – and there were no cases of whooping cough in the maternity ward of Lismore Base Hospital. We have never stated that Dana was infected by an unvaccinated child. That is a complete lie and Mrs Dorey should retract it.

Enough is enough. We just simply ask the AVN and Mrs Dorey to stop spreading false information about our daughter. She caught whooping cough. She died a torturous death. Leave her in peace and stop misleading the public.

Whooping cough is dangerous; and it is deadly for 1 in 200 babies.

Now after having to deal with these lies, I have to take my children to a birthday party and try to be normal.

Mrs Dorey and the AVN…please leave my family alone.

[Reprinted with kind permission]


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The unparalleled regulatory precedents of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network

Originally published as AVN achieves precedent-setting
government immigration ban for overseas antivaxers

See updates below

When I first encountered the anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, over 8 years ago, as a part of Stop the Australian (Anti) Vaccination Network, one of the first things which became apparent was that the anti-vaccination activists would become self-fulfilling prophecies – due to their verbose, unearned hubris, along with their vilification of bereaved families, and their attacks on doctors and other public health workers, and their attacks on the media, and their attacks on politicians – who would succeed in bringing about that which they were, at that stage, strawmanning for business: fighting against (then-nonexistent) compulsory vaccination and the censure of their as-yet unchecked and lucrative, awful behaviour.

Now, these 8 years later, we can reflect on the successes of professional antivaxer, Meryl Dorey, and her cabal of dishonest antivax thugs. Dorey has quite a row of notches in her belt, to which antivaxers and natural health therapists can point and say, “thanks, Meryl.”

Dorey and her AVN brought about changes to the NSW Health Care Complaints Act, which was appropriately broadened so as to make complaints easier to lodge, due directly to Dorey and the AVN appealing a previously successful complaint and public health warning against the AVN, in the Supreme Court of NSW. The AVN were re-investigated. The AVN, and Dorey, then promptly gained themselves a brand-new HCCC Public Health Warning that still stands. Health complaints legislations around the nation have also been bolstered following the NSW amendments.

Dorey and her AVN have been instrumental  in bringing about the various No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play legislations around Australia, pertaining to childcare benefits and childcare access respectively. If it wasn’t for the boisterous arrogance of Dorey and Tasha David, Brett Smith and the rest of the AVN, then, maybe none of this would have come about. These types of policies are now being implemented around the world, in response to disease outbreaks and growth in anti-vaccination sentiment.

Thanks to Dorey and her AVN, and other anti-vaccination activists, precedents have also been set in cancelling charitable authorities of anti-vaccination organisations and cover-organisations, like Stephanie Messenger’s fake SIDS organisation.

Thanks to Dorey and her AVN, governments have set precedents in ensuring that anti-vaccination organisation names accurately reflect their purpose.

Thanks to Dorey and her AVN, and their dishonesty, anti-vaccination activists have largely become personae non gratae in the media, with the ABC actually sending out memos to producers and announcers that Dorey cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

This has all come about due to the activism of amateur and professional defenders of public health, from the community, governments and oppositions, and the media. Everyone should  take a huge bow.

In 2015, this sort of activism led to the cancellation of an anti-vaccination tour by US antivaxer, Sherri Tenpenny. All venues cancelled her appearances, once they found out what she was really here to say; the venues were not told the truth about the bookings. In 2015, government did not need to step in: Tenpenny and her colleagues cancelled the tour because she wouldn’t make any money.

Meryl Dorey, Tasha David, and their anti-vaccination cult have just succeeded in setting another precedent. This precedent will have far-reaching consequences for all anti-vaccination activists who plan to come to Australia to damage our fiercely-protected public health and safety.

Dorey and her organisation are busily singing the praises of the recent AVN/Vaxxed tour of Australia. They had learned from the Tenpenny failure. Venues were consistently lied to about the true nature of the event, and the antivax film. Venues were kept secret. Some venues cancelled, once they found out, from secret ticket-holders. Many venues were outraged that they had been deceived.

But, the tour may be the last, for all foreign antivaxers. And it will have serious consequences for the proposed Australian expansion of overseas antivax/autism organisations and their related activities. They have really done it this time.

Not only did the much-hyped antivax tour provide defenders of public health with an overwhelming cache of video evidence of the direct harm antivaxers do to public health, but, the tour also succeeded in getting Vaxxed stars banned from Australia for at least 3 years. News of this ban was broken, yesterday, by Polly Tommey:

Today, Tommey expanded. She and her antivax colleague bragged about their departure from Australia, the process of having evidence gathered from Tommey’s electronic device, and the claim that Australian immigration would have stopped her from entering Australia if they had been aware of her activities. This is big:

So, once again, thank you Meryl Dorey, Tasha David, and the AVN. Your service and dedication to public health will not be forgotten.


Update August 9 2017

Tommey posted the notification from Australian Border Force which states that she was banned from Australia for her threat to public health. The section reads:

(e) the presence of its holder in Australia is or may be, or would or might be, a risk to:

(i) the health, safety or good order of the Australian community nor a segment of the Australian community.

Information because of which the grounds were considered to exist:

Open source information indicates that you are a prominent anti-vaccination activist in the United States of America. You recently visited Australia participating in delivering seminars at numerous locations about anti-vaccination and promoted an anti-vaccination film titled ‘Vaxxed’.


Update October 8 2017

The precedents set by the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network continue.

The AVN was instrumental in having the medical registration of Dr John Piesse suspended, following his outing at an AVN/Vaxxed screening in Melbourne. From Grant MacArthur, in The Herald Sun:

REBEL anti-vax doctor John Piesse has had his medical registration suspended as an investigation into his use of immunisation exemptions is stepped up.

