ABC News Brisbane regurgitates antivax PR spin from the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network

As most readers would already be aware, the anti-vaccination propaganda film, Vaxxed, is being given another run around the country by the antivaxers from the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. The film is already freely available online. I even posted recently, showing that the film is indeed antivax, as are its stars and producers, as proved by their own words. Most antivaxers who will pay to attend this round of screenings would have already paid to see it, either at previous screenings or online.

The promoters are also heavily marketing the film’s merchandise. It is clear that this is about cold, hard cash and, just today, the public were informed that four overseas representatives/stars of the movie have quietly slipped into Australia. This is, no doubt, a commercial enterprise:

This, of course, raises questions of the propriety of accepting demonstrable health menaces into the country – we certainly raise valid questions over the propriety of allowing pick-up artists entry, to hold seminars – as well as other questions about their visas.

Before we see the ABC news segment it should be noted, in passing, that, in the last few days, the AVN has made the following posts on its Facebook fora.

On July 20 2017, the AVN posted the lie that vaccines cause shaken baby syndrome. Remember, Meryl Dorey has previously made the quip that it should be called “shaken maybe syndrome”:

That’s correct: the AVN literally defends baby murderers. This is apart from the fact that Dorey and her AVN compare childhood immunisation to the “rape of a child” by doctors; or that Dorey frequently incites the vilification of bereaved parents who have lost babies to vaccine preventable diseases, or the abuse of and threats against public health personnel. Only two days ago Dorey posted a public warning to Malcolm Turnbull that she will “fight to the death” against his “evil plans”.

On July 19 2017, the AVN posted that vaccines are linked to depression:

Last night, July 22 2017, on its main Brisbane news broadcast, ABC News interviewed Meryl Dorey:

Now, thankfully the AVN was repeatedly called “anti-vaccination,” and Dorey’s comments were certainly surrounded by a complete shellacking of the debunked arguments underpinning Vaxxed, that vaccines cause autism; but, Dorey’s comments, in isolation, were not rebutted. And this is not the first time the ABC has erred in interviewing Dorey, to its own detriment.

Meryl Dorey has had numerous complaints upheld against her – well, against the poor producers and hosts who interviewed her – by ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs. In fact, so disreputable is Dorey that the ABC was forced to send out a memo warning its producers and hosts against interviewing her, due to Dorey’s inability to tell the truth.

Indeed, Dorey’s dishonesty even made it onto ABC’s Media Watch, in 2013, when a complaint was upheld against WIN News, by the media regulator, ACMA.

And let’s not forget about the oft-ignored glaring headline article that the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, and Dorey – named specifically – have a 2014 public health warning against them from the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

Why would anyone interview her at all? Does Australian media have such a short attention span?

Dorey featured in last night’s ABC News segment, twice.

First, Dorey was allowed to argue that her organisation is not anti-vaccine, because they don’t tell anyone not to vaccinate:

We do not tell people not to vaccinate. We don’t tell them to vaccinate. We simply say that vaccines are a medical procedure. And all medical  procedures have risks.

Whilst we will be hard-pressed to find anywhere where Dorey and her group have stated “do not vaccinate”, apart from their own words and merchandise, this old sleight-of-hand from Dorey is shown for the lie that it is by her own members, fans, and followers.

This 50-page document is an appendix that I added to a HCCC complaint that I submitted in 2012: Testimonials and examples from AVN members and supporters published by Meryl Dorey and the AVN:

This document sets out in detail how Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network have affected the health decisions of AVN members and supporters. The document contains concrete examples of individual cases, taken from the years 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

The examples are taken from many official AVN and related fora.

The document is full of comments like this:

It is thanks to [Meryl Dorey and the AVN] that we…decided not to vaccinate our daughter

And Dorey basked in the supportive comments from her followers. Her misinformation frequently got the results she was seeking: parents refused to immunise themselves and their children.

Second, Dorey was allowed to claim that previous screenings of the film were cancelled due to “threats” against the theatre. Dorey’s comments were wrapped by the reporter’s:

Jessica Lodge (reporter): Organisers are so concerned about the public backlash, they won’t reveal the locations of the screenings until shortly before it goes ahead.

Dorey: We had two screenings that were cancelled because of threats against the theatres where the screening were being held.

Jessica Lodge: And the group is expecting there’ll be even more to come.

This claim is one of Dorey’s stock-standard PR tools. The problem with this claim is that there is absolutely no evidence backing her claims about the theatre having received threats. The theatre in question is the Castlemaine Theatre, in Victoria. The lie that the theatre received threats was first told by Castlemaine Film Festival organiser – and antivaxer and Sandy Hook hoaxer – David Thrussell.  It was untrue then and it is untrue now.

Indeed, the only venues to receive threats over the holding of an anti-vaccination event received them from an anti-vaccination activist named Frank Vazquez, of Adelaide, who made bomb and arson threats against Australian venues who were eventually to cancel seminars being planned by US antivax nutter Sherri Tenpenny.

The reason that Dorey and her pressure group refuse to state the names of the venues is so that venues don’t see the public revulsion at their decision to host demonstrable public health threats in their premises.  No one likes to be linked to an organisation whose endeavours will see more dead babies, if successful. It is, as the AVN knows, bad PR.

So, here we are again. Dorey lies to the media. The media swallows her lies – and the ABC isn’t the only one, of late – and the AVN gets a free kick in the media for its latest money-making venture. And there’s nary a mention of any public health warnings, or Dorey’s and the AVN’s previous form.


Update July 23 2017

Right on cue, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network proves to us just how despicable they are, sharing a meme from No Vaccines Australia which compares the death of Riley Hughes to unsubstantiated, imagined deaths from vaccines:


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Australian anti-vaccination extremists send a threat to the Australian government

On July 21 2017, Meryl Dorey, the public officer of the disgraced anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, sent out a threat to the prime minister and his government:

This is what it looks like when the government of a free nation tries to enslave its citizens and they refuse to be put in chains.

When will Australia wake up to the fact that our government has sold us to corporate interests and will use us and our children for their own profit? When will we march in the streets in our tens of thousands as they do in Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden and across Europe to oppose illegal, immoral and unethical vaccine mandates and fines? Time to get off our arses and speak our names.

My name is Meryl Dorey and I am a free woman who will fight to the death to protect my children and the children and free adults of this previously democratic nation of Australia. Will you join me?

State your name. Turnbull et alia – learn our names and remember them. We WILL prevail. Your evil plans WILL fail. Never doubt it.

Of course, this is not the first time Dorey and her cabal of extremists have incited threats and abuse with their violent rhetoric; it is her stock in trade.


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Sandy Hook: the hideous messages still being sent to families

“Most conspiracy theories are, unless you’re the one pushing them, pretty absurdly funny. Conspiracy theorists are always good for a chuckle.

Until they aren’t.”

Dr Patrick Stokes – Why conspiracy theories aren’t harmless fun

Conspiracy theorists hurt people. They hurt real people who have already been hurt beyond the imagination of most of us. Anti-vaccination activists go after the families of babies who have died from whooping cough. Holocaust denialists compound the hurt suffered by Holocaust victims, survivors, and their families. And Sandy Hook hoaxers send death threats to the bereaved families of murdered elementary school children and their teachers. That’s only three examples. Pick a catastrophic event and there will be a denialist movement set up to question that the event ever happened.

Who does that?

Today we will be including a new collection of evidence showing that Sandy Hook hoaxers are still sending threats and other astonishingly offensive, abusive messages directly to the bereaved families of the Sandy Hook mass murder. The collection will be included at the end of this post.

We also want to promote the HONR Network, founded by Sandy Hook parent, Lenny Pozner, father of Noah Pozner.

The Sandy Hook Tragedy Didn’t End at Sandy Hook – You Can Help End It Now

We bring awareness to the cruelty and criminality of Hoaxer activity that perpetuates tragedies such as Sandy Hook and, if necessary, criminally and civilly prosecute those who wittingly and publicly defame, harass, and emotionally abuse the victims of high-profile tragedies and their family members. We intend to hold such abusers personally accountable for their actions, in whatever capacity the law allows.

In the aftermath of horrific tragedies such as the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Orlando Pulse nightclub, Santa Barbara, the Aurora Theater, and even the Boston Marathon bombing, an offensive element of society, known as ‘truthers’ have seized the opportunity to advance their conspiracy theorist mindset upon the masses, by posting a litany of various forms of speculation and disinformation on YouTube and social media sites. We refer to these individuals as ‘hoaxers’ because the core of their belief is that these violent tragedies were simply Hoaxes, perpetrated by the government to more easily limit civil liberties, especially those involving the second amendment.

Rather than focusing their delusional grievances and accusations on authorities, the Hoaxers take the path of least resistance, harassing and emotionally abusing the victims’ family members online, on the telephone, and even in person (see Sandy Hook Denier Arrested After Death Threats Made to Parent of Victim).

So, how can we help? You can take action alongside the HONR Network; or, you can simply report and flag hoaxer and related vileness whenever you come across it. You can turn this into a habit: if you see it, report it; it doesn’t take long. From what I have witnessed, first-hand, this can be a successful method of having this offensive material quickly removed from YouTube and other social media platforms.

