Articulate, intelligent and passionate.


Meryl Dorey of the anti-vaccination network summons her minions to ‘write’ to federal and state ministers. They did. Dorey published their letters. Dorey says “these letters are articulate, intelligent and passionate.” This claim is investigated. Unleash… THE OTTER.

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Ah, the AVSN. There are a lot of things the AVSN don’t do very well. So it’s probably easier to list the things they can do well:

1. They are very good at summoning the flying monkeys to submit spit speckled letters of indignation at unsuspecting recipients.

2. Uh… look the things they’re good at is a work in progress.

But let’s get back to point one, or as the AVSN calls it, “articulate, intelligent and passionate” letter writing.

You can read them in their entirety here.

(This will be a work in progress. I will be adding letters and trying to fix the formatting over the next little while)

Exhibit A:


Sadly this is one of the more articulate letters. The fact that in 2014 these people are still writing about “ethyl mercury” or “thiomersal/thimerosal”, over a decade since it was removed from childhood vaccines reaaaaaally rustles my jimmies. 

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Anti-Vaccination Advocates on the Front Line of Public Health


Yet another in a line of anti-vaccination nurses employed by our health departments. Sydney nurse Deb Henry  uses her qualifications and her employment as an RN to spread anti-vaccination misinformation. She needs to be held to account. Henry’s Linkedin account  lists a more complete work biography.

Originally posted on Evidence, Please.:

I have a confession to make, people. Sometimes I read the comments. And sometimes I even join in.

Earlier today, ABC News posted a news article on their Facebook page regarding Federal Health Minister Peter Dutton’s meeting with his state counterparts to discuss a possible decision to withhold Family Tax Benefit payments from parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, for non-medical reasons. It’s a complicated issue and one that Dr Julie Leask has addressed in the news article itself.

ABC News’ Facebook moderator invited comments from Facebook users on the topic, prompting much discussion, both advocating and opposing vaccination itself, and agreeing with or criticising the proposal to withhold benefits from families who choose not to vaccinate their children. Having a little free time on my hands, I had a look over the comments and made a few myself; predominantly providing rebuttals to anti-vaccination rhetoric and suggesting that…

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Death threats against Dr Paul Offit and family published on NVIC Facebook page

Barbara Loe Fisher and her cronies at the US National Vaccine Information Center know how to get a rise out of their panting whackaloons: mention the name “Paul Offit”; make sure it’s mentioned in a Strawman; make sure it’s a dog whistle. The pack of dogs come in numbers, and they never disappoint. Fisher has trained them well.

I’ve covered this sort of thing from Fisher and her bed-wetting, illiterate minions before here and here.

The Forbes article in question is a great one. In it Dr Offit calls for an end to false balance in medical reporting. It is a noble call. The community does much better when fully informed by those who are qualified to speak in their field. Putting these qualified people up against a bubble-blowing conspiracy theorist in news stories does the community a disservice. It needs to end.

This time the NVIC have upped the ante into full-blown death threats against Dr Offit and his family. All because of a dog-whistling Strawman from the master puppeteer, Fisher. It pays the bills, folks.

I won’t say any more. They really do speak for themselves.

NVIC 37 OffitNVIC 38 Offit turd Kim Jong

We’ve met the deranged Vazquez before, here. He’s a supporter of the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network.

NVIC 40 Offit Vazquez threats

Vazquez is in charge of a small child. Think about that for a while.

NVIC 41 Offit should be in gaol damn naziNVIC 42 Offit douche bag horses ass feel sick prisonNVIC 43 Offit pussy protecting his millionsNVIC 44 Offit belongs in gaol sickAnti-vaccine pride.

Let your friends and family know what really lurks behind the fraudulent veil of decency which is portrayed by these violent organisations. This is why Dr Offit has required a heightened security presence in the past.

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Andi Lew. Just a mum? On the media interviewing anti-vaccinationists.

The last few days have been a flurry of media stories regarding the release of new immunisation uptake rates in Australia. Rosalie Hilleman has a collection here.

False balance on health stories has long been a problem in media all around the world. Giving anti-vaccinationists a podium with real experts, in the interests of fairness and balance, does nothing but a disservice to the health of our children. Whose interests are benefited by interviewing people like Meryl Dorey and Judy Wilyman, who have actively vilified grieving families? How does public health benefit by allowing an anti-vaccinationist to lie to a national audience, only having to then require a real health expert to refute the lie which was always a lie? Is it really just filler? Is public health worthy of so little as to make it about advertising revenue? Do we preface every Holocaust story with David Irving, out of respect to fairness and balance?

