Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 4

Just over one year ago, on August 8 2013, the Chiropractic Board of Australia issued a directive to all chiropractors. From the media release [bold mine]:

The Chiropractic Board of Australia cracks down to protect the public.

The Chiropractic Board of Australia is cracking down on chiropractors who step outside their primary role as healthcare practitioners and provide treatment that puts the public at risk.

To protect public safety, the Board has:

- ordered practitioners to remove all anti-vaccination material from their websites and clinics
– removed several courses from the list of approved CPD programs, and
– introduced random audits of practitioner compliance with the Board’s registration standards.


’However, the Board takes a very strong view of any practitioner who makes unsubstantiated claims about treatment which is not supported within an evidence-based context,’ he said.

We will not tolerate registered chiropractors giving misleading or unbalanced advice to patients, or providing advice or care that is not in the patient’s best interests.’

I deliberately state the date on which the CBA released that press release, as I had to draw a line at which I would stop looking at today’s anti-vaccine chiropractor. Life is just too short. And it marks the cut-off day when all chiropractors should damn well know better.

HIH 20 April Traynor picApril Traynor runs a manipulation business called Hands in Health Wollongong, in NSW. She is/was a member of the anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination (skeptics) Network (AVSN).

Up first we have a lie. Who’d have guessed? A “typical” influenza vaccine contains no mercury, but, this doesn’t stop the AVSN – Traynor’s source – from lying about it:

HIH 1 AVN flu shot mercuryNext up we have one of our old favourite anti-vaccine memes, ‘why are my kids a threat to yours?':

HIH 2 unvaccinated kids memeTraynor shares another anti-vaccine meme from the AVSN, this time using the “r” word. I do no think it means what you think it means:

HIH 3 AVN non vax memeThe German homeopath’s survey of anti-vaccinationists. Traynor liked this one so much she shared it twice; astonishingly, the first time on the very day the CBA issued its directive:

HIH 4 German homeopathHIH 8 German homeopath August 8 2013








Traynor also gives us the obligatory Natural News article of “outrageous facts” about vaccines:

HIH 5 Nat News vaccine factsAnother AVSN share, this time it’s the Meryl Dorey petition based on anti-vaccine misinformation:

HIH 6 AVN petitionI was losing hope, but, Traynor came up with the goods, sharing another AVSN post about the mandatory anti-vaccine lie that vaccines cause autism:

HIH 7 AVN vaccines cause autismMoving on to other topics, Traynor gives us some cancer cure misinformation, the type of which is the lowest of the low of false hopes pedaled for money:

HIH 9 cancer baking sodaLike any good chiropractic vitalist Traynor raises the kids’ ear infections, as if chiropractic has been shown to be effective or something (it hasn’t, and Murdoch University agrees):

HIH 10 chiro ear infections kidsI love this one. Nothing really to say. This one only needs a meme of that little chubby bubbles girl running for her life, from a microwave:

HIH 12 microwavesAnd next we have an example – well, four, really – of one of the greatest pieces of misinformation used by vitalistic chiropractors worldwide: the **% immune boosting properties of getting an adjustment. It is rubbish, and Murdoch University agrees:

HIH 11 200% immunse boost HIH 13 200% immune boost







HIH 14 200% immune boost HIH 17 200% immune boost







Any chiropractic organisation, teaching facility, or practitioner worth their salt now regards the chiropractic, or vertebral, subluxation as a theoretical, historical concept. It exists in the minds of the believers. And there are plenty out there. Watch out for that “loss of health”:

HIH 15 subluxations loss of healthSubluxations are also invisible on imaging. So, always, these aren’t the subluxations you’re looking for:

HIH 16 subluxation yodaWhen we have a look at Traynor’s business website things are only slightly better. Still not good. But not as bad.

Traynor links to anti-vaccine sites the AVSN, and The Greater Good. She also links to cancer cure crankery such as The Wellness Warrior, and Cancer the Forbidden Cure; as well as many other links of ill-repute:

HIH 18 web links AVN Greater Good Cancer cure scamTraynor also links to the anti-vaccine book written by anti-vaccine chiropractor Warren Sipser, board member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia – Victoria. I previously covered Sipser’s book, here:

HIH 19 web rec reading Sipser bookI only wanted to cover one more topic, and it’s a big problem in Australian chiropractic. It seems that there is still so much bravado present that these chiropractors don’t care if they are in breach or not. We’re talking about testimonials. Here is Traynor’s Facebook page, again:

HIH 21 testimonialsAnd here is one written by New Zealand anti-vaccine chiropractor and dog-adjuster, Sheridan Kay:

HIH 22 testimonial KayThis is the recently updated National Law – Guidelines for advertising regulated health services. Compare what it stipulates, as opposed to what knowingly appears on Traynor’s Facebook page:

6.2.3 Testimonials

Section 133 of the National Law states:

  1. A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that –
    1. Uses testimonials or purported testimonials about the service or business

The National Law does not define ‘testimonial’, so the word has its ordinary meaning of a positive statement about a person or thing. In the context of the National Law, a testimonial includes recommendations, or statements about the clinical aspects of a regulated health service.