Most of us are repulsed by the activities of conspiracy theorists who attack bereaved families. There is no point in all of us expressing our rage every time another nadir is reached by conspiracy theorists. We can do something about it. We need to do something about it.

How are these families, so incomprehensibly and violently transgressed, ever allowed to grieve? How can they go on? How do they go on, being threatened and vilified on top of the horrific emotional wounds which would destroy many of us; one evil compounded upon another? Why do we allow the people in these short videos to suffer, even more than before, at the hands of conspiracy theorists?

From ABC’s Foreign Correspondent, June 28 2016 (watch Lisa Millar’s full Foreign Correspondent episode further down below):

On July 1 2016, Lisa Millar also published a Foreign Correspondent follow-up article on the threats and abuse received by Sandy Hook families:

It continues to this day.

“F*** you!! Your child never died at Sandy Hook,” is one among thousands of online posts that Lenny and Veronique Pozner have had to deal with as they mourn their six-year-old son Noah.

“Where’s Noah going to die next?” is another.

On March 31 2017, Hannah D’Avino – whose sister, Rachel, a behavioural therapist, was murdered at Sandy Hook – told Mike Wendling of the BBC about the regular death threats she and her family still receive from hoaxers:

On March 31 2017, Lenny Pozner also spoke to Mike Wendling about the hoaxers, and what he does about them:

On December 8 2016, Lenny Pozner was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN about the impact of Sandy Hook hoaxers on his family, and the actions taken to hold these hoaxers to  account. It is worthwhile watching this whole 8-minute interview:

One of the hoaxers mentioned by Anderson Cooper, above, is Lucy Richards, since sentenced to five months in prison for her death threats made to Lenny Pozner:


The other hoaxer mentioned, above, by Anderson Cooper is James Tracy, a now-former Florida Atlantic University communications professor who made his outrageous allegations immediately following the murders at Sandy Hook:

Tracy’s comments from January 11 2013 are demonstrably worthy of the scorn and disbelief afforded them by Cooper:

Another of the main Sandy Hook hoaxers is a person by the name of Wolfgang Halbig:

Halbig also spoke to Mike Wendling of the BBC, on March 31 2017, in a sickening display of disingenuous, mock concern for the families about whom he lies:

Another more recent hoaxer is a New York troll named Felix Pantaleon.

Recently, Pantaleon – an anti-Semitic, right-wing Trump fan and wannabe-anon who still has a Myspace page – was so incensed that Lenny Pozner and HONR had exposed him that he went whining to the police about being targeted online, filing false and vexatious police reports against Lenny Pozner. Pantaleon posts most of his abuse and threats on YouTube and on Google Plus, in his conspiracy group – under several usernames – a group which includes threats made against Lenny Pozner which feature sniper rifle emoticons:

Pantaleon has been threatening Lenny Pozner for many months, accusing him of being a “child abuser” and lying about online posts:

Pantaleon has also been threatening to doxx Lenny Pozner. It is no secret that Lenny Pozner – like other Sandy Hook families – has had to move house several times because of threats from hoaxers:


Collection of threats and abuse

Example of a death threat posted to Lenny Pozner’s YouTube channel, by Andrew Vaessen:

ha Lenny soon the world will all know what you did then where going to come after you and kill you slowly you fucken cunt

The death threats left on Lenny Pozner’s voicemail, by Lucy Richards, on January 10 2016:

Broadcast on June 28 2016, ABC journalist Lisa Millar revisited Sandy Hook parents she had met several years earlier. The remarkable half-hour Foreign Correspondent episode was uploaded to Lenny Pozner’s HONR Network YouTube channel:

These are the comments which appear directly underneath that YouTube video:

Andy Gaunt 3 weeks ago


Andy Gaunt 3 weeks ago


Brian Campbel 4 months ago

There is a very special place in hell for all the participants in the Sandy Hook Hoax. You are not even human beings…You are freakin monsters. The most pathetic miscreants on the planet earth. The slime at the bottom of the swamp called the US Government. And I hope what little is left of your own concience and human emotions like SHAME,GUILT & REMORSE over what you have participated in haunts you day & night for the rest of your miserable sell-out lives.

Mike Hunt 6 months ago

Shut your lying fucking face. I wish I could throw a bomb though you window! Don’t like what I say then send the so called authorities after me.

Paquita 7 months ago

You fake, criminal Sandy Hook parents are disgusting. How dare you insult the countless parents that have truly lost their children. No, I will NOT be donating and no, I will not be giving up my gun……I spit on all of you propagandists.

On July 5 2017, Leif Derek Truitt sent this to Lenny Pozner:

On June 14 and June 15 2017, Wolfgang Halbig sent the following emails to Lenny Pozner:

Subject: CLEAR NO WIRES HELICOPTER VIEW [aerial image attached]










Subject: I have NO reason as of today to doubt that 20 children and 6 educators did not die at Sandy Hook. As of today they are all dead until proven otherwise.


Alex Jones has a child right?

Would he if living in Newtown Ct before the shooting had even taken place send his 1 first grade child into that filthy and deplorable looking school that was used as a Toxic waste Dump every single school day?…

Filthy and deplorable looking Elementary School

Think…put your parent hat on for just a few minutes and tell me that you would expose your child K-4 grade to high levels of Asbestos every single school day that is friable?

Tell me that you would send your k-4 grade child into that elementary with the highest levels of lead paint every single school day?

Tell me that you would send your K-4 grade into a elementary school in which the groundwater under the school is fully loaded with PCB’S as well as inside the school?

Every parent who lost a child at Sandy Hook and every loved one who lost a husband or wife or finance on that tragic day should be ashamed  by standing by and exposing their loved ones to serious life long health risks.

Who would do that to their precious child or loved one?

Why would anyone have worked at Sandy Hook Elementary School knowing that it was a filthy and deplorable looking school loaded with Toxic Waste?

These parents, the Newtown School Superintendent, the Newtown CT School Board members but most of all it was the parents who failed their children by sending them to this Toxic Elementary School every day.

These people lived in $500,000 thousand dollar homes and yet they failed their own child in exposing them to life long serious health problems.  Why?

20 children and 6 educators died at Sandy Hook as far as I know it.

But, they should have never died in such filth and exposed to Toxic Waste every single school day.

I always thought that the parents highest priority was the safety of their child?

You can blame people for questioning Sandy Hook School Shooting Massacre, but you need to questions your parental responsibility first.

Why would you do that to your own innocent and precious child who depends on the parents to keep them safe.


On June 10 2o17, Lori Rogers posted the following comments to a Pozner family YouTube video:

Was that done in Pakistan or Newtown Connecticut…? LOL sorry Noah!!!

gmedack no no one was murdered sorry… now maybe they are truly dead but not in the FAKE SANDYHOOK LIE!!! Sorry do your research there is zero evidence zero evidence in this case… And I don’t take “well it was ON the news”!!! So give me evidence that is court worthy and then I will redact my comment!

No I will not go away these people have stolen millions and millions of dollars from innocent good hearted people that have been lied to by these liars… The POZNERS should stop posting these bullshit videos for sympathy..oh yeah I’m the stupid one yeah right you guys are buying into these bullshit lies because what they’re on TV?? I’m sure all of you think that 9/11 happened by Osama bin Laden .. The same man that has visited the White House! Stop watching mainstream media and start doing some research of your own!!!! There are plenty of other people just like myself that will not go away or be Silenced by LIARS LIKE LENNY OR THE WHEELERS!!! Thanks and have a good day and do yourself a favor watch the video

Geri Medack Who is following me?? I don’t have a YouTube channel that I make videos on..I am simply someone. Who does not follow mainstream media and I do independent research on such things as Sandyhook 9/11 the Manchester bombing the Boston bombing The Oklahoma bombing Or any other bombing or shooting that The aftermath is to take my civil liberties away such as THE Patriot Act OR MY GUN RIGHTS ( The 2nd Amendment)!!! SO For people like you that just want to rollover and have your government LIE to you and then one by one take your CIVIL LIBERTIES Away.. then that’s on you but I’m not that stupid nor a SHEEP SO BAHH BAHHH you FOOLS!!

Geri Medack why don’t you fucking listen to what these phony fake fucking parents LIKE THE POZNERS & WHEELERS & All the Rest of the crisis Actors are trying to do JACKASS!!! They’re trying to take away the guns in Florida after the fucking FAKE PULSE shooting … It’s an agenda!! It’s The Hegelian Dialectic. PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION .. You’re just a moron…YOU simpleton just keep living in your fairytale .. that your government is honest and they’re looking out for the best interest of all of US!!! GOOD SHEEP

On June 9 2017, Red Dogg Truth left this comment on a Noah Pozner memorial birthday video:

On June 9 2017, this YouTube comment was left on one of Lenny Pozner’s videos:

On June 6 2017, Frederick Muhlbauer sent this email to Lenny Pozner:

On May 20 2017, Lenny Pozner received this email:

May I call you Lenny, even though your mother probably called you Leonard….Such a nice Jewish boy .Oh Vey!