Following a lengthy meeting with the Medical Board of Australia today the controversial Mitcham GP had his registration suspended, making it illegal for him to treat patients.

Minister for Health Jill Hennessy said the doctor’s fate stood as an example for other renegade physicians.

The AVN was successful in outing chiropractor Simon Floreani as the host of an antivax screening of Vaxxed, at Floreani’s business, in 2016. Floreani has now had his chiropractic registration suspended. From Jane Hansen, in the Sunday Telegraph:

HIGH profile chiropractor and anti-vaccine proponent Simon Floreani has had his licence suspended by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

AHPRA said they could not comment publicly on the suspension.

The AVN has been instrumental in getting the medical registration of Dr Kevin Coleman suspended, following his much publicised series of antivax speeches at AVN organised anti-vaccination protest rallies, from 2015 to 2017. The AVN can’t even get his name correct:

Just two days ago, on October 6 2017, it was claimed by Polly Tommey – in a Vaxxed video conversation with AVN president, Tasha David – that Tommey has had her immigration ban appeal rejected. Tommey claimed that she is now banned from all  Commonwealth countries due to the Australia ban:



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Light for Riley attacked in official “Vaxxed” group run by AVN president 2

On June 29 2017 – just over one month ago – I wrote this:

Picture a round-table populated by untreated, angry perianal abscesses, each with their own internet connection. That’s the Australian anti-vaccination movement: infected; weeping offensive, purulent exudate; ready to explode at the slightest of prodding; causing excruciating pain; adjacent to faeces and often indistinguishable from it; carving out distressing fistulas from where its festering message can newly seep.

At the precise moment when the discredited, antivax Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network is busily plugging its joint-venture with the makers of the antivax fantasy-film, Vaxxed, antivaxers in the official Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand Facebook group are busily lying about and vilifying Catherine Hughes and her deceased baby boy, Riley.

The official Vaxxed ANZ group is run by AVN president, Tasha David; AVN member and Vaxxed organiser, Jennifer Smith; and NZ child-abuser and official Vaxxed leader, Sarah Cox. Readers would recognise Cox from her recent threats to hang award-winning journalist Brian Deer

The liars from the AVN and Vaxxed attempted to distance themselves from that previous hatred spewed at the Hughes family, in the AVN’s Vaxxed Facebook group. But, nothing changes.

These are the administrators and moderators of the Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand group: Tasha DāvidTasha DavidJen SmithSarah Jayne; Chris MitchPhil DiazMohamed Hakim OuastiSamantha WisteriaAlison JaneJamie Elizabeth Crook:

On August 7 2017 – today – anti-vaccination activists once again coordinated their efforts in attacking Light for Riley both in the antivax Facebook group, and on the Light for Riley page itself.

This is an example of the type commentary being directed at bereaved parents Catherine and Greg Hughes, on their own page, for promoting immunisation and having tens of thousands of vaccines donated to UNICEF:

“Vaxhole”  is a derogatory term which has been recently concocted by anti-vaccination leader, Vaxxed star and producer, Del Bigtree.

Catharine Layton is a producer for Del Bigtree’s online radio program:

We know where these attacks are being orchestrated; on August 6 and 7 2017, in the Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand group, antivaxers went on the attack. We also know for a fact that at least one official AVN/Vaxxed moderator – Jamie Elizabeth Crook – has seen this whole thread, having commented in it, twice. Only a couple of members objected, without qualification, to the vile attacks:

Katie Chinnock Way to build your celebrity!! These parents are shameless 

Janis Cole What about the hundreds of kids who have died from these precious vaccines – No mention of those families suffering is there?
Another one sided ZERO investigative useless journalism

Ivana Veronika OMG the comments of all those brainwashed people! Good luck to them all

Moira Diripio Leisy Yeah..someone bragging about 3rd trimester shots…I’m guessing we will be seeing that exploiting post soon too

Raewyn McColley Someone even mentioned they posted flu shot selfies….who are these humans?

Adrian Drew Gee they are walking the gauntlet.

Deborah Cooke Russian roulette

Kelly Winder is the anti-vaccination activist who owns the Belly Belly business. She has posted anti-vaccination misinformation to Light for Riley on a couple of  separate occasions:

Kelly Winder They block and delete anyone with any other opinion no matter how polite or kind you are.

Moira Diripio Leisy I tried to report their post for exploitation. ..but that option seems gone now..so I reported it as a scam. Because it pretty much is

Jo Grant Fake news. Is it even true? Who are these people?

Tigram Xam Perera fearmongering at its best or should I rather say, worst

Mikka Lee Whitaker wow this family is something else wow. i have never seen this page. wow wow wow

Caraline George Wow… Rileys parents… just wow. I really feel for them. And the disgusting thing about the way Drs handle babies deaths that are unpreventable is to blame ‘something else’ rather than tell the parents their baby wasnt strong enough etc. Friends lost a baby under 1 after his vaccinations. Mum and Dad know it was the vaccinations he had. Drs say “he had underlying conditions anyway” because thats easier than saying….oh.. that batch must of been all riddled with stuff that didnt agree with your childs body. This whole story just makes me want to cry for the pain and suffering of the parents… the fact is babies cant be immunised, heard immunity is a fallacy and Drs need to be honest with parents. NO one wants anyone to lose a child but blaming everyone else who isnt even sick or doesnt have sick children is not theway forward together.

Adrian Drew Same with heart attack drugs they kill people too. But save many they say. Until it is someone you love and care about. 2% of population should not have heart attack drugs. They will bleed out. Cayeen pepper works same as the nasty drugs but the body will not be damaged in anyway. In fact it will heal it.

Katrina Baldwin Russell Leave the parents alone, unless you’ve lost a child you have no idea. It might not be your way and you don’t have to agree but let them deal how they can.

