Professional anti-vaccination activist Meryl Dorey now seeking $5000/month income from antivaxers

Meryl Dorey – the founder, former president, and current committee member of the anti-vaccination pressure group the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – who has a public health warning against hers and the AVN’s names, is now using the Patreon platform to seek a $5000/month income to lie to health care professionals and the broader community about the risks and benefits of immunisation. Dorey states her goals on the Patreon website:

When I reach $2,000 per month from patrons, I will start bi-weekly free webinars to keep everyone up-to-date on the most recent news and information from around the world regarding vaccination and health rights.

When I reach $5,000 per month from patrons, I will launch my first in-depth class free to the public. This class will aim to help parents and health professionals to make informed choices regarding vaccination by providing them with a broad ranged of historical and up-to-date references and outlining some of the questions they need to be asking before saying yes (or no) to vaccines.

These are Dorey’s qualifications to be providing health advice, from 2009:

Dorey and the AVN – fresh from their recent scamming of $160,000 of their followers’ donations which were intended for a High Court legal challenge against the federal government’s No Jab No Pay legislation, with its glaring lack of accountability and wealth of subterfuge – and fresh from their continued abuse, vilification and defamation of bereaved parents: cruel and callous behaviour long normalised by Dorey – have taken the obvious next step for a public health menace addicted to other people’s money and the overseas trips taken on the same: they want a regular income to bolster their vocation; a vocation built upon a history of lying and abuse, and a consistent failure to substantiate their origin stories of being the parents to “vaccine injured” children. It is an industry built on reckons sans clinical diagnoses.

Dorey lists her Patreon prices in which she asks for more money so as to fulfill her dreams:

Your help makes it all possible!

$1 or more per month

You are part of something really big and I thank you so much! After pledging, you’ll receive a link to join my private Facebook group where we can discuss many of the issues near and dear to all of our hearts regarding health freedom and vaccination choice. You will also be the first to know about any up-coming events, webinars etc that I’ve got up my sleeve. (This all goes for any pledge from $1 up.)

Do you share my dream?

$5 or more per month

More than 15,000 people visit the blog every month and nearly that many like our Facebook page. If each one of you provided just $5 a month in sponsorship, you could help make my dream of widespread vaccination education become a reality and – nearly as important – make nocompulsoryvaccination the anti-choice government’s and pharma’s biggest nightmare! Is that worth five bucks? I think we all know the answer to that question.

We’re really making a difference now!

$10 or more per month

To the world changers, the Earth movers; to those who see what’s wrong and want to make it right – I salute you! Your sponsorship will make all the difference. I leave you with one of the most powerful and truth-filled quotes I know:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

You are a true hero! (or a heroine-we don’t discriminate here 🙂

$25 or more per month

Heroes stand up for what they believe in. They are not afraid of having unpopular opinions or of defending those who are weaker than themselves. You are a hero because you literally put your money where your beliefs are and you are amazing!

Do people like you even exist?

$100 or more per month

When you combine an idea with the wherewithal to make it a reality – you have real magic! That’s what you create by sponsoring at this level! This is real commitment. This is a genuine dedication to ideas and beliefs that will not just help you and your family but society as a whole. I salute you!

No matter how hard I squint I am finding it difficult to see how anyone wins here, except Dorey. It is quite a brazen pitch.

Here is Meryl Dorey recently cheering for Polly Tommey (now banned from Australia), alongside Suzanne Humphries (also reportedly now banned from Australia), as Tommey declares, “the best safe vaccine is no vaccine!”:

And here is Meryl Dorey gleeful as Brian Hooker declares that parents should provide, “no vaccines for children”:

When Meryl Dorey claims she is not anti-vaccine, she is lying. And she wants to be paid for it. Nothing has changed.


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Antivax chiropractor Simon Floreani rewarded with light conditions on his registration

Renowned and unapologetic anti-vaccination chiropractor Simon Floreani – once the president of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia – has been let off, once again.

Floreani – who has regularly thumbed his nose at regulators with his anti-vaccination activities, for which he was previously cautioned by AHPRA; who recently allowed his business to be used by the antivax pressure group the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, to show the anti-vaccination movie, Vaxxed; who has also bragged about sneaking into a hospital, using a fake identity, to treat a spinal patient; who also referred a patient to a fake gynaecologist; and whose supporters recently compared themselves to Jews during The Holocaust – continues to laugh at the regulators.

New conditions have appeared on Floreani’s chiropractic registration, noting that his suspension now appears to be over:


On 14 November 2017, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal stayed the decision to suspend the practitioner’s registration until further order of the tribunal on condition that, subject to the outcome of the proceeding:

a. The applicant will not display, promote or provide materials, information or advice that is anti-vaccination in nature to patients;
b. The applicant will not make public comment discouraging vaccination; and
c. If the applicant is asked by a patient or prospective patient for information about vaccination, the applicant will refer that person to an appropriately qualified health professional, such as a general practitioner.

Presumably this now allows Floreani to make his tilt at the CAA presidency, once again.


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Anti-vaccine chiropractors 73

On August 8 2013, the Chiropractic Board of Australia sent a strong warning to Australian chiropractors that it would no longer tolerate anti-vaccination and other misinformation in the profession:

The Chiropractic Board of Australia cracks down to protect the public.

The Chiropractic Board of Australia is cracking down on chiropractors who step outside their primary role as healthcare practitioners and provide treatment that puts the public at risk.

To protect public safety, the Board has:

  • ordered practitioners to remove all anti-vaccination material from their websites and clinics
  • removed several courses from the list of approved CPD programs, and
  • introduced random audits of practitioner compliance with the Board’s registration standards.

On March 7 2016, the Chiropractic Board of Australia sent a strong warning to Australian chiropractors that it would no longer tolerate anti-vaccination and other misinformation in the profession:

The Board is very concerned about any chiropractors with advertising (including websites) that may not meet the required standards despite repeated guidance being provided by the Board.

In order to provide further clarity to both practitioners and the public, the Board provides the following clear advice on advertising matters.

Advertising regulated health services

Inappropriate claims of benefit

Patients must be adequately informed when making health care choices. Advertisers must ensure that any statements and claims made in relation to chiropractic care are not false, misleading or deceptive or create an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment.

The Board is concerned about a number of practitioners who are making claims in advertising that there is a relationship between manual therapy (e.g. manipulation) for spinal problems and achieving general wellness or treating various organic diseases and infections; or that spinal problems may have a direct role in various organic diseases and infections. There is insufficient scientific evidence to support these claims…

Antivaccination advice

Chiropractors should not display, promote or provide materials, information or advice that is anti-vaccination in nature and should not make public comment discouraging vaccination.

The Code of conduct for chiropractors notes that all chiropractors have a responsibility to promote the health of the community through disease prevention and control, education and, where relevant, screening.

If patients request information about vaccination, they should be referred to an appropriately qualified health professional for advice.

Jason Karalus is a registered chiropractor who runs a business called Darlinghurst Chiropractic Centre:

Karalus’ business biography states:

Jason has over 20 years as a chiropractor both in Australia and overseas. He has worked in the practice since 2007 and is now the owner and principle chiropractor at Darlinghurst Chiropractic centre.

He has worked at Macquarie University as a lecturer and clinical supervisor. He has also been the principle practitioner at many national and international sports events including; surfing, volleyball, ironman, swimming and surf life saving. He also worked on the medical team for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

He says that a well functioning and maintained spine is not only less likely to be injured, it also heals faster following a trauma. As the spine protects the nervous system, regular adjustments not only keep the aches and pains at bay but improves your overall health and well being.

Karalus’ chiropractic registration shows that he has been reprimanded by AHPRA for the “improper use of patients’ private health insurance for [his] own financial benefit”:

Dr Jason Karalus you have been found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct in connection with the improper use of patients’ private health insurance entitlements for your own financial benefit. The Chiropractic profession is a profession in which such conduct is never acceptable. You are hereby reprimanded in the strongest possible terms.

Karalus has used his public Facebook profile for the promotion of chiropractic, in 2016 and 2017:

In action brought by AHPRA, chiropractor Hance Limboro was convicted for providing testimonials on his social media:

Limboro, 45, was also fined $2000 for using testimonials – which are banned in health advertising – on the website for his clinic.

One of the testimonials said: “Would have been in a wheelchair.”

Another testimonial said: “Since receiving chiropractic care, I’ve had no asthma, no hay fever, and no back pain.”

Karalus makes use of banned testimonials on many fora. On Facebook, Karalus even provided a testimonial for himself and his business:

Karalus requested that testimonials be provided to his Google Plus page:

Karalus also publishes testimonials on his LinkedIn profile:

Karalus shares the bulk of his anti-vaccination posts from the dishonest anti-vaccination Facebook page, Vaccination Information Network (VINE), which is administered by callous veteran antivaxer, Erwin Alber.

Karalus’ outrageous anti-vaccination commentary from his Facebook posts will also be included.

On September 24 2017, Karalus posted misinformation about the influenza vaccine, which does not cause miscarriages:

To get the best effects of the flu vaccine, start early…..even before they’re born.

Karalus continued:

From the Fluvax insert…..not even the manufacturers have studied the effects of the vaccine on pregnant women. Even though their studies show that the vaccine can cause a febrile state in children and pregnant women are advised to avoid a fever it seems crazy that they would still recommend this vaccine in pregnancy.

Not a randomised control study. Vaccination status not recorded for 50% of a meager 17 people in study. Dobt know the cause or vaccination status of 4 that died….more likely due to emergency cesarean section.
When the media gets hold of rubbish studies like this their sensational journalism pushed by the pharma propaganda machine just scares the public.
Explain how we have the worst flu season on record despite 400% increase in flu jabs over 10 years? Don’t tell me the unvaccinated are spreading it to the vaccinated (that old chestnut is laughable if you believe vaccines work) OR that vaccinated get a milder dose of the flu (No proof of that-just more proof it doesn’t work)?
Maybe the only positive thing to come of this is that my CSL shares have quadrupled in value over the same 10 years. Boom

On October 2 2017, Karalus posted misinformation regarding the polio vaccine, which has never caused cancer:

50 years later the CDC admitt that up to 30 million Americans contaminated with cancer causing polio vaccine.

On October 5 2017, Karalus agreed with Donald Trump that the influenza vaccine is a “scam”:

I’m on his side with this one!

On October 8 2017, Karalus posted intentionally misleading misinformation from VINE, regarding vaccine adverse events monitoring:

On October 19 2017, Karalus posted the anti-vaccination lie that vaccines cause autism:

Karalus added the ubiquitous, misleading anti-vaccination meme that claims that he is not anti-vaccine:

Karalus posted the antivax meme again, and added:

Ignorance is bliss. If you don’t look you won’t find. It’s obviously feels more comfortable to blindly follow like a sheep than to ever try and join the dots yourself.

Karalus continued:

Matt, there is no scientific proof that vaccines work…….. which is proof for me that it does not work!
You found 1 article about Gardisil, but the head researcher on that paper later came out as a whistleblower about the fraudulent data released from the Pharma. You’d think with the trillions in profits, 50+years of use and millions of vaccinations that you would be able to find 1 decent s scientific paper. NOPE! Blind ignorance is bliss

When the Wright brothers had a theory they could fly, they had to prove it…..its not the responsibility of the non-believers to disprove it. The point is that the non-belivers were right until the Wright brothers proved then wrong.

Time for your flu shot Nicole.
[Natural News link which contains lies about the influenza vaccine]

Karalus continued:

You obviously didn’t read that article either….. and you obviously don’t understand how herd immunity works. The flu vaccine destroys the immune system and increases the likelihood of contacting the flu in the future….. not too mention the adverse reactions. Only natural immunity from exposure to the real virus can truly give you life long immunity….. that a mother Vann pass onto het child. No vaccine can achieve this.

Karalus then posted HIV/AIDS misinformation:

I know that most cases of polio today are caused by the vaccine with exposure during shedding and that HIV was caused by polio vaccine contaminated by simian virus. But you should quote some research rather than just just telling me about your grand mother and friends…..
And before you use them as a case study, ask then if they were vaccinated.

I’d like you to quote 1 double blinded control study rather than than read the emotional crap about your grandmother and insults.

Karalus continued:

Did you read these.
In the 3rd study 24 of the vaccinated still got rotavirus gastro….ie it didn’t work. It didn’t measure how many in the trial had an adverse reaction to the vaccine or how many had permanently damaged immune systems and later developed autoimmune disorders.
The 2nd article studied the hepatitis vaccine with and without HBIg… doesn’t address why babies are vaccinated for a disease spread by sex and if drug use. WTF

I didn’t even bother reading the 3rd. Obviously There are studies that show that something measurable changes in the human body after injecting poisons into it…..but no study has been done to show that vaccines are responsible for reducing the incidence of a disease and that the adverse effects are worth the possible benefits. Give me any childhood disease or a flu any day before injecting all that crap into me that they force onto babies that are too young to make a decision for themselves and the negative effects on their health are life long and irreversible.

Typical nasty reaction from an ignorant sheep that believes all the propaganda and not smart enough to have a mind of their own. It’s not dangerous to be well read and well informed and able to make decisions based on all the information. It is dangerous to believe the crap fed to you by those who put profit before people or the media. It is easier to not challenge and conform. So if being uneducated makes you more comfortable don’t read anything that might challenge your beliefs. Ignorance is bliss!

Karalus continued, citing the CDC whistleblower conspiracy theory which forms the basis for the anti-vaccination movie, Vaxxed:

Nick you need open your mind beyond what your friends (who have been told what to believe by pharmas) and Grandma tell you.
Opponents to mass child poisoning (disguised as vaccines) have nothing to gain con disseminating information gained from their readings.
Proponents get their information from a propaganda machine of one of the most profitable businesses in the world.
I have 2 degrees and one is med-science from NSW uni. I have met with the NSW health department in charge of vaccination who have never conducted research and not even sighted referenced material in their parent information pamphlets let alone challenged it. I have met with authors of books opposing vaccine (who gain nothing from their research work) and sighted thousands of articles that shed a bad light on vaccines, their toxic ingredients including heavy metals, horrific adverse reactions including cot death, Pharmas falsifying and manipulating data to make their products seem better (Google Merck falsifying data), the dramatic increase in auto-immune diseases such as asthma and eczema and 10 fold increase in autism in 1 generation (in developed countries where we should be getting healthier) etc etc etc! When Pharmas make trillions in profit yet medical mismanagement is the 3rd largest cause of death in development countries I ASK QUESTIONS. When Pharmas are protected from the freedom of information act (don’t have to release their research) and cannot be sued for injuries their products cause to babies I ASK WHY. When a pharma improve a vaccine (Gardisil recently) I scratch my head as it was supposed to be perfect before they experimented on our children. WHY don’t they push boosters for all these vaccines on adults, maybe because they couldn’t blame all the deaths, brain damage and illness on “it wasn’t the vaccine, little Johnny would’ve been autistic anyway”. WHY do we have vaccines for things that don’t exist anymore (polio and tetanus). WHY are they wanting to force pharmaceuticals on us and take away our civil right of choice. WHO profits from these decisions. When one of the top research scientists (William Thompson) from the CDC gets a conscience and turns whistleblower, discloses thousands of documents proving CDC (a supposed unbiased organisation in place to protect us) deception WHY has he not be subpoenaed for a Senate inquiry. WHY is the board of the CDC not in jail?????? There are so many unanswered questions.

On October 20 2017, Karalus posted the following anti-vaccination meme from VINE:

On October 21 2017, Karalus posted anti-vaccination misinformation from VINE, adding:

Influenza vaccines are approved for use in older people despite any clinical trials demonstrating a reduction in serious outcomes…

On October 21 2017, Karalus made the following unsubstantiated and incorrect claim, sharing a link from antivax website, Mercola:

Unvaccinated kids are healthier.

On October 21 2017, Karalus shared anti-vaccination lies about deaths from measles vaccination, which did not happen:

On October 22 2017, Karalus shared the following anti-vaccination meme from VINE:

On October 22 2017, Karalus again posted influenza vaccine misinformation misinformation from Natural News, stating the following:

Natural selection or irradication of the ignorant.

On October 23 2017, Karalus shared anti-fluoridation misinformation from VINE:

On October 23 2017, Karalus shared an anti-vaccination myth surrounding the Raggedy Ann doll. The creator of Raggedy Ann had in fact taken out the patent for the doll long before his daughter’s immunisation:

On October 23 2017, Karalus shared an anti-vaccination lie which asserts that vaccines are responsible for microcephaly. They are not:

On October 24 2017, Karalus shared an anti-vaccination post in which abusive US antivax doctor Jim Meehan accuses paediatricians of murder via vaccination:

On October 26 2017, Karalus shared anti-vaccination misinformation from online huckster David Avocado Wolfe:

On October 26 2017, Karalus posted misinformation regarding the Gardasil vaccine, from VINE:

On November 1 2017, Karalus posted misinformation from VINE’s Erwin Alber, which deliberately misrepresents the risk of contracting whooping cough in unvaccinated versus vaccinated individuals:

On November 5 2017, Karalus posted anti-vaccination lies regarding the Hepatitis B immunisation, from VINE:

On November 5 2017, Karalus posted outrageous anti-vaccination lies regarding the tetanus vaccine, from VINE:

400% more likely to die from tetanus vaccine than groom tetanus.

On November 5 2017, Karalus posted the anti-vaccination lie that vaccines cause autism:

On November 12 2017, Karalus posted misinformation against the highly effective and highly safe Gardasil vaccine:

Back over on Karalus’ business Facebook page, on April 23 2017, Karalus stated the following demonstrably flawed claim:

No danger associated with neck manipulation.

On April 12 2017, Karalus also used potentially illegal comparative advertising to promote his business:

The following addenda contain excerpts from the Chiropractic Board of Australia’s codes, guidelines, and social media policy from which the reader may wish to choose when lodging a complaint about Jason Karalus.

The Chiropractic Board will surely take strong action against this repeat offender.


Addendum 1

Code of conduct for chiropractors.

1.2 Professional values and qualities

[Practitioners] have a duty to keep their skills and knowledge up to date, refine and develop their clinical judgement as they gain experience, and contribute to their profession.

All practitioners have a responsibility to recognise and work within the limits of their competence, scope and areas of practice. Areas of practice vary according to different roles; for example, health practitioners, education providers, researchers and managers will all have quite different competencies and scopes of practice.

