Seven of seven venues now cancelled for Tenpenny anti-vaccine seminars

Venue number seven has cancelled.

Stephanie Messenger is now busy finding new venues which are appropriately ethically corrupt enough to host her, her fake foundation, and anti-vaccine fundamentalist Sherri Tenpenny. This is now seven venues out of seven who have cancelled. Good. Some of them even confirmed they were misled by Messenger, which I have always assumed went without saying.

Whilst we are still waiting for a statement (which I will add, if it happens), from Rydges South Park Hotel Adelaide, the Eventbrite page currently gives this pro-forma oppressed health freedom warrior shtick from Messenger, stating that the “venue has cancelled our booking”:

Messenger 34 Adelaide cancelled freedom bullies censor etcWe will keep you informed of any statements forthcoming, and any new venues advertised by Messenger.

A big thank you goes out to anyone who has been involved in this campaign (so far). It is only by standing up and declaring that “this will not do” that venues can adjudicate what is and is not acceptable in the interests of public health. Venue owners can’t be expected to know everything, and most of them act swiftly when made aware of the intent of those who would attempt to mislead them. So, kudos to them.

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Another venue cancels Tenpenny anti-vaccine seminar

Confirmation has just come in that Michael’s Oriental Restaurant, in Brisbane, has cancelled the upcoming seminar and dinner events booked by Stephanie Messenger and her fake anti-vaccine foundation, GanKinMan. Anti-vaccine activist Sherri Tenpenny has been ejected from yet another venue. This is proper. Owner Michael Nee has confirmed in private:

Both Functions have been cancelled.

The cancellation was also noted on Facebook at 1820 hours:

we act based on our courtesy, which we appreciate that the actual organiser have given great consideration to cancel the event at our venue.

Tenpenny 47 Michael's cancel

On behalf of babies, children, adults, and especially public health: thank you Michael.

Of the seven venues booked by Messenger, six have now cancelled. Of those six cancellations, three have stated they were misled into accepting the booking by Messenger, being told only that they were booking a child health or SIDS charity event.

This is the list of my posts regarding the Tenpenny seminars, so far:

The original post contains all of the venues and their contact emails, with cancellations noted in retrospect. The post also contains an important section on Stephanie Messenger, her fake foundation, and the alleged financial shenanigans going on behind the scenes:

2015 anti-vaccine tour of Australia – the Tenpenny caravan of hurt

The second post contains a list of all media items – around 50 links, so far – regarding the Tenpenny tour. There is also an extensive collection of screenshots which show why the callous Tenpenny is a direct threat to public health to whom facts mean nothing, as do ethics:

Getting to know Sherri Tenpenny – a guide

The third post is an update of the venue cancellations, also containing evidence to show that at least three venues were misled into accepting bookings from Messenger. There is also information contained regarding Rydges South Park Hotel Adelaide and their insistence on maintaining the Messenger booking regardless of a similar, previous decision they took to the contrary:

Venues confirm being misled by anti-vaccine Messenger – Tenpenny tour

The fourth post is a letter which was written to Michael’s Oriental Restaurant, and Rydges South Park Hotel Adelaide, two nights ago. The letter contains clear examples of the threat posed to public health by Tenpenny, as well as Australian evidence rebutting the claims of free speech which have been made in defence of Tenpenny’s right to misinform wherever she likes:

Tenpenny: Letter to Rydges South Park Hotel Adelaide, and Michael’s Oriental Restaurant Brisbane

This leaves one venue still willing to support hosting Messenger and Tenpenny.

Rydges South Park Hotel Adelaide is now well aware just how much of a threat Tenpenny poses to public health. They are aware that they are not obliged to provide Tenpenny a forum. They are aware that they denied Julien Blanc a forum in which to conduct his vile seminars. And, as of last night, Rydges is aware that their own Code of Ethics and Business Conduct  states this (AHL is the parent company of Rydges):

AHL and the Community:

As individuals and as a Group, we contribute significant time and resources to promoting the health, welfare, and economic stability of the communities in which the Group operates.

Rydges 1 AHL code of conduct health of the communityThe AHL Code of Ethics also says this:

Employee Health and Safety

All employees have a responsibility to ensure that the Group’s products, services and operations, meet applicable government health and safety standards, and AHL standards.

Rydges 4 AHL workplace health governemnt standards

And if that isn’t enough of a reminder for them, AHL is a Silver Partner of the Starlight Foundation:

Rydges 3 AHL silver partner StarlightI’m quite sure all of you know what the Starlight Foundation does.

Spoiler: they do the opposite of what anti-vaccinationists do:

Rydges 5 Starlight helps sick kids

Please consider sending them a polite, yet, firm email:

Adelaide: Rydges South Park Hotel [CANCELLED] 


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Tenpenny: Letter to Rydges South Park Hotel Adelaide, and Michael’s Oriental Restaurant Brisbane

To whom it may concern,

You are about to host an anti-vaccine seminar and dinner.

I fully understand you were not made aware that this is an anti-vaccine event. Three other venues, of the five who have cancelled their bookings, have stated they were directly misled by Stephanie Messenger. The evidence of those statements is contained in this blog post:

Venues confirm being misled by anti-vaccine Messenger – Tenpenny tour

The speaker you are hosting in your venue is Sherri Tenpenny. Tenpenny states that babies should receive no vaccines. This can only lead to more dead babies if successful:

Tenpenny 38 give no vaccines to babies January 2013

Tenpenny has stated that it is her goal to scare parents out of immunising their children:

Tenpenny 34 May 12 2013 how to make parents fear vaccines

Tenpenny claims that vaccines are responsible for mass murderers, precisely like the mass murderer who massacred children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I want you to let that sink in for a moment. There is a level of callousness at work here which is beyond most of us:

Tenpenny 14 vaccines mass murderers

Tenpenny refers to childhood immunisation as “torture…child abuse…dark superstition…black magic…a war on the human constitution”, and provokes the vilification of health care professionals using defamatory and violent speech. For direct evidence of all of the preceding, please read the following blog post. In it you will notice 47 separate media items linked, none of which support Tenpenny’s anti-vaccine claims, and most  of which note the threat posed to health by anti-vaccine campaigners:

Getting to know Sherri Tenpenny

Another argument being used pertains to free speech. Proponents argue that Tenpenny’s free speech is being impeded if venues cancel her seminars.