Katie Chinnock No!! They are using their celebrity to poison other children NOT OK!! I have lost 5 children it does not make me want to kill other children

Katrina Baldwin Russell And you don’t think it’s possible they’ve been used? It’s not ok to badger a grieving parent.

Raewyn McColley Yes- some of us know that pain…and certainly wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone else.
However, this is wrong- so wrong.
There are crazies who take things way too far on both ‘sides’ – yet only one lot is vilified and held accountable.

Katrina Baldwin Russell Raewyn McColley me either but there are other ways to go about it rather than attack them in their page.

Raewyn McColley There are- you are right.
I’m not angry at them- just very sad that their very private pain and grief is being exploited by others.

Kim Shirley Forth Reading the comments makes me feel sick…

Raewyn McColley Poor parents- they not only have to cope with the death of a child but now are sacrificial lambs for the ’cause’.
Can’t they see how they’re being exploited and used by others- it’s disgusting and sad.

Caraline George I know talk about putting yourself out there in the pain zone. But I guess they think they are changing something.. I cant even imagine what it must be like for any parent. Ihope they find some peace soon.

Adrian Drew What will they say when one of their followers has a really bad reaction.

Raewyn McColley They’ll still blame others- like the silly woman in the paper whose kids were vaccinated, still got sick and it was the fault of non vaccinated people…

Dakota Fox Neither should the deaths of all the other thousands of kids who have lost their lives from a vaccine reaction! Im sorry your baby died, but you dont know what you are talking about regarding vaccines, and you are both being extremely reckless and irresponsible trying to force vaccination on our perfectly healthy children, if you are living in 2017 and still don’t believe that vaccines are full of toxic harmful ingredients and that they not only damage children but can kill them, then I’m sorry but you are not only highly ignorant, but you’re also dumb.. very very dumb. I’m not sure how you both sleep at night, yes you lost your baby, and may he rest in peace, but in turn so many more of our children have died and continue to die because of vaccines. You have blood on your hands and i hope the day you do finally realise the damage that youve done to our children with your pathetic views that it eats you up inside.

Dakota Fox This is what i wrote

Jamie Elizabeth Crook may just make things worse…is that what we want/

Dakota Fox Haha ok then

Sarah Rayma Saunders They lost there son. And responses like this put ppl on the back foot. It doesn’t make someone vaccinating there child second guess and go research. It makes other parents mad and angry for this family and pushes there agenda further.

Imagine the high road we can take by giving the same compassion to those families that loose children no matter the cause.

Dakota Fox Oh my gosh. Ok.

Kazia-Moana Guy We have to remember that these parents would feel very similar to us. We need to respect her path as a parent who lost a child to what they think is a “vaccine preventable illness” as much as we respect the parents of vaccine injured children and their path

Dakota Fox I very much do, but theyve gone too far and dont even understand the damage they are helping create

Kazia-Moana Guy It’s sickening I know. And they feel the same about us encouraging people not to vaccinate

Wai Burton ill informed parents… must be paid big money to promote this death …

Raewyn McColley Well damn…
Blocked for politely enquiring as to whether someone believes in freedom of speech after they squawked with indignation about a vaxxed promo leaflet on a PUBLIC noticeboard…..
Dear oh dear….they walk among us.

Teresa Ann Piatt I’m truly sorry what happened to this baby, I’ve tried to communicate with this family in a kind way, they won’t hear it… I believe she was vaccinated during pregnancy and that baby received his newborn shots… there’s no way he could fight off whooping cough with the amounts of toxins he had already received… I don’t believe they should be attack but there are far more babies dying from vaccines than there are from whooping cough…1991 my daughter spent a month in the hospital because she had whooping cough.. NO it wasn’t fun… it was scary!!! She was 6 weeks old.. too young for her shots!! She survived and she has a life long immunity ..We are made to fight off illnesses… this whole thing with Riley is blowing way out of control, let’s hear about the vaccine death toll… these parents remove any post about vaccine death or injury… they are not allowing the other side of the story and they are using their son’s death as away to get attention… it’s beyond the point of grieving, it’s ridiculous… I’d like to point out that my unvaxxed 4 year old grandson hasn’t been to the doctor since he was 2 months old… the only reason he went at 2 months was because my daughter was curious how much he weighed, he doesn’t get sick.. he gets colds but nothing serious for a doctor visit…

Lee Ann Ness-Yorke Why is this sounding more and more like propaganda? Are they real people?

Teresa Ann Piatt Yes they are real… I tried to leave them a kind message but anything posted suggesting anything other than what they believe is immediately deleted.

Teresa Ann Piatt Really sad thing is they have 100’s maybe 1000’s purchasing polio vaccines for African children as a way to strike against the VAXXED team…

Alison Lagertha Phoenix Can we not share it and give it more view? Screenshot such stories instead?

Jamie Elizabeth Crook please make sure not to make the situation worse all…. if you have to write on that post, be considerate and kind.

Lynne Hopewell Its interesting they cocooned their child with the vaccine of the disease that killed their child you have to wonder whether he caught it of an asymptomatic carrier? Then they blame anti vaxers for it

Adrian Drew It seems that they may end up with some very bad backlash when one of their followers has a injured child. The plank is really short.

Sarah Rayma Saunders Sometime we win more ground and push further with compassion even for ppl who’s opinions we don’t agree with. They lost a child and no comment suggesting anything but sorrow will be taken with anything but hate. Hate from the community that push vaccinations. And anyone on the fence will look and get mad with the family. Some times silence says a lot more

We can’t change anyone’s minds or put doubt in a vaxers head by throwing negativity at a parent that lost a child.