They say you are just part of the”shadow powers of lies.
So I am curious to know how did your supposed son have his picture with the supposed dead in the supposed slaying of children in Pakistan?
So with all this stuff back and forth with the truthers and the halbig guy and the guests on Caravan To Midnight,Alex Jones,Jeff Rense.Jim Fetzer, Etc, Etc.
How come someone like yourself has not presented proof of the SH slaying so we can call it a day. Why the vagueness?
Are you really only a fictitious person….I am hearing rumors….and I say rumors, that indeed pediphilia is involved with the SH cover-up.
YIKES STRIPES…can you feel their spikes….What a horrible thing to say.
I will tell you I dont know a thing but the SH deal with Pres Obummer doesn’t prove a God Damned thing. I trust him like I trust a infected whore.
Another peculiar person, although I can not condemn him since I have not concrete evidence suspicious presence, is in fact that this John Woodall. He seems to pop up whenever there is a disaster. And to think his hometown
is in Newton CT. hmmm he shows up after 911, and Boston Bombing as well. What really blows my mind is that he is a good member within The Baha’i Community.
Now my dear Lenny…..How could it be possible that a member of the Baha’i Faith in good standing be involved in help perpetrating such a gigantic lie and play along with such deception?
It boggles all logic to us Sherlock Holmes types. Well this may be a case for BOND, JAMES BOND…oh wait a minute…He is MI6 which is cousins with the CIA.
I want to bring in the Rothschild Banking family but they get way too much play from the Truthers.
So Lenny end the curiosity of many by proving SH was not a false flag.
I hope you are not an Atheist.
Little secret……………………………………………………
GOD KNOWS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And we will continue to seek for the truth on these matters so it be revealed to humanity PRONTO! Say hello to the Boys 4 me….hahahaha


Tu Pisano

Amario Cascio who fights the illuminati with one hand tied behind his back!!!

On April 4 2017, Vincent Colantuoni sent the following emails to Lenny Pozner:

Challenged by another HONR member, Colantuoni offered this in response:

On March 23 2017, Sam Gallant posted this comment underneath one of Lenny Pozner’s memorial videos for Noah, on Google Plus:

On February 16 2017, this email was sent to Lenny Pozner:

On December 14 2016, Matthew Dean posted this Facebook comment to Lenny Pozner:

On December 10 2016, Anthony Hunsberger sent the following Facebook direct messages to Lenny Pozner:

On December 4 2016, one of Lenny Pozner’s Google Plus videos was shared, along with this abuse:

On December 4 2016, this comment was posted to the HONR Network’s Google Plus page, by Julio Amparo:

On December 1 2016, Julio Amparo left this abusive comment on a video he shared from the HONR Network, on Google Plus:

On November 14 2016, Gene Rosen sent this abusive email to Lenny Pozner:

On November 14 2016, this abusive text message was sent to Lenny Pozner’s phone:

On October 14 2016, Felix Pantaleon sent a false and defamatory email to an apartment complex, hoping to gain personal and residential information on Lenny Pozner. The apartment complex promptly sent the email on to Lenny:

On September 17 2016, Trevor Colyn sent this Facebook direct message to Lenny Pozner:

In early 2016, Daniella Thoelen sent this message to Lenny Pozner, via YouTube:

This is an even earlier, common example of the type of direct messages which are sent to Sandy Hook families:

Of course, needless to say, this list is not exhaustive. These were just some of the examples of the torment handed out to bereaved families, from multiple tragedies, by conspiracy theorists.

Hold them to account. Make them answerable.


Listen to the following interview, featuring HONR member Marcus Mancini, on Connecticut radio station WATR. Published overnight, the segment is a masterpiece: HONR Volunteer, M. G. Mancini, speaks with WATR.COM Radio.  

“The criminality and the hate that’s been levied toward these families is frankly sickening.”

As harassment of victims of tragedies increases, HONR Network urges responsible citizens to take action against hoaxers.

“It’s the right thing to do…it takes 60 seconds of your time.”



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Auckland mothers aim to deliberately infect children with chicken pox and measles

Measles kills. Chicken pox kills. Yes, the severity varies immensely, case by case. But, these illnesses are not harmless childhood diseases. Outbreaks of these diseases are a public health nightmare.

The measles and chicken pox vaccines are safe, and they are effective. There is no good reason to deliberately infect your child, nor anyone else’s child, with these vaccine-preventable diseases. There is good reason why public health workers were aghast, the last time we saw this irresponsible activity planned by anti-vaccination activists.

These antivax, childhood infectious disease advocates, in the official Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand Facebook group – a group run by the president of the discredited Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Tasha David, along with other Vaxxed leaders, like child-abuser Sarah Cox – have posted their plans to hold chicken pox parties, extending out to the deliberate spread of the measles virus, including plans to send infectious material, via international post, to Australia.

Asked about this Vaxxed ANZ Facebook thread, New Zealand public health expert, Dr Helen Petousis-Harris – from the Immunisation Advisory Centre at the University of Auckland – stated, today:

What would possess a parent who actually cares about their child to place them in the direct path of pneumonia, cellulitis, encephalitis, meningitis, sepsis, requirement for intensive care, brain damage and yes, possibly death. This is like placing them on the motorway and assuming all the cars will swerve and miss them.

On July 11 2017, Auckland resident, Teena Rose Hauwai, posted her plans to hold a chicken pox party, inviting others to join. The post has been shared 31 times, so far:


Hi all, parents in Auckland, my 2yr old has chickenpox currently if anyone that hasn’t had it wants LIFETIME NATURAL IMMUNITY!! Pm’s welcome. We’re in Birkenhead, North Shore, you’re welcome
Nau mai, haere mai!!

Inept Australian anti-vaccination liar Bronwyn Hancock, a veteran enemy of public health, provided advice on how to deceive local public health units into locating outbreaks:

The Commonwealth Government publishes fortnightly reports of incidences of infectious diseases: which could be helpful.

Plus of course outbreaks are often reported in the media, so you can regularly do a search using the keywords “news chickenpox outbreak”.

You could also ask your state health department (in NSW the local public health unit might be more helpful). If they think that you are asking because you want to keep your children AWAY from any such outbreak they would be more motivated to help of course , though it would seem odd to ask them without saying that you have already heard any news or rumour of a local outbreak.

Lisa Welbourne, also of Auckland, joined with Hauwai in plans to deliberately infect their children with measles:

LW: I am pre-ordering measles if anyone is willing to share please

TRH: Hehe!! That’s the spirit

LW: Been trying for ages Teena

TRW:  Nice! If you’re in Auckland we’ll definitely be keen to tag along also  

Chris Phillips, of South Australia, requested that infectious swabs be sent to her via post:

CP: Can you swab and send me some
In Australia !!

Richelle Coombs: Me too please

CP:  Richelle Coombs I keep asking but no one will
They only have to swab the lesion put it in a plastic bag !
Maybe they are worried they would get into trouble ??
Might be OK to swab and send it in a small souvenir packet
Willing to pay for all and souvenir !

RC:  Lol good idea Chris:)why would they get in trouble why would customs even test it? There would have to be a way if getting it here or even better someone here must have it lol where do you live Chris?

CP: Richelle Coombs you can’t send toxins through post lol
It might cure people !!!
Rural south Australia
Almost two hours from Adelaide !
Most locals in nearest town would hyperventilate if I even said the words chicken pox !!’
It’s true what they say about a lot of country folk !!!
They gladly run around after vaccinating but freak if you don’t vaccinate :: idiots

If we needed further evidence that the anti-vaccination campaigners from Vaxxed are a direct threat to public health, we certainly got it.


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How “Vaxxed” is anti-vaccine, in their own words

There are many articles already published showing why the fantasy-film, Vaxxed, is an abomination of anti-vaccination propaganda based deeply within the conspiratorial minds of its creators and those who lap it up. For an excellent compendium of such articles, please see our friends at Losing in the Lucky Country‘Vaxxed’ Debunked – a selection of references:

There is absolutely no doubt that the fraudumentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe” is demonstrably bogus nonsense.

It is also potentially very harmful nonsense and as such deserves to be debunked when the opportunity arises. There are a huge number of references that outline just why, and indeed how, this intellectual revulsion is firmly discredited by evidence. More so, there are a range of approaches presented in various critiques. This isn’t a result of authors seeking to be creative. Rather the final product of Vaxxed is so egregiously wrong on so many levels, it can be nudged into a pile of rubble from so many angles.

Interestingly the argument can be made that the main claim put forward in Vaxxed helped in destroying any attempt at credibility. The story of a so-called CDC whistleblower was easily revealed as bogus. The companion claim, that suppressed data showing a 340% increased risk of autism among specific populations of African-American boys resonated only in the echo chambers of antivaccinationists.

Recently, we’ve seen how official Vaxxed New Zealand spokesperson – and child abuser – Sarah Cox, called for the execution of award-winning journalist, Brian Deer. We also saw how the official Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand Facebook group – run by AVN president Tasha David – was used to attack and vilify the mother of deceased baby boy, Riley Hughes, and the Light for Riley campaign.