In Australia we have no implicit right to free speech. We have freedom of expression; but, that freedom of expression is limited. Two of the areas in which freedom of expression is limited are public order, and public health. So, the free speech argument has no bearing on any of Tenpenny’s activities in Australia. From the Attorney-General’s website:

Attorney-General Freedom of Expression Limitations

Free speech experession limitation Attorney General site

Associate Professor Bruce Arnold, School of Law, Canberra University has also stated quite clearly that the claim of a right to free speech in Australia, for those making misleading health claims, is simply wrong. This is his submission to the recent Parliamentary Inquiry, regarding the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, into misleading and dangerous health claims:

Associate Professor Bruce Arnold HCCC Parliamentary Inquiry Submission

AP Bruce Arnold HCCC Parliamentary Inquiry Free Speech.

So, as we can see, there is no inherent right to free speech in Australia. There are certainly limitations placed on the freedom of expression in law. Put simply, no one has the right to a pulpit from which to spread dangerous and misleading information which most certainly comes at the expense of public health and safety. And venue owners, as citizens of the community, have a duty to protect all members of the community, especially the most vulnerable: babies.

Tenpenny herself does not allow for any free speech on any of her fora. She actively censors anyone who would correct her misinformation. Why would anyone give her another forum when she heavily censors her own? From her Facebook page, Dr Tenpenny on Vaccines:

Tenpenny 40 censorship of her Facebook page

I sincerely ask you to reconsider your decision to host an event run by people who pose a threat to public health and safety. They have plenty of their own fora from which they spread their misinformation at the expense of the speech of critics whom they censor with a heavy, heavy hand; critics whose only goal was to correct health misinformation.

Public health is too important to us all to allow exponents of misinformation to use the legitimacy of established, trusted venues such as yours.

Kind regards,



Brisbane: Michael’s Oriental Restaurant & Function Centre [CANCELLED]   


Adelaide: Rydges South Park [CANCELLED] 


Please let them know how you feel, with polite, but, firm emails.


David Morrison Chief of Army

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Venues confirm being misled by anti-vaccine Messenger – Tenpenny tour

Four venues have cancelled their bookings with the Sherri Tenpenny anti-vaccine tour organiser Stephanie Messenger, and her fake foundation which distastefully exploits the names and images of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, and Mahatma Gandhi. It should be noted that the Nelson Mandela Foundation is already in discussion with its intellectual property and governance personnel about the abuse of Madiba’s name and image.

For an in-depth investigation of the concerning backroom financial irregularities apparently being conducted by Messenger and her three organisations, in concert with her fake foundation GanKinMan, please read this post on Diluted Thinking:

Anti-vaccination Seminars in 2015 by Stephanie Messenger

My original post on the Tenpenny tour also contains a list of updated email addresses for the venues refusing to budge, also below:

2015 anti-vaccine tour of Australia – the Tenpenny caravan of hurt


Brisbane (seminar and dinner) – Sunday 8 March, Michael’s Oriental Restaurant & Function Centre [CANCELLED] 



Adelaide (seminar and dinner) – Tues 3 March, Rydges South Park [CANCELLED] 


Gold Coast (seminar and dinner) – Wed 11 March, Quality Hotel Mermaid Waters [CANCELLED] 


More on Rydges Hotels below.

My second post includes a list of media items (33 at present, but, updating every hour), as well as a collection of the atrocious claims made by Tenpenny, including that babies should receive no immunisations, and her repugnant claims that vaccines lead to the creation of mass murderers, precisely like the murderer who massacred the innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There are just no words:

Getting to know Sherri Tenpenny – a guide

Two of the four venues which have cancelled their booking with Messenger’s fake foundation have had something more concerning to convey; although, anyone who has had any dealings with the anti-vaccine movement will expect this behaviour in the first instance. The venues have stated they were misled by Messenger about the beliefs and intent of the events.

Concord Function Centre, in Sydney, have made their views known to all who have emailed them:

Tenpenny 22 Concord Function Centre Messenger lied to them
And they had this to say in many other emails:

Thank you for writing to us with your concerns. We appreciate that you have written to us in such a professional and well explained manner. We have taken into account the email you have sent below. The lady that had booked the event with us never mentioned that this event would be held for such a nasty cause.

The Concord Function Centre takes its social responsibilities very seriously, and after much research and consideration of all available facts we have decided to withdraw from providing our services to the event being held in March 14th and March 15th. In short – Tenpenny is banned from entering Concord Function Centre!

The Concord Function Centre deserve all our thanks and support that we can muster.

The same can be said for the Kareela Golf Club, in Sydney’s south. They made it quite clear to ABC News that they had the same experience as above:

Tenpenny 23 ABC News Kareela Golf misled by MessengerThe Amora Hotel Riverwalk has also stated that they were deceived into taking a booking for the anti-vaccine event, and should be congratulated for canceling it:

Tenpenny 35 Amora not told of identity

All of these venues and their staff must be applauded for their strong stance in defence of public and paediatric health. Kudos.

The same can’t be said for Rydges Hotels. Overnight they confirmed that they would not be cancelling their booking, stating they would censor no one:

Tenpenny 26 RydgesAnd they added that all are welcome at Rydges as long as they don’t break the law:

Tenpenny 28 Rydges operate within law all welcomeBut, that’s not what they said last year. And, this is directly relevant: the argument from those opposed to Tenpenny clearly cites a real risk of harm (as well as poor character), to the community, and public health, if venues allow anti-vaccination campaigners to hold these seminars. And risk of harm, and poor character, are also arguments used against one person whom Rydges did cancel:

Tenpenny 27 Rydges no to BlancAstonishing.

Feel free to email Rydges. I have already witnessed major bookings being cancelled immediately, because of this decision.


Update January 9 2015

At 1705 hours the folks at Quality Hotel Mermaid Waters announced they have cancelled the Gold Coast event. Congratulations to them, as well as a hearty dose of thanks on behalf of public health:

Tenpenny 32 Quality Hotel Mermaid Waters cancelledThis leaves only Michael’s Oriental Restaurant, in Brisbane, and Rydges South Park, in Adelaide.

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Getting to know Sherri Tenpenny – a guide

As most of you would be aware by now US anti-vaccinationist Sherri Tenpenny is heading Down Under to share her evangelical horror – with another anti-vaccinationist, Norma Erickson – at a series of seminars being run by Stephanie Messenger, the author of the despicable children’s book, Melanie’s Marvelous Measles. My original post contains the contact details of the venues we are urging community members to contact. Diluted Thinking also has a startling in-depth investigation of the individuals behind the anti-vaccine seminars.