The National Law ban on using testimonials means it is not acceptable to use testimonials in your own advertising, such as on your Facebook page, in a print, radio or television advertisement, or on your website. This means that::

  1. you cannot use or quote testimonials on a site or in social media that is advertising a regulated health service, including patients posting comments about a practitioner on the practitioner’s business website, and
  2. you cannot use testimonials in advertising a regulated health service to promote a practitioner or service.

Health practitioners should therefore not encourage patients to leave testimonials on websites health practitioners control that advertise their own regulated health services, and should remove any testimonials that are posted there.

Hopefully the CBA can have a look at this chiropractor’s behaviour and make appropriate findings. We’re not hearing much in regards to meaningful action against rogue practitioners. We need to hear more about what is being done.

Obi Wan


Much thanks to Wallace for pointing out this chiropractor’s website. 

Update August 28 2014

Traynor obviously has no intention of ceasing her anti-vaccine campaign, today sharing two more anti-vaccine posts. The first one is the NVIC version of the flawed Pascal’s Wager:

HIH 23 NVIC unvaccinate memeAnd the second one is information which has already been debunked, the paper being removed for investigation:

HIH 24 MMR autism fraud
Update September 2 2014

Traynor posts another anti-vaccine meme from the premier US anti-vaccination outfit, NVIC:

HIH 25 NVIC post question vaccines

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Anti-vaccine chiropractor Tim Shakespeare to co-present with anti-vaccine legend at anti-vaccine chiropractic seminar

Tim Shakespeare of Healing Wave Chiropractic, in NSW, was once a board member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia NSW chapter. That was until the CAA NSW took proper notice of his arrogant public anti-vaccinationism, and his bragging about secretly entering public hospitals to perform his voodoo without the permission of any treating practitioners or other hospital staff.

This image hammered the final nail in his coffin. It’s one of my favourite all time images. He even tagged me in it:

Shakes 59 RH with DeMossBecause vaccines are exactly the same as heroin. “Brett Hill…likes this”.

Anyway, not one to take any notice of being punted from the CAA NSW board, or warnings from the CAA National board to stay away from anti-vaccinationists, Shakespeare has been seen commenting on the page of the ugly anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network, as well as posting a link to his own blog on the AVN page. This is from October 2013:

Shakes 69 AVN page re SunriseWhilst this one is from January 2014:

Shakes 71 AVN post HCCC blog share“Blogosaurus”. Oooookay. I’m saying nothing. I know what you’re all thinking.

Anyway, what got me to including Shakespeare again was something I noticed today. He is giving a talk in one week with renowned US anti-vaccinationst Tim O’Shea. Yes, the same Tim O’Shea who used to provide immunisation training CPD points for Australian chiropractors, as organised by the CAA, until it was pointed out to the community, when it was then promptly dropped (excellent work from Amy Corderoy). And the organisation who is holding the seminar is none other than the Dead Chiropractic Society, run by the notoriously deranged anti-vaccinationist, chemtrail-hating, David Icke-citing, germ theory denying, NWO soft-kill and depopulation espousing Billy DeMoss:

Shakes 79 DCS O'Shea DeMossBilly DeMoss has also recently hosted CAA luminaries such as Jennifer and Simon Floreani (pictured with Andrew Wakefield), and Laurence Tham. I’m wondering when President Tassell’s words of warning will ever ring true?

I’d love to watch the talk, but, I’m not paying money. Maybe the CAA will watch it, and then act in accordance with its previous threats. It hasn’t yet.


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Public Apology from Mr Phillip Ebrall

Earlier this year a public apology was meant to be published in the Chiropractic Journal of Australia, regarding comments made in an editorial by Mr Phillip Ebrall. The comments, and others, can be found in my post from December 2013:  The Phillip Ebrall Monologues: chiropractor at large.

The apology was never printed because the CJA went into hibernation. The defamatory comments were also printed in The Australian Chiropractor, the magazine of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. The public apology was not published there either.

On request, Mr Ebrall (Former Assistant Editor, CJA) has kindly provided us with a copy of his apology:


The editorial of December 2013 (Chiropr J Aust 43) used the descriptors ‘fringe-dwellers’ and ‘scum ring’ to describe what has unfortunately been taken as the entirety of one particular group. As the author of those comments I unhesitatingly withdraw them and apologise for any upset this may have caused.

It must be appreciated that politically motivated sub-groups do exist however I fully accept it is not appropriate to use an opinion piece of writing to make reference to these in any way, let alone in a manner that may be interpreted differently than intended.

I would welcome constructive dialogue with every person who respects evidence-influenced practice with a view to working more positively and cooperatively together to improve our mutