Nasty, suppressive, rabid, idiotic fringe-dwellers: inside the minds of the AVN

While we are already seen as rabid, idiotic fringe-dwellers by so many in the mainstream, it does our argument no good at all to bring in conspiracy theories which, though we may subscribe to them, are unprovable – Meryl Dorey AVN Yahoo! Group July 2009

Meryl Dorey likes to censor debate. For the 20 years she has been active as an anti-vaccination zealot, in charge of the anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network, censorship of dissenting opinion, or facts, has been her chief weapon. Only now has the wider media become aware of this tool.

But banning critics from debate in her own fora is not Dorey’s only tool. As shown in this post (an anthology), Dorey also files illegal DMCA take-down notices over material she does not own, in an attempt to censor any criticism of her and her anti-vaccine organisation. Remember, a person files DMCA take-downs under penalty of perjury if they are a false claim. Dorey admits it, publicly:

May 2 2011. Blog post "Hypocrisy thy name is SAVN"

May 2 2011. Blog post “Hypocrisy thy name is SAVN”

I have been alerted to a Facebook discussion, taking place inside a locked AVN support group. To make more sense of the topic of the discussion, I want to make two points.

Firstly – and everyone needs to take note of this – if you use someone’s full name in any Facebook comment, whether in a civil debate, or in any abusive, defamatory, or attacking nature, your comment can, and probably will, be reported. If it happens too many times your account may be suspended. You may have said something of no consequence. You may have been scathing. It doesn’t matter. If someone reports your comment Facebook will automatically delete it with a possible suspension.

Secondly, it would appear that marking certain links as spam – and I’m only guessing that this would need to happen on a large scale – will render those links no longer acceptable to be posted to Facebook. It might be a blog post, or an entire blog’s URL. I disagree with this, if the post is not actually spam. This is not done to warn consumers of a potential threat, as in Web of Trust, which does not render URLs non-postable. This is a block. This is censorship. And, as you will see, it is not always done with any sense of integrity or ethics.

Back to the AVN discussion. It would appear that frequently posting AVN supporter Liz Hempel (Liz Turner), has had the second point happen to her new blog. You have met Hempel before here, here, and here. I’m not sure how many blogs she is up to now. She creates them as frequently as she creates Facebook accounts. One of her blogs was called Reasonable Wank. She should consider joining the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. I’ll include some more of Hempel’s beliefs/activities at the bottom of this post. Here is the Facebook thread:

Liz Turner Hello. Can I ask who reported the link I posted earlier as spam and why? Now I cannot post it anywhere on facebook.

Liz Turner Well me neither. It was there yesterday, someone clicked on like. Several hours later, it mysteriously vanished, meaning either someone reported it, or admin removed it.

Then it starts getting strange. Meryl Dorey copy-pastes a long thread from where people are commenting (in a public group unrelated to Stop the Australian Vaccination Network), stating that they are reporting the AVN/Hempel post:

Meryl Dorey Long message – read it all and you will have your answer. Manipulative bastards!

Liz Turner I know they tried to report the other one, but I don’t see how they would have found the one I posted. I posted it in a closed group (this group)

Liz Turner Meaning SOMEONE IN THIS GROUP reported my link.

Liz Turner Oh well. If someone wants to play that game, I guess we can all play it.

Now we get a real insight into the mind of Dorey and her acolytes:

Meryl Dorey Guys – I have to fess up – I am the one who reposted it. I have been banned for 30 days on my other account (24 hours on this one – no doubt it will be 30 days the next time I get reported) because I posted links to my own blog about Raffaele. So when I saw your post, I decided to repost it – never thinking that a link to another person’s blog could ever be considered to be reportable by Facebook. Little did I know and I’m really sorry Liz.

To add insult to injury, I reported about 10 posts from SAVN that actually ARE abusive. Facebook rejected all of the reports! It is obvious that SAVN has an inside track to Facebook. I wish there was an alternative but Google + is unworkable and there just don’t seem to be any other good social networking sites as of yet. Any coders want to start a Facebook alternative?

Liz Turner That’s okay Meryl Dorey. I will play their game too. I’ve reported all of Hank’s wordpress posts (since the blog I posted was also a wordpress blog). Shouldn’t take too long for his to disappear either. Screw them!

Liz Turner Start reporting their blogs as spam too. That’s the key, I think. Mine was definitely reported as spam.

Liz Turner I have written to them to explain that someone has falsely reported it. Hopefully they will correct the issue but I won’t be holding my breath

Liz Turner So basically, someone saw the link in facebook and reported it as unsafe (to Facebook) as spam. It is a brand new web domain. I am going to return the favour.

Liz Turner******

Meryl Dorey What is Pastebin? By the way, I just got a ‘lovely’ phone call from someone who told me his name was Matthew (as if) who told me when I picked up the phone – hello dickhead! When I said hi and asked how he was going, he said he hoped I died of a vaccine preventable disease. I said – awwww, isn’t that sweet? Thanks so much and I hope you have a really good day!

Chanelling Clever Pie

Liz Turner Pastebin is a public document server where you can store anything you like. Since the link to the blog is apparently censored, I put up a link to the blog on the pastebin site instead
If that particular link to pastebin gets censored by facebook, I’ll put up ANOTHER link from the pastebin site and so on.

Facebook doesn’t have the capacity to completely censor Pastebin

Meryl Dorey Good on you! I will paste it onto my page too. Can only get banned again, right? LOL

Liz Turner Lol. I can’t believe they tried to ban you for that. They are running scared. Cowards.

Meryl Dorey Liz – is it ok for me to post this to the AVN facebook page?

Liz Turner For sure! Go for it!! They can report the pastebin link til their little hearts are content. LOL.

Meryl Dorey Done – counting down….

And post it Dorey did. As sockpuppet Peter Laylor:

AVN 6490 Dorey Peter Laylor sock puppet postng Hempel's link

As the Dorey sock-puppet account stated in that screenshot, Dorey and Hempel go full mental jacket, claiming that Facebook and Stop the AVN are in collusion. Read this extraordinary exchange:

Liz Turner Lol they can’t ban me from pastebin. Let me explain.
I put up a link to a blog on wordpress here earlier. It was reported and taken down.
Everytime I try to repost that direct link to FB, FB tells me I can’t and that its a spam link.
The only way I can get around that is to put the wordpress address up on another public site. Pastebin allows me to do this.
They may try to ban that particular pastebin url, but I can keep creating new ones. Takes me less than 30 seconds to do!

Meryl Dorey Which is great – and it will only add evidence to the fact that Facebook is colluding with SAVN – as though more evidence were needed!

Liz Turner Oh they definitely are. I reported Hank’s wordpress links and absolutely nothing was done about them – they are STILL there. Mine lasted less than a few hours.

The thread continues to waffle about unrelated matters, then comes this insightful final comment from Hempel. Insightful for everyone else. Not insightful for her, unfortunately:

Liz Turner It won’t make a difference, Dana Alfred. The problem is not the blog or the site itself. It hasn’t even been reviewed by a FB administrator. It’s an automated spam system. Hank has posted far worse things than this. Some other people have been banned from sharing links to pictures of themselves. It’s just the way the stupid facebook system works.

Besides which, the warning deems it to be ‘spammy or unsafe’. I know neither of which are a problem. Vexatious and false reporting is.

Yes. Vexatious and false reporting is a problem. It is a real problem. And Dorey, Hempel, and the AVN are the masters of duplicity. Those words ring out…

…it does our argument no good at all to bring in conspiracy theories which, though we may subscribe to them, are unprovable.

Just like the reptilian flu vaccine blog post which Meryl Dorey shared, via David Icke.

And stating with a firm, delusional belief that Facebook is in collusion with a Facebook page; and acting on that firm, delusional belief.

It is timely that a paper has been published showing a high correlation between the propensity to be a conspiracy theorist, and the need to be an anti-vaccinationist. We all knew it: it’s just nice that it has now been published. But, it is nice to see it in their own words.


And, directly related to the Dorey “conspiracy theories” quote, above; here are some examples as promised.

Hempel offending decency with mass shooting conspiracies – Port Arthur and Colorado:

Hempel Port Arthur gun conspiracy helpavn

Liz 85 Port Arthur Colorado conspiracy tweet

The Illuminati and FEMA Camps conspiracy quinella:

Hempel illuminati symbols on coffins

New World Order conspiracy:

Hempel NWO


Hempel rothschilds

Obama Zionist Elite:

Hempel Obama zionist elites

False Flags:

Hempel USA preparing its citizrns for another false flag terrorist attack

Chemtrails lunacy (of course):

Hempel  chemtrails

9/11 Truther vileness (of course):

Hempel  9/11 truther


Hempel fluoride

On the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard:

Hempel PM a stunning cunt tweet

Hempel Gillard lying bitch FUCKED tweets

Hempel Gillard piece of shit tweet

And just so everyone is aware of how dangerous these nasty, deranged conspiracy theorists can be; they will go after your job over a Twitter disagreement, which is completely unrelated to your job:

Hempel  attempting to get a science teacher sacked

The AVN’s best and brightest, folks. They will do whatever it takes.

Update October 6 2013.