I wanted to list the media where the story has now been taken up, as well as add a series of screenshots which give a clearer picture as to why there is so much opposition to these childhood infectious disease advocates.

The media, so far [list will remain live]:

 (1) Pro-vaccine lobby fight to stop US anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny lecturing in Australia – The Daily Telegraph.

– This woman is a danger to children, and she’s coming to Australia – Mamamia.

– Should this woman be allowed to preach her anti-vaccine warnings in Australia? Parents’ outrage over American doctor’s child health seminars – Daily Mail Australia.

– Uproar as US anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny announces trip to Australia – News.Com.Au.

– ‘Hugely successful’ US anti-vaccine activist plans Australian tour in March – The Guardian.

– Victorian Health Minister slams anti-vaccine movement (audio) – 3AW. Audio pertaining to Tenpenny starts at 6:15.

– Calls for government to deny visa to US anti-vaccine activist – SBS Online.

– Vaccine row about to boil over (video) – The Age.

Push to ban anti-vaccination campaigner from Aussie tour – Sunshine Coast Daily.

(10) No vaccine for Mandela-itis – Times Live.

– Controversial anti-vaccination campaigner to visit Australia (audio)- PM: ABC Radio

– Australia’s anti-vaccine movement in decline as membership drops off – The Guardian.

Ms Information (video) – The Project.

– Doctors want to bar anti-vaccination campaigner – The Age

– Calls to deny visa to American anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny to speak in Australia – PM: ABC Online.

– Why You Should Join The Campaign To Stop Anti-Vaxxer Sherri Tenpenny Coming To Australia – Junkee.

– Scandal in Australia : the inhabitants of the country are outraged at lectures about the dangers of vaccines (in Russian) – Health of Ukraine.

– Health Minister urges organisers to cancel event featuring anti-vaccination activist Sherry Tenpenny – Herald Sun.

– ‘Deny her a visa’ – Australian outrage over anti-vaccination activist’s speaking tour – World – NZ Herald News – The New Zealand Herald.

(20) Queensland Health’s response to anti-vaccination discussions – Queensland Health.

– 7:30 falls into vax wars – The Guardian: The Weekly Beast.

– Sherri Tenpenny: Who is the controversial anti-vaccination campaigner planning to visit Australia? – ABC Online.

– Sherri Tenpenny: Sydney venue cancels seminar of US anti-vaccination campaigner – ABC Online.

– A controversial American anti-vaccination campaigner may be prevented from entering Australia. (video) – SBS World News.

– Sydney venue cancels seminar of US anti-vaccination campaigner (video) – ABC News.

– Anti vaccination, anti women — who gets to speak in Australia? – Women’s Agenda.

– Two hotels needled by protesters bow to pressure to cancel anti-vac campaigner events – Smart Company.

– Sydney club refuses to host seminar by American osteopath who doesn’t believe in vaccinating children… after outraged parents complained about her ‘vile lies’ – The Daily Mail.

–  A shot in the arm for free speech – The Age.

(30)  Anti-vaccination extremist’s right to visit Australia is question facing govt – Sydney Morning Herald.

– Lives of our kids at risk until anti-jab myth dies – Daily Telegraph.

– Anti-vaxxers: so friendless that free speech is enough to defeat them – The Guardian.

– Sydney venue cancels seminar by US anti-vaccine activist Sherri Tenpenny – The Guardian.

– Sherri Tenpenny: US anti-vaccination campaigner’s Sydney and Melbourne shows cancelled – Sydney Morning Herald.

– Venues cancel events featuring US anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny – Sydney Morning Herald.

– Doctors protest anti-vax speaking tour – Medical Observer (log-in required).

– More venues cancel anti-vax seminars – The Daily Mail.

– Prof Peter McIntyre refutes Dr Tenpenny anti-vaccination beliefs – The Today Show.

Misinformation tour by anti-vaccination activist – The Today Show.

(40) The anti-vaccination advocate – The Today Show (print).

– Anti-vaccination campaigner compares critics to Charlie Hebdo attackers – The Guardian.

– Anti-vaccination views are misguided – but not illegal  – Sydney Morning Herald.

– Anti-vaccination advocate’s tour in tatters after most venues cancel – Daily Life.

– Health experts urge parents to vaccinate kids (video) – Sunrise.

– Anti-vaccination campaigner’s Aussie tour in ruins – Toowoomba Chronicle.

– Sherri Tenpenny’s anti-vaccination seminars flounder as venues pull out – Mamamia.

– Doctor: My newborn son was exposed to whooping cough – Mamamia.

– Should we be concerned about campaigns to ban speakers we don’t like? – Daily Life.

Stop Tenpenny Campaign on 7 News, 12th January 2015 (video) – Channel 7 News.

– (50) Gold Coast mum warns on vaccinations after little Bree almost killed by whooping cough – The Gold Coast Bulletin.

– ‘No jab, no play': Victoria to become the second state to make vaccinations compulsory for children in day care – Daily Mail.

– Anti-vaccination seminar venues all pull out – but tour ‘will go ahead’ – The Guardian.

– Vaccinations To Be Compulsory For Children Attending Nursery In Two Australian States – Yahoo! Lifestyle UK.

– Anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny’s tour in jeopardy after every venue pulls out of hosting her seminars – The Age.

– Anti-vaccine campaigner Sherri Tenpenny cancels Australian talk – SBS News Online.

– Sherri Tenpenny tour in chaos (video) – The Today Show.

– The anti-vaxxers have come up with a sickening new scam – Mamamia.

– Anti-vaccine campaigner Sherri Tenpenny cancels tour amid ‘safety’ fears – SBS News Online.

– Anti-vaccination campaigner Dr Sherri Tenpenny cancels Australia tour amid security concerns – ABC News Online.

(60) Sherri Tenpenny’s anti-vaccination seminars flounder. Update – Mamamia.

– Anti-vaccine campaigner Dr Sherri Tenpenny cancels Australian talks over safety concerns –

– US anti-vaccination campaigner Dr Sherri Tenpenny cancels tour of Australia – The Age.

– Anti-vaccination ​campaigner Sherri Tenpenny cancels Australian tour – The Guardian.

– An Anti-Vaccination Campaigner Has Cancelled Her Tour Of Australia After Receiving Threats – Business Insider.