Marie Klarich Riley’s death shouldn’t have happened. Neither should any of the hundreds of babies who die from vaccine adverse effects. But, hey, they obviously don’t matter because you’ll never hear about them in the mainstream news…

Anita Bugges Riley’s doctors should have used Dr Humphries’ vitamin C protocol, proven effective for thousands of babies and children.

Leisa Goldsworthy They blocked me ages ago.
How can they say the vaccine prevents whooping cough when it says on the insert that it hasn’t been shown to stop transmission. FFS!

Kay Vickery One simple initial step could help reduce so many sick ppl: dont go.out in public if you know you are sick: vomits, the runs, running nose, persistent cough.
Air cons in shopping centres.. medical centres etc are the best breeders, too.

Sacha Marie Watkins I just can’t keep reading these things. It’s heartbreaking that people believe this.

Chris Phillips He caught it from a vaccinated child but they don’t tell you that hey !!!
They are full of it !

Chris Phillips Went to take grandson 19 months to play group today : walked in and three of the kids there all had runny noses deathly pale ! We walked straight out ! Keep your vaccinated germ spreading mosnsters home people !!!’

Yarri Nungunkari If Riley wasn’t injected with Hepb and vit c his immunity would have been strong enough for him to survive

Shelley Richardson It’s a made -up story… from whoa…to..Go!

B.S….!!!! 100%

The so called parents do not behave like real grieving parents… not even close!

The narrative exposes their concocted lies!

But, the anti-vaccination activists were not done, having attacked the Hughes on the above post.

Today, August 7 2017, they piled on, again, in a new post:

Katie Chinnock  Those poor babies!! Just reading thru those comments made me feel sad for humanity

Richard P Clark This is absolutely disgusting. Bad Karma… we don’t need to lift a finger, karma will sort it out. (I’ve seen karma take care a few times, and it’s much more retribution than I’d give..)

Kelly Weston I feel very sad about this situation. I don’t understand why people don’t read vaccine inserts then ask questions? Plenty of medical professionals have seen the damage, but to speak out means they loose their jobs. My dad is a pro vaxxer I showed him the list of vaccines a child has before they go to school. His face said it all… what the hell are all these for???
He was shocked, and was not ok with it. I went on to inform him of all the allergies and sick kids there are now, I think he got it. My mum is constantly reminded to get the flu vaccine at her work.

Kathleen McKay Yes, I think we MUST focus QUICKLY on education and not worry about provaxxers.

Kelly Weston Yes absolutely….the hate around this debate is getting way out of control!! I don’t hate parents that choose to vaccinate their children. I just cannot stand the IGNORANCE they show towards parents that choose not to vaccinte, and that so many children are chronically ill, but will not think about how they became allergic to stop it getting much worse, but only how to manage and carry on.I have thought for a while now that the hate generated toward non vaxxers will be the next “war” on humanity…I bloody hope it doesn’t come to this. Its definatly gaining momentum.

Magenta Bentley Such a disgrace

Stacey Milich Smith The post itself is so immature! It’s like “we will get one up on you”

Laurene O’Connell Not to mention all the comments!

Stacey Milich Smith Haha I think they have blocked me from the page

Stacey Milich Smith Yup I am blocked because I commented that the post was immature

Sara Mae They delete all non vax posts and block people. Ignorant fools

Caraline George This is just the saddest thing Ive ever seen. Its like they are bragging they have the power to vaccinate 3rd world children… who are being forced to be vaccinated anyway. Their Mums dont have clean water or living conditions let alone a Macbook Air to do their research. Sending love to these parents for their loss and hope their journey becomes easier.

Raewyn McColley It just sounds ridiculous.
Worse are all the ‘rah rah take that baby killers’ self congratulating posts that follow….what species of human are these?

Caraline George Its not healthy.

Sara Mae Vaccinated to their eyes balls. Full of fluoride and whatever medications they think are necessary. Surely that’s what’s turned them into hateful unintelligent human beings.

Summer Rose This page makes me sick

Kylie Metje Anti vaccine activists???? They really are so close minded. The only important babies are the ones who get whooping cough, not the ones who get sick from vaccines…
And I’m sick of hearing it’s completely preventable as if the vaccine is 100% effective, which we all know it’s not….

Karin Adams Sickening glee – the real level of previous threat to oublic health has been completely

Kazia-Moana Guy Sick.to.my.stomach

Lee Ann Ness-Yorke Well … it says donated but not necessarily administered… reminds me of Nazi Propaganda during WW2

Elizabeth Gillespie “50 000” unavoidably unsafe vaccines – You should be proud Catherine Hughes Campaign for Riley is just starting

Connie Wilson Disgusting they think other children should suffer because there baby died thats shocking.

Connie Wilson So let me guess little Riley has a sister who was most likely vaccinated with the whooping cough vaccine and then spread the virus to the baby and its the rest of the worlds fault? OK then! Stupid people!

Alison Lagertha Phoenix Can we screenshot and not share stuff from that page?? Enough pro vax share without us contributing to views and shares too

Sharon Bailey Wonder if they’re those quality chinese vaccines..

Janna D Kowalchuk That’s so fucked up. The comments are sick.
We don’t care about our children?? It’s opposite!!
Brainwashing at its finest…

Darynn Waho Indoctrinated people’s greatest fears are stepping outside of their comfort zones of what they perceive to be true and challenging themselves that the past has not always got it right. on the basis that government / bureaucrats and big business / elites are always right and have our best interests @ heart should be the red flag for the asleep to awaken and begin challenging-Questioning and researching issues close to them.

Michelles Well Im beginning to smell a rat.
Can’t help but wonder if this lot is another big pharma set up.

Diana Thaib So sad big pharma supporters use the innocent dead baby for vaccines promotion! No one is anti vaccines. Those are people who either suffer from vaccine injuries or have loved ones injured by vaccines and decide to say No to vaccines! Why can’t we respect others’ informed choices!