2.1 Providing good care. Introduction

a appropriately assessing the patient, taking into account their history (history includes relevant psychological, social and cultural aspects), views and conducting an appropriate physical examination

b ensuring that the diagnosis/clinical impression is appropriate, relevant, justifiable and based on sound clinical reasoning

d formulating and implementing a reasonable management plan (including providing treatment/care and advice and, where relevant, arranging investigations and liaising with other treating practitioners)

2.2 Good practice

a recognising and working within the limits of the chiropractor’s competence and scope and area of practice, which may change over time

b maintaining adequate knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective care, including providing treatment/care and advice and where relevant, arranging investigations and liaising with, or referring to, other health professionals

e considering the balance of benefit and harm in all clinical management decisions

g providing treatment/care options based on the best available information and practising in an evidence-based context and not being influenced by financial gain or incentives

h ensuring that services offered are provided with the best possible skill, care and competence

m ensuring that the chiropractor’s personal views do not adversely affect the care of their patients, and

n evaluating practice and the decisions made and action taken in providing good care.

3.4 Confidentiality and privacy

b seeking consent from patients before disclosing or sharing information

g ensuring that all staff are aware of the need to respect the confidentiality and privacy of patients and refrain from discussing patients in a non-professional context

j ensuring that use of social media and e-health is consistent with the practitioner’s ethical and legal obligations to protect privacy

3.5 Informed consent

b providing an explanation of the treatment/care recommended, its likely duration, expected benefits and cost, any alternative(s) to the proposed care, their relative risks/benefits, as well as the likely consequences of no care

c obtaining informed consent or other valid authority before undertaking any examination or investigation, providing treatment/care (this may not be possible in an emergency) or involving patients in teaching or research, including providing information on material risks

3.6 Informed financial consent

a ensuring that any financial agreement is based on the clinical needs of the patient

3.7 Children and young people

b placing the interests and wellbeing of the child or young person first

d ensuring informed consent to providing care for children involves the patient’s parent and/or guardian being provided with clinically relevant information for the chiropractic management of the child; unless a chiropractor judges that a child is of sufficient age and mental and emotional capacity to give their own consent to a service and relevant state and territory laws are complied with

e ensuring that risks of care and alternatives to care are sufficiently explained as these are essential elements of informed consent

4.1 Use of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in chiropractic practice

a a full and thorough assessment of patients using tools, tests and procedures that are appropriate for the gathering of information necessary to form a reasonable diagnosis or clinical impression

c only using diagnostic tools, tests and procedures in accordance with established protocols for their appropriate use

d evaluating and reporting the data obtained in a contextual way to ensure that a reasonable and relevant diagnosis/clinical impression is formed, and that appropriate and necessary care is provided

e when using tools, tests and procedures in formulating a diagnosis/clinical impression, management plan and/or for prognostic purposes, the tools used should be for conditions where there are demonstrated acceptable levels of reliability and validity, and

f not misrepresenting the clinical value or significance of the findings of any tool, test or procedure.

5.1 Respect for colleagues and other practitioners

b acknowledging and respecting the contribution of all practitioners involved in patient care

6.4 Public health matters

a understanding the principles of public health, including health education, health promotion, disease prevention, and control and screening

b participating in efforts to promote the health of the community and being aware of obligations in disease prevention, including screening and reporting notifiable diseases where relevant

6.5 Provision of care in a healthcare facility

Good practice involves:

a seeking permission to access and provide care

b adhering to and following the policies and procedures of the facility

c communicating effectively with other practitioners involved in the management of the patient

d keeping the the facility informed of any care

e ensuring professional indemnity insurance (PII) coverage to cover care in that facility, and

f keeping adequate records.

9.6 Advertising

a complying with the National Board’s Advertising guidelines and relevant state and territory legislation and Commonwealth law.

b making sure that any information published about services is factual and verifiable

10.2 Chiropractors’ health

c understanding the principles of immunisation against communicable diseases


Addendum 2

Guidelines for advertising regulated health services

6.2 Prohibited advertising under the National Law

Section 133 of the National Law prohibits advertising that:

– is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to be so
– offers a gift, discount or other inducement to attract a user of the health service without stating the terms and conditions of the offer
– uses testimonials or purported testimonials
– creates an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment, and/or
– encourages the indiscriminate or unnecessary use of health services.

Maximum penalty—

a in the case of an individual—$5,000; or

b in the case of a body corporate—$10,000.

6.2.1 Misleading or deceptive advertising

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

a Is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to be misleading or deceptive


– mislead, either directly, or by implication, use of emphasis, comparison, contrast or omission

– only provide partial information which could be misleading

– imply that the regulated health services can be a substitute for public health vaccination or immunisation

– advertise the health benefits of a regulated health service when there is no proof that such benefits can be attained, and/or

– compare different regulated health professions or practitioners, in the same profession or across professions, in a way that may mislead or deceive.

6.2.2 Gifts and discounts

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

b Offers a gift, discount or other inducement to attract a person to use the service or the business, unless the advertisement also states the terms and conditions of the offer

Advertising may contravene the National Law when it:

– contains price information that is inexact

– contains price information that does not specify any terms and conditions or variables to an advertised price, or that could be considered misleading or deceptive

– states an instalment amount without stating the total cost (which is a condition of the offer), and/or

– does not state the terms and conditions of offers of gifts, discounts or other inducements.

6.2.3 Testimonials

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

c Uses testimonials or purported testimonials about the service or business

6.2.4 Unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

d Creates an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment

6.2.5 Encouraging indiscriminate or unnecessary use of health services

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

e Directly or indirectly encourages the indiscriminate or unnecessary use of regulated health services

Advertising may contravene the National Law when it:

– makes use of time-limited offers which influence a consumer to make decisions under the pressure of time and money rather than about their health care needs.


Addendum 3

Social media policy

When using social media, health practitioners should remember that the National Law, their National Board’s code of ethics and professional conduct (the Code of conduct) and the Guidelines for advertising regulated health services (the Advertising guidelines) apply.

Registered health practitioners should only post information that is not in breach of these obligations by:

– complying with professional obligations
– complying with confidentiality and privacy obligations (such as by not discussing patients or posting pictures of procedures, case studies, patients, or sensitive material which may enable patients to be identified without having obtained consent in appropriate situations)
– presenting information in an unbiased, evidence-based context, and
– not making unsubstantiated claims.

Additional information may be available from professional bodies and/or employers, which aims to support health practitioners’ use of social media. However, the legal, ethical, and professional obligations that registered health practitioners must adhere to are set out in the National Boards’ respective Code of conduct and the Advertising guidelines.



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Dr Kevin Coleman – the antivaxers’ champion 4 – expelled by the AMA

See also:

  1. Dr Kevin Coleman – the antivaxers’ champion.
  2. Dr Kevin Coleman – the antivaxers’ champion 2.
  3. Dr Kevin Coleman – the antivaxers’ champion 3 – AHPRA registration suspended.

As we found out last week, Kevin Coleman has had his medical registration suspended. His wife Flavia Coleman told anti-vaccination Facebook group Unvaccinated Australia, on October 6 2017:

We now also know – also courtesy of his wife Flavia Coleman, who told Unvaccinated Australia, on October 8 2017 – that Coleman has been expelled from the Australian Medical Association (New South Wales):

Flavia Coleman Kristen Kevin Coleman my husband is a GP who has been bullied and intimidated by the system for 6 years for trying to do the right thing. Some details I can’t go into but I know this will sound strange read our novel you will read a lot into things. The last now losing count couple of years the bullying and intimidation has slowly reached fever pitch as he has come out in favour of pro choice for vaccines. In other words a parents choice for what is best for their child . They have tried all the nasty and underhanded tactics in the book to silence him after he wrote a letter of submission to the senate on passing the no jab no pay legeslation. Which he was entitled to as a citizen of this country. You will see the letter on the link I will put up for you if you scroll to the end of the page beneath our novel which as I suggest read what you can into it. Our novel that is. As a consequence of his letter to the senate Oz doc which is a doctors mag got a hold of it and wrote a rather nasty distorted article which became open slather for pack mentally bullying from countless doctors commenting and attacking him. Keep in mind Kevin’s letter to the senate was both legal and not antivax but prochoice in presenting a balanced argument against this coercive legislation. The pack mentality of doctors replying to the distorted oz doc article was not only nasty but if you were to read the pack mentally replies you will quickly see that the replies themselves appear to demonstrate that they have little to no scientific understanding of vaccines. Or so it seems as most the pack did not attack him with science but school yard comments such as Kellogg’s is not the only one who has fruit loops was a topical attack. I kid you not for the most of the hundred of attacks this type of reply by educated professionals made me personally lose respect. All the while Kevin kept his replies to the science. This all attracted the attention of the authorities and Reasonable Hank a group of on line trolls who publish distorted information on their page. Including a complaint about Olivers an organic chain restaurant for misleading the public that organic food is better than non organic. Not sure if they are serious or dellerious keeping in mind we have McDonald’s in the foyer of children’s hospital. Sorry for digression but an illustration of Reasonable Hanks page or maybe it should be re named Reasonable Prank. Back to Kevin he has subsequently been called on by parents to speak on behalf of themselves and their vaccine injured children so that politicians hear the voices of the thousands upon thousands injured. All the while this has led to numerous sitting before the authorities ultimately leading to being dismissed as a member of the AMA and a suspension. The awesome part is now we have more time to pursue our dreams of more novel writing, public speaking and research. We get to live the dream!

