The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 3

MARCH 2015

Rob Hutchings is a chiropractor who conducts his business at Body Brilliant Chermside, in Brisbane. He is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. Hutchings is a self-confessed anti-vaccinationist who first came to our attention, in 2010, for making anti-vaccine comments on the Facebook page of the disreputable Australian Vaccination Network. Hutchings has appeared in this blog several times; most recently for claiming that his Facebook profile had been hacked whenever his Facebook profile had made anti-vaccine comments on the internet. The following are Hutchings’ treatment and cure claims made this year in the Facebook group, Chiropractic Success Stories.

March 3 – Gardasil injury cured. Hutchings no fan of vaccines. Webinars plugged.

– I’ve got a XX year old PATIENT as a patient now, PATIENT’s been getting adjusted for 3 weeks. PATIENT was a normal, vibrant healthy teenager up until the infamous Gardasil vaccine. PATIENT had it 2 years ago

– PATIENT went from being a PATIENT who liked to dance, do yoga, socialise and was into art, to a PATIENT who has severe dizziness, pain in every spinal region, horrible menstural cycles and has vertigo. PATIENT was hospitalised for 3 weeks after the Gardasil shot. PATIENT began to experience the problems within 5 hours of the shot and was hospitalised less than a day later

– PATIENT and her FAMILY MEMBERS experienced what can now be considered the normal response to expressing the concern. They were not listened to, they were belittled, they were chastised for being an “anti-vaxxer” (I guess nobody bothered to think through the fact that PATIENT’d HAD THE SHOT??)

– Which brings me to a point about the vaccine debate. I’m of course no fan of vaccines. But on both sides of the debate, (more so of course on the Pro side), it is not a debate, it’s become a hate war, just full of people who refuse to listen, belittle people whose opinions and actions they don’t like and for those who actually do a bit of research, the idea is that you automatically dismiss evidence you don’t like and only quote evidence that you do

– While I personally have made up my mind on vaccination, my thoughts on the actual debate is that the anger, rage, stress, judgement and just sheer time wasting on facebook cypber trolling is probably doing almost as much damage as any vaccine. Not saying don’t ever present your thoughts on the subject. I just think that if chiropractors (whether we are talking about vaccination or about chiropractic), if we follow the medical model of never listen, bully and belittle when patients make a choice we don’t agree with and act like a bunch of ego maniacal assholes, we will fail in our mission

– PATIENT had a pain free period start a few days ago, first time since getting the shot this happened. PATIENT has no more dizziness and PATIENT’s pain in all regions has begun to subside. PATIENT thinks PATIENT can now go back and do Yoga and go out dancing with PATIENT’s friends again. First time in 2 years

– It’s a shame that PATIENT had to experience all that, most of us know how damaging vaccines can be. But if we had the chance to talk to PATIENT before hand, if we refused to listen and belittle PATIENT for the decision, what are the odds that PATIENT’d come to us when PATIENT needed and wanted help afterwards?

My webinar starts in just over 7 hours. If you want to join in, please use this link. If you can’t make it due to time difference, it will be online for 48 hours and you can listen and either email or facebook me privately with questions and / or feedback. My next webinar is on March 17th. Hope all attending enjoy it.

March 11 – Infertility cured.

– Yup, another case of the MD saying, “You’ll never get pregnant again….”

– A PATIENT came to us 9 weeks ago with back pain, sciatica and period pain. PATIENT has a XX year old FAMILY MEMBER and that pregnancy took a long time to occur and did not happen before 3 previous miscarriages

– After several operations to remove ovarian cysts, the MDs concluded there will never be another baby. I knew nothing of this during the initial consult, I only found out the other day

– PATIENT came in, absolutely ecstatic, and announced PATIENT is XX weeks pregnant

– Many know that I had a hernia when I was a year old, and despite years of chiropractic care, clean living, exercise and eating well, I was not able to change the fact that I can’t have kids

– So the irony of the infertile chiropractor who keeps knocking people up is not lost on me…. : )

– P.S. Sorry for possible bad taste. I’ve found the best way to accept it is to laugh at it….

March 17 – Huntington’s Disease treated.

– Short & Sweet:

– A PATIENT with Huntington’s disease came to see me 4 weeks ago

– When I went to adjust PATIENT for the first time, PATIENT was so severely uncoordinated, PATIENT could not figure out how to lie down on the table. PATIENT did not want my assistance in getting PATIENT on the table as what independence PATIENT still has is very important to PATIENT. It took about 5 minutes for PATIENT to be able to get PATIENT lying prone on the table

– I’ve been adjusting PATIENT 2 x per week for 4 weeks now

– While it is still a bit of a struggle to get PATIENT’s body to do what PATIENT wants, PATIENT is now able to get PATIENT set up in about 30 seconds

– PATIENT also no longer suffers headaches, back pain or indigestion and PATIENT says it is much easier to go to the toilet. PATIENT’s carer has told me that since PATIENT is getting more independent, her job is now very easy and she can basically put her feet up and relax for a lot of the day and said she’s read more books in the last 2 weeks than she’s been able to get through in the last 3 months!