Diana Thaib Poor babies in those developing countries where they donate the vaccines! They only need better sanitation, healthy organic food, healthy home, some dose of sunshine, good sleep and lots of love and hugs!!

Diana Thaib Where is the light for those innocent babies and children who are injured or killed by vaccines?

Nicola Beeby is a veteran AVN member and sister of callous former AVN committee member, Jane Beeby:

Nikki Nick They don’t count. They are just written off as taking one for the herd.

Chris Phillips Hey the bright side of this is the families injected with them can now sue !! The responsibility of vaccine damage now rests with the family !!!
Freedom of information should tell us where they have been sent and notification of their sender to those receiving and how to claim against any injury !!
It’s time to make the ass holes accountable

Janna D Kowalchuk Well, I really doubt that people in third world countries are gonna have the means to access a lawyer to sue big pharma…

Chris Phillips Janna D Kowalchuk they don’t need to !
If I send a item anywhere in the world under my name which is then used by someone : an injury occurs from its use : which we know vaccines do ) I can be sued !
I do not come under the protection umbrella !!
These are the very people who are dying in many many more instances from vaccines !
They are in need of the truth : and not after the fact !!

Janna D Kowalchuk Yea I get that 🙂 I didn’t say that they couldn’t sue. They would still need a lawyer and money and even be able to get somewhere where there is a lawyer in many cases.

Claire M Reyes I posted on that post. Probably shouldn’t have as it’s full of brainwashed peeps and there will probably be an onslaught. But I love in hope that even one person may read it and ponder. edit: ‘live’ not ‘love’

Lisa Welbourne It’s not as if these children wouldn’t be getting them anyway. Likely these parents have been conned into lining someones pockets, but hey, I am pro choice.

Sharon Bailey God- the irony- giving a potentially damaging gift to children to spite those who raise awareness of children damaged by the gift itself.. please wake up world!

Karl Noseda

Deb Viitaniemi I wonder how many deaths and vaccine injury these sick people have caused?

Andrea Schell They would have top marketing people knowing how to use anything to dominate the narrative. They are using clever tricks.

Debra May That page needs to be removed. So many untruths on there it’s just not even funny.

And, to round things off, here is AVN member Jane Beeby trolling directly on the Light for Riley page, today:

Beeby was recently interviewed as a hero by Polly Tommey and the Vaxxed crew, in Byron Bay. From July 27 2017:

Of course this won’t be the last in this series, as anti-vaccination activists cannot help themselves. Hatred and spite runs through their veins.

Shun them.

Warn your friends and families.


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Sydney anti-vaccination activist “soooo excited” if her daughter has measles

Vaccine Free Australia is one of the most rabid of the Australian antivax Facebook groups. It has featured in this blog repeatedly for its orchestrated attacks on bereaved parents, attacks on parents of babies who have contracted whooping cough, plans for chicken pox parties, and its plans to defraud the Commonwealth, among numerous other unethical acts.

Last night, August 5 2017, a vocal Sydney anti-vaccination activist, Joanna Castro-Micos – a person who has previously joined in with her other callous colleagues in attacking the Light for Riley memorial Facebook page – posted an image of her 8-year-old daughter:

Anyone know what this could be? Yesterday my 8yo had an itchy rash on her torso, so I thought it was just the post viral rash (she’s been unwell this week). But today it’s in a slightly different area and painful, not itchy. She was ok for a while after her shower but started crying when she went to bed because it hurts when it gets hot. With all the talk about meningococcal lately I’m worried, even though I don’t think it looks like it….any ideas please?

VFA group members swiftly chimed in with their reckons.

Lucia Guzzardi has previously featured in the media. In 2015, when her baby had contracted whooping cough, Guzzardi lied to emergency doctors about following up with a GP on her baby’s discharge from hospital:

Learning that her daughter’s rash may be measles, Castro-Micos could not contain her excitement:

Joanne Mulcahy It looks a bit measles to me, – if she has had any of the following… Fever. general discomfort, illness or lack of wellbeing (malaise) runny nose. dry cough. sore and red eyes (conjunctivitis) red and bluish spots inside the mouth (Koplik’s spots). Keep her away from people for now and get a diagnosis from Dr. Make sure it’s on her records that she has had measles. She is over the worst of it. Sooth with calamine lotion will soothe. Lots of cool drinks water esp. Vitamin C 500mg 2x per day.

Joanna Castro-Micos Really??!!! Yes she’s had almost all those symptoms! I thought the spots would be bigger – i only had chicken pox as a kid so not sure what they’re supposed to look like. My kids haven’t had any of the childhood illnesses, soooo excited if it is!! 😃 

Yet more members weighed in with their considered differential diagnoses:

Anti-vaccination activists are a danger to their own children. They are a danger to everyone’s children. Reject them.

These are the admins responsible for the health misinformation which is published in the VFA group:


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Queensland public high school hired out by antivaxers to show antivax film.

It doesn’t take much due diligence to find out that Andrew Wakefield’s anti-vaccination vanity-film, Vaxxed, is anti-vaccine, or that the Australian promoters of the film are the members of Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – a disgraced antivax group with a public health warning against its name – or that the Vaxxed stars and producers are demonstrably in this country on commercial business, raising questions about the categories of Visas they used to secretly enter Australia.

Last night, the Miami State High School allowed its auditorium to be used to show the anti-vaccine film, including a Q&A session featuring the AVN’s Meryl  Dorey – a person specifically named in that public health warning – and the stars of the film, one of them being Polly Tommey, who has previously stated to Vaxxed Q&A audiences that there is no safe vaccine and that parents should stay away from paediatricians:

The following screenshots were sourced from friends who grabbed them from Facebook Live videos on the We Are Vaxxed Facebook page and the AVN Facebook page:

L-R: Meryl Dorey, Brian Hooker, Polly Tommey, Suzanne Humphries.