Today, I want to allow the creators and promoters of Vaxxed to speak for themselves – to show that the movie is, as opposed to their own claims to the contrary, anti-vaccine – via a series of very short videos contained in my Vaxxed Greatest Hits YouTube playlist. It is worth watching the videos, now featured below; many of them are under one minute long; and they all retain the context in which the excerpts first appeared.

Anti-vaccination activists need to obfuscate. They know the term “anti-vaccine” stinks. They will do anything to deny that what they are doing is anti-vaccine. Wakefield even disingenuously states, in Vaxxed, that a regime of safe immunisation is a laudable notion. We know he doesn’t mean it. We know that Wakefield and his personality-cult do not think that there are any safe vaccines. That’s about as supportive of immunisation as Vaxxed gets.

In press conferences, held at the time of the film’s release, the creators were adamant that the film was not anti-vaccine.

The vanity-film’s star, producer, and director, Andrew Wakefield stated:

The most important thing is it is not anti-vaccine. It is about safe and effective vaccines for children against serious infectious disease. It has been portrayed as an anti-vaccine movie. It is most certainly not that.

The film’s star and producer – and Foghorn Leghorn impersonator – Del Bigtree stated:

This is not an anti-vaccine movie. This is a movie about making vaccines safer

The film’s distributor, Cinema Libre chairman, Philippe Diaz stated:

 This film is not anti-vaccine

Interestingly, this clip from Vaxxed – of Andrew Wakefield stating that “every healthy child in the world” is at risk of autism from vaccines – gives their game away:

Another common lie told about the film, by its promoters and devotees, is that the film is solely about the MMR vaccine, and not about any others. In September 2016, anti-vaccination activist, Sandy Hook hoaxer, and Vaxxed promoter, David Thrussell, lied to the media about the film:

For the record, ‘VAXXED’ is not an ‘anti-vaccination’ film. It raises potential questions about one specific vaccine. The film makes this clear repeatedly.


He said those demanding it not be shown had not seen the film. “I have seen the film and it’s been grossly misrepresented. It’s not an anti-vax film, it’s about a whistle blower.

To counter these common mistruths told by the film’s promoters and creators, I have created this 5-minute compilation of excerpts from Vaxxed, in which it is demonstrated that other vaccines are also attacked. Although the bulk of the film is dedicated to the debunked CDC/MMR conspiracy theory, it is clear that whooping cough immunisation is also falsely blamed for causing autism, as well as other “mercury” or “toxin” containing vaccines, vaccines given at 6 months of age (which cannot be the MMR), and even the Gardasil vaccine is mentioned (it is seen in document form on the computer screen of anti-vaccination activist, Brandy Vaughan):

Adding to the antivax credentials of the film is the latest official campaign from the filmmakers, teaming up with Australia’s premier, disreputable, discredited, callous anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network – an organisation which has the dubious honour of having a public health warning issued against it for its rampant, dishonest anti-vaccinationism – in this new antivax caravan of carnage:

Also busily plugging the new, national liefest across the internet is AVN founder Meryl Dorey, herself known for many hideous acts, among them stating that vaccination is the same as the rape of a child:

Even less than one month ago, the official Vaxxed Facebook page shared this defiantly antivax video from US antivaxer Marcella Piper-Terry, a person more well-known among evidence-based readers as the person who also declared that vaccination is the same as rape:

The whole Vaxxed campaign is anti-vaccine. Do not be fooled by anti-vaccinationists who really do have their infected fingers in this steaming cow-pie.

Warn your families. Warn your friends. The clown car is coming to town.


July 24 2017, in Australia, Vaxxed star and producer, Polly Tommey, states that it only takes one vaccine to kill your child:

July 24 2017, in Australia, Tommey, states that there is no such thing as a safe vaccine; AVN public officer and founder, Meryl Dorey, nods in agreement:

July 24 2017, in Australia, Vaxxed star, Brian Hooker, states that children should receive no vaccines:

July 24 2017, in Australia, Hooker states that vaccines are poison:

July 29 2017, in Australia, Tommey, states that vaccines kill and that doctors are killers:

July 29 2017, in Australia, Tommey states that doctors are murdering our children:

July 31 2017, in Australia, Tommey tells attendees that travel vaccines for an Africa trip are not worth it:

August 2 2017, in Australia, Tommey states that the best safe vaccine is no vaccine:

August 2 2017, in Australia, Tommey claims that immunisation is the cause of many unrelated health issues, including dead babies:

July 26 2017, in Australia, Vaxxed star, Brian Hooker – in response to hearing that Light for Riley had managed to have tens of thousands of vaccines donated to UNICEF, in the names of the AVN and Vaxxed – states that he will toss the measles vaccines in the river:

March 27 2016, Bigtree lauds Wakefield as a martyr:

March 27 2016, Bigtree repeats the antivax lie that vaccines are injected into the bloodstream of babies:

March 27 2016, Bigtree tells the lie that the CDC reproduced Wakefield’s findings:

July 5 2016, Vaxxed star, Polly Tommey states that Senator Dr Richard Pan and others who are responsible for the SB277 school vaccination legislation in California are murderers, with blood on their hands, and that Pan and others need to “be scared, because we are coming for you”:

July 9 2016, Tommey tells her Vaxxed audience to “stay away from paeditricians…they are dangerous”:

July 9 2016, Bigtree equates public immunisation campaigns as the same as Nazis coming for the Jews in 1930s Germany:

July 9 2016, Bigtree screams about bodily sovereignty and tells his Vaxxed audience to stay out of vaccinating paediatricians’ offices:

July 11 2016, Tommey states bluntly that there is no safe vaccine:

June 17 2016, Tommey congratulates the work of NZ Vaxxed leader, antivax activist Sarah Cox:

October 5 2016, Vaxxed NZ leader Sarah Cox and Australian anti-vaccination activist Tanya Hammond boast of their anti-vaccination beliefs:

October 15 2016, Bigtree claims that vaccines are not safe or effective, and repeats a series of lies about vaccine ingredients, among them that vaccines contain “antifreeze”:

The Lies of Vaxxed series:

Related Vaxxed videos

June 24 2016, Bigtree equates kids with autism to dogs and chimpanzees:

June 11 2016, Tommey states that she will never judge a parent who  murders their autistic child:

June 11 2016, Bigtree calls for anti-vaccination activists to take up their guns:

June 2016, Bigtree issues a bizarre rant against a public health letter which he calls “gestapo”:

June 2016, Bigtree issues a bizarre zika virus conspiracy rant:

September 24 2016, Wakefield accuses Australian critics of his film of government endorsed domestic terrorism:

June 20 2016, Bigtree and Tommey promote and call for support for convicted child killers, David and Collet Stephan. This is real. Actual child killers are promoted by Vaxxed:


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Light for Riley attacked in official Vaxxed group run by AVN president

Picture a round-table populated by untreated, angry perianal abscesses, each with their own internet connection. That’s the Australian anti-vaccination movement: infected; weeping offensive, purulent exudate; ready to explode at the slightest of prodding; causing excruciating pain; adjacent to faeces and often indistinguishable from it; carving out distressing fistulas from where its festering message can newly seep.

At the precise moment when the discredited, antivax Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network is busily plugging its joint-venture with the makers of the antivax fantasy-film, Vaxxed, antivaxers in the official Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand Facebook group are busily lying about and vilifying Catherine Hughes and her deceased baby boy, Riley.

The official Vaxxed ANZ group is run by AVN president, Tasha David; AVN member and Vaxxed organiser, Jennifer Smith; and NZ child-abuser and official Vaxxed leader, Sarah Cox. Readers would recognise Cox from her recent threats to hang award-winning journalist Brian Deer:

It was only two weeks ago that Catherine Hughes was forced to issue a statement against lies being posted by antivaxers. These are the facts surrounding Riley’s death from whooping cough:

Catherine Hughes’ Statement:

Riley wasn’t born premature at all, he was born perfectly healthy at full term. We went out in public (park, beach, childcare drop-off for his sister etc) so to say he was “only surrounded by vaccinated individuals” is completely incorrect as the majority of the population are not up to date on their whooping cough boosters.

I’d never heard of “vitamin c protocol” until antivaxers bombarded us after he died. I then discussed this with Riley’s hospital and also with leading pertussis experts in Australia and the UK who said there was no evidence behind the so-called protocol.

Riley was breastfed and then fed breastmilk through a NG tube when in hospital. Not sure what the feeding stuff has to do with it… babies with infections don’t feed as much and that’s what prompted me to take him to hospital.

I’d never heard of the McCafferys til I received a brochure about whooping cough a day or two before Riley died, which had Dana’s story and their Facebook page printed on it. I reached out to them the same night Riley died because I was at a loss and I think I was in shock.

We set up the Light for Riley page pretty early on because our personal profiles were being contacted incessantly and photos being taken by the media. We also thought a page was more beneficial for the fundraising we wanted to do for whooping cough research.

The professional logo was done a few weeks later from a graphic designer who was touched by Riley’s story and offered to do it. [The initial logo was quickly made by] one of my friends in my mums’ group I think. She got each of them to change their profile pic to that for a few days/weeks and then we used it on the Fb page until the graphic designer contacted us and made the current one.