I am hoping that this will be the final collection of Coleman’s anti-vaccination activism. I wanted to publish this collection so that AHPRA and the Medical Council of NSW would be under no doubt about their correct decision to suspend Coleman’s registration. Surely, now, deregistration is the only answer.

The following collection of evidence includes three more video speeches from Coleman’s attendance at Sydney anti-vaccination protest rallies, one of which (June 4 2017), we had not seen before. The screenshots come from Coleman’s public Facebook profile.

Coleman’s speeches

On June 4 2017, Coleman gave this presentation whilst at a Sydney anti-vaccination protest rally. This video presentation had not been included, previously:

On September 12 2017, Coleman gave this rambling, first speech at the Sydney anti-vaccination protest rally outside NSW parliament:

On September 12 2017, Coleman backed up for a second speech at the same antivax protest rally:

Coleman’s Facebook profile

On October 11 2017, Coleman cited discredited and abusive anti-vaccination practitioner, Jim Meehan, who featured just days ago in Maggie Fox’s NBC article about abusive anti-vaccination activists. Coleman was subsequently defended by anti-vaccination chiropractor/osteopath Greg Fitzgerald:

On October 8 2017, on the public Facebook profile of Louisa/Lulu Kenzig/Langford – known for attacking the parents of deceased baby boy Riley Hughes and denying Riley’s existence – Flavia Coleman repeated Coleman’s spurious claim that he had a stroke due to the influenza vaccine:

On October 8 2017, Coleman shared an antivax screed from noted US antivax activist Ginger Taylor:

On October 2 2017, Coleman shared a YouTube video from rabid antivaxer Bev Pattenden, clearly showing that he does not understand the biochemistry nor the contents of vaccines:

On September 29 2017, posted HPV vaccination misinformation:

On September 24 2017, Coleman promoted delusional, anti-Semitic antivaxer Chris Savage, now living in exile in the Philippines. Savage is still a wanted man in Queensland:

For immediate character context, this is one of Savage’s most recent Facebook posts, from October 11 2017:

On September 24 2017, Coleman argued against routine immunisation of elderly persons:

On September 23 2017, Coleman promoted the rabid conspiracies of Olivier Vles (AKA Bernie Smith) and Vles’ The Truth Library:

On September 23 2017, Coleman again presented information against immunisation citing only mortality rates. Coleman used as his source, anti-vaccination activist JB Handley:

On September 18 2017, Coleman shared a post from Bev Pattenden claiming that vaccines are “poisons”:

On September 15 2017, Coleman promoted this embarrassing anti-vaccination screed:

Vaccine insanity 101

1) If I question the safety of vaccines, I’m told I’m not a doctor and I have no right, even though I’m the PARENT.

2) If a doctor questions the safety of vaccines, he or she is a “quack” and should be stripped of his/her medical license.

3) If I want to kill my unborn child, I have that right because it’s “MY BODY”, but once that child is born, he/she belongs to the state, and I cannot choose what’s best for that child.

4) I can abort my child, but if I don’t, I am forced to inject that child with other aborted children so the corporations can make money from the dead children.

5) If I score 18% on a test, that’s considered an epic failure, but the flu shot, which is only 18% effective, is “recommended” for my health.

6) If my child dies or has a severe reaction following a vaccination, it’s just a coincidence and I cannot spare my other children from the potential same outcome.

7) Vaccines do not cause autism or any other auto-immune disease, even though it’s listed on the package insert as a side effect.

8) Vaccines have nothing to do with our high Infant Mortality Rates, even though other countries who don’t have as many vaccines, have much lower infant deaths and we have the highest infant mortality in the industrialized world.

9) I must inject my child with toxins to protect another child, because the toxins only work if everyone gets injected with them.

10.) There are hundreds of diseases with higher death rates than the VIRUSES we vaccinate for but fear and common sense don’t matter as long as we go along to get along and trust the pharmaceutical companies.

On September 14 2017, Coleman promoted the fundraiser for suspended Melbourne antivax doctor John Piesse:

On September 14 2017, Coleman shared his Sydney antivax speech, posted originally by anti-vaccination activist Dan DeBuriatte:

On September 13 2017, Coleman asserted that vaccines cause autism:

On September 13 2017, Coleman shared DeBuriatte’s Sydney protest video, which featured anti-vaccination activists Allona Lahn and Judy Wilyman:

On September 13 2017, Coleman promoted a deranged anti-vaccination post from Maha Al Musa:

On September 13 2017, Coleman promoted the anti-vaccination protest rally in support of Piesse, which was held outside the Melbourne AHPRA offices, and starred AVN president Tasha David:

On September 11 2017, Coleman promoted the Sydney anti-vaccination protest rally:

On September 9 2017, Coleman promoted Handley’s claims that vaccines cause autism:

On September 9 2017, Coleman promoted Handley’s admiration for anti-vaccination celebrity Jenny McCarthy:

On September 9 2017, Coleman shared Handley’s post which asserts that vaccines cause autism:

On September 9 2017, Coleman shared his intricate knowledge of criminal investigations surrounding the AHPRA/police raid on Piesse’s medical practice:

On September 6 2017, Coleman shared this anti-vaccination screed from antivax activist Anna Rodgers, best known for calling deceased baby boy Riley Hughes’ mum a “fricken bitch” whilst questioning the existence of Riley:

On September 5 2017, Coleman shared the debunked lie that mercury causes autism:

On September 3 2017, Coleman shared an article calling herd immunity “Junk Science at its Finest”:

On September 3 2017, Coleman promoted the debunked lie that mercury in vaccines causes autism:

On September 2 2017, Coleman promoted Olivier Vles’ conspiracy site The Truth Library and one of Vles’ Facebook groups.

Olivier Vles’ – the creator and admin of The Unreasonable Wank Facebook page – asks members of PHARMA CORRUPTION AWARENESS (PCA) to “refrain from name calling and trolling”:

On September 2 2017, Coleman shared a Bev Pattenden post claiming that there is a “medical  mafia.” The post gained the approval of Coleman’s friend Meryl Dorey:

And, finally, on September 2 2017, Coleman states of this article:

This study confirms what that Measles immunisation is sabotaging “herd immunity”

Now, because I know my limitations, I asked someone who knows what they are talking about to provide a paragraph or two regarding Coleman’s misunderstanding of the article.

From a public health professional with experience in vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases:

“Measles immunisation is sabotaging herd immunity”

It is certainly true that individuals who have experienced wild-type measles infection tend to have higher measles neutralising antibody titers (levels) than do those who acquire immunity by vaccination.

But, is that sabotaging herd immunity? No evidence for this. Two doses of measles vaccination provides life long protection from infection (and therefore the ability to infect others in the “herd”/community) in almost all of those vaccinated. No evidence to support lower antibody levels generated by vaccination is causing problems with this.

This paper is about manufactured immunoglobulin given to individuals exposed to measles if they can’t be vaccinated (pregnant, profoundly immunocompromised, <9m of age) or if it is too late to be vaccinated after exposure (i.e. >72 hours but <7 days).

As the donor population has decreasing old people (wild type virus infected) and increasing young people (vaccine virus infected) the levels of measles antibody in immunoglobulin collected from donors is falling. And this paper is asking could we re-vaccinate specific donors to boost measles antibody for higher levels in immunoglobulin.

In countries like Australia where we have had high 2 dose MMR coverage for decades now, we achieved WHO documented measles elimination in March 2014, and every year since then have had our elimination status re-confirmed. If herd immunity were sabotaged or being sabotaged, this would not be the case.


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Suspended chiropractor’s supporters liken themselves to Jews and AHPRA to Nazi Germany

On September 11 2017, supporters of the suspended anti-vaccination chiropractor Simon Floreani sent out an email calling on the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia to defend Floreani from the Nazis at the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, who are apparently intent on attacking all non-evidence based practitioners, the latter being the same as Jews during the Holocaust. Oh, and they want his professional  insurance reinstated.

I don’t need to add anything extra to this:

CAA President Election 2017

Many of you may be aware of the situation surrounding Dr Simon Floreani and his campaign to run for CAA President in 2017.

Many of you have asked “What can I do to help and support?”
This is what you can do to assist Simon and ensure that Wellness/Preventative Chiropractic and the vision for Chiropractic that our Founding Fathers had will survive in Australia.

Forward this email to “” with Subject Line, “Att: Dr Matthew Fisher”

To the members of the CAA National Board,

I write to you as a CAA member in good standing in support of Dr. Simon Floreani. I ask that the CAA mount a vigorous defence on his behalf.

Like many chiropractors across Australia, I am alarmed by the seeming harassment and persecution of Dr. Floreani by AHPRA over the last several days. And we are equally concerned by the CAA’s failure to defend one of its most prominent members.

It appears Dr. Floreani has been abandoned by the association that he has served so tirelessly over the last many years. The position of the CAA seems to be that it is happy to sacrifice a few tall poppies so that the remaining poppies will be left alone. History tells us that the reverse is far more likely. Once our leaders have been picked off, we will be more vunerable than ever to unreasonable persecution.

For centuries, science has thrived in an environment of questioning and scientific enquiry. In assuming ever more power over health professionals, AHPRA has moved away from this noble tradition. Instead it is embracing the same scientific stance that Nazi Germany chose in the 1930s. AHPRA is crushing any type of enquiry or conversation, and is opting for scientific dogma. Just as Nazi Germany held that Jews were unquestionably inferior, AHPRA is demanding that health professionals not question their particular version of the truth. They claim that merely showing a documentary means that a chiropractor is a danger to the public. We would expect this attitude in Nazi Germany, but not in Australia in 2017.