This lack of due diligence by Miami State High School is unforgivable.

Other venues to put profit before the health of the community, by hosting the anti-vaccination caravan of carnage in the previous days are The Greek Club, in Brisbane, and the Maleny Community Centre, on the Sunshine Coast.

Please ensure your friends and families are aware of the actions of all of these venues before providing them with your patronage.

Just in

The Courier Mail reports that the Miami State High School was deceived by the anti-vaccination activists, which is a common tactic:

ORGANISERS of an anti-vaccination documentary screening have allegedly tricked a Gold Coast state school into showing the film after telling officials they were running a seminar on organic vegetables.

The Gold Coast Bulletin also reports the deception by the AVN and Vaxxed:

ANTI-vaxxers ‘tricked’ a Gold Coast school principal in order to spread their inaccurate documentary, says a fuming Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Premier Palaszckuk today slammed the lobbyists for misrepresenting the true reason for the meeting.

“My initial advice is that there has been misrepresentation from that organisation to the school in question, where they conveyed to the principal that it was to be conveying information about organic produce.

The ABC has also reported the deceit:

A Gold Coast principal was hoodwinked into hiring out his school hall for a screening of a controversial anti-vaccination documentary, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says.

“My preliminary advice is that there has been some misrepresentation to the school in question,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“They conveyed to the principal that it was to be conveying information about organic produce.”



Miami State High School principal, Sue Dalton, has issued a statement regarding the breach of contract by the “local business” that hired the school auditorium:

To the Miami State High School Community

Miami SHS regularly allows the hire of its facilities to support our local community, businesses and families. Unfortunately there has been attention today surrounding a private booking in our school’s hall last night that showed a screening of a controversial documentary that was not disclosed to school administration at the time of the booking or any stage after.

The school hall was hired to an independent local business owner to promote their healthy lifestyle business of organic foods and coffee. It is incredibly disappointing that the agreed purpose of the use of hire did not reflect the forum that was presented last night.

I have since met with the business owner this morning to convey my concern and disappointment in the breach of the use of hire agreement and made it clear that Miami State High School does not endorse the anti-vaccination documentary or any organisation attached to this agenda.

Sue Dalton



7 News Gold Coast aired an excellent segment in which the party responsible for the deceit played upon the high school was named:

The individual is Kym O’Connell who runs Love Organic Living:


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Queensland antivax counselor reinforces vulnerable mum’s baseless fears about vaccines

One of the many harms the anti-vaccination movement inflicts upon the community is the harm done to parents who falsely blame themselves for the health conditions of their children. The most common of these blameless parents are the parents of autistic children. Antivax lies are reinforced, again and again, that these parents are somehow to blame for their child’s autism because they had their children immunised. It is a particularly despicable facet of the whole antivax movement.

Anti-Vaccination Australia is a closed Facebook group comprised of over 13,000 members. It is run by Belgin Colak-Arslan, most renowned in the media as the anti-vaccination liar who attacked and vilified a Byron Bay physiotherapist, and his family, and his workplace, because she and her fail-mates are convinced that he is Reasonable Hank.

On July 24 2017, Arslan posted a comment from a “devastated” anonymous parent:


We have a developmental paediatrician appointment coming up for my child soon after doing many assessments which have come back with them pointing the concerns towards neurological.
He did have a traumatic birth but has also been pumped with every vaccine that’s been recommended.
I’m actually devastated!
But after researching so much could it be possible that vaccines contributed to the way he is?
Is there any amazing books I should read?
I’m very new to this still. I do have a 3 year old who isn’t vaccinated & huge difference in kids.
I just know at the last appt are putting it all on birth but I’m not convinced it’s actually making me feel sick.

Antivaxers quickly started posting comments promoting dangerous therapies such as chelation, antivax crackpots, and other misinformation, reinforcing the baseless concerns of the anonymous parent:

One particular commenter started offering more specific, professional advice.

Anne Thistleton calls herself The Baby Calmer. Running a business based out of Brisbane, Thistleton lists her qualifications on her website:

My name is Anne Thistleton (BEd; MREd; MCouns; Grad Dip. Nut Med (Mental Health); Cert EF & TTh; Cert SP & SW; CIME) aka The Baby Calmer.

As well as working with parents and their children in the home, I also provide an Individual, Family and Relationships Counselling Service – Anne Thistleton Counselling – which specialises in Emotional Release Counselling, Sandplay Therapy and Symbolwork for children (aged 18mths – 17 years) and adults.

I hold a Bachelor of Education (with a specialisation in Early Childhood Education), a Master of Education, and a Master of Counselling, along with a Graduate Diploma of Nutritional Medicine – Mental Health.   I have also completed formally recognised post-graduate study and training in the areas of Emotion Focused and Transpersonal Therapy, and Sandplay Therapy & Symbolwork.

I am a qualified Mediator, Certified Infant Massage Educator and registered ‘Circle of Security’ Parenting Educator.

Thistleton’s Facebook profile:

In Anti-Vaccination Australia, Thistleton offered the following advice to the anonymous member, that member later revealing herself as Kirsten Stewart:

Anne Michelle: I’m a clinical birth trauma therapist, and also a masters qualified counsellor, nutritionist – mental health, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, craniosacral practitioner and sandplay therapist. I have eight plus years experience working with and treating birth trauma. And almost a decade of specialised post grad training in this field. I’d be open to talking with you, and helping you decipher what would be typical presentations of birth trauma and what would not be. Feel free to PM me.