– Science 1, dangerous nonsense 0 – Sydney Morning Herald.

– Controversial US anti-vaccination campaigner cancels her Australian tour for the sake of her own personal safety – Daily Mail.

– Controversial anti-vaccine activist Dr Sherri Tenpenny ‘should be allowed in to Australia’ (audio and text) – 3AW Neil Mitchell.

– School threat a shot in the arm for pro-vaccine lobby – NT News.

The following screenshots feature Tenpenny in her own words [collection will remain live]:

Vaccines “cause more harm” than good:

Tenpenny 52 vaccines cause more harm than good website aboutTravel vaccines for children are not required for Cuba or the Dominican Republic:

Tenpenny 5 advising no vaccines for Cuba Dominican RepAsked what vaccines should be given to a baby, Tenpenny recommends , “none”:

Tenpenny 38 give no vaccines to babies January 2013Tenpenny recommends no Tetanus boosters:

Tenpenny 7 avoid Tetanus shotsTenpenny claims there is “no need for travel vaccines at all”:

Tenpenny 8 no need for travel vaccinesTenpenny supported baby killer Alan Yurko in a campaign which attempted to blame the horrific injuries suffered by a baby, whilst being beaten and shaken to death, as being those of a vaccine adverse reaction. She is not alone in this hideous campaign; you will also see the name of another DO, Joe Mercola, there. Meryl Dorey has previously joked about requiring a sound bite to give the Yurko campaign thrust; her husband Ken Dorey coming up with the abominable “shaken maybe syndrome“. From the Free Yurko site list of supporters:

Tenpenny 46 Free Yurko list Mercola

Tenpenny recommends against Hepatitis A and Tetanus vaccines for unvaccinated children traveling to Thailand:

Tenpenny 9 Thailand don't worry about vaccinesThis, from our friends at Dr Tenpenny – the Woo is not Enough:

Tenpenny 10 missed the whole third grade

Tenpenny claims that a survey of unvaccinated versus vaccinated children, using school attendance as a measure, could be done: until she is reminded of the above. This video is well worth a watch:

Tenpenny appeared on rabid conspiracy YouTube channel, Infowars – shared on the Sanevax anti-vaccine site run by Norma Erickson – under the title, Gardasil vaccine. Injection of Death!: Dr Sherri Tenpenny reports.

In the second video on that site, Tenpenny  calls childhood vaccination “torture”. She also equates it with abuse which would see social services called around, if it was done in the home. She does.

Tenpenny 11 Sanevax InfowarsWhat does Tenpenny say about Gardasil, the extremely effective and safe vaccine against HPV? “Just say no to Gardasil“. I’m convinced these people want more women dead:

Tenpenny 12 say no to gardasilTenpenny also refers to Gardasil immunisation as “carnage”:

Tenpenny 13 Gardasil carnageTenpenny also brags about wearing her “DNT VCN8″ (don’t vaccinate) t-shirts around airports, whilst showing the hand to anyone who wants to grill her about it. Now that is sass, sister:

Tenpenny 15 don't vaccinate tshirt airportIt takes a special kind of person to cite Edmund Burke in defence of your evil intent.

I’ve saved this crackingly insane screenshot for last.

Vaccines cause mass murderers:

Tenpenny 14 vaccines mass murderersShe’s one of the best the global anti-vaccination movement has to offer.

Update January 6 2015

I wanted to add this extra screenshot I’ve procured from Peter Bowditch’s site. This is a comment Tenpenny made in 2012, along the lines of the one above. In it she blames the massacre of innocent schoolchildren at Sandy Hook Elementary School on vaccines. There are times I wished there was such as a thing as hell. People like Tenpenny belong there:

Tenpenny 17 Sandy Hook killer vaccine damagedAnd because I’m not certain what Tenpenny really thinks about vaccines, I thought I better add this. Just so we’re clear:

Vaccines and drugs are a war on the Human Constitution. It is a Dark Superstition that should never be part of the 21st century. It’s Black Magic to think that injecting foreign matter, dead pathogen, animal DNA can give any benefit. Ever.

Tenpenny 18 war on human cnstituion black magicTenpenny, the expert, had also not heard of norovirus:

Tenpenny 19 had not heard of norovirusIn May 2013 Tenpenny also put out a call to her cult acolytes. Tenpenny makes her dangerous, despicable desires crystal clear:

How do we convince parents to be more fearful of a vaccine…?

Tenpenny 34 May 12 2013 how to make parents fear vaccinesAnd for evidence that Tenpenny relies upon and provokes the vilification of health care professionals – “vilification” interestingly being one of the exclusion criteria of the visa character assessment – one need only look at the thread of Tenpenny’s Facebook post linked above. Tenpenny goes after Dr Paul Offit in the original post. The cult acolytes respond in rote:

Tenpenny 36 Paul Offit provocation of violenceIf all of that wasn’t bad enough – and it really was – Tenpenny posted this on her Facebook page:

Very good article by Bill Sardi

Tenpenny 42 I will never vaccinate my child articleHmm. I will never vaccinate my child. That’s not overly surprising to us, knowing Tenpenny as we do. But, there’s a nasty little twist in this one:

we have chosen not to vaccinate our child but rather let him get exposed to the various pathogens naturally (chicken pox, pertussis- whooping cough, polio, measles, etc.)

Tenpenny 43 I will never vaccinate my child polio measlesThat’s right. Sherri Tenpenny recommends an article which advocates exposing unimmunised children to Polio, Measles, Whooping cough, and Chicken Pox. I’m still attempting to figure out in my inside voice why there are no child protection officers beating down the door. I’ve got nothing.

And where would any deranged, rabid anti-vaccinationist be without pincushion baby, decorated with the skull and crossbones, and the “POISON” tag? This is from Tenpenny’s website which she claims to be a repository of reputable anti-vaccine evidence. It’s an anti-vaccine repository; that’s about it:

Tenpenny 44 website pincushion baby poison skull crossbones

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2015 anti-vaccine tour of Australia – the Tenpenny caravan of hurt

Anti-vaccinationists have their own anti-Hippocratic oath: first do harm. First and foremost they must evangelise, like any fundamentalist organisation. First and foremost they must persuade vulnerable parents – those sitting on the fence – that vaccines are dangerous, poisonous, unsafe, untested…you know the drill. Time and again they are shown to be nothing but brazen liars; not by people who merely disagree with them, but, by evidence.