AHPRA has taken Australia healthcare into a dangerous place where even orthopedic surgeons risk losing their licences if they recommend a healthy diet and exercise to their patients. What hope then for chiropractors?

The CAA needs to stand up to this over reaching organisation. It needs to stand up for its members if it is to continue to be relevant to the profession. I am asking that CAA defend Dr. Floreani in this matter. And that the CAA affirm that he is a member in good standing, and affirm that his access to Guild is restored immediately.

All of which must be leaving AHPRA quite confused.


Update October 16 2017

CAA president Andrew Lawrence published this statement, today:

Statement on the Eligibility of Dr Floreani for CAA National Board Elections 2017:

The CAA National Board sought advice in accordance with the Constitution and have determined that Dr Simon Floreani is currently ineligible to be appointed a director of CAA National. Some individuals have attempted to turn this into an emotional and/or philosophical matter; this has not been assisted by the campaign mounted by a group called ChiroAustralia .com which contains not only offensive material but misleading information. Additionally, some individuals are attempting to portray this matter as “a conspiracy and/or underhanded” which is not the case. This whole issue has been disappointing for all concerned as it has served to potentially demean not only individuals but CAA National and the profession. The facts of the matter from CAA National’s perspective are:
1. Representatives of CAA National have been in contact with Dr Floreani since this matter became public.
2. Dr Floreani has not sought assistance from CAA National either with his AHPRA matter nor the decision by his insurer.
3. The reasons for Dr Floreani’s suspension are the subject of a great deal of speculation. They are still unknown as they are exclusively between Dr Floreani and AHPRA. The CAA can only find exactly what they are when they are released to the public record.
4. There is a defined process under the national law which is available to individual registrants. National law defines this process of action and appeal and this does not allow 3rd parties like CAA to interfere.
5. Matters regarding the contract of professional indemnity insurance are between the insured and the insurer; unless this information is released by either party, the reasons are known only to them.
6. CAA National expresses confidence in the process afforded by the insurer to the insured based on information subsequently provided in accordance with the contract in place with CAA.
7. When CAA National became aware of the AHPRA public record, legal advice was sought with regards to eligibility for election in accordance with the Constitution and this has been communicated to members.
8. From a CAA National perspective, the Director election issue has moved from a legal one to an emotional one and is potentially damaging to all concerned.
9. The email campaign by ChiroAustralia .com contains offensive language and phrasing and draws inappropriate and offensive comparisons which hurt the profession broadly both internally and externally.

CAA National encourages the membership to reflect and consider the facts above regarding this matter and afford all concerned the rights and opportunity to progress in accordance with natural justice principles, national law(s), the CAA National constitution and appropriate conduct.

Dr Andrew Lawrence
President, CAA National


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Anti-vaccination activists linked to Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club

Also see ongoing updates below

Earlier today, our friends at Diluted Thinking brought us the news that the professional anti-vaccination activists from Vaxxed and the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network had chosen their promised star faces for an upcoming antivax tour of Australia:

On 9 October 2017, Polly Tommey introduced the Australian Vaxxed team members  who will be touring Australia recording vaccine injury stories.

They are twin sisters, Stevie Nupier and Taylor Winterstein, and Deveraux David, the daughter of AVN president, Tasha David. These are the people in USA receiving training; the team in Australia will eventually be much larger.

Both Stevie and Taylor are known in the alt health movement through Taylor’s wellness business, Tay’s Way  (also known as Stevie & Tay).

The AVN shared the Vaxxed video:

The Tay’s Way Facebook page also shared the Vaxxed video:

On the Tay’s Way Facebook page, Taylor Winterstein notes her health qualifications:


– Proud wifey & mama
– Health coaching student
– One half of @stevie_and_tay
– PXP distributor
– Fearless truth seeker

On her blog, Winterstein expands:

By no means am I claiming to be an expert or that I am qualified in nutrition and fitness because I am not and this is an ongoing learning process for myself as well…

TW x

Winterstein appears to trade on the occupation of her husband, Manly-Warringah professional rugby league player Frank Winterstein. The Tay’s Way Facebook page is filled with photographs of her husband wearing his official Manly-Warringah paraphernalia – such as jerseys and shirts – with these photographs having been taken at Brookvale Oval, in front of official sponsors’ boards, and even in what appears to be the Manly-Warringah dressing rooms. Winterstein also regularly uses the official Many-Warringah hashtag – #WeAreManly – on her page.

I will include a larger collection at the end of this post, but, Winterstein claims that she is conducting her various activities – including anti-vaccination activism – with the “unconditional” blessing of her husband:

Before we look at the collection of anti-vaccination posts on Winterstein’s page, it should  be noted that, so prolific are these posts, with the exception of one screenshot, all of these posts are sourced only from July-October 2017. There are just too many to include.

It should go without saying that the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, and its leader Meryl Dorey, have a current NSW Health Care Complaints Commission public warning against them.

It should also go without saying that Polly Tommey – one of the producers and stars of Vaxxed – has been banned from reentering Australia for at least three years, due to her recent antivax tour of Australia.

Any claims that the movie, Vaxxed, is “not  anti-vaccine” are laughable. The stars and producers best explain their barking anti-vaccinationism in their own words, and thanks to Tommey and the AVN, there’s plenty of video evidence.

This official Vaxxed broadcast was only three weeks ago: “Vaxxed” broadcasts claims that vaccines cause gay, lesbian and transgender people. This one was only one month ago: “Vaxxed” broadcasts violent threats against California senator and others. Winterstein, Stevie Nupier, and Deveraux David appeared in yesterday’s Vaxxed video, from the Vaxxed bus, where only one month ago an antivaxer made credible death threats against a California senator. Let that sink in.

And, let’s not forget that the Australian anti-vaccination movement thrives on the abuse and vilification of bereaved parents, and thrives on the abuse and vilification of professional public health personnel, including the incitement of death threats against critics.

In all photos that include children, I have redacted the child’s face for legal as well as ethical reasons.

The anti-vaccination activism of Taylor Winterstein

From today, October 10 2017:

September 27 2017, with a tower of research:

September 9 2017, with anti-vaccination chiropractor, Jennifer Barham-Floreani:

September 7 2017, promoting Dorey and the AVN:

September 6 2017, illegally posting the name and image of a disabled child who was removed from his parents due to the fact that he was being slowly starved to death. The child, and indeed the whole case, is under a court-ordered suppression order. He is not to be named, nor his image published anywhere. The child is not “vaccine injured”:

May 20 2017, illegally allowing to remain published the name of the same child – who was removed from his parents because he was being slowly starved to death – in a photograph featuring Frank Winterstein in his Manly-Warringah jersey, at a Manly-Warringah rugby league match, holding on to that sign:

August 15 2017, a tirade of antivax falsehoods:

August 10 2017, promoting chiropractic for babies in lieu of consultation with a real  doctor:

August 5 2017, promoting Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree’s derogatory nickname for public health advocates:

August 2 2017, promoting conspiracy theorist Bigtree:

July 31 2017, promoting antivax conspiracy theorist Suzanne Humphries, from Humphries’ recent Vaxxed tour of Australia, complaining about the term “conspiracy theorist”:

July 30 2017, posing with the stars of Vaxxed – in Australia – Polly Tommey, Brian Hooker, and Suzanne Humphries:

July 30 2017, promoting Vaxxed, and claiming that Vaxxed is “not an anti-vax film”:

July 27 2017, posting a bizarre list of anti-vaccination lies:

July 24 2017, posting an offensive meme created by Ian Stanley, of No Fluoride Australia/No Vaccines Australia, to attack the Hughes family of Light for Riley. The meme falsely and callously equates unsubstantiated anti-vaccination claims of deaths from vaccines to real, clinically-confirmed deaths of babies and children from vaccine preventable diseases:

July 23 2017, promoting Vaxxed on their arrival in Australia:

July 17 2017, receiving praise from Meryl Dorey and the AVN, for sharing an AVN video featuring AVN president Tasha David:

The use of the Frank Winterstein and Manly-Warringah brands by Taylor Winterstein

August 14 2017:

August 20 2017:

September 2 2017:

September 4 2017:

September 9 2017:

September 10 2017:

September 18 2017:

Final note

Yesterday morning, October 9 2017, I contacted the Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club, on Twitter, to ask if Frank Winterstein was still playing for the club. I did not know whether or not Frank Winterstein was still contracted. My question was genuine, as I had not yet looked at Taylor Winterstein’s Facebook page:

This morning, when I checked if there was any reply from the club, I noticed that I had been blocked by the Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club:

Today, at 1555 hours, the club posted this Tweet:


Update October 12 2017

Thanks to a special friend who exposed themselves to Winterstein’s whole Facebook page, there are now a few screenshots that must be added for their sheer anti-vaccination audacity.

These screenshots further put to rest Winterstein’s claim that she does not dissuade others from immunising their children, as well as the oft-repeated, calculated, PR-driven, sleight-of-hand that the anti-vaccination activist is ‘not anti-vaccine, but, an ex-vaxer.’

January 31 2017, Winterstein boasts that her mother, Michelle Moors, is an early childhood educator who plans on opening an exclusively anti-vaccination childcare service:

Thankfully my Mum is an early childhood educator who has her own plans one day open up her own family day care for only unvaccinated children.

