The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 1


“Dr Wob, when chiWopWactas fix all the SubWuxations, evWyone will be off the all the dWugs.”

Hutchings 49 6 yo patient Elmer Fudd lisp people free of subluxations no drugs

Rob Hutchings is a chiropractor who conducts his business at Body Brilliant Chermside, in Brisbane. He is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. Hutchings is a self-confessed anti-vaccinationist who first came to our attention, in 2010, for making anti-vaccine comments on the Facebook page of the disreputable Australian Vaccination Network. Hutchings has appeared in this blog several times; most recently for claiming that his Facebook profile had been hacked whenever his Facebook profile had made anti-vaccine comments on the internet.


All of Hutchings’ stories come from a closed Facebook group called Chiropractic Success Stories. I am reproducing these abridged stories under Fair Dealing, and in the public interest, for the following reasons: Hutchings admits to treating coma patients in a hospital and admits that he knows that this is a breach of the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors; Hutchings is demonstrably using anti-vaccination misinformation in treating patients; Hutchings is demonstrably claiming to treat or cure conditions outside of his scope of practise; Hutchings admits to using anecdotal stories in his private practice. Patients are also drawn from public screenings; and Hutchings admits that these stories are used as word of mouth testimonials in schools and kindergartens, thereby accruing more patients.

Although listed as a “closed group”, the Facebook group Chiropractic Success Stories cannot realistically claim to be a private group for the use of chiropractors only: it has over 3500 members; non-practitioners are regularly permitted to join; Hutchings knows that the group is not private, referring to “trolls”  in the group on several occasions; and group administrators and Hutchings are aware that stories from the group have been shared on Facebook and elsewhere on numerous occasions.

I have edited Hutchings’ comments into point form so as to retain the content of his claims without boring the reader into a subluxation-induced coma, brought on due to his overuse of words employed in the act of fictional self-aggrandisement. Hutchings’ original spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are retained.

I have replaced pronouns, ages, and genders of individuals – where possible – with “PATIENT”, “PATIENT1”, “PARENT1”, “FAMILY MEMBER”, and “XX”.

Basically, the text is Hutchings’. I’ve replaced words for the purposes of anonymising the stories, and the people used in them.

List of posts in this series:

The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 1

  • January 2015: Substance abuse cured; Menstrual pain cured.  Patient rendered artistic; Spondylolisthesis and constipation cured.

The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 2

  • February 2015: Depression, cough, thyroid cured. Hutchings’ community talk drew patient; Kidney stones cured. Forced treatment on mother; Dyslexia cured;  XX year old multiple conditions. Sinus, ear infection, diarrhoea, asthma, digestion cured.

The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 3

  • March 2015: Gardasil injury cured. Hutchings no fan of vaccines; Infertility cured; Huntington’s Disease treated; Asthma cured. Hutchings’ talk drew patientGardasil vaccine injury cured.

The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 4

  • April 2015: Abusive relationship cured. Hutchings’ talks drew patient; Schizophrenia cured. Hutchings’ workshops use testimonials; Self harm cured.

The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 5

  • May, June 2015: Seizures cured. Hutchings’ public screening drew patient; Coma patient cured. Adjusting in hospitals. Hutchings knowingly breaching Code of Conduct for Chiropractors.

The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 6

  • July 2015: Bhutan ear infection cured; Deafness cured and patient’s drawing; Liver transplant cancelled. Hutchings uses success stories in his workshops; Deafness cured. Hutchings’ drew patients via kindergarten stories; Anxiety cured; Adjustments treated learning disability and caused an increase in maths scores; Made up acronym; Bedwetting, ear infection, deafness all cured. Referrals from kindy. Hutchings is “Unfuckwithable”.

The Chiropractic Messiah Monologues 7

  • August 2015: Doctor can stick science and drugs up his arse; ADHD cured. Hutchings’ workshop on ADHD drew patient; Seven month old baby was put on anti-depressants by doctor. Baby stopped crying due to adjustments. Hutchings’ health expo talk drew patients. Denigration of medical profession; Adjustments of subluxations lead to ability to eat chocolate again.