I want to focus only on one egregious example from Melbourne’s Channel 9 newsroom. We’ve seen this sort of thing before from Channel 9; when interviewing an AVN committee member, and attempting to pass her off as just a parent.

You’ll need to search for the segment entitled, “Low vaccination rates putting children at risk”, in which you will find what would have been an okay vaccination story. Except the reporter did this:

Lew mumAndi Lew, introduced by journalist Martine Alpins as “Bayside mum”,  says:

If vaccinations work, then, why are you so worried about whether I vaccinate my child or not?

So, who is “Bayside mum” Andi Lew, who uses this weak, selfish argument to bleat to the world about how little she cares about babies too young to be immunised?

She is the co-author of an anti-vaccine book, 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You, with her chiropractor husband Warren Sipser (a board member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, Victoria outlet). The book is sold online and throughout the chiropractic and wellness industry. It would have been nice for viewers to have this information. You have met Sipser, Lew and their book before in this post:  Anti-vaccine chiropractors 50 – the CAA Boards Extravaganza.

So, is Lew just a mum? Hardly. She profits from anti-vaccinationism. Viewers should have been told.

And experts need to stop appearing in the same segments as these public health menaces. Stop dragging yourselves down to the level of the anti-vaccine liars and the news story fillers.

Viewers deserve better. You would think news outlets, who are meant to be respectable, would have learnt from the WIN News/ACMA/Media Watch saga.

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It’s Brandivino all around at the anti-vaccination network

I really didn’t want to write this post. So much has been written about the remnants of the grubby little anti-vaccination cabal, the Australian Vaccination Network, in the last few days that I didn’t think it necessary to add anything.

As I wrote the other day the AVN had “surrendered” it’s Charitable Fundraising Authority. I couldn’t really say back then that the surrender was under duress, in the form of a show-cause letter from the NSW Minister for Liquor, Gaming and Racing. We were waiting for the press release so as to officially state that the show-cause was the reason for the AVN’s surrender. So, here it is; a triumvirate of glorious burn from no less than three government ministers:


Minister for Hospitality George Souris today warned the public not to make charitable donations to the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network Incorporated (AVSNI), formerly known as the Australian Vaccination Network Incorporated (AVN), as it is no longer a registered charity.

Mr Souris said the association had surrendered its ‘Authority to Fundraise’ under the Charitable Fundraising Act following an investigation into its anti-vaccination activities by the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR).

“OLGR issued a ‘show cause’ notice to the association requiring it to respond in writing on why its Authority to Fundraise should not be revoked,” Mr Souris said.

“As a result, the association has now surrendered its Authority to Fundraise to OLGR effective immediately”.

Under the Charitable Fundraising Act, if an organisation intends to fundraise for a charitable purpose it must be the holder of an Authority to Fundraise.

However, an Authority to Fundraise for a charitable purpose can be revoked if determined to be in the public interest. One of the objects of the Charitable Fundraising Act is to prevent deception of members of the public who desire to support worthy causes.

“OLGR’s investigation sourced expert medical evidence challenging the accuracy of information provided on the association’s website in relation to the risks and benefits of
vaccination,” Mr Souris said.

“The investigation highlighted a range of potential concerns, including risks arising from the association’s anti-vaccination advocacy and the potential for misinformation to influence important health decisions resulting in potentially adverse public health consequences.

“As the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network Incorporated does not hold an Authority to Fundraise from OLGR they can no longer fundraise for a charitable purpose”.

Minister for Fair Trading, Stuart Ayres, said the association recently changed its name, to the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network Incorporated, following a direction from Fair Trading and an Administrative Decisions Tribunal decision requiring it to adopt a name accurately reflecting its scepticism about vaccinations.

“I warn members of the public against making donations to this organisation.

“NSW Government agencies will continue to monitor the organisation’s activities to ensure it does not fundraise for a charitable purpose.”

Minister for Health Jillian Skinner said she is very proud of the NSW Liberal & Nationals Government’s commitment to childhood vaccination.

“On January 1 this year, new legislation came into effect to ensure no child can be enrolled at a child care facility unless the parent/guardian provides an official immunisation record which shows the child is fully immunised or has been granted an exemption after the parents/guardian have met with a GP or nurse immuniser.

“Our Government is determined to protect our children from the devastating consequences of vaccine-preventable disease.

“While NSW has a very high rate of vaccination among children, we will continue to do all we can to protect those children who remain unvaccinated.

“Forget the scaremongering – there is nothing to fear from vaccination,” Ms Skinner said

Ouch. So that explains why the AVN surrendered its CFA. Here is where we leave the real world.