We have just been advised that US anti-vaccine campaigner Sherri Tenpenny is coming to Australia to do a series of seminars with a host of other anti-vaccine campaigners. Among them is Isaac Golden, the homeopath recently torn to shreds in the Federal Court, in the humiliating Homeopathy Plus! case. That’s quality information for you right there.

If you haven’t heard of Tenpenny, she’s one of the leaders of the global anti-vaccine cult. She’s like the duchess, to Barbara Loe Fisher’s queen. She is right up there. This article gives a pretty good run down on her as an inductee into the Encyclopedia of American Loons.

I don’t have many stored screenshots of Tenpenny because she is so consistently barking mad it never takes long to find evidence. For example, this very recent post should send shivers up and down the spines of every health minister and health department in Australia. Tenpenny exclaims:

print this and hand it out to your friends, family, teachers and healthcare workers!

Tenpenny 2 10 Reasons not to vaccinate See the shares under that post? 2515 shares. Most of them wouldn’t have read it, much less understood it; but, the point is, she has some sway at the top of the cult. And she’s coming here. I want to include the 10 Reasons from that blog post so you can gauge the quality of the reasons Tenpenny deems worthy of dissemination to healthcare workers, family etc:

1. Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective.

2. Vaccines do NOT work.

3. The very first vaccine was a disaster.

4. Vaccines are highly profitable for pharmaceutical companies and the health care industry.

5. All vaccines contain a number of toxic poisons and chemicals that are linked to serious neurological damage including aluminum, thimerosal (methyl mercury), antibiotics, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and formaldehyde. [seriously, read that again – ed]

6. Every study comparing unvaccinated to vaccinated children demonstrates that unvaccinated children enjoy far superior health.

7. Vaccines cause a host of “chronic, incurable, and life threatening diseases,” including autism, asthma, ADHD, auto-immune disorders, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, food allergies and brain damage.

8. The only way to create true life-long immunity to a disease is through natural exposure to the disease in which the body creates true antibodies and immunity on many levels.

9. Vaccines kill infants, children and adults.

10. If you or a loved one suffers from a vaccine injury, pharmaceutical companies and physicians hold no medical liability.

Every time I see “10 reasons” somewhere I immediately think of the execrable article written by Meryl Dorey which was the foundation of the first finding against the Australian Vaccination Network by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, in 2010. Her 10 Reasons were so bad she removed them from her site. The 10 Reasons above are way worse than Dorey’s.

Tenpenny, an osteopath – which in the US is an equivalent qualification to an MD. Joe Mercola is also an osteopath; maybe there’s a trend there – is also not averse to ragging out on members of the medical profession, for innocuous reasons. In this juvenile attack she likens a doctor to a “Reptilian” for merely expressing a valid opinion that health workers have an ethical and professional responsibility to their patients to ensure they have an annual influenza immunisation:

Tenpenny 1 reptilian doctor attackAnd we’ve seen the company Tenpenny keeps, before:

DeMoss 133 Tenpenny and Wakefield at CalJam DeMoss the full-blown conspiracy theorist chiropractor is even more effusive in his admiration for Tenpenny, here:

DeMoss 74 Tenpenny CalJam Look, I can’t speak for any of you. But, if someone of the calibre of Billy DeMoss is showing me the love seen above I’d need to pack up, go home, wash, and take up drinking again. So, what do we do? We have someone coming to our country who is a clear menace to public health and safety. We need to let every health minister know. We need to let every health department know. And, because you can put money on the venues being unaware of just what is happening on their premises, write to the venues politely requesting they investigate fully the people they are hosting, and the possible repercussions for the health of our babies, our children, and our community. A friend kindly put this list together:


Melbourne – Sunday 1 March, Bayview Eden [CANCELLED]

Melbourne (dinner) – Saturday 28 February, Amora Hotel Riverwalk [CANCELLED] 
Email: [redacted at]

Brisbane (seminar and dinner) – Sunday 8 March, Michael’s Oriental Restaurant & Function Centre [CANCELLED] 

Sydney (seminar and dinner) – Saturday 14 March, Concord Function Centre [CANCELLED] 


Adelaide (seminar and dinner) – Tues 3 March, Rydges South Park [CANCELLED]

Gold Coast (seminar and dinner) – Wed 11 March, Quality Hotel Mermaid Waters [CANCELLED] 

Sydney (Sutherland Shire) – Sunday 15 March, Kareela Golf Club [CANCELLED] 

If anti-vaccinationists reach the logical conclusion of their aims, more babies die.

Update December 30 2014

I had a pretty good inkling of this yesterday, but, now I’m certain; one of the main organisers behind the GanKinMan Foundation, the organisation holding the series of anti-vaccine seminars,  is none other than Stephanie Messenger, the author of that vile book written for children, Melanie’s Marvelous Measles. On Messenger’s publicly viewable Facebook profile she advises she is emailing flyers:

Messenger 8 email for Tenpenny tour flyerOn December 22 she shares the GanKinMan website:

Messenger 10 GinKanMin Foundation photoAnd on December 16 she puts out a call for singers at “upcoming” events:

Messenger 11 singers for events neededThe community needs to know who is behind this tour of hurt. It is already  extremely concerning that Tenpenny is coming here to misinform parents. Knowing that Messenger is behind it should have venue owners barricading their premises to keep them out. And if the two names featured above – as well as the disgraced homeopath Isaac Golden – weren’t bad enough, the Sydney lie-fest also features US anti-vaccinationist Norma Erickson, the head of the anti-Gardasil organisation, Sanevax. They’re the ones who consistently claim deaths have resulted from HPV immunisation, although there have been none. It is a lie. They are liars.

Update January 5 2015

I want to include some new information about the organisations – and there are many, all run by Stephanie Messenger – which has been coming to light, which we can now bring to you. I should say instead that this information has not been easily forthcoming, the circumstances of which we argue should now be in the hands of the regulators. Given that there has been higher than usual traffic on this post, due to readers accessing the contact details of venues, I want to include a full excerpt from the Diluted Thinking website, an astonishing read in itself:


Payments for seminar tickets go directly to Stephanie Messenger and NOT the advertised organisers and please note that Both advertised organisers are controlled by Stephanie Messenger.