Riley’s grandparents are not nor ever were original Stop the AVN members, that is the strangest claim of all. I did like the page years before all this happened because I have always been opposed to unscientific views and supportive of vaccines.

On June 26 2017, this article was posted to the Vaxxed ANZ group, kicking off another round of antivax attacks on Catherine Hughes and Light for Riley:

Chrystal Shirtcliffe

9 News Perth:

Baby Riley was 32-days old when he sadly died from the vaccine-preventable disease whooping cough. What originally started as a common cold, tragically ended with little Riley passing away in his mother’s arms.

What follows are the lies about Riley’s death, and the vilification of Catherine Hughes, by anti-vaccination activists. All names are included, and Facebook profile usernames linked, to prove provenance.

Karen Harris so was the mother vaccinated? Where did he pick up the whooping cough infection from?

Carla Graham He caught it from an older sibling who picked it up at daycare. Lot’s of vaccinated silent carriers there.

Peta Dowle is an administrator of the Vaxxed ANZ group:

Peta Dowle How many babies have been maimed, have suffered, or have died (recorded officially or not) because advocates, including his parents have used Riley’s death to promote pharmaceutical products. How many babies have died because of Riley?

Kathy Austin Infectious diseases account for around `% of infant deaths….

Diane Swan Riddock Soper hey kill there natural immunity as soon as they are born. With Hep B vaccine which is for drug addicts and prostitutes, Maybe if they are going to be hanging around with that type but there goes what immunity their mother built for them over the 9 months. You should not go near anyone that is immunesuppressed if you have had a vaccine.

Carla Graham It is a bit hard to tell because the records are fudged but that vaccine directly kills around a hundred babies a year in Australia.

Peta Dowle There is no light in using a baby’s death for political purpose.

Anne-marie Stewart Gees they are really pushing this one at present huh.

Michael Caraher and if the media was being honest they would have reported that the baby died from heart failure as complications to …………….guess we will never know …..most likely the high dose multi intravenous anti biotics they use as routine treatment

Jan M Cooper Why is this story being dragged up again???? It’s very very sad that this little darling passed away, but he died of Pneumonia which was a SECONDARY complication of Whooping Cough! ie Whooping Cough was not the primary cause of death, as is being constantly stated in the media!

Carla Graham They keep using it because there are very few babies who die of WC and they have to get maximum milage out of this one. Also his mother agreed to that propoganda site, Light for Riley. Apparently the government asked her to do it, that’s what I heard, anyway.

Anna Harpley It is disgusting that a death is being used for propaganda. Baby Riley may also have died a few months later from neurotoxin overload. Very sad.

Sharon Follows Why are they bringing this old news back?

Kylie Metje I think his mum keeps rehashing it…. I guess it’s her coping mechanism…

Kylie Metje I can’t imagine her grief but as someone who must now be educated with whooping cough quite well it’s hard to believe she can’t see the bigger picture a bit, but I guess she will believe what she wants to believe… anyone who can’t say there is two sides to this issue is not even worth having a conversation with!

John Yiannis Death by medical intervention

Kay Vickery Could have been preventable if the baby was kept out of shopping centres…

Connie Wilson If this mother was recently vaccinated for whooping cough she spread it to her own baby and killed it. Pitty she didnt request vitamin c drip baby may have survived.

Matthew Dexter Its so sad that the mother has become the perfect poster mother for vaccines, she is being used and does not even realise she is so wrong with all that she is doing!

Helena Kresina Offs

Sara Manno-Lampasona Again ,,grrrrr,,,,

Sara Manno-Lampasona Sadly, the cold, hard truth, vaccinate while pregnant or vax yourself or your children, this WILL happen! Stop blaming everyoneeeeeeeee else!,,

Connie Wilson Parents are killing their own children by spreading the diseases from the vaccines they are choosing to blindly have.

Prue Neiberding I always think the photo of mother and child in the park with his tiny bare legs exposed telling. Don’t cart your teensy baby around to every dogfight and wrap the poor little pets up

Helena Kresina Ya, it tells me she is stupid. The articles confirm it!

Kate Researchit Baby had already received at least birth vaccines, THEREFORE baby’s t cells were suppressed and that made baby susceptible to everything. Dtap cannot provide immunity, it does Not contain the pertussis bacteria! Immunity is IMPOSSIBLE. It contains the toxiod. Which is what makes you sick. Think on that for a while.

Susan Kassandra I am disgusted that they use the pain and grief of
These parents to promote fear. If you wish to point the finger. I would love to know how many refugees are completely vaccinated. I would also love to know if this child was around anyone that had been vaccinated and was shedding the disease. Unfortunately children die and it’s always horrid however to use it for fear mongering is just wrong.

Kerrie Ribergaard I agree

Onnika Van Rooyen It’s almost a pattern. Before they bring out a “new” vaccine they start scaring people and suddenly a few weeks later there is a new booster or vaccine and then every misinformed scared parent runs to the nearest clinic. U will all see a couple of weeks from now there will be a new preventable booster for whooping cough designed by Tom, dick and harry

Alison Lagertha Phoenix This was years ago. Whooping cough deaths in infants are so rare that they have to use this story again and again.

Alison Hedlund Could have been caused by the vaccine.

Renee-Ryan Ramone You wana know how you prevent this disease…..look after your child’s immune system, make sure they have a fighting chance when/if they contract it.
Sick of seeing these kind of comments here. Push your vaccines elsewhere, considering that it’s not just the bloody pertussis vaccine that you get when wanting a whooping cough vaccination. It is in no freaking way effective!!!!!!! But does cause a lot of cases of whooping cough to be spread to these poor babies of ill informed parents!!!

Luke Bennett Considering the mother would have had the TDaP while pregnant we know where the baby was introduced to the virus. And considering the baby would have had the vit k and hep b at birth we can safely assume there was more underlying causes that contributed to this childs death. If no vaccines were given this child would have had a much better chance of survival

Mickaela Bakker “Catherine did everything right. She loved and cared for Riley each and every day. She trusted her insticts. The family diligently complied with the Australian vaccination schedule.”
Lol they label the article as if the baby wasn’t vaccinated to scare people, it was and it died

Sue Rope Ne Hennessy Was the baby vaccinated?

Mickaela Bakker Yes

Sue Rope Ne Hennessy Cheers

Mickaela Bakker “The family diligently complied with the Australian vaccination schedule”

Tenielle Styles I read on a different post that Riley was only 32 days old and couldn’t be vaccinated

Sue Rope Ne Hennessy Tenielle Styles thats what I thought.. where does it say the wee baby was vaccinated. Web need to get this right..

Debra May Sue Rope Ne Hennessy he wasn’t yet vaccinated with dtap, but had obviously had his hep b at birth

Sue Rope Ne Hennessy Debra May Yes just trying to work out the whooping cough .. did his mum have the vax when pregnant.. I am trying to share all truthful correct info (We have to be right), and sure I get it wrong, but if we are going to tell our stories and fight to have free choice to vaccinate of not vaccinate we need to try to get it right.. as they the pro vaxxers and trolls.. etc sure chuck enough crap at us..

Pearl Giles Written by mediahoes …paid by pharma

Sumukhi Dasi Not again. Millions of babies and infants have died from vaccine induced injuries since this one little boy in a million. I don’t feel one bit more sorry for her karma than any of the millions who have lost their babies to this new age scientism religion. One child amongst millions of children is a fair sacrifice for the herd according to them, he’s the only one they have, they should stop vaccinating all babies and infants on this principle alone, that they use all the time against every vax injured or vaxxed dead child.

Ruth Zarganis Its so simple. Those people have had the whooping cough vaccine shed the virus even though they don’t feel the symptoms they are highly contagious. Not knowing this is KILLING babies. RIP little one

Acacia Smith The mother of this child is pushing for the whole cell vaccine to come back and replace the acellular version. She knows the acellular is useless but is now on the warpath. She doesn’t care if, again, babies and children are maimed and killed by the whole cell vaccine. She has a misguided sense of justice. Very sad.

Stephanie Mormanis One story regurgitated over and over. Surely they realise it’s no longer news and pure fear mongering.

Pene Peabutton If only this mother realized the vaccines he received at birth affected his immune system and poor lil Riley wasnt strong enough becos of the vaccinations

Sumukhi Dasi Every day we hear stories like this one, that is totally ignored by the mainstream media. Why doesn’t selfish Rileys mum cry over this death and demand we stop giving babies the poisonous MMR vax?

Judy D’Attoma She’s not selfish.. she’s grieving and looking for someone to blame. Just because she’s uniformed doesn’t make her heartless

Sumukhi Dasi Of course she is selfish as she considers her grieving to be superior to those mothers grieving over their babies lost over pernicious vaccines.

Kym Haythorpe And poisoning it with toxic sludge would have helped?.

Erin Lee Cooper Apparently this was about 5 years ago, and the grandparents had just received the vaccine.

“Janey Jane” is former AVN committee member, Jane Beeby, of Maclean NSW, who has her own malevolent history of vilifying bereaved families:

Janey Jane Take your vaccinated at birth baby with cough to hospital and they finish the job of killing another baby with their drugs.