At the AVN they’ll slurp Brandivino through a bendy straw and tell you it’s champagne:

AVN 6750 Aus Doc surrendered charity statusIndeed. The “charity” status from which they garnered so much street cred has now transformed into a “millstone”. Indeed, that’s the party line from president Comical Ali Greg Beattie for the last two days. In several articles he has been stating that the AVN never wanted the CFA, and that they had been attempting to get rid of it for years. In this just-published piece from The Guardian Beattie attempts to pull a fast one on the journalist. In his typical disingenuous, petulant manner Beattie goes to town unhindered by facts:

The president of the group, Greg Beattie, told Guardian Australia the AVSN inherited its charitable status when it took over the Australian council for immunisation information, and had been trying to get rid of it for years.

“We could have surrendered it at any time but the nice staff at the OLGR warned us if we did we wouldn’t be able to raise any funds,” Beattie said.

He said the organisation’s constitution and its “broad aims” painted AVSN as a charity but had recently hindered the work of its legal team appealing against the order to change the organisation’s name, which was when the issue of its status was revisited and reviewed.

“We’ve been celebrating ever since we shed that licence because the OLGR was a popular avenue of complaint for all of our complainants, [particularly] the Stop the AVN group.”

Celebrating. Indeed. Iraq is safe from the infidels. Break out the Brandivino, Greg.

There is one small problem with Beattie’s account. Meryl Dorey has been telling a  different story for years about the AVN’s charitable claims and aims, and the right for the AVN to hold such a prestigious accolade as its charitable status. It pulls in the donations, after all.

Here is Dorey in June 2009, in the AVN’s newsletter, complaining that the mean old Australian Taxation Office won’t give the AVN Deductible Gift Recipient status:

AVN 6753 Dorey June 2009 newsletter DGRAnd, here is Dorey in April 2012, on the AVN website, stating the she is “pleased” that the AVN had been given its CFA back by the OLGR:

AVN 6752 Dorey April 30 2012 reinstatment of CFA pleased site

To ram it home, here is Dorey just over one month ago stating that the AVN is a charity:

AVN 6756 Dorey the AVN is a charity Feb 6 2014

Even the AVN Facebook page, now owned by overseas unicorns (apparently), but, still linking to and describing the AVN, declares their past victories resultant in regaining their CFA. This image taken 45 minutes ago:

AVN 6754 1800 hrs March 18 2014 CFA reinstated Facebook infoMaybe Beattie meant, ‘we’ve been trying to get rid of this horrid charitable fundraising authority for days, and days. So many days, now. Oh the days we’ve wanted this thing gone”

I’ve previously described Beattie’s problems with his bed posture here and here. Dr Rachael Dunlop goes into more depth about the recent shenanigans, here. And Shellity has described some more arrogant Beattitude, here.

These people should forget lying in bed, and just take to rocking in the corner with a nice flagon of purple.

Thanks to all those who found links used above.

One office chair was harmed in the creation of this work.

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The Australian (anti) Vaccination Network: a charity no more

In what has turned out to be an auspicious week for public health there is now news that the vile anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network has “surrendered” its Charitable Fundraising Authority. There is no word on how these wheels of justice turned, nor whether or not the ugly little group will apply for another CFA under its new deceptive name, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network.

All we know is that if this is a permanent move the community will be better off in the knowledge that this little cabal of infectious disease advocates will no longer be able to claim to be a charity.

AVN 6745 CFA surrendered 2014Huzzah!

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HCCC Public Warning about the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network 2014

The anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network yesterday published its latest award.

Awarded for excellence in the fields of callousness and cruelty, dishonesty, hypocrisy, defamation, ineptitude, grandiosity, perjury, hubris, and legal vexatiousness; and with special mentions in the fields of censorship (by any means), and donation accumulation (by any means), the AVN and its head ideologue have been acclaimed with another public health warning by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

You can read the three page document at:

Public Statement – warning about the Australian Vaccination Network, Inc (‘AVN’)

Or you just view the main award:

AVN HCCC Warning March 2014At the moment this has not been officially published by the NSW HCCC, so is only a draft statement. I can’t imagine the geniuses at the AVN doing or saying anything which would dilute this warning upon official publication.

Please do your best to ensure all media, politicians, your colleagues, your friends, your family (oh hell, even your enemies) see this award.

Congratulations to a well deserved bunch of sociopaths.

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CAA’s Jennifer Barham-Floreani talking at anti-vaccine chiropractic conference

Three months ago I wrote that Jennifer Barham-Floreani – one half of the Australian chiropractic glamour couple, with her husband Simon; members of the anti-vaccine pressure group the Australian Vaccination Network – is to present a talk at the CalJam chiropractic cult conference in the US. Well the time has come, and the Floreanis are at ground zero with CalJam creator Billy DeMoss and his collection of anti-vaccine heavy-hitters: Andrew Wakefield, Joe Mercola, and Sherri Tenpenny are also presenting, along with a conga-line of other anti-vaccine chiropractic heroes.