Kirsten Stewart: Anne, wow! Have questions about my 19yr old’s birth – my first born – was born “breathing up” after a posterior labour and I thought it was coz I squeezed his head coming out.. He was breathing too fast for his first 25 hrs.. He was whisked off after midnight (born 7.30pm) to be watched in a humidy crib.. They told me if his breathing didn’t slow down in 24 hrs he could have “problems”.. But they also gave him vitamin k..that I wasn’t happy about.. Not sure if it was the first few hours or first few days that this happened.. Have lost my records and my memory is hazy. Not knowing anything I then sadly gave him all the next shots at 2, 4, 6,12 and 18 months.. and 4yrs.. But he had showed signs of autism very early on, that the paediatrician didn’t take seriously. There are arguments now over whether his autism is hereditary or vaccine induced. My father is suspected asbergers and he was vaccinated even back then. He’s 86yrs old now! My mum was also vaxxed ((born 1940) and all my sisters and I were vaxxed (born late 60’s/early 70’s), and so if it’s hereditary, how do I know if its the VAX damage being passed on down the line from my parents or some ‘natural’ defects that came through from my dad’s side?

Anne MichelleKirsten Stewart I’m not qualified in professional areas to answer you question specifically. That would probably be something you’d probably be able to find out through genetic / DNA testing or something like that. But in relation to birth trauma, other types of trauma or significant stress during the pre and perinatal period – these can contribute to symptoms that show up in individuals, that indicate that the nervous system has been overwhelmed, and has not had an opportunity to discharge the way it needed to from an external threat. And so, what happens is, this charge is held within the body, and at a nervous system level, which is demonstrated through that the way in which that individual interacts with the world, and we see particular symptoms of trauma. If you google Peter Levine and symptoms of trauma, you will get an exhaustive list. In treatment / therapy, we gently discharge the high levels of nervous system arousal associated with trauma, and help client’s bodies return to a more manageable level of functioning. As we begin to reset client’s nervous systems, integration organically occurs. It is possible that intergenerational trauma is presenting within your family, or that your individual experiences of trauma have impacted on your individual nervous system functioning. Adding vaccinations to an already compromised / traumatised system, and adding further trauma in terms of the insult to the nervous system via vaccination, could all be contributing factors, along with the physiological issues relating to chronic gut health issues and nutritional deficiencies – which occur during times of extreme stress or after vaccinations and other mediations. Most of the time, it’s quite complex retracing the possibilities. Where there is nervous system dyreguation, sometimes, clients or parents report noticing small differences almost immediately. And in working with trauma, the work is slow, and over time.

Kirsten Stewart: Thank-you Anne, and I notice you have pm’d me so I will continue our chat there! X

Anne MichelleKirsten Stewart yes, I got your PM not long after reply to your comment. I’ve replied to your PM as well.

As an aside, the AVA thread finished with this recommendation:

“Dr Moulder” is actually Dr Andrew Moulden, a man who was so consumed by his own florid insanity that he took his own life to escape it. From his own sister, in 2013:

If you are concerned about the demonstrably flawed professional advice from Anne Thistleton, to a vulnerable person, done whilst citing her qualifications and her business, and continued with the potential client via private messaging, please lodge a complaint with the Queensland Office of the Health Ombudsman.


Thistleton’s The Baby Calmer Facebook page makes this post even more dire. The following screenshots show hideous anti-vaccination posts, anti-fluoride, anti-psychiatry, Scientology, Burzynski and other cancer cure lies.


David Wolfe:

CCHR is the cult, Scientology, which has a rabid hatred of psychiatry:


David Wolfe:

The hideous anti-vaccination lie that parents who have murdered their babies are falsely blamed for the vicious assaults; instead, the deaths are caused by the vaccinations received by the babies:

Homeopathy used as childhood infectious disease treatment and as a vaccination:

Mercola attacking psychiatric medications:

Anti-vaccination post from rabid antivax site, Health Impact News:

Promotion of US cancer cure charlatan, Burzynski:

Promotion of US cancer cure charlatan, Burzynski, followed by AIDS denialism in the comments:

Adrenal fatigue is not a real thing:

David Wolfe:

Accusations that doctors and midwives are committing “birth rape”:

Mercola attacking psychiatry:


Cancer cure charlatanry:


Anti-vaccination homeopath Isaac Golden and his fake immunisation, followed by the hideous anti-vaccination lie that vaccines cause SIDS:

Post by actual baby-killer, Janet Fraser:

Crackpot anti-vaccination activist, Peter Dingle:

Anti-vaccination website Talk About Curing Autism, and apologist, Bob Sears:

Crackpot anti-vaccination activist, Peter Dingle:

Mercola and the autism epidemic, implicating vaccines as a cause:

Autism cure charlatanry:


Update August 6 2017

In Anti-Vaccination Australia, Thistleton admits to filing false and vexatious reports with Facebook and the Australian Federal Police:


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ABC News Brisbane regurgitates antivax PR spin from the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network

As most readers would already be aware, the anti-vaccination propaganda film, Vaxxed, is being given another run around the country by the antivaxers from the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. The film is already freely available online. I even posted recently, showing that the film is indeed antivax, as are its stars and producers, as proved by their own words. Most antivaxers who will pay to attend this round of screenings would have already paid to see it, either at previous screenings or online.

The promoters are also heavily marketing the film’s merchandise. It is clear that this is about cold, hard cash and, just today, the public were informed that four overseas representatives/stars of the movie have quietly slipped into Australia. This is, no doubt, a commercial enterprise:

This, of course, raises questions of the propriety of accepting demonstrable health menaces into the country – we certainly raise valid questions over the propriety of allowing pick-up artists entry, to hold seminars – as well as other questions about their visas.

Before we see the ABC news segment it should be noted, in passing, that, in the last few days, the AVN has made the following posts on its Facebook fora.