Katharine Clynes This baby was vaccinated, the vaccine took her baby’s life, would you not then be anti vax.

Gavin McRae Just goes to show they dont work, what a joke, they made out in the add, that the baby was un-immunised too, lairs, corruption at its best.

Katharine Clynes Unfortunately the brainwashing goes deep.

Gavin McRae Just goes to show Vaccines dont work, this baby was vaccinated, and it still dint work & the baby is dead, so yeah, how good was the vaccines? What a joke, they made out in the add that the baby was un-immunised too, Liars. Corruption at its best

Cynthia Maurer featured in 2015 for posting an antivax comment on the Light for Riley page the day after it started:

Cynthia Maurer Well, if his mother had stopped believing in vaccines, her own included, this child would have had a much better chance at survival.

William Hannah spin and lies to try to deceive folks…

Benny Freeman Propaganda machine

Richard Browne Vaccine industry Fiction News,

Bernadette Church 2 YEAR OLD NEWS!! Doesn’t get easier for the family but stop the BS Channel 9!!

Anne-Marie Koelewyn So sad… And as the article states the mother was totally pro vaccine.. Immunised during pregnancy, baby fully immunised…… Vaccines don’t work………………

Heather Bruce Informed choice is needed.
What about the kids who die because they were vaccinated?
Listen to these doctors . .

Will Irwin They had to dig back to 2005 to find a fatality, and the child was vaccinated! The story is farcical. My favorite part was showing a random guy coughing on a park bench. [edit: the article originally contained the typo “2005” instead of 2015, the year of Riley’s death]

Carla Graham It’s painful to see the completely uninformed comments even after all the information is posted. These guys obviously know everything there is to know so don’t need to read the data. Sigh…..

Joseph Sikora false , whooping cough does not kill , crippliong from chemical poisoning kills

Marguerite McCartney Anne is right. The vaccine given during pregnancy is probably why the baby got it and died. Vaccines are deadly.

Mel Huikeshoven The mother didn’t get the vaccine during pregnancy. She’s the one who campaigned for the maternal vaccination after her baby died.

Anne-Marie Koelewyn So you know her personally then Mel? No record of this………….. And to state a sad fact… Children do die from diseases…. Many more die and are injured through vaccines

Bec Holden First check to see if the parents Have Bird’s because Psittacosis has the same symptoms as whooping cough !!!

Yarri Nungunkari So the baby already had a few vaccines since birth that weakened it’s immunity immediately.

The anti-vaccination movement has shown that it will keep vilifying bereaved families, just like Sandy Hook hoaxers still target the families of murdered schoolchildren and teachers.

We will continue to expose them, so you can warn your families and friends of the reality of the anti-vaccination movement.

For an accurate, extensively referenced article which busts several anti-vaccination myths surrounding whooping cough infection and immunisation, see:  Whooping Cough: Why are we having outbreaks?  


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Catherine Hughes again forced to respond to antivax lies about her deceased baby boy

At the heart of anti-vaccination activism and the concomitant abhorrent behaviour which has become normalised – for the anti-vaccination movement, at least, due to incitement from standard-setters such as Meryl Dorey, of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, and Judy Wilyman, of the perennial whining and relevance deprivation, and their cast of monsters – sits their fundamental raison d’être: lying about vaccines and disseminating misinformation about vaccines, so as to dissuade vulnerable parents from immunising their babies.

What monsters are these, who are committed so barbarically to the death and disfigurement of other people’s children? We’ll get to that.

But, first, it it is best to clear up some misinformation about the whooping cough immunisation. One of the best, plain-language mythbusting articles around is this one from Kidspot, written by Dr Rachel Heap and Jenni Bate; it is extensively referenced, using reputable sources and citations: Whooping Cough: Why are we having outbreaks? 

Here are a few points from the article pertinent to today’s subject, especially as these points are routinely and habitually mangled by anti-vaccination liars who don’t know what they are talking about:

A study published in 2012 looked at all cases of whooping cough in England and Wales between 1998-2009. It found that there were 39 deaths, 29 of which were in babies less than three months old. They found that most severe disease was in babies between two and three months old, and for them there was a case fatality rate of 4.3 percent (the case fatality rate looks at the proportion of babies with the disease who die from it).

In other words, out of every 100 babies between two and three months old who get the disease, up to 4.3 might die from it. In this study, no vaccinated babies died.

For older children, vaccine effectiveness (the percentage reduction of disease when compared with unvaccinated people) is estimated to be 68 percent after receiving one dose, but this increases to 92 percent after the second dose, and is more than 99 percent following additional doses.

As an alternative way of looking at this, data from the USA in 2012 showed that unvaccinated children were up to 20 times more likely to catch whooping cough than those who were vaccinated.

Vaccines are not force fields, and no vaccine can offer 100 percent guaranteed protection, but we do also know that if you do get whooping cough after being vaccinated against it, you’re more likely to get a mild case; you cough less, you cough for a shorter length of time and you suffer less complications.

The current vaccine is able to reduce the incidence of disease in communities, and can indeed protect the unvaccinated by contributing to herd immunity. In summary:

  • If you’re vaccinated you’re less likely to get the infection in the first place (vaccine effectiveness is not 100 percent, but it isn’t 0 percent either)
  • If you’re vaccinated and infected, you’re less likely to have any symptoms (because your antibodies will neutralise the toxin that causes the coughing). And if you’re not coughing and spluttering, you’re a lot less likely to pass bacteria on to anyone else.
  • If you’re unvaccinated, you’re both more likely to be infected, and if infected, more likely to cough and cough and cough (it’s called the 100 day cough for a reason).

As previously described, when someone contracts whooping cough, it isn’t the actual bacteria that makes them sick, but the toxin produced by the bacteria that causes symptoms. The current vaccine leads to the production of antibodies against the toxin, and this protects you from getting sick.

In addition to the toxin neutralising antibodies, the vaccine also causes the production of antibodies against the bacteria itself (one part of which is called pertactin). These antibodies help the body to recognise the pertussis bacteria when it invades, to help fight it off quickly. Some studies have shown that around 80 percent of cases of whooping cough in Australia were caused by pertussis bacteria which didn’t contain pertactin, suggesting that the bacteria is evolving to evade antibodies against this bit. This means that although the vaccine is able to prevent the person getting unwell (as the toxin is neutralised), the bacteria may still be present (if the bacteria don’t have pertactin, it’s harder for the body to ‘recognise’ it as pertussis).

However, as clearly stated in the article, there is “no evidence to suggest that the pertactin free strains of the bacteria are any more dangerous, or whether this evolution has had any impact on overall vaccine effectiveness in either the long or short term”.

This is a really important conclusion. In science we observe changes continuously, but until there’s evidence that it’s in any way significant, there’s no reason to suggest that it’s a bad thing. The acellular vaccine is able to prevent you getting sick, and it is able to reduce transmission of disease, and thus it is able to contribute to herd immunity.

The evidence from the experts around the world is undeniable; high vaccination rates for whooping cough reduces both the chances of getting the disease in the first place, and means a milder case if you are unlucky enough to get sick anyway.

The vaccine we have isn’t perfect, but it’s infinitely better than nothing. Newer vaccines are in development and there are some interesting possibilities. One is a new acellular vaccine with multiple components, which hopefully will not only be safe, but will be more effective than the current vaccine with longer lasting protection.

But, until a new vaccine is developed, please make sure you;

Vaccinating will not only protect you, but it will also help to protect your family, your community and the most vulnerable among us.

Catherine and Greg Hughes have been attacked by the anti-vaccination movement from the day their baby boy, Riley, died from whooping cough, in 2015.

Toni and David McCaffery have been attacked by the anti-vaccination movement from the day their baby girl, Dana, died in 2009.

They are not alone. This is why, only recently, we likened the behaviour of the anti-vaccination movement to that of the Sandy Hook hoaxers: trolls who lie about, vilify and threaten the families of those who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary.

A Facebook group – called  Vaccine Talk: A Non-Aggressive Forum for Both Pro and Anti-Vaxers – has been set up by a group of anti-vaccination activists as group administrators,  in conjunction with some other naive moderators who are intent on platforming anti-vaccine lies. The group is a safe-space for liars, where saner members try to play catch-up with the lies:

Amanda Malsem is a resident of Mudgee, NSW, and a close friend of the leader of Anti-Vaccination Australia, Belgin Sila Arslan. Readers will remember Arslan as the anti-vaccination liar who set her dogs on a Byron Bay physiotherapist, his wife and daughter, and his workplace, their flawed investigations pointing them to believing that he is Reasonable Hank:

Malsem (L); Arslan (R). Photo credit: Facebook.

Malsem now uses another Facebook profile for her anti-vaccination activities, because she is a coward: Manda Kathleen.

Malsem has form in attacking the Hughes family. This is from January 15 2016:

Yesterday, a group member posted some legitimate questions about whooping cough immunisation, and the dangers of whooping cough (I’ll post the rest of pertinent commentary in the appendix at the end of this post, as well as the full sub-thread of Malsem’s attacks):

Another group member answered the question about babies dying from whooping cough.  The two linked stories are available here and here:

This set off Malsem on another attack, firstly on the Hughes family. This astonishingly inaccurate conspiracy theory will be addressed below by Catherine Hughes who has kindly offered a statement to point out the absurdity of Malsem’s claims:

Baby riley was premature. In hospital fir most if his short life surrounded by vaccinated individuals who could have most likely infected him from being asymptomatic carriers.