On a recent Facebook post in which identities from the Chiropractic Association of Australia heap praise upon JBF, she replies noting her pride with Billy DeMoss. Also note that CAA National board member Tony Croke is proud of JBF’s attendance at this conference:

JBF 9 Croke uber proud DeMossI want you to remember that the Floreanis are regularly sought out by media, and are promoted by the CAA as spokespersons for Australian chiropractic. Simon Floreani is a former CAA National President. Only last year he received an Outstanding Service Award from CAA Victoria:

Floreani 4 oustanding service award CAA VICThe reason I note their attendance at CalJam – in particular because JBF is presenting alongside the aforementioned anti-vaccine tour de force – is that the CAA has indicated that it will be frowning upon chiropractors soiling themselves with the company of anti-vaccinationists. In the The Australian Chiropractor President’s report in November 2013, Laurie Tassell made it quite clear what he thinks of the practice:

Tassell CAA TACIndeed, one chiropractor, Tim Shakespeare, was ejected from the board of the CAA NSW for posing with…wait for it…Billy DeMoss. Yes. The same Billy DeMoss who created CalJam, where JBF is giving a talk, on the same stage where anti-vaccine heavy hitters will be giving talks. If the CAA is serious it will be taking action against Jennifer Barham-Floreani, right? If it’s serious.

Here are a couple of reminders of the beliefs of Billy DeMoss, of whom JBF is proud. And, remember, CAA National board member Tony Croke is proud of JBF for presenting at DeMoss’ cult conference.

This is not a Poe. This is real. David Icke… and the whole omnibus. Agenda 21, chemtrails, vaccines, GMO, chemotherapy, 9/11:

DeMoss 130 Icke Agenda 21And here is DeMoss again railing against Australian health practitioners, those who can’t help shooting up the drugs, because moron brainwash something :

DeMoss 131 needle heads in land of Oz cool aidOnce again, CAA, you’ve got some work to do. It would be nice to see some public action to show how serious you are.

Update March 3 2014

Here are the obligatory Barham-Floreani photos with anti-vaccinationists. What was it the CAA National President said about these?

Billy DeMoss:

JBF 11 DeMossNone other than the king of anti-vaccinationism, Andrew Wakefield:

JBF 12 Wakefield

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Dear NSW Premier and Ministers: this is what Meryl Dorey and her AVN really think

Meryl Dorey, the leader of the callous anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network, likes to tell all and sundry that she and her public health menace of a cult are not anti-vaccine. She claims that because her rotten little cabal never specifically tells anyone not to immunise that they are, therefore, not anti-vaccine. It doesn’t matter that they still sell t-shirts claiming “love them, protect them, never inject them“, and that that was their motto until Stop the Australian Vaccination Network gathered apace. It doesn’t matter that even their own supporters beg them to be honest about the AVN’s anti-vaccinationism, to no avail. Here is homeopath and friend of the Doreys, Fran Sheffield:

I think almost everyone, supporters and non-supporters, believe the AVN is antivaccine in spite of its protests to the contrary.

How can they do otherwise when 99.9% of information about vaccines released by the AVN is anti or reveals their problems? When there is not explanation why this imbalance exists?

If the AVN wants to be perceived as being a truthful organisation then it has to proudly accept the anti-vaccine label or do something that explains (repeatedly) why most of the information it provides about vaccines and vaccine promoters is negative.

I love the info that the AVN provides so people can make an informed choice – and I want it to survive – but I can’t tut tut about them calling us anti-vaccine and I hate feeling as though I have to support the deception.

So why is it that Dorey and her president Greg Beattie go to any and all lengths to fight the tag which most accurately defines them?  They know it’s bad for business. Basically, apart from being wrong, and pining for a regime which would see more dead babies, anti-vaccinationists are perceived to suck by the general community; and the AVN know it. That must sting.

We must also remember that the AVN have been ordered to ditch their current duplicitous name, by Fair Trading NSW. This still hasn’t happened.

But, today, Dorey kindly let out a reminder of the nasty, dishonest, conspiratorial, anti-vaccine troll which inhabits her head. We all know it’s in there. But, it’s just nice of her to publicly state it from time to time. More people need to see the real AVN, and the real Meryl Dorey.

And the people who need to see it the most are NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell; his Health Minister Jillian Skinner; his new Fair Trading Minister Stuart Ayres; and the NSW Health Care Complaints Parliamentary Committee (get your submissions in before February 7, folks).