The response from the nasty, conspiratorial Meryl Dorey is as expected. She got caught out being a wingnut, interacting with a known wingnut. This suddenly becomes all about me being violent, and a paid shill. Seriously, get a grip. Remember folks, this is meant to be an organisation which is a Health Service Provider. All I see are nasty, suppressive, rabid, idiotic fringe-dwellers, which was the point of the post:

AVN 6565 Dorey PT Louise etc violent and angry

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0 Responses to Nasty, suppressive, rabid, idiotic fringe-dwellers: inside the minds of the AVN

  1. tuxcomputers says:

    Blog about Lizzy = you have post after post reported to Facebook.

  2. Scott Hansen says:

    Waiting for the inevitable Hempel melt down.

  3. Josh says:

    Hempel, the perfect example of someone mistaking their own stupidity for intelligence. She thinks she’s onto all these ‘conspiracies’, but the reality is she’s just really, really… REALLY dumb.

    • wzrd1 says:

      Well, there *is* a conspiracy of sorts regarding FEMA camps.
      FEMA has been building the infrastructure to house displaced civilians in the event of another disaster, such as Katrina.

      Of course, sane people call that “conspiracy” disaster management planning.

      Oh, lunatic conspiracy theory update:
      Now, not only is the US Government stockpiling all kinds of ammunition for reasons that are imponderable to one with a properly functioning mind. Now, they’re also stockpiling food.
      I get spammed by some conspiracy theorist, he also goes on about how great colloidal silver is.
      I don’t block him as spam because of two factors:
      1: It’s good to know what the nut jobs out there are thinking (I use the term extremely loosely).
      2: Pure entertainment value.

      But, never forget, the government that is running the country is going to take over the country that it is running.
      Or something.

  4. anon says:

    What I find the most disturbing of these is the fact that the ‘Enemy of the State’ woman tried to go after someones job just because someone disagreed with her.

    I mean really.

    • Precisely. Hempel would never see the hypocrisy in that, even though that was one of her many Twitter handles

    • wzrd1 says:

      That would be a rather fun exchange, were she to try that with me.
      My employers appreciate having me about and dismiss any such nonsense out of hand.
      Meanwhile, her ISP would then hear about spamming, assorted threats and various other breaches of their TOS.
      She can have all of the sockpuppets in the world, internet providers are limited in number.

  5. Doug says:

    Just how much spare time do these conspiracy theorist whackos have? It would be interesting to know if any of them are on government benefits. They certainly appear to have enough time to work full time. Either that, or perhaps they take more no-doze that than a bus load of truckers.

    • wzrd1 says:

      Well, there *are* chemtrails. They’re a nasty cocktail of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydroxic acid.
      Seriously though, there once was an aircraft that did leave a chemtrail. The SR-71. They added stabilizers and caesium compounds to the fuel, the latter to mask the radar signature of the exhaust.
      Wouldn’t want to stick my face in the exhaust of an SR-71, but at any reasonable distance, the chemicals wouldn’t even be noticed.
      Can’t say the same about our local coal fired electricity generation plant.

    • Kat says:

      I know someone making a lot of money out of conspiracy theories, via advertising on their conspiracy theorist website. :-

      • wzrd1 says:

        The conspiracy theorist who spams me makes a fortune selling colloidal silver, books, tapes, etc.
        Always with “They’ll take this video down soon, so watch it now”.
        He covers it all, FEMA concentration camps, the US government buying all ammunition that is being made (what they’d do with .22 long rifle, I’ll never know), the US government buying all shelf stable survival rations (because dozens of warehouses of MRE’s aren’t enough), colloidal silver is a secret panacea that the US government conceals, 9-11 false flag, ad absurdium.
        About the only conspiracy theory he isn’t a proponent of is the space aliens defeating us in a war under the desert at area 51 (because it’s space aliens, not U2, SR-71, F117, B2 spirit, etc).

        This is what you get when you close the mental hospitals, claim to move toward community based mental health care, but never fund it.

  6. Andy says:

    It seems like only a week or two ago that I was reading SAVNers grumbling about unfair treatment by Facebook blocking access and banning accounts. I don’t think the “inside track” is working properly.

    Time to get Bill to have a chat with Mark, I think.


  7. wzrd1 says:

    I doubt she’s bright enough to guess the password “password”, let alone “hack” any account.
    Still, if she did, she committed a crime and should be prosecuted for unlawful access of a data system.

    Still, one cannot blame her for losing it, what with all those nasty people at SAVN confusing the issues with silly little things like facts.

    It’s a pity that she doesn’t live next door to me. I’d have her ready for suicide watch in no time. 😉

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  9. K says:

    I think we all need a dose of rabies vaccine after dealing with these rabid AVN members 😛

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