On July 20 2017, the AVN posted the lie that vaccines cause shaken baby syndrome. Remember, Meryl Dorey has previously made the quip that it should be called “shaken maybe syndrome”:

That’s correct: the AVN literally defends baby murderers. This is apart from the fact that Dorey and her AVN compare childhood immunisation to the “rape of a child” by doctors; or that Dorey frequently incites the vilification of bereaved parents who have lost babies to vaccine preventable diseases, or the abuse of and threats against public health personnel. Only two days ago Dorey posted a public warning to Malcolm Turnbull that she will “fight to the death” against his “evil plans”.

On July 19 2017, the AVN posted that vaccines are linked to depression:

Last night, July 22 2017, on its main Brisbane news broadcast, ABC News interviewed Meryl Dorey:

Now, thankfully the AVN was repeatedly called “anti-vaccination,” and Dorey’s comments were certainly surrounded by a complete shellacking of the debunked arguments underpinning Vaxxed, that vaccines cause autism; but, Dorey’s comments, in isolation, were not rebutted. And this is not the first time the ABC has erred in interviewing Dorey, to its own detriment.

Meryl Dorey has had numerous complaints upheld against her – well, against the poor producers and hosts who interviewed her – by ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs. In fact, so disreputable is Dorey that the ABC was forced to send out a memo warning its producers and hosts against interviewing her, due to Dorey’s inability to tell the truth.

Indeed, Dorey’s dishonesty even made it onto ABC’s Media Watch, in 2013, when a complaint was upheld against WIN News, by the media regulator, ACMA.

And let’s not forget about the oft-ignored glaring headline article that the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, and Dorey – named specifically – have a 2014 public health warning against them from the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

Why would anyone interview her at all? Does Australian media have such a short attention span?

Dorey featured in last night’s ABC News segment, twice.

First, Dorey was allowed to argue that her organisation is not anti-vaccine, because they don’t tell anyone not to vaccinate:

We do not tell people not to vaccinate. We don’t tell them to vaccinate. We simply say that vaccines are a medical procedure. And all medical  procedures have risks.

Whilst we will be hard-pressed to find anywhere where Dorey and her group have stated “do not vaccinate”, apart from their own words and merchandise, this old sleight-of-hand from Dorey is shown for the lie that it is by her own members, fans, and followers.

This 50-page document is an appendix that I added to a HCCC complaint that I submitted in 2012: Testimonials and examples from AVN members and supporters published by Meryl Dorey and the AVN:

This document sets out in detail how Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network have affected the health decisions of AVN members and supporters. The document contains concrete examples of individual cases, taken from the years 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

The examples are taken from many official AVN and related fora.

The document is full of comments like this:

It is thanks to [Meryl Dorey and the AVN] that we…decided not to vaccinate our daughter

And Dorey basked in the supportive comments from her followers. Her misinformation frequently got the results she was seeking: parents refused to immunise themselves and their children.

Second, Dorey was allowed to claim that previous screenings of the film were cancelled due to “threats” against the theatre. Dorey’s comments were wrapped by the reporter’s:

Jessica Lodge (reporter): Organisers are so concerned about the public backlash, they won’t reveal the locations of the screenings until shortly before it goes ahead.

Dorey: We had two screenings that were cancelled because of threats against the theatres where the screening were being held.

Jessica Lodge: And the group is expecting there’ll be even more to come.

This claim is one of Dorey’s stock-standard PR tools. The problem with this claim is that there is absolutely no evidence backing her claims about the theatre having received threats. The theatre in question is the Castlemaine Theatre, in Victoria. The lie that the theatre received threats was first told by Castlemaine Film Festival organiser – and antivaxer and Sandy Hook hoaxer – David Thrussell.  It was untrue then and it is untrue now.

Indeed, the only venues to receive threats over the holding of an anti-vaccination event received them from an anti-vaccination activist named Frank Vazquez, of Adelaide, who made bomb and arson threats against Australian venues who were eventually to cancel seminars being planned by US antivax nutter Sherri Tenpenny.

The reason that Dorey and her pressure group refuse to state the names of the venues is so that venues don’t see the public revulsion at their decision to host demonstrable public health threats in their premises.  No one likes to be linked to an organisation whose endeavours will see more dead babies, if successful. It is, as the AVN knows, bad PR.

So, here we are again. Dorey lies to the media. The media swallows her lies – and the ABC isn’t the only one, of late – and the AVN gets a free kick in the media for its latest money-making venture. And there’s nary a mention of any public health warnings, or Dorey’s and the AVN’s previous form.


Update July 23 2017

Right on cue, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network proves to us just how despicable they are, sharing a meme from No Vaccines Australia which compares the death of Riley Hughes to unsubstantiated, imagined deaths from vaccines:


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Australian anti-vaccination extremists send a threat to the Australian government

On July 21 2017, Meryl Dorey, the public officer of the disgraced anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, sent out a threat to the prime minister and his government:

This is what it looks like when the government of a free nation tries to enslave its citizens and they refuse to be put in chains.

When will Australia wake up to the fact that our government has sold us to corporate interests and will use us and our children for their own profit? When will we march in the streets in our tens of thousands as they do in Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden and across Europe to oppose illegal, immoral and unethical vaccine mandates and fines? Time to get off our arses and speak our names.

My name is Meryl Dorey and I am a free woman who will fight to the death to protect my children and the children and free adults of this previously democratic nation of Australia. Will you join me?

State your name. Turnbull et alia – learn our names and remember them. We WILL prevail. Your evil plans WILL fail. Never doubt it.

Of course, this is not the first time Dorey and her cabal of extremists have incited threats and abuse with their violent rhetoric; it is her stock in trade.


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