I give you the real Meryl Dorey, January 30 2013. This is the Meryl Dorey who is representing her organisation, commenting under the official Facebook account of her organisation:

The ‘science’ behind vaccination is so weak, so very fragile, that the only way to protect it is to stifle any and all debate. Robust science doesn’t need protection. Robust science stands on its evidence. Vaccine science is tobacco science. It is unverified, corrupt and based on factoids produced for profit by white-coated vested interests who don’t care about the negative outcomes – only about the money, prestige and power. This entire machine is supported by the media which is almost fully-reliant on the fund provided to them by their advertisers.

AVN 6739 Dorey vaccination science weak white coated vested interestsHer claims don’t so much need debunking, as disinfecting.

And remind people that Dorey also claimed this, on November 23 2013:

I have spent 20 years obsessively reading anything and everything I can get my hands on including thousands of medical journal articles and consider that I have more understanding of this subject than most GPs, immunologists and public health officials.

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The Congress of the Chiropractor – Dynamic Growth 2014

Whenever I am reminded of the annual chiropractic event, the Dynamic Growth Congress (DGC), run by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation (ASRF), I think of the Kama Sutra: deep in your heart of hearts you have this ominous feeling that, eventually, someone is gonna get screwed.

The Australian Spinal Research Foundation is a closely related ally of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA). It is an organisation wherein the magical concept of the chiropractic subluxation reigns supreme. It is an organisation with serious financial questions hanging over its head regarding its stated (charitable) goal of research, as opposed to the reality of its poor research output. It is also an organisation which has a long and tainted history of association with barking mad anti-vaccinationism. Well, maybe that history is not so historical.

The ASRF has hosted anti-vaccinationist Meryl Dorey to present talks, and to act as an exhibitor. It has also hosted the Deranged Californian™ Billy (Lyle) DeMoss as  recently as 2013. Of course the ASRF would not dare host the likes of DeMoss again: associating with him has already seen the removal of one Chiropractors’ Association of Australia New South Wales board member, Tim Shakespeare. Surely, associating with anyone who still holds DeMoss in any esteem would be ridiculed by such an austere organisation as the ASRF. Surely?

So…the ASRF has released its speakers line-up for this year’s Melbourne DGC. Going through the list of speakers there doesn’t appear to be much there about research either. I cannot do justice to their individual blurbs, so I implore you to read them for yourself. I’m guessing that if your desires may tend toward vitalism, back slapping, practice building, cash accumulation, personal growth, motivational speaking, life coaching, and wealth creation, as delivered by a global cabal of true believing mates; then, you may find yourself right at home. I don’t see too much there about evidence based health. I see plenty about chiropractor based wealth. Think of Hillsong, only more annoying; but, maybe with more hymns.

This may not be the final list – two names were added overnight – but, I wanted to have a look through and see if we recognise any of the names, either from my own posts, or from other noticeable activities. So, here we go:

Alison Young (Scott) is a former Board Member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia Western Australia franchise who was outed by her friend, Olivia Gleeson, as someone who snuck in and adjusted babies in hospital. Young is/was also a member of the rabid anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN).

Andrew Cameron is someone I haven’t met before, but a perusal of his Facebook page raises some questions about his claims regarding chiropractic’s ability to treat…

1. Cows:

Cameron 1 chiro on cowAnd, 2. allergies:

Cameron 2 spring time allergiesAnthony Golle is an anti-vaccine chiropractor and also the employer of shameless anti-vaccine chiropractor, Rob Hutchings. Hutchings claimed to be a “doctor” in an online news comments section. Hutchings later claimed, in a closed Facebook group, that he had been hacked. Unluckiest guys in the world, these anti-vaccine chiropractors. Always getting hacked by hackers who share their exact beliefs. What.Are.The.Odds?

Billy Chow is an anti-vaccine chiropractor and board member of the CAA National. When Chow was a board member of the CAA South Australia he approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from – and this is not a joke – Meryl Dorey of the AVN.

Brett Hill is an anti-vaccine chiropractor and wellness evangelical. Hill was a president of the CAA South Australia, as well as being a member of the South Australian anti-vaccine group, VISA. Along with the CAA SA and the ASRF Hill was extremely enthusiastic in promoting the anti-vaccine, chiropractic infomercial Doctored.

Brian Kelly is en esteemed chiropractor, worldwide. He was in charge of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC) at one stage. He is now the boss man at Life Chiropractic College West, in the United States. A quick perusal of Kelly’s online activities shows he is a supporter of Andrew Wakefield:

Kelly 2 promoting WakefieldAnd Kelly would appear to have some knowledge of the BRCA1 gene. Otherwise he would shut his damn mouth about Angelina Jolie, right?