March 17 2017, Winterstein includes her husband in her anti-vaccination rant that ticks off many antivax bingo cards:

April 4 2017, Winterstein posts a photo that includes her husband Frank Winterstein participating in her anti-vaccination activism at NSW MP Dr Mike Freelander’s electorate office. Also pictured are her parents:

July 28 2017, under this meme containing a list of anti-vaccination lies, Winterstein states:

I personally believe every vaccinated child is vaccine-injured to some extent, myself included.

September 2 2017, Winterstein makes a crackpot diagnosis and provides a commenter with a crackpot prescription based on this diagnosis:

Hey Hun, I am sorry to hear and honestly it is soooo frustrating the amount of times I have heard Mums say that their GP’s tell them its “normal” for babies to be sick all year round… NO it is NOT normal. Sick children shouldn’t be the norm and it doesn’t have to be that way. I find this happens all too often amongst vaccinated children and it breaks my heart. I know you have emailed me already about PXP but your babies seriously need their mitochondria addressed. You are doing all of the right things however vaccines damage children’s mitochondria and it is one of the main reasons why they’re constantly sick. Their bodies do not have enough mitochondrial energy and strength to heal themselves by themselves because of the insane vaccine schedule we have in AUS where children are constantly being injected within their first 2 years of life. Also grab yourself some health force vit C, some GSE off iherb, some collidal silver aswell. I am happy to help you hun, just let me know xxx

September 2 2017, Winterstein chides a mother who has immunised her child, listing another collection of non sequitur, anti-vaccination factoids:

One could argue that you are actually the one taking the risk by vaccinating as vaccines do not come without risks. Do you understand what vaccine shedding is and that it is well written in medical literature that the WC vaccine for example, actually does not prevent transmission or colonization of the bacteria. Fully vaccinated children can actually be asymptomaic (silent) carriers of the disease. The govt refuses to do a vax vs unvax study so how can you be so sure that it is the unvaccinated who are more prone to spreading diseases when they have no data or science to back up their own claims? Vaccination does not automatically equal immunization. You can be vaccinated and still acquire no immunity. So you may feel much better knowing your child is vaccinated but please do not for one second think you’re doing it for the greater good as it states even on vaccine package inserts that if you’ve recently been vaccinated to stay away from the immunocompromised as live vaccines can and do shed the disease. Personally, I feel much better knowing my son is protected and protecting others through the lifestyle we live and that he has not been injected with neurotoxins, carcinogens, animal DNA, polysorbate 80, aluminum and aborted fetal cells.

September 13 2017, all in the same sub-thread, Winterstein claims that vaccination policy is about:

money and population control.

Winterstein then states that she does not attempt to dissuade parents from immunising their children:

I don’t tell parents what they should or shouldn’t do either and 100% it is a very personal choice.

Winterstein then states the following:

…in my opinion every vaccine does damage. We actually have no idea what the real risks are…

I don’t buy into the social engineering and fear mongering.

And for the clincher, on October 9 2017, thanks once again to Polly Tommey and her dedication to the task of providing video evidence regarding other people whom she habitually hangs out to dry:

Tommey: Oh I bet the Australian government are freakin’ out right now. Health ministers…

Winterstein: Watch out…

Tommey: …are shaking and quaking in your boots…

Winterstein: …watch out…

Tommey: …Well you should do because you know what it’s murder…

Winterstein: …yeah…

Tommey: …what’s happening over in Australia with these kids…

Winterstein: …yeah…


Update October 13 2017

Responding to questions from journalist  Jane Hansen, Winterstein went into  full conspiracy mode alleging corruption from the media and accusing this blog and others of being “professionally paid trolls”:

Before making the decision to travel to America, our family had deep discussions about what this truly means and what could happen to us in the future. We thought about all the ways my family would come under attack, what certain people will say and try and do.

Having the courage to stand up, be outspoken, stay strong and fight for vaccine-injured families does not come without serious vilification from professionally paid trolls and mainstream media.

Without a doubt, heat is coming our way. But we decided long ago that nothing is going to stop us from doing what is right.

For those who know my family know exactly the kind of people we are.

For those who have been supporting my page over the years you will know that I unapologetically speak my truth, that I am transparent, honest and always come from a place of love.

This week Jane Hansen from The Sunday Telegrah contacted me to answer questions in relation to an article that will be published in print media on Sunday.

The tone of the questions and her emails leaves me with no doubt that this journalist will attempt to drag myself and my family through the mud, twist my words and manipulate the “story” so as to drive fear into the masses and keep us believing that anyone who questions vaccines is a threat to society.

So I will post my full answers to the journalist’s questions before they get taken out of context on what will undoubtedly be a heavily pro-vax article published this Sunday.

It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry spends millions on advertising through mainstream media. As evident in recent times, it does not suit their agenda to present stories that showcase vaccine injury or questions around vaccine safety and efficacy, so it is up to others to report the truth about vaccines or stories of vaccine-injured children.

The opportunity to travel around America, film vaccine-injury stories, hug the heartbroken parents and listen to their experiences, has only fuelled the raging fire inside me even more.

I always say to BE BRAVE and that is what I will continue to do. I will keep turning up the volume on this issue and I am not going anywhere.

They may try to bury or bully me but I am not afraid. I will not give in and I will not back down.

I am and always have been for the people and I will never stop fighting for my family.

My light is shining bright to expose corruption, deceit, lies and injustice and the light of the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS WIN.✌🏽


Update October 14 2017

AVN president Tasha David makes an adorable attempt at doing hasthtags, sharing Winterstein’s defamatory post to rabid anti-vaccination group, Vaccine Free Australia:


Update October 15 2017

Winterstein returned to Australia to again attack journalist Jane Hansen, the Sunday Telegraph, and “trolls”, whilst boasting that she and her flock “vibrate high” as opposed to  low vibrating trolls and media:

Back on Aussie soil this morning and it feels so good to be home!

It also feels good not to see my family being exploited in the media today😁👍🏽

The journalist from The Sunday Telegraph has pulled the pin on her “story” she was writing about my family. It is no where to be seen.

The emails I received from this journalist were so erratic, grammatically incorrect, biased and unprofessional to the point where she even swore, gives me the impression that she is not a happy camper.

So it’s very likely that she backed down from publishing the story today, just so that she can brew up something even more sensationalized. The witch hunt is on, I know the story on my family is coming, it’s just a matter time.

But I also know that a big part of the reason why this story wasn’t released today is because of all of you😘!

The overwhelming response, comments and messages of support for my family has seriously blown me away. I honestly can’t thank you all enough🙏🏽!

This situation is a perfect example of what happens when the people have each other’s backs! The media won’t run a story they know will be unpopular and wow did you all make it known that you weren’t buying into the BS👏🏽.

So I need to say this again…


We don’t need to be afraid of mainstream media, greedy corporations or the people in power. We can actually stand up to them.

The reason why negativity from trolls and mainstream media doesn’t get to my family is because we don’t vibrate on the same frequency as them. We vibe high and always come from love. We don’t live in fear.

Mainstream media and trolls vibrate very low and always come from fear. And they program the masses to always be driven by fear. Their aim is to keep us all divided.

The reason why they do this is because they know that if the people awaken and understand how strong we are when we stand united together, we will be powerful beyond measure and we will take back all control.

Unfortunately for them, it’s already starting to happen and the paradigm shift is already here.


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Dr Kevin Coleman – the antivaxers’ champion 3 – AHPRA registration suspended

On November 28 2015, I first wrote about NSW general practitioner Kevin Coleman: Dr Kevin Coleman – the antivaxers’ champion.

On March 20 2017, I wrote about Coleman again, due to a failed complaint about Coleman’s anti-vaccination activism, including more evidence of his continued public anti-vaccination activism: Dr Kevin Coleman – the antivaxers’ champion 2.

I was planning for a third instalment of the series, focusing on further evidence of Coleman’s continuing anti-vaccination activism, but, today we have found out that Coleman’s medical registration has been suspended. So, post number four will have to wait until a later date.

Coleman’s wife, Flavia Coleman, told the Unvaccinated Australia Facebook group about the suspension:

And Coleman’s AHPRA registration page confirms the suspension:

Registration status: Suspended


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When even the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia throws you shade…

This is Australian anti-vaccination chiropractor Simon Floreani posing with his wife, anti-vaccination chiropractor Jennifer Barham-Floreani, posing with anti-vaccination god-figure Andrew Wakefield. The Floreani’s are/were professional members of the disgraced anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (the AVN literally has a public health warning against its name). Floreani was also the president of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, until 2011. He was awarded with an Outstanding Service Award by the CAA Victoria, in 2013:

Floreani is now mostly known in Australia for his unrepentant anti-vaccination activism which has included previous sanction by the Chiropractic Board of Australia.

Floreani is also known for hosting a secret showing of the Andrew Wakefield anti-vaccination movie, Vaxxed, in his chiropractic business, Vitality Chiropractic, in Melbourne. This was followed by a Q&A session in which AVN committee members and other people pretended to be experts. Pictured below (L-R) in Floreani’s business is AVN president Tasha David, immediate past public officer Brett Smith, and Victorian antivax activist Wendy Lydall (seen here laughing about children dying from chicken pox):

Floreani is also known for sneaking into a hospital to treat a spinal patient whilst pretending to be that patient’s snowboarding coach. Several times.