Riley was NOT treated properly with vitamin c protocol- which his parents likeky knew about, more to that point in a bit. His mother talks about hiw long he had gone without a feed before he passed and he died from Pneumonia.

Now Riley’s family was involved with Baby Danas family. They were part of baby danas pertussis page 7 years before baby riley even came along. 7 years on a group that also hosted reasobable hank aka peter teirney the worst vocal troll in australia. Baby rileys grandmother was an original SAVN member. Rileys memorial page was set up hours after his death complete with the professional logo ready to go. Theres more dodgy stuff that the LFR page does but regardless of that….. How much does one count as coincidence before one realises they are listening to propaganda?

Malsem then turned her sights on the McCafferys. This is the quote from the second article to which Malsem refers:

On March 17 2015, my husband Dave rang me at work.

“Toni, another baby has died,” he said softly. “His name is Riley and his mum has just messaged me. It only happened today. He’s 32 days old, just like Dana.”

Let it be crystal clear: the McCafferys did not know the Hughes family. The accusation from Malsem is made up.  It is a lie:

The second article- that IS baby Danas family.

Now why would Danas dad say that quote to his wife when they already knew the Hughes’? Would he not say “oh honey our friend catherine’s new baby has whooping cough!”

Now explain why our MSM is permitted to publish stories like these that are incorrect?

Malsem then continues her attacks on the Hughes. Let it be crystal clear, again: the Hughes were not members of Dana McCaffery’s memorial group (pages do not show members; groups show members). Neither Catherine nor Greg Hughes are members of Dana’s group. I checked. Malsem’s evidence was conveniently lost, appropriately, in a toilet:

Riley died of pneumonia FACT
Rileys mother spoke herself of his feeding in his last hours FACT
The page was up and running almost immediately after his death and the logo was in place then FACT
The vaccinated catch and spread pertusus FACT.
I dont doubt these kids were ill. I doubt WHO infected them and why they are permitted to spread false info when we KNOW the vaccinated spread pertussis.

And its not a conspiracy theory- i went to the dana mccaffery memorial group MYSELF and took screen shots of the members list showing the hughes family added 7 years ago. The group is no longer searchable so i cant do that again & the person i sent the SS to had her kid drop the iphone in the toilet sorry.

Malsem continued her conspiratorial attack:

SAVN was formed around baby dana & the pertussis campaign. Almost a DECADE of vilifying antivaxxers for killing baby dana & others when the VACCINE DOESNT PREVENT INFECTION OR TRANSMISSION TO BEGIN WITH. These people were USED to push a FALSE AGENDA which the MSM is still promoting.

When will you PV people start speaking up in public and demanding doctors and the media tell the truth about TOXOID vaxxes? Why are you happy to support ONE family while you hang HUNDREDS out to dry?

Malsem rounds off her hideous commentary by repeating her “poster children” slurs:

Why do you think its ethical to hold babies up as poster children for a vaccine that doesnt even work in a way that would have prevented those 2 deaths.

Its a damn tragedy any person dies from pertussis or a secondary infection. Both those babe’s should have been on IV C Therapy as soon as they got sick.

I have been clear about why i think the official story does not add up. I am not here to be goaded into saying something dodgy so you can dob on me.

You are the one who wont answer the question. Why are YOU happy to use deceased kids as poster children for a vaccine that doesnt prevent infection to begin with? Why arent YOU campaigning for truth and integrity in the media?

Malsem also cites her “Higher reasoning skills and high EQ”:

One can have multiple thoughts and feelings about a topic… Its called having Higher reasoning skills and high EQ

And what did the group administrators do about this horrid, inaccurate, defamatory attack on bereaved parents? Nothing. They did nothing:

Those who host and condone grubs are themselves grubs.

This is not a game.

Catherine Hughes’ Statement:

Riley wasn’t born premature at all, he was born perfectly healthy at full term. We went out in public (park, beach, childcare drop-off for his sister etc) so to say he was “only surrounded by vaccinated individuals” is completely incorrect as the majority of the population are not up to date on their whooping cough boosters.

I’d never heard of “vitamin c protocol” until antivaxers bombarded us after he died. I then discussed this with Riley’s hospital and also with leading pertussis experts in Australia and the UK who said there was no evidence behind the so-called protocol.

Riley was breastfed and then fed breastmilk through a NG tube when in hospital. Not sure what the feeding stuff has to do with it… babies with infections don’t feed as much and that’s what prompted me to take him to hospital.

I’d never heard of the McCafferys til I received a brochure about whooping cough a day or two before Riley died, which had Dana’s story and their Facebook page printed on it. I reached out to them the same night Riley died because I was at a loss and I think I was in shock.

We set up the Light for Riley page pretty early on because our personal profiles were being contacted incessantly and photos being taken by the media. We also thought a page was more beneficial for the fundraising we wanted to do for whooping cough research.

The professional logo was done a few weeks later from a graphic designer who was touched by Riley’s story and offered to do it. [The initial logo was quickly made by] one of my friends in my mums’ group I think. She got each of them to change their profile pic to that for a few days/weeks and then we used it on the Fb page until the graphic designer contacted us and made the current one.

Riley’s grandparents are not nor ever were original Stop the AVN members, that is the strangest claim of all. I did like the page years before all this happened because I have always been opposed to unscientific views and supportive of vaccines.



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NZ Vaxxed leader threatens to hang award-winning journalist Brian Deer

Sarah Cox is a New Zealand anti-vaccination activist and child abuser who is renowned for inflicting bleach enemas on her disabled son, then, posting photos of his gastrointestinal mucosa and faeces to Facebook.

Cox is also one of the official leaders for the anti-vaccination fantasy-film, Vaxxed, produced by and starring discredited ex-doctor, liar and fraud, Andrew Wakefield. Cox is an online colleague of Tasha David and her Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. They both run the official Bring Vaxxed to Australia/New Zealand Facebook group:

Brian Deer is an award-winning journalist whose investigative work led to the uncovering of Wakefield’s fraud. Deer is a hero. His work has undoubtedly saved the lives of children.

Tonight, Cox made the threats that Brian Deer will be hung for his work in uncovering Wakefield’s fraud. Cox posted a Vaxxed image to her public profile:

When questioned about Brian Deer’s work, Cox made the threat that Deer “will be hung,” adding that Deer “makes Hitler look like a bloody saint”:

Brian deer will be hung when we have finished with this atrocity

This is the true face of the anti-vaccination movement. Those of us who have been covering these people for any period are used to seeing this sort of stuff. We expect it.

See these posts for more of this behaviour:

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US anti-vaccination leaders incite more threats against Dr Paul Offit 

Tristan Wells of the AVN calls for the execution of vaccine workers 

Death threats from Frank Vazquez of South Australia 

AVN president Tasha David vilifies public health hero with offensive slurs 


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Anti-vaccine chiropractors 72

Given the attention that has been garnered by Australian chiropractic, in recent years, it is surprising that some chiropractors still flout the professional codes and guidelines of the Chiropractic Board of Australia, as well as the recurrent warnings the CBA sends out.

On August 8 2013, the Chiropractic Board of Australia sent a strong warning to Australian chiropractors that it would no longer tolerate anti-vaccination and other misinformation in the profession.

On March 7 2016, the Chiropractic Board of Australia sent a strong warning to Australian chiropractors that it would no longer tolerate anti-vaccination and other misinformation in the profession.

Ivo Ahlquist is a registered chiropractor who runs a business called Moruya Chiro and Wellness, in New South Wales. Ahlquist is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia:

Photo credit: Moruya Chiro and Wellness 

On March 22 2017, Ahlquist publicly took over the Moruya business:

On June 12 2017, Ahlquist posted this anti-vaccination article on his business Facebook page:

On March 31 2017, Ahlquist posted this promotion of demonstrable anti-vaccination fraud and liar, the thoroughly discredited and disreputable Andrew Wakefield:

On April 25 2017, Ahlquist posted this banned time-limited offer on his business Facebook page:

The following addenda contain excerpts from the Chiropractic Board of Australia’s codes, guidelines, and social media policy from which the reader may wish to choose when lodging any complaint about Ivo Ahlquist and Moruya Chiro and Wellness.

Thanks for reading.


Addendum 1

Code of conduct for chiropractors.

1.2 Professional values and qualities

[Practitioners] have a duty to keep their skills and knowledge up to date, refine and develop their clinical judgement as they gain experience, and contribute to their profession.

All practitioners have a responsibility to recognise and work within the limits of their competence, scope and areas of practice. Areas of practice vary according to different roles; for example, health practitioners, education providers, researchers and managers will all have quite different competencies and scopes of practice.