Kelly 1 Angelina Jolie having breasts removed for no reasonHe is also a promoter of the anti-vaccine, chiropractic infomercial, Doctored. This is to be expected, given where he now resides:

Kelly 3 Doctored screening Life CollegeBrinsley Lane is not someone I’ve heard of before. He has spent some time in the Solomon Islands, even claiming to have given a presentation to their parliament. What did he present? The chiropractic fuse-box, used everywhere to claim that chiropractic removes nerve interference, or something similar, so that organs work properly:

Lane 1 fusebox in Solomons parliament

I just hope Lane didn’t make any claims like this, in parliament:

Lane 2 paracetamol asthma riskBruce Whittingham has become one of my favourites. He works alongside Adam L Smith, who has featured in my anti-vaccine chiropractors series, making arrogant, ignorant, callous claims like this:

I have not read a media report of an unvaccinated kid dying from any of these diseases. It’s the supposedly protected, vaccinated kids who are getting sick and dying from the very diseases they are supposedly immunised against.

Whittingham was also a member of the anti-vaccine AVN at one stage. He grabbed my attention recently when he implied, in public, that the parents of a baby who had suffered a broken neck following a chiropractic manipulation were the subject of a child protection investigation (DOCS). Yes, he implied that the parents broke their baby’s neck, so he could divert attention from the real investigation. He did that. He later deleted this comment:

Whittingham 3 Mamamia blaming baby injury on parents DOCSThis led to a perusal of Whittingham’s other sites. Apparently he considers himself a guru, and even has an app for that. Ridiculously, on his YouTube channel, The Chiropractic App, Whittingham still, to this day, features one of the most thigh-slappingly comedic videos we’ve seen this year. I strongly urge you to watch this. Here is a still from the video which depicts how Whittingham adjusts a baby via “surrogate muscle testing” and applied kinesiology. Remember – and this is pertinent – he’s giving a talk at the premiere chiropractic talk-fest of the year. He is a leader of chiropractic in this country:

Whittingham 4 surrogate muscle testing AK baby adjustment videoIf you’re lucky Whittingham will cure your dog’s incontinence as well:

Whittingham 2 adjusting dogCarren Smith has featured in my anti-vaccine chiropractors series as a wellness evangelical. She is not a chiropractor. Smith appears basically everywhere with Cyndi O’Meara on the public speaking, wellness evangelical circuit.

Clinton McCauley has a very quiet online presence. He is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Craig Foote features in my anti-vaccine chiropractors posts. He is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Cyndi O’Meara is a life-long chiropractic devotee, coming from a family of chiropractors. She never made it through chiropractic school, instead focusing on a lucrative career on the nutrition and wellness evangelical circuit. O’Meara is strongly anti-vaccine and has admitted dissuading friends and callers from immunising their children, using deceptive sources. She features in my anti-vaccine series.

Damian Kristof is another of the anti-vaccine wellness evangelical chiropractors. He has built a very successful career around this evangelism. He is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Daniel Malone has a very quiet online presence. He works at Pioneer Family Chiropractic, which prides itself on manipulating babies, and their parents, and using them in advertisements:

Malone 1 babyJohn Hinwood is the founder of the DGC. He is a past president of the ASRF. He has made a career out of practice coaching.

David Jackson is awesome. He is an associate of Billy DeMoss. I want to include his DGC blurb, and you can just gauge it for yourself:

Jackson 3 cash successApart from being a reformed or recovering failure, Jackson is now fully cashed up to the spizz, bro. He has worked it out. And, he’s here to share his secrets with you. And one of the secrets is surely the truth. Here is some of his truth:

Jackson 2 Wakefield added to eventJackson is also the cover-boy of Billy DeMoss’s latest Spizz magazine:

Spizz JacksonAnd, yes, I had to look it up as well. Here is the explanation of the spizz which drives them:

“Spizz – to live ambition and enthusiasm for sharing the truth about chiropractic from the center of your soul.” – Gilles Lamarche

“Spizz is the general excitement we have for Chiropractic borne from a deep knowledge of our philosophy, science and art… and realizing we have a obligation to share this message of hope with the world.” – Rob Sinnott

“Spizz means an uncontainable passion and enthusiasm for ChiropracTIC.” – Liam Schubel

Billy DeMoss also “unleashed the spizz” to DGC in 2013, in Brisbane. So much spizz. So little time. I’m glad they’ve got someone else to do it this year. The ASRF wouldn’t want to bring down the tenor like they did in 2013. But, I digress.

David Hendrey and Doug Herron I’ve not heard of before [see update January 23 2013].