Get Rid of SIDS Project Inc

The Get Rid of SIDS Project Inc is a Queensland-based charitable association founded by Stephanie Messenger. According to its regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), Get Rid of SIDS Project is 9 months late in submitting its annual return. And please note that this charitable association which is organising these anti-vaccination seminars around Australia, is also a Deductible Gift Recipient meaning that donations to it are tax-deductible.

GanKinMan Foundation

The GanKinMan Foundation does not exist. It is not even a registered business name with ASIC: was only first registered on 3 November 2014. What I can tell you about the GanKinMan Foundation is that it is run by Stephanie Messenger. A health website forum has a post from a supporter of Stephanie Messenger which contains the text of an email sent by Messenger around 2 December 2014 plus the flyer (word document) that was attached to the email. The flyer was advertising a range of goods for sale (including tickets to the seminars) from Messenger’s other unincorporated groups “Healthy Lifestyles Naturally” and “Vaccination Awareness & Information Service”. NOTE: whilst Messenger runs these two other groups, ASIC shows that both are Queensland registered business names by her husband, Leslie Bailey. Neither of these groups is incorporated and therefore have no legal status. To order goods the flyer instructs consumers to:

email your desired order to – You will be emailed the postal charges (or you may pick up in Cleveland if you prefer).

You can then do an E.F.T. to BSB 032-563 A/C # 371362 Name on Account: GanKinMan Foundation. Your order will be shipped within one week. Seminar E-tickets will be emailed to you.

So there we have it. Payments for goods (including the seminars) on behalf of Messenger’s “Healthy Lifestyles Naturally” and “Vaccination Awareness & Information Service” are to be deposited into a bank account in the name of “GanKinMan Foundation”. In addition to this, an email received from the domain name of originated in Brisbane (QLD), a From: field in the header shows the term “StephaniePC” and its attached pdf document shows the the author as “Stephanie” in the document properties. I must stress that no published information from GanKinMan Foundation – its website, seminar advertising or emails – provides the name of any individual. To further confuse consumers, the GanKinMan Foundation facebook page made a series of posts on 3 January 2015 advising that:

“We have teamed up with the Get Rid of SIDS Project, Inc. – a registered charity doing research and education about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – Come along to support the charity and cause, and hear what the team have been up to lately.”

Payments for Seminars

A PayPal receipt for the purchase of a seminar ticket shows the merchant as “Healthy Naturally” with an email address of This email address belongs to Stephanie Messenger. There is no registered name for “Healthy Naturally”. Unless you were already familiar with Messenger, it is not immediately obvious that Stephanie Messenger is involved. An email in regard to changes to a ticket purchase originated from the domain and did not provide any contact names.

Consumer Protection

There are now a number of major concerns for consumers in how Stephanie Messenger is selling and advertising goods for sale:

  1. Messenger is trading under the unregistered business name of “GanKinMan Foundation”. As far as I know, even a name used for a personal hobby must be registered with ASIC if it’s trading (Non-registration aside, the size and scope of the seminars and dinners might stretch the ATO‘s definition of a hobby);
  2. Messenger is using a registered charity (Get Rid of SIDS Project Inc) in an apparent attempt to lend legitimacy to an unregistered and unincorporated body;
  3. Use of the word “Foundation” is potentially misleading because use of the word “may create a public perception of substance, stability and integrity” even for a legitimate registered charity (NSW Fair Trading);
  4. No GanKinMan Foundation publications (website, emails, advertising) provides the names of any individuals involved with it;
  5. Messenger is intentionally hiding her association with GanKinMan Foundation in regard to the seminars;
  6. Messenger is promoting her seminars as being run by a legitimate charity and a group ‘masquerading’ as a charity without advising at any stage that payments will be made into a bank account operated by herself and not in the name of the advertised organisers (with the exception of the abovementioned flyer).

Note: according to Messenger (re: the flyer), a bank account does exist in the name of “GanKinMan Foundation”. Whilst it is possible that tickets purchased through PayPal are deposited into this account, consumers are led to believe payment has been made to the entirely non-existent entity of “Healthy Naturally”. In short, Messenger appears to be trading under an unregistered business name, misleading consumers as to who/what is in receipt of the funds, is using a registered charity to lend legitimacy to a misleadingly named non-entity, and is using a registered charity to sell goods where payment is made to account/s operated by herself and not the charity. The size and scope of the seminars may generate substantial income if well-attended. For example, a couple attending the Sydney seminar plus dinner at the best table will have to pay up to $612. Tickets for the Birth, Baby and Beyond seminars alone range from $80 to $100 and tickets for the Raising Healthy Children Naturally are $39. Tickets for the dinners range from $100 to $200. Consumers have a right to know exactly where their money is going and especially when charities are being used to promote and sell goods for sale.

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Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 9 – Balloons and Onions R Us

Ackerman 1 YT still

David Ackerman is a registered chiropractor who plies his trade in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. He is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, as we have come to expect from the stars of this series. He has a website, and an open Facebook profile which he also uses for his business activities:

Ackerman 1 account used for business

Ackerman operates out of a business called Jade Tortoise Clinic of Natural Medicine, located in New Brighton. A look at the chiropractic tab on the website immediately rings alarm bells: absurd claims are made for treatments of “ADD/ADHD, learning difficulties…allergies, asthma”, whilst promising that treatments will include benefits such as “More Energy, Increased Clarity and Concentration, Emotional Balance and Ease, Greater Wellbeing and Health”:

Ackerman 9 Jade Tortoise ADHD allergies asthma learning difficulties
A perusal of Ackerman’s Facebook profile soothes one’s raging confirmation bias that, surely, this guy will post anti-vaccination screeds worthy of the worst. Yep.

Here’s one from a couple of years ago which would tug at the heartstrings of any conspiracy theorist. Baby monkeys! Needles! Vials! Skulls! BABIES:

Ackerman 1 baby monkeys autism

And because Ackerman was told he’d get bonus points for this, underneath that post is his Facebook friend, Michael Jensen. Yes, that astonishing Michael Jensen:

Ackerman 2 Jensen comment autism

Next we see one of the anti-vaccination movement’s favourite strawman arguments: claiming that vaccines didn’t save us, by using mortality graphs, devoid of nuance.  I think the worst part of these arguments is that anti-vaccinationists don’t really care if a small cohort of kids still die; as long as they think they’ve won an argument – which they haven’t – then a few hundred/thousand/hundreds of thousands of dead kids is a mere piffle to them:

Ackerman 3 vaccines didn't save us mortality graph

Where would any self-respecting, conspiracy-mongering, anti-vaccine chiropractor be without claiming that providing the Gardasil vaccine is exactly the same as murder? This is a man worth his salt:

Ackerman 5 Gardasil murdering of our daughters

And, of course, Ackerman shares one of Meryl Dorey’s misleading petitions, like so many other of his chiropractic brethren who are enamoured of the vile, discredited anti-vaccination group, the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network:

Ackerman 6 Dorey NSW Parl petition
What led me to Ackerman was some keen-eyed WTF-spotting by my friends who noticed an ad placed by Ackerman in The Byron Shire Echo. So, really, his advertising dollar bought space in this blog. Kudos.