Floreani is also known for referring one of his customers to a fake IVF specialist who subsequently sexually assaulted that customer.

Floreani is most recently known for having his AHPRA registration suspended:

Registration status: Suspended

On October 1 2017, Jane Hansen wrote in the Sunday Telegraph, page 51:

HIGH profile chiropractor and anti-vaccine proponent Simon Floreani has had his licence suspended by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

AHPRA said they could not comment publicly on the suspension.

Just yesterday, Floreani posted this on his Facebook profile, letting his friends know about his tremendous humility and his connection to source. They are healers. They are possibly even Jesus:

I’m usually a fiercely independent leader connected to source as my main power to lean on.

It’s now that I need YOUR help. If you could rest back, open your shoulders and heart and help find a deep level of love to send to our government regulators and leaders of the profession in Oz. Help me create a sonic boom of love today.

Help me channel the tension and hate in our heads and jaw into heart felt warmth and forgiveness. I need YOUR help to create an impenetrable force of love.

Healers come from a unique position of humility. We are servants who wash the feet of those who come under our care.


Please join me in building yours and mine appetite for tolerance and humility so we can actually heal the children and families out there without impedance, politics and perversion.

If you know anything about me, my wife, my family and our businesses we exist to help change the health of the world for the better.

We know about the AHPRA suspension, but, to whom does he refer with this sentence: “government regulators and leaders of the profession in Oz”?

Well, Floreani had nominated himself, again, to run for the presidency and national board of the CAA. He really did. And this email was sent out to CAA members a few days ago, by CAA CEO Matthew Fisher:

Dr Simon Floreani is a nominee for the positions of president-elect, Victorian regional director and director in the upcoming CAA National (Association) election. Ballot papers for the election have already been mailed to members as part of our AGM mailout, and Dr Floreani’s name appears on the ballot papers. Yesterday, the Association was made aware that Dr Floreani’s registration to practice has been suspended by AHPRA. We have confirmed this information with a search of the AHPRA database.

The Association has made several attempts to contact Dr Floreani for his comment. We are informed that Dr Floreani is on leave and travelling outside of Australia. Regrettably we have not received any response. (Members should be aware that all candidates were asked to confirm their eligibility for election prior to the mail out of ballot papers.)

In these circumstances the Association believes that it is prudent to notify members of Dr Floreani’s circumstance and the possible consequences to his eligibility to hold a Board seat arising from clause 8.6 (a) of the Constitution which states:

8.6(a)  Subject to Rule 8.6(b) any member of the National Association other than Honorary who resides in Australia and who has maintained continuous membership in good standing of the National Association for at least three consecutive years, not including membership as a Student Member or Foreign Associate Member, immediately prior to the date of their nomination is eligible for election to the Board of Directors.

Based upon external advice and review of the circumstances, on the balance of probabilities it is the Association’s view that Dr Floreani is most likely ineligible for election to the Board of Directors. We will contact you as soon as possible if there is a material change in the Association’s view on this matter.

The Association suggests that members should consider these circumstances when they cast their vote.

Why can’t the CAA just acknowledge his brilliance, and his humility?


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Corrosive black salves still disfiguring Australians, for profit


This post contains a collection of disturbing images  

Many people self-diagnose lumps and other skin imperfections. Sometimes they have real,  clinically diagnosed cancers and they then reject evidence-based treatment. This is a ready market into which vultures descend and profit. The internet has made this even easier than before. There are Facebook pages and groups set up for all manner of crackpot, dangerous cures. One of these is the escharotic market. They make it easier for people to burn away their flesh in the privacy of their own homes, posting the results on the internet.

From Dr Harriet Hall, in Science-Based Medicine:

Bloodroot is one of the main ingredients in black salve, a dangerous topical quack treatment for cancer. In the form of Cansema, black salve containing zinc chloride, bloodroot and other ingredients has been banned by the FDA for use as a cancer cure. But it is still readily available online.

Steven Barrett says “The idea that bloodroot kills only cancer cells and spares normal ones is preposterous.” There is good evidence that bloodroot does damage normal cells. A woman who used it for skin blemishes developed a large eschar on her neck and was left with a scar. Black salve products containing bloodroot are known to cause necrosis of normal tissue along with scarring, granulomatous inflammation, implanted foreign material, reactive stromal atypia, suppuration, and residual cancer. A 2012 review of bloodroot pointed out that it can cause significant tissue destruction, scars, and keloid formation.

Quackwatch warns against using escharotics, and shows a picture of a woman whose naturopath treated her with a black herbal salve for a bump on her nose. It ate away a large part of her face and her nose sloughed off. It took 3 years and 17 plastic surgeries to reconstruct her face. The picture is not pretty; click on the link only if you don’t mind being grossed out.

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration also warns consumers about black salve:

What are black salve, red salve and cansema?

Black salve, red salve and cansema are products containing an active ingredient called sanguinarine, which comes from Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis). Sometimes zinc chloride is also present.

These products have been sold in Australia as an alternative treatment for cancer, including skin cancer.

The TGA is advising consumers against purchasing or using black salve, red salve or cansema products.

Can these products treat cancer?

The TGA is not aware of any credible, scientific evidence that black salve, red salve or cansema can cure or treat cancer. In addition there is no evidence that these products can be used to diagnose cancers. In fact, the evidence shows that they will cause skin irritation regardless of whether any malignancy is present.

While some Internet sites contain testimonials supporting the use of these products, the TGA does not consider this to be adequate evidence to support their efficacy.

What do these products do?

Black and red salves and cansema are corrosive salves. They essentially burn off layers of the skin and surrounding normal tissue. They can destroy large parts of the skin and underlying tissue, and leave significant scarring.

The TGA has taken action against manufacturers and suppliers of black salve:

Conviction for criminal charges for dealing with unapproved therapeutic goods

On 12 July 2017 the Devonport (Petty) Court sentenced a man and woman in relation to 2 criminal charges each surrounding the manufacture and supply of unapproved therapeutic goods under section 19B(4) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. The product, known as Black Salve, is not approved for marketing in Australia and has been the subject of TGA alerts (See Black and red salves in treating cancer and Black salve, red salve and cansema). The man and woman were convicted under the provisions of section 20(1) of the Crimes Act 1914and fined $750 each. The court ordered that the goods seized as evidential material be forfeited to the Commonwealth under section 54 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.


Conviction for criminal charges surrounding the manufacture, export and supply of unapproved therapeutic goods

On 13 February 2015 the Southport Magistrates Court sentenced a man in relation to 24 criminal charges surrounding the manufacture, export and supply of unapproved therapeutic goods under section 19B(4) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. The product, known as Black Salve, is not approved for marketing in Australia and has been the subject of TGA alerts (See Black and red salves in treating cancer and Black salve, red salve and cansema). The man was convicted under the provisions of section 20(1) of the Crimes Act 1914 and released on security of $5,000 and by recognizance that he be of good behaviour for two years. The court ordered the man not to be in possession of restricted chemicals, not to manufacture, promote, advertise or supply Black Salve and that the goods seized as evidential material be forfeited to the Commonwealth under section 54 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.

There is extremely good reason for regulators to be so concerned about the use of salves.  This is what can happen:

Of course, whenever there is profit-driven hideousness to be had, Meryl Dorey and her antivax Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network are never far away. One of the first posts in this blog, in 2011, contained the AVN’s promotion of a black salve DVD in its online shop. Later, in 2013, Dorey and online conspiracy radio host, Leon Pittard, were sanctioned by the TGA for promoting the use of black salve. Dorey simply ignored the TGA’s orders that she post retractions. She then went on to post this on Facebook, in 2013:

Dorey isn’t alone. Professional Queensland anti-vaccination entrepreneur Stephanie Messenger has also promoted the 2013 petition, several times, in 2015:

Anti-vaccine chiropractor Anthony Golle still sold the banned DVD in his own shop, in 2015:

The original premise for this post was a Facebook post from friend of Messenger, US crackpot Sherri Tenpenny, who caused an uproar in 2015 when she planned to tour Australia. We certainly dodged a bullet, that time.

Just three days ago, Tenpenny posted an article from her Vaxxter site, advocating the use of black salve in the treatment of cervical dysplasia. You read that correctly: they are promoting the use of an indiscriminate, corrosive salve directly onto the cervix:

This is the Facebook post to which Tenpenny refers in her post:

The Facebook groups and pages that promote the use of black salve and associated products are set up by business-people who have a direct interest in the promotion and sale of these products. They own the businesses that profit from their use.

I’ve only included collections from three of these Facebook fora. It should be more than enough for alarmed regulators to jump up and take notice. Down the page, I will include a disturbing collection of evidence of pain and disfigurement from each group. Before that I will include a collection of evidence of the promotion of suppliers and manufacturers of black salve. Firstly, I’ll introduce the three fora.

First, BLACK SALVE RESEARCH GROUP is a closed group with over 4,700 members. The group is administered by Australians Belinda Gae Harris, Jane Beeby, and Anna Finch-Peacock. It is an Australian group. The group  is owned by Harris, who is the owner of one of the suppliers and manufacturers of black salve, TICKETY-BOO HERBAL:

Jane Beeby is, of course, the veteran AVN member and former AVN committee member we have, unfortunately, met several times before.