Glenn Maginness is someone who calls himself a paediatric chiropractor. He runs a business program called C4K Chiropractic for Kids. He also runs a business called Mt Eliza Family Chiropractic Clinic. He provides CPD accredited courses, training other chiropractors in the manipulation of babies. His training is so good, so evidence based, he approached the more evidence based association the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA), asking them to also run and advertise his courses. COCA said no:

Maginness 1 COCA CPDI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you must go to a chiropractor, go to a COCA registered chiropractor. They don’t (shouldn’t) treat children for anything other than musculoskeletal conditions, and you’ll be hard pushed to find a single magical subluxation correcter, or spine wizard, among them. Here is the COCA policy on treating kids.

And, AHPRA accredits his courses? This needs a serious, swift investigation.

We can see that Maginness has previously given DGC talks about treating ear infections (so, COCA was right to ignore him):

Maginnis 2 ear infectionsI’ll leave the “inverted swing test” up to your own imagination. You’ll need to work a subluxation in there somewhere as well:

Maginnis 3 inverted swing testMaginness also shared this absolute rubbish:

Maginnis 4 TylenolAnd where would we be without Mike Adams, Natural News, and water fluoridation lies? I suppose we should be thankful I found no anti-vaccine posts:

Maginness 5 fluoride

Jamie Richards and Jo Dobson are not chiropractors I’ve come across before in any noticeable way.

Kate Golle is the wife and business partner of Anthony Golle, above.

Katelyn McGregor works at Pioneer Family Chiropractic. She featured in my post regarding the chiropractors who sneak into hospitals to adjust babies and other customers. Whilst searching through images for this post I was reminded of this baby-manipulating photo, in which McGregor claims she provided a “presentation” for the Mercy Hospital. Why on Earth would this be the case? I did email the Mercy Hospital(s) to inquire about this claim. I never did receive a reply. Maybe some of you will have better luck:

McGregor 2 Mercy HospitalLaurence Tham is an anti-vaccine chiropractor and wellness evangelical. He’s the guy who is out to turbo-charge your practice, so you make more money health, basically. Tham is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Marcus Yeo featured in my anti-vaccine chiropractors series, congratulating an anti-vaccine screed by another chiropractor. He has his own posts which I haven’t shared before, from his own profile, and from his nutrition page.

Mercola, Gardasil, and the “biohazard”:

Yeo 1 biohazard found in Gardasil MercolaAnd Yeo tells us what he really thinks about vaccines; or, as he likes to call them, “poison”:

Yeo 2 flu shot poisonMark Postles is an elder statesman anti-vaccine chiropractor. He is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN. He is a fixture of the ASRF.

Martin Harvey is the president of the ASRF, man about the world of spizz, and an anti-vaccine chiropractor. I’ll use any excuse to share this photo again, and again. DeMoss may be absent, but, he’s never far away from the ASRF:

Harvey 2 picture with DeMossPatrick Sim is a board member of the CAA National. As with Billy Chow, above, he was on the board of the CAA South Australia when they approved anti-vaccination zealot Meryl Dorey to provide CPD training to CAA SA members. Again, they approved anti-vaccine training to chiropractors as part of their professional training requirements.

Rosemary Keating has a very quiet online presence. She is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Ross McDonald is the president of the Scottish Chiropractic Association. He is also the creator of the Edinburgh Lectures, a chiropractic platform similar to the DGC. In 2010 McDonald was forced to remove claims from advertising material, and from the windows of his business. The claims made therein could not be substantiated. But I wanted to have a look at something from a bit later, given this man is a modern, global powerhouse of chiropractic.

Here is a thread from his 2012 Edinburgh line-up. Such Tim O’Shea. Much Billy DeMoss. Brad Glowaki wow. Very Tony Croke.

Ross McDonald 2012 Edinburgh Lectures DeMoss O'Shea Croke GlowackiLook, maybe I’m being a little harsh. 2012 was a long time ago. Let’s give McDonald – the president of the SCA, the creator of the Edinburgh Lectures – the benefit of the doubt. Who’s up for 2013?


Shady Botros doesn’t have much of an online presence. Apart from testimonials:

Shady 1 testimonials

I think we all know testimonials are banned, right? It’s a shame we need to remind the chiropractors, and the Chiropractic Board of Australia.

Terry (Tez) Molloy is a chiropractor and rugby coach at Life Chiropractic College West. He is also a qualified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming. I’m serious. He’s pretty quiet online, but, he provided me with a testimonial, once:

start posting on his blog by starting with “Hi Unreasonable Wank ..” or “Hi Ignorant Flogger …”

Tiffani Clingin is the wife and business partner of Tony Croke. She is not a chiropractor. I once caught Clingin pretending to be a community member on a public Facebook thread, commenters being called there to support chiropractic and provide positive testimonials following the Catalyst episode. Clingin and many other chiropractic professionals did not like being called out as very interested parties pretending to be otherwise.