Ackerman claims to be a Neurocranial Restructuring practitioner, in which he “unwinds the skull” to alleviate a range of conditions which include “anxiety/depression” and – shut up, it’s there in the ad – “improved facial appearance”:

Ackerman 1 newspaper ad

And not only that; he also advertises it on his Facebook profile:

Ackerman 4 NET neurocranial video

The Facebook post takes us to this YouTube video , wherein Ackerman explains how he carries out all sorts of techniques – to manipulate the facial bones so as to alleviate a range of conditions – including guiding a balloon up the nose, inflating it in situ, thereby creating a greater space in which the brain can relax, imbuing the inflatee with a “pleasant sensation” like an “endorphin rush” leading to “emotional balance” whilst being “mentally clearer”, and having a “shift of consciousness”. As an aside, this is also a testimonial, provided by the practitioner, himself. There will also be the waving of hands:

Ackerman 4 YT still waving of hands

All I can do is cite an anonymous, senior clinician who states, simply:

Balloon up nose to ”rearrange” facial bones and sphenoid = dangerous pseudoscience

Chirobase also notes that the technique is “irrational and unsafe”:

There is no published scientific evidence or logical reason to believe that NCR is effective for treating any of the conditions for which it is recommended. There is no reason to believe that the sphenoid bone can be safely manipulated or that moving it would provide health benefits. In addition, although few complications have been reported, there is good reason to believe that it can be harmful.

In 1983, during treatment with Bilateral Nasal Specific (a variant in which a finger cot is used as the balloon), a Canadian baby was asphyxiated after the finger cot slipped off the syringe on which it was mounted and lodged in the child’s windpipe. The practitioner was found guilty of manslaughter, fined $1,000, and ordered to stop using BNS [5].

A case has reported of a 51-year-old woman who sustained fractures in two sectors of her nasal septum (the bone between the nostrils) during an NCR treatment in which balloons were inflated inside her nostrils. During the procedure, the patient heard a crunching sound and experienced severe midface pain accompanied by nosebleed. Surgery was required to reposition her nasal septum. The authors noted that if the balloons had been placed more deeply into the nose, disastrous complications could have occurred [6].

I highly recommend you spend 6 minutes watching the video. Hopefully the Chiropractic Board of Australia will do the same. Maybe they could also look at Ackerman’s claims underneath the YouTube video, in the comments:

Ackerman 4 comments realign lopsided eyes

Maybe I should give him a call. My eyeballs just popped out.

Of course, where there’s one or two streams of crackpottery happening, there’s always more. Here is the old aspartame-is-poison meme, shared via that prestigious medical journal, A Sheep No More:

Ackerman 8 aspartame poison

However, of much more concern are the sinister, illegal claims to cure cancer, not once:

Ackerman 10 hemp oil cures cancer

But, twice:

Ackerman 11 cannabis oil cures cancer

And, just for good luck, here is some advice which might just save your life. Put an onion in a bowl which will draw in all of the bacteria and viruses in the room. I did search the whole post for mentions of placing one in your sock, or on your belt, but, there was nothing:

Ackerman 7 onions in bowls suck in all the bacteria and viruses

Ackerman needs to be reported. He is in breach of a plethora of guidelines, and codes of conduct. He is also in breach of the law for advertising to cure cancer. Notifications for NSW chiropractors must be made through the Health Care Complaints Commission, here.

As promised, here is that video:


Thanks for reading.

And a big thank you to my friends for pointing out the initial advertisement.

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Australian Skeptic of the Year 2014

It was with quite some delight and surprise that I found out I was the winner of the Australian Skeptic of the Year gong, awarded by the Australian Skeptics, today. It was, indeed, a pleasant interruption to my usual program of furrowed-brow-fueled curmudgeonality.

I share this award with all of you who have contributed in any way to the blog, wherever in the world you reside. Thank you for all of your help.

As I was unable to attend the Convention my very good friend, Ken McLeod, accepted the award on my behalf:

First of all, a huge thank you to the Committee of Australian Skeptics, my anonymous nominator, and everyone assembled here. I apologise for my non-attendance, but, it really couldn’t be helped.

I also want to acknowledge the crucial ongoing assistance from Stop the AVN, and the Friends of Science in Medicine. The message would not get out without them.

There is a huge range of people upon whom I lean to do what I do. This is a group effort, and I thank you all.

First, there’s about 50 or so individuals who are always available as confidantes. They know who they are.

Second, there is another important group who contribute video uploading, commentary, tip-offs, and corrections; and where would any self-deprecating blogger be without their testimonials page filled with amusing unmentionables and the odd death threat.

Third, I want to acknowledge the slowly increasingly group of moderate chiropractors who are now finding their voice and speaking out against the vitalists. The private messages of support I have received from formerly alien individuals have, at times, taken my breath away. The moderate chiropractors need all the help we can afford them.

Finally, I want to thank my kids who are very, very patient, and occasionally help out.

Australian Skeptics AwardsPhoto courtesy of Shelley Stocken.

Funnily enough, a chiropractor is included on my testimonials page for asking his colleagues, of me, “is he Ken McLeod?”

Well…maybe he is, chiropractor.

Maybe he is.


In other great news, the wonderful people at the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters won The Thornett Award for the Promotion of Reason [my bold]:

The Thornett Award for the Promotion of Reason commemorates Fred Thornett, a Tasmanian Skeptic who died in 2009. In true awards fashion, we call it “The Fred”. The Fred acknowledges a member of the public or a public figure who has made a significant contribution to educating or informing the public regarding issues of science and reason. In addition to a commemorative certificate, $1000 is awarded to the recipient or to a charity or cause of their choice.

Given the calibre of previous winners, they are now in fine company, indeed.