This is Harris’ pinned post in the BSRG group:

Second, The Bloodroot Discussion Group is a closed group with over 16,900 members. The group is administered by Hugh Varange (real name Uwe Wichmann) and Australian Ruth Driver. Wichmann is listed as a partner of another black salve supplier, Zenith Herbal. Both Wichmann and Driver claim to reside in Mexico, but, Driver has admitted to residing in Australia again. Wichmann also registered the business name “Zenith Herbal” in Queensland on August 25 2017:

It gets better, as is often the case. Wichmann and Driver were arrested in, convicted in and deported from Thailand in 2015:

Third, the Black Salve page is a public page with over 17,500 fans. The page is owned by Panacea-BOCAF, a guarded organisation with several names attached to it:

One of the earlier names involved in the Black Salve Facebook page is dangerous Queensland antivaxer, Nirvana Anderson. These posts are from 2013:

Please see this article from Diluted Thinking for a list of known black salve distributors in Australia: Black Salve – Australian Distributors.

As you can see from the Nirvana Anderson comment, above, advocates of the corrosive imbue it with some sort of magical sentience: an ability to seek out and destroy only cancer cells, whilst cleverly ignoring other pieces of flesh and tissue. This is, of course, delusional.

Another pertinent point to make – which will become unsettlingly apparent to the reader – is the cheer-leading and religious devotion from true believers, happily egging on their holey comrades in their quest to make excruciating Swiss cheese of themselves.

In the following collections of evidence I have decided that I will not redact names. The two closed groups have thousands of members and one only needs to request membership to be granted acceptance. The page is, of course, public. If regulators want evidence of this horrific practise, then, I figure the evidence needs to be there for them to chase up.

Names have not been left visible for the purpose of making fun of the individuals in any way. People in terrible situations can make terrible decisions. I know I have. And you will see how distressingly unfunny these decisions can be.

Having said that, the owners, leaders and administrators of these groups and pages deserve nothing less than prison terms.

Evidence of suppliers and manufacturers


July 5 2017, Belinda Gae Harris linked to her business YouTube video, of which I have downloaded a copy for keeps, promoting her products and showing how to make black salve:

August 29 2017, Harris listed the main suppliers of black salve:

August 23 2017:

August 24 2017:

July 25 2017, with TGA warning from one member:

July 28 2017, including a warning about the TGA from one member:

June 6 2017:

The Bloodroot Discussion Group

June 24 2015, shortly after Wichmann and Driver were deported from Thailand:

September 8 2017:

September 12 2017, capsules are produced so bloodroot can be ingested. This is based on the belief that the bloodroot hunts down cancer cells and pushes them out of the body:

September 16 2017:

Evidence of harm and disfigurement


August 1 2017, tumour on stomach, including input from admin Jane Beeby. Member may be in the USA:

March 26 2017, the late Lauri Bollinger of the US, breast cancer:

August 15 2017, breast:

August 14 2017, uterus and groin:

August 17 2017, including input from Jane Beeby:

August 17 2017, breast. Member is in the UK:

August 14 2017, admin Jane Beeby:

August 9 2017, breast:

July 22 2017, face:

July 21 2017, breast:

July 16 2017, admin Belinda Gae Harris exemplifies the religious zeal of this self-harm:

July 16 2017, spinal cord questions answered:

The Bloodroot Discussion Group

September 23 2017, male breast. Member in New Zealand:

September 20 2017, ear:

September 9 2017, breast:

August 30 3017, cheek. Member appears to be in the US:

July 21 2017, arm:

June 28 2017, under eye:

April 27 2017, neck:

April 14 2017, eyebrow:

March 1 2017, nose:

February 8 2017, face. Member location unknown:

December 17 2016, arm:

August 31 2016, September 22 2016, October 24 2016, calf:

August 4 2016, arm:

February 11 2016, under eye:

October 7 2015, arm:

Black Salve

August 29 2017, under armpit:

August 30 2017, skin tag on knee:

September 4 2017, nose:

September 1 2017, internally, for metastases:

September 12 2017, whitehead on neck:

September 13 2017, breast:

September 14 2017, breast:

September 18 2017, on biopsy wound on breast, and internally, for metastases:

September 30 2017, under eyebrow:

July 24 2017, on neck (image upside down):

July 22 2017, under eye:

May 26 2017, above eye:

September 26 2015, neck:

April 10 2015, nose:

July 5 2012, breast:

June 20 2012, temple:

April 18 2013, face:

And we haven’t even touched on the abuse of their animals, in all fora, due to time constraints.

August 13 2013:

Incredibly, Dogs NSW hosted one of the Panacea-BOCAF black salve spruikers on November 14 2015:

What you may not know is that there are a wide range of preventative measures and healing alternatives for you to explore. Ashtweth Palise from Panacea BOCAF (QLD) will be presenting his results on a revolutionary new approach to skin cancer for people and animals.

Thanks for reading.


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“Vaxxed” broadcasts claims that vaccines cause gay, lesbian and transgender people

One crucial thing the narcissistic, video-addicted, anti-vaccination leaders of Vaxxed have provided is evidence.

Only eighteen days ago I posted this: “Vaxxed” broadcasts violent threats against California senator and others. It contains damning video evidence of credible threats of violence, broadcast by the official Vaxxed Facebook page.

Only two months ago I posted this: How “Vaxxed” is anti-vaccine, in their own words. It contains thirty-four video snippets of damning evidence provided by Vaxxed and the disgraced Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. The collection is still live. More will be added.

The video evidence provided by Vaxxed and the AVN helped set another Australian precedent for the precedent-setting, foot-bulleting AVN: Polly Tommey – and likely-but-not-confirmed Suzanne Humphries – has been banned from entering Australia for three years. This, of course, will certainly flow onto other ant-vaccination liars who plan on entering Australia in the future. This is assured. In fact, it has already happened, with Age of Autism blogger Kent Heckenlively concocting a stunt which resulted in his banning.

On September 18 2017, just two days ago, Polly Tommey and the Vaxxed activists showed up in Houston, Texas, to protest an immunisation conference [edit: this conference now appears to have been a sham conference run by predatory publisher, OMICS. Oh dear]. Tommey broadcast a live video from outside the event, this video being about thirty minutes long.

AVN president Tasha David was caught on camera, with this estimated to be her fourth trip to the US, this year:

This latest David trip – which we suspect has also been taken on the dime of the marks of the AVN – is especially noteworthy when contrasted with this Meryl Dorey post on the AVN Facebook page, from yesterday, begging for donations for allegedly financially-strapped antivaxers:

But, AVNers are used to paying for things which were not stated when they donated their money. One wonders when they’ll see through the AVN.

One individual interviewed by Tommey, for the bulk of the Facebook Live video, is an Alabaman anti-vaccination activist named Sherrie Saunders (AKA Elaine Sherrie Saunders).

We have met Saunders before due to a previous video broadcast by the Vaxxed activists, in which Saunders made a series of dubious claims and outright falsehoods about her time as an army medic. Saunders falsehoods were brutally taken apart by Elyce Powers, here: Vaxxed: Tall Tales From The Road, Army Edition.

Saunders recently gained further notoriety when she made overtures to the Ku Klux Klan to join her in her anti-vaccination crusade:

Saunders’ Facebook profiles are filed with other hateful content and conspiracy theories, such as Morgellons and chemtrails. There is way too much to include, but, a few posts will give you a general idea.

There is anti-Semitism. The linked post includes this offensive text:

These Demons have been secretly worshipped by Jewish Kabbalaists for centuries. For the first time, we read the lists of Jewish Royal Families of Europe and their relationship to magicians and serial killers who abduct and murder children for their blood in order to ‘please’ these demons… British author, CHRIS EVERARD, has uncovered a giant network of Demon-worshippers called the ZEVITES…

These demons are described throughout history as the ‘Anunaki’, the ‘Fallen Ones’, the ‘Watchers’ and are given royal rank in various ancient books of Black Magic. British author, CHRIS EVERARD has been investigating an international network of Secret Societies who were formed by a man who was crowned ‘King of the Jews’ in the year 1666 – and he promoted the idea of killing, child rape, incest and prostitution – he became the MESSIAH OF EVIL, and his followers venerated these demons…

Message from the Author: Every page of this new digital book is fully illustrated, there is also a Further Reading and historical SOURCES list. No matter how many books you own about ‘Conspiracy Theories’, ANUNAKI DEMONS & the EVIL MESSIAH uncovers jaw-dropping evidence that many governments, the Vatican and many governments are controlled by a tiny elite of ‘Lords’ and politicians who worship these demons.

This anti-Semitic, FEMA, microchip, antivax staple meme:

This racist post:

And this bizarre conspiracy that the Titanic didn’t sink:

But, the Tommey interview takes the cake.

I’ve made a short video compilation so you don’t have to sit through the whole thirty minutes. Again, no context is lost by editing down this video into snippets. She really says this stuff. And Tommey inflames Saunders’ homophobic comments by adding to them.

Saunders is introduced by Tommey stating, “I love you…we love you.” Saunders states that obesity is caused by vaccines. Saunders states the primacy of chiropractors over paediatricians in paediatric care, with Tommey stating that chiros have more training than doctors. Saunders states that doctors as the minions of demons and Luciferians. Saunders states that an increase gay, lesbian and transgender people is caused by vaccines. Tommey states that, “if you’ve had a vaccine, you are not who you were meant to be.” Tommey also states that children are more likely to die if they are vaccinated:

This is Vaxxed. This is the AVN. This is their reality.


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