January 15 – Substance abuse cured. Webinar plug.

– A career favourite in the making:

– PATIENT became a patient of mine in early November

– PATIENT alternates using crutches and a wheel chair. I learned the story over the course of a new patient exam that went way over my normal time

– On last deployment PATIENT was hit by shrapnel. PATIENT left hamstring was torn to shreds, right knee was so badly damaged it needed a replacement and spine was obviously badly subluxated

– PATIENT could not cope with disability and pain, and life went into a downward spiral from there. Depression, drug use (both prescription pain killers and the whole range of illicit), alcohol, gambling

– PATIENT spine was horrifically damaged and obviously hamstring and knee presented a severe limitation of matter that could never be repaired. PATIENT had seen all the specialists, physios, everyone to try to gain some degree of comfort. PATIENT confided that if PATIENT could just be active again, PATIENT would be able to cope, but any kind of limited exercise was to painful in back, hips and neck

– FAMILY MEMBER later told me FAMILY MEMBER had no idea how I managed to explain the benefits of chiropractic in a way that would reach PATIENT, but PATIENT agreed to give it a try. PATIENT later told me that if PATIENT saw no benefit, PATIENT was going to jump off a bridge or shoot self

– PATIENT only had 5 or 6 weeks of chiropractic care before I left on holiday

– I found out last week, PATIENT had a great Christmas. PATIENT isn’t pain free but no longer needs pain killers. PATIENT kicked the drug use, alcohol and gambling over the holiday and decided to be active again

Now, following up on the Webinar idea I presented last week, I’m going to go ahead with my first two ideas and I invite all to participate. I’m just finishing up the flyers for them and finalising the time for the first, but the second one has a date set.

My intention is that, due to the large number of messages I get from this group asking for advice and tips, I can help a large number of people in a relatively short time frame.

My first webinar will be called “Spine Tingling Success Stories: The Art of Chiropractic Story Telling.”

It’s no secret I love success stories, so I want to share how to tell them, how to get the information necessary to tell them and how to turn what might be perceived as “ordinary” into the extraordinary in both your mind and the patients mind. Details to come, but this will happen in the first or second week of February.

My second webinar will be called, “Spinal PTSD: Eliminating the T & D.”

I thought up the term Spinal PTSD after thinking through the causes of Subluxation which many of us refer to as “the 3 T’s” (Trauma, Thoughts and Toxins.”

I believe that this misses out on another cause of subluxation – deficiencies.

So PTSD stands for:

Physical (accidents and poor posture)


Stress (emotional)


Many people have asked me over the years about what I do in practice, so this webinar will shed a lot of light on that. I absolutely have a chiropractic focused ADIO practice and mindset, but I also believe in empowering patients to make healthy choices with an ADIO mindset, without taking my focus off of adjusting or devaluing chiropractic care in the patient’s mind.

There will be a lot of support materials provided to all those who register and I will also make myself available for follow up Q & A and support either via email, facebook or skype.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday February 23.

I’ll be putting the flyer out in the next few days or early next week on how to register. DUe to the time difference between Australia (where I live) and Europe & North America, (or wherever else you might live!) it is not possible to make a time slot that works for everyone, so we’ll be recording it and it will be available online for 48 hours afterwards.

Cost will be $50 per webinar or if you sign up for both, it will be $85 total.

That’s Australian dollars, which works out to about $41 US or $70 based on today’s exchange rate.

Assuming they prove popular, I’ve got 4 other webinar ideas for later this year.

Hope you enjoy my success stories and I hope to help as many of you as possible with some of the stuff I’ve learned over the last 12 years of practice : )

January 19 – Menstrual pain cured.  Patient rendered artistic.