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“Shit on the door step” of immunisation providers, urge Newcastle’s Healing Wave chiropractors

As we’ve come to learn, chiropractors get themselves in trouble due to their own rash actions and claims. Some chiropractors at Healing Wave Chiropractic in Newcastle appear to do this a bit.

Bryce Fleming is a chiropractor at the Warners Bay Healing Wave business. We’ve met him before in my post regarding chiropractors who brag about sneaking into hospitals, without permission, to treat their customers. Fleming stated that the more confident you are, the less questions get asked:

CAA Hospital 12 FlemingTim Shakespeare is a regular attendee on this blog. He featured only very recently due to his penchant for breaching advertising guidelines, as well as for his anti-vaccinationism, among other things. Shakespeare is the principal chiropractor at Healing Wave’s Mayfield business.

Well, today they’ve outdone themselves. In a crystal clear display of their revulsion for vaccines, and towards anyone who provides vaccines, they’ve also gone full bogan.

On June 9 2014, Fleming took a photo of a medical practice, somewhere out near Parramatta, showing his disdain for the provision of an influenza immunisation:


In reply, Shakespeare advocates defecating on the door step of the medical practice. The comment is liked by Fleming:

Attack now! Full force. Take the sign… shit on the door step.

Fleming condones Shakespeare’s proposed course of action:

Hahaha classic!

Shakes 103 shit on the doorstpe of fluvax prov FlemingIf the Chiropractic Board of Australia, the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, and the owners of Healing Wave Chiropractic don’t take action against these guys, then, we know that any pretense of being a reputable health profession is erased.

Note: Fleming’s post was made under the public setting. It is clear that he uses his Facebook profile for Healing Wave, and for chiropractic/wellness business activities. Therefore, the comments made by him, and by Shakespeare, are being made as registered Australian health practitioners, in the public domain:

Fleming 2 HW link

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Honk if you want a chiropractic college in South Australia

On November 11 2014 there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (South Australia). The meeting has been called so as to request the use of CAA SA members’ funds to further investigate the creation of a chiropractic college in South Australia:

CAA SA 7 letter collegeI can’t help but get a little teary-eyed with remembrance of anti-vaccine chiropractor posts past when I hazily gaze upon the names of the board members of the College Working Party set up to get this little engine chuffing.

But first it is important to remember: these six people are in charge of guiding the CAA SA to the creation of a chiropractic college; they are a steering committee. As you read on, ask yourself what this college will be teaching its students, if it gets up. Ask yourself why they are intent on creating a college outside of already established university curricula which are increasingly focused on more evidence-based practises. Ask yourself why a chiropractic representative body is intent on spending its members’ funds on this college.

We met CAA SA president Andrew Timbs in  Anti-vaccine chiropractors 8. A quick catch-up of his Facebook page uncovered this extraordinary post, which would appear to be in breach of several sections of the Code of conduct for chiropractors:

Timbs 4 explain Lipitor to clientsHopefully someone will notify the Chiropractic Board of Australia of Timbs’ post, and let the CBA decide.

Mario Stefano first made it into  Anti-vaccine chiropractors 29. I only had cause to Tweet about Stefano again yesterday, with this post which speaks loudly to why I think the new college is being sought. You see, they just don’t teach this stuff in university any more:

Stefano 19 subluxations innate intelligenceThey want to bring the BJ back into tertiary chiropractic.

Brett Hill is one of my favourites. Hill was instrumental in promoting the anti-vaccine film, Doctored, in Australia. He was on the board of the CAA SA when they – and this is not a joke – hired Meryl Dorey to provide CPD training for chiropractors. Hill was also a member of Kathy Scarborough’s dishonest anti-vaccine organisation, VISA. But that’s not all – as Bob Hale would exclaim – because Hill is also a member of the anti-vaccine wellness evangelicals. He’s a busy man, especially now that chef Pete Evans is one of their regulars. Hill posted recently that he was attending the CAA National’s National Development Forum, and that he was learning about subluxations. Just for the record, I am told that the study of the subluxation was not on the menu. It’s true that we see what we want to see:

Hill 28 NDF subluxationI’ve never really come across Aaron Scott before. A quick perusal of his online presence told me all I need to know in relation to this post. From his website:

Scott 1 Vertebral subluxationFrom Scott’s Facebook page:

Scott 2 subluxationsHayden Belle is similarly quiet online. His business website is quite clear about the basis of its practise:

Belle 1 subluxation websiteFinally we come to Patrick Sim, who also presided over the CAA SA decision to hire Meryl Dorey to teach chiropractors about immunisation. Sim is again on the board of the CAA National, having just been elected on the ticket of Helen Alevaki, a subluxationist who is known for sneaking into hospital maternity units without permission. Alevaki is also a member of the anti-vaccine chiropractic organisation, the ICPA. She also lists the poorly evidenced Webster Technique among her qualifications. Sim’s website provides an indication of the basis of his treatments:

Sim 2 subluxationSo, all in all that’s pretty clear: the board of the CAA SA College Working Party, who is charged with the creation of a new chiropractic college, is inhabited by  vitalists, or subluxationists. I believe the aims are now obvious, given this college is to be created outside the already  existing evidence-reliant chiropractic university courses. It’s a new vitalistic chiropractic college. I’m imagining there are to be busts of the Palmers in the forecourt.

I also had a look at the company charged with investigating the viability of this new college. Blue Egg Global Education lists its achievements on its website. It is an education consulting company charged with seeking accreditation for what appears to be mainly alternative health modalities. Here are the relevant successes as alluded to in the CAA SA letter:

Blue Egg 1 accreditation of BCCDid you see that? It’s not a joke. They’re not being ironic. They’re not hipsters. That’s Comic Sans. The. Whole. Page.

I took a quick look at the Facebook page of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic, which is one of the successes – I admit I already knew what was coming here – and with a quick scroll this appeared:

BCC 1 vitalism inherent

Look. If all of the moderate chiropractors in Australia don’t stand up and get outraged about the pillaging of their reputations, then, we can only stand back and watch their reputations burn to the ground. As long as the majority of moderate chiropractors stand silent the vitalists are going to pretend they represent all of you. And as long as the majority stand silent and ignore breaches of the Code of conduct, and the Guidelines for advertising,  without lodging notifications, then, the bonfire is being fed. Stop enabling them with silence.

Does the Australian chiropractic profession want a new college, operating outside the universities, fueled by vitalism and Comic Sans?

Clown collegeSource: Reddit

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