Tony Croke is an anti-vaccine chiropractor who was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN for a decade. He is a member of the board of the CAA National. He is a supporter of Billy DeMoss. Croke agreed with and condoned the practice of chiropractors sneaking into hospitals to manipulate their customers. Here is Croke encouraging DeMoss to visit Australia again. Remember, this was taken only 6 months ago. Did I mention that Tony Croke is a National Board Member for the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia? I did?

Croke 55 Billy De Moss welcome in Australia antivac autism

Sheridan Brady-Kay is one of the lecturers at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. She used to post frequently on the AVN Facebook page. Here she is, in February 2012, supporting another anti-vaccinationist for making “wise, researched decisions”:

AVN 4168 Brady-Kay on Louise letterAnd from 2011, here is Kay, the anti-vaccinationist, in a hospital manipulating a 2 day old baby, and its parents:

AVN 4167 chiro 2 day old babyA 2 day old baby fell asleep! WELL &*$@ ME! Chiropractic is a miracle!

At least Kay didn’t do this dog in the hospital. She only did the dog in her business. I asked her about the cleanliness of this procedure, and she told me that everything was fine as the table is leather. Well, that’s okay, then. The dog didn’t think so, judging by his tail:

Kay adjusting dog

Skip forward to 2013 we see the premiere New Zealand Chiropractic event, Lyceum. This is the event where Tim Shakespeare took that fateful photograph with DeMoss. Yes, DeMoss was one of the presenters at Lyceum. But, it wasn’t only Shakespeare who posed with him:

Tham 10 DeMoss and KayLast one. I promise. I don’t have much to say about this one. I think this is self-explanatory…

Benjamin Harvey:

Benjamin Harvey DGC blurb

On his Facebook page he describes himself as a “Difference-Maker Accelerator”, whose past institutions include the “Academy of Wealth and Achievement”. Hey, whatever floats your boat, chiropractors who call yourselves primary health care practitioners. Who am I to judge?

Benjamin Harvey Facebook profile Difference Maker AcceleratorThere are 36 speakers listed, so far.

I have nothing to add for 4 3 of them [see update January 23 2013].

Most we have seen before. Some for their unethical entry into hospitals; others for their bizarre claims and treatments, including that of babies. And still others because they are just very silly.

Approximately 22 of them have confirmed links to anti-vaccinationism ranging from overt support to deranged, entrenched belief. The ASRF gets a 61% pass for anti-vaccinationism. This is just for anti-vaccinationism alone, without including anything else. And anti-vaccinationism says a lot about a person. But, it says a lot more about a primary health care practitioner.

And because you asked me to rub some salt into your gaping wounds, the DGC is being sponsored by the Industry Super Fund for healthcare workers, HESTA. If you don’t contact them and tell them that you are displeased at where your money is being used, they won’t ever stop doing it. This needs to stop:

ASRF DGC 2014 Hesta sponsor

I don’t have anything else to say about the ASRF and their Congress. If this is normal for them, Australian chiropractic is screwed.

Thanks for reading.

Update January 23 2013

David Hendrey, of Hendrey Chiropractic, Queensland.

With many thanks to a keen eyed reader who remembered some bizarre treatment claims; and even bigger thanks to colleagues who fired up the Wayback Machine and found the since deleted claims, I bring you three former pages of David Hendrey’s website. All screengrabs go back to March 2012; so it’s not that long ago that these claims were being made on Hendrey’s website.

Hendrey claimed that “Chiropractic correction of the subluxation can aid the immune responses of the body by reducing nerve interference”:

Page captured from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Hendrey made this claim regarding this huge cohort of HIV Positive patients, under the title “Chiropractic and HIV” :

Five patients were adjusted and five were controls. After 6 months, in the control group (not under chiropractic care) the CD4 levels decreased by 7.96%. While the group receiving chiropractic adjustments experienced a 48% increase in CD4 cell count. This indicates that correction of vertebral subluxations enhance the immune system and healing ability of the human body.

Page captured from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Hendrey included this miraculous story of a convert which claims that chiropractic can treat and improve autism:

They are so convinced by the benefits of chiropractic that Quentin is determined to spread the word. “This is the unimpeachable testimony of a man who did not believe in it. We have to raise awareness, because it worked so thoroughly for my son and changed his life and ours. If I can help just one child that’s going through what we went through, then that’s my reward.”

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

The only saving grace for Hendrey is that these pages don’t exist on his site any more. But, they did. Only two years ago. That says enough.

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