– Not bad for a PATIENT who was told PATIENT’s independent life was over and just to expect a downward spiral until it is all over

March 18  – Asthma cured. Hutchings’ talk drew patient.

– A XX year old kid with severe asthma came to see me 7 weeks ago. PATIENT was in the emergency room on average every 3 weeks, often more than that, using heavy meds 3-4 times per week, and the regular puffer 5-6 times per day

– We found PATIENT’s neck was kyphotic, PATIENT’d had a forceps delivery. PATIENT came in because a friend of a friend of a friend (no exaggeration) had heard me speak and through that chain told PATIENT’s FAMILY MEMBER about the spine and asthma. Keep in mind, that person who told someone did not actually book in as a patient. So when you track your stats on how effective promotions are, it isn’t all black and white!!

– Anyway, PATIENT began getting adjusted. No observable improvement was noted in the first week. Or the second week. FAMILY MEMBER hit the panic button, thought FAMILY MEMBER was wasting FAMILY MEMBER’s money

– So we had a special consult. The best we could do was get FAMILY MEMBER to commit to one more week

– The very next day, the PATIENT did not use PATIENT’s inhaler. AT ALL

– Then another week went by, same story

– Then another week went by and FAMILY MEMBER realised they hadn’t been to the emergency room since they started coming

– And it is still the case

March 24 – Gardasil vaccine injury cured.

– I’ve begun working with a young XX year old PATIENT who was injured after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. PATIENT developed vertigo, headaches, left arm pain & weakness (PATIENT’s left handed) and recurring high fevers within 15 hours of getting the vaccine

– PATIENT’s had 10 adjustments so far, the vaccine was given in November

– PATIENT now has no more vertigo, headaches or fevers. PATIENT’s left arm weakness is gone, but there is still residual pain. Well, it’s only been 10 adjustments, so we’re pretty happy so far

– I just got home from the pool, and on the drive home, I did something I almost never do. I flicked on the radio. Sure enough there was a segment on vaccination. I would have immediately turned it off, but my ears pricked up when I heard the legislation that is now before the Australian state of New South Wales. I’m sure most Americans are aware of the legislative cluster f#@k over vaccination going on on your side of the pond

– Well, its similar down here. But not just effecting humans

– In New South Wales, they are hoping to pass laws that will add hefty fines for failing to vaccinate your pet ferret

– Yes, ferret owners beware. Vaccinate or pay

– Next up, the formation of the ferret autism society

Hutchings 63 publicly captured Facebook image March 15 2011 messiah halo

Publicly captured image courtesy Facebook 2011.

Thanks to Super Shooper for halo addition.



All of Hutchings’ stories come from a closed Facebook group called Chiropractic Success Stories. I am reproducing these abridged stories under Fair Dealing, and in the public interest, for the following reasons: Hutchings admits to treating coma patients in a hospital and admits that he knows that this is a breach of the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors; Hutchings is demonstrably using anti-vaccination misinformation in treating patients; Hutchings is demonstrably claiming to treat or cure conditions outside of his scope of practise; Hutchings admits to using anecdotal stories in his private practice. Patients are also drawn from public screenings; and Hutchings admits that these stories are used as word of mouth testimonials in schools and kindergartens, thereby accruing more patients.

Although listed as a “closed group”, the Facebook group Chiropractic Success Stories cannot realistically claim to be a private group for the use of chiropractors only: it has over 3500 members; non-practitioners are regularly permitted to join; Hutchings knows that the group is not private, referring to “trolls”  in the group on several occasions; and group administrators and Hutchings are aware that stories from the group have been shared on Facebook and elsewhere on numerous occasions.

I have edited Hutchings’ comments into point form so as to retain the content of his claims without boring the reader into a subluxation-induced coma, brought on due to his overuse of words employed in the act of fictional self-aggrandisement. Hutchings’ original spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are retained.

I have replaced pronouns, ages, and genders of individuals – where possible – with “PATIENT”, “PATIENT1”, “PARENT1”, “FAMILY MEMBER”, and “XX”.

Basically, the text is Hutchings’. I’ve replaced words for the purposes of anonymising the stories, and the people used in them.

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