– An interesting case for the weird and wonderful file:

– This speaks to my heart because my ‘niche’ of patients are people who have either developed a belief system that they cannot live their dream / passions and / or been told by a medical doc that they will never be able to do what they love again

– PATIENT is a nurse. PATIENT suffered back pain and headaches, and also menstrual pain

– Within 2 weeks of care, PATIENT back pain was gone, headaches cleared completely after 3 weeks and within 2 months, reported no more menstrual pain

– PATIENT latest progress review, (4 months into care) I asked what else had changed

– “Well, this is really weird, so I never told you before, and I couldn’t find the box to tick on your form.”

– “That’s Ok” I replied,”maybe we can edit the survey and create a new box.”

– “I love to draw and paint pictures in my spare time, but for the last few years since my headaches started, I haven’t felt that I’ve been able to be very creative. I had pretty much given it up because it was getting so frustrating. I just figured I was getting to old to have an imagination. Since I started getting adjusted, I noticed that I’m a lot more creative and I can think of all kinds of things to draw and paint. So I’ve been painting and drawing 4-5 time a week again instead of once every few months. I’m a lot happier because of it!”

– Gotta get an “improved creativity” box on my progress evaluation survey!!

January 23 – Spondylolisthesis and constipation cured. 

– I’m an AECC grad…. not a whole lot of philosophy enthusiasm at that school. I’ve heard they had Edzrard Ernst come in for a guest lecture and tell everyone how crap they are a few weeks ago….

– On that note, I remember being taught that spondylolisthesis is uncorrectable and is a contraindication to adjust. Best to refer for medical management

– So I had a patient review 6 month x-ray with me today. Previously a grade 2 spondy with very advanced degeneration, and was also asymptomatic in the lower back. PATIENT main complaint was neck pain and constipation

– No more neck pain, no more constipation, been that way for a long while now

– The post x-rays shows complete correction of the spondy and about 30% more disc space than before

– I guess if I had been lecturing AECC students along side Edzard Ernst, it would have been dismissed as coincidental repair, I ripped PATIENT off because PATIENT had no back pain, and the indigestion getting better must be spontaneous remission

– Sad state of affairs in that school. I had trouble graduating, a teacher in the clinic argued against me graduating because I kept using that pesky word “subluxation” when talking to patients

– One day I’ll have to make a hostile takeover of the school…..

[Comments on thread]

Rob Hutchings How many times does spontaneous remission or coincidental healing have to happen before it is scientific? : )

Rob Hutchings I’ve found complete correction of spondys is almost always possible. Can only think of 1 grade 3 with severe degeneration that didn’t fully correct (measured on post x-ray) in my career. I still find it sad that the “refer for medical management” is still taught and is so widespread for so many things. A huge percentage of patients have already had medical management and came to us when all was lost, only to say, “I wish I went to you first!”
So people like Edzard Ernst can spend their whole life trashing other people if they so choose. I’ll spend mine facilitating healing. (and when not doing that, swimming in the ocean or running through the mud….. gotta love those muddy trails I was just on!)

Rob Hutchings A bunch people private messaged me asking about what technique I use to correct spondys. I’m a CBP practitioner, meaning mirror image adjustments. In the case of spondys, I place the patient prone with a 1/2 roll cushion under their lumbar spine (about belly button height in most cases) so that the patient is pre stressed in the mirror image. I then will shift their feet to the left or to the right to mirror image any existing pelvic tilt, and then I mirror image and pelvic rotation by slightly lifting the relevant ilium posteriorly. With my other hand, I contact S2 and use the drop piece to adjust,

For home exercises to support it, I highly recommend the yoga poses:
Shoulder bridge (really engaging core)
Downward facing dog with bent knees
Cat exercise (beginner level)
Also very important to have any exercise to encourage rotation of the lumbar spine.
To encourage nutritional support for disc regeneration, I supplement with colloidal minerals.

This approach has worked in all but one case (more than 100 in my 12 years) and that was a case of grade 3 spongy with very severe degeneration. We got him down to a grade 2 spondy with about a 15% increase in disc space. He was 82 years old.

Hutchings 63 publicly captured Facebook image March 15 2011 messiah halo

Publicly captured image courtesy Facebook 2011.

Thanks to Super Shooper for halo addition.


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