2.1 Providing good care. Introduction

a appropriately assessing the patient, taking into account their history (history includes relevant psychological, social and cultural aspects), views and conducting an appropriate physical examination

b ensuring that the diagnosis/clinical impression is appropriate, relevant, justifiable and based on sound clinical reasoning

d formulating and implementing a reasonable management plan (including providing treatment/care and advice and, where relevant, arranging investigations and liaising with other treating practitioners)

2.2 Good practice

a recognising and working within the limits of the chiropractor’s competence and scope and area of practice, which may change over time

b maintaining adequate knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective care, including providing treatment/care and advice and where relevant, arranging investigations and liaising with, or referring to, other health professionals

e considering the balance of benefit and harm in all clinical management decisions

g providing treatment/care options based on the best available information and practising in an evidence-based context and not being influenced by financial gain or incentives

h ensuring that services offered are provided with the best possible skill, care and competence

m ensuring that the chiropractor’s personal views do not adversely affect the care of their patients, and

n evaluating practice and the decisions made and action taken in providing good care.

3.4 Confidentiality and privacy

b seeking consent from patients before disclosing or sharing information

g ensuring that all staff are aware of the need to respect the confidentiality and privacy of patients and refrain from discussing patients in a non-professional context

j ensuring that use of social media and e-health is consistent with the practitioner’s ethical and legal obligations to protect privacy

3.5 Informed consent

b providing an explanation of the treatment/care recommended, its likely duration, expected benefits and cost, any alternative(s) to the proposed care, their relative risks/benefits, as well as the likely consequences of no care

c obtaining informed consent or other valid authority before undertaking any examination or investigation, providing treatment/care (this may not be possible in an emergency) or involving patients in teaching or research, including providing information on material risks

3.6 Informed financial consent

a ensuring that any financial agreement is based on the clinical needs of the patient

3.7 Children and young people

b placing the interests and wellbeing of the child or young person first

d ensuring informed consent to providing care for children involves the patient’s parent and/or guardian being provided with clinically relevant information for the chiropractic management of the child; unless a chiropractor judges that a child is of sufficient age and mental and emotional capacity to give their own consent to a service and relevant state and territory laws are complied with

e ensuring that risks of care and alternatives to care are sufficiently explained as these are essential elements of informed consent

4.1 Use of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in chiropractic practice

a a full and thorough assessment of patients using tools, tests and procedures that are appropriate for the gathering of information necessary to form a reasonable diagnosis or clinical impression

c only using diagnostic tools, tests and procedures in accordance with established protocols for their appropriate use

d evaluating and reporting the data obtained in a contextual way to ensure that a reasonable and relevant diagnosis/clinical impression is formed, and that appropriate and necessary care is provided

e when using tools, tests and procedures in formulating a diagnosis/clinical impression, management plan and/or for prognostic purposes, the tools used should be for conditions where there are demonstrated acceptable levels of reliability and validity, and

f not misrepresenting the clinical value or significance of the findings of any tool, test or procedure.

5.1 Respect for colleagues and other practitioners

b acknowledging and respecting the contribution of all practitioners involved in patient care

6.4 Public health matters

a understanding the principles of public health, including health education, health promotion, disease prevention, and control and screening

b participating in efforts to promote the health of the community and being aware of obligations in disease prevention, including screening and reporting notifiable diseases where relevant

6.5 Provision of care in a healthcare facility

Good practice involves:

a seeking permission to access and provide care

b adhering to and following the policies and procedures of the facility

c communicating effectively with other practitioners involved in the management of the patient

d keeping the the facility informed of any care

e ensuring professional indemnity insurance (PII) coverage to cover care in that facility, and

f keeping adequate records.

9.6 Advertising

a complying with the National Board’s Advertising guidelines and relevant state and territory legislation and Commonwealth law.

b making sure that any information published about services is factual and verifiable

10.2 Chiropractors’ health

c understanding the principles of immunisation against communicable diseases


Addendum 2

Guidelines for advertising regulated health services

6.2 Prohibited advertising under the National Law

Section 133 of the National Law prohibits advertising that:

– is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to be so
– offers a gift, discount or other inducement to attract a user of the health service without stating the terms and conditions of the offer
– uses testimonials or purported testimonials
– creates an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment, and/or
– encourages the indiscriminate or unnecessary use of health services.

Maximum penalty—

a in the case of an individual—$5,000; or

b in the case of a body corporate—$10,000.

6.2.1 Misleading or deceptive advertising

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

a Is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to be misleading or deceptive


– mislead, either directly, or by implication, use of emphasis, comparison, contrast or omission

– only provide partial information which could be misleading

– imply that the regulated health services can be a substitute for public health vaccination or immunisation

– advertise the health benefits of a regulated health service when there is no proof that such benefits can be attained, and/or

– compare different regulated health professions or practitioners, in the same profession or across professions, in a way that may mislead or deceive.

6.2.2 Gifts and discounts

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

b Offers a gift, discount or other inducement to attract a person to use the service or the business, unless the advertisement also states the terms and conditions of the offer

Advertising may contravene the National Law when it:

– contains price information that is inexact

– contains price information that does not specify any terms and conditions or variables to an advertised price, or that could be considered misleading or deceptive

– states an instalment amount without stating the total cost (which is a condition of the offer), and/or

– does not state the terms and conditions of offers of gifts, discounts or other inducements.

6.2.3 Testimonials

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

c Uses testimonials or purported testimonials about the service or business

6.2.4 Unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

d Creates an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment

6.2.5 Encouraging indiscriminate or unnecessary use of health services

Section 133 of the National Law states:

1 A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –

e Directly or indirectly encourages the indiscriminate or unnecessary use of regulated health services

Advertising may contravene the National Law when it:

– makes use of time-limited offers which influence a consumer to make decisions under the pressure of time and money rather than about their health care needs.


Addendum 3

Social media policy

When using social media, health practitioners should remember that the National Law, their National Board’s code of ethics and professional conduct (the Code of conduct) and the Guidelines for advertising regulated health services (the Advertising guidelines) apply.

Registered health practitioners should only post information that is not in breach of these obligations by:

– complying with professional obligations
– complying with confidentiality and privacy obligations (such as by not discussing patients or posting pictures of procedures, case studies, patients, or sensitive material which may enable patients to be identified without having obtained consent in appropriate situations)
– presenting information in an unbiased, evidence-based context, and
– not making unsubstantiated claims.

Additional information may be available from professional bodies and/or employers, which aims to support health practitioners’ use of social media. However, the legal, ethical, and professional obligations that registered health practitioners must adhere to are set out in the National Boards’ respective Code of conduct and the Advertising guidelines.


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Anti-Vaccination Australia trolls still attacking Light for Riley

One of the most vile online acts is perpetrated by conspiracy theorists known as Sandy Hook Denialists, or Sandy Hook Hoaxers. These conspiracy-theorist liars attack the families of children who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In the eight years I have been following conspiracy theorists, it’s these Sandy Hook liars who elicit immediate and universal revulsion. And rightly so: they are so beyond our understanding of repugnant that it leaves one speechless. Families have even received death threats from these excreta.

In the eight years I have been following conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccination liars have targeted families of babies and children who have have died from disease like measles, whooping cough, and chicken pox.

These anti-vaccination liars have trolled memorial pages alleging horrific untruths: that these babies did not exist; that these babies and children were meant to die because they were weak; that the babies died because the parents had them immunised at birth; that the babies died because they were not breast-fed; that the parents are paid pharma shills; that the parents are crisis actors; that the stories of deaths were fabricated in order to fit into some government eugenics program; it goes on and on.

These attacks are orchestrated from the top of the anti-vaccination movement, the leadership of which incites its acolytes with the impetus to inflict harm on already grieving families.

These anti-vaccination liars are no different, in substance, to Sandy Hook liars. They should be accorded the same treatment. I’m still waiting for the watershed precedent where these liars get prison time for their online targeted hate. It will come. The law is lagging in its application, even though the laws are already there to apply.

Dianne Hastie – of Perth, Western Australia – is a member of the rabid antivax group, Anti-Vaccination Australia; AVA is administered by its founder, Belgin Sila Arslan/Colak.

Attacks on bereaved families are commonplace in anti-vaccination groups and, whenever there is a spike of trolling on memorial pages, one can place a safe bet that there has been an orchestration of trolling and hatred within an antivax group. It usually doesn’t take long to find the source.

On May 3 2017, Hastie posted this in Anti-Vaccination Australia; admin Arslan has allowed this post to remain published:

I’m I the only person sick of hearing about Riley yes it’s sad but it’s the same child over and over again and mum is clueless. What about all of the vaccine injured kids do they all have pages please share your pages below for me to follow and spread your stories. I can guarantee there is way more vax damaged then there is the other way. What about Maisons mum does she have a page?

The AVA members continued their ill-informed attacks. Hastie admitted to directly trolling Catherine Hughes, via Facebook private message, just like the antivax cult has been doing for two years:

I messeged her this but had no response she has seen it. I think if it wasn’t true she would have responded accordingly putting me in my place for questioning her.

This is Hastie’s screenshot of her disingenuous private message; to bereaved parents, this JAQing off – Just Asking Questions – is particularly hurtful:

So sorry for your loss babe…

This is the true face of the anti-vaccination movement. This is what they do. This is what they continue to do. Respect them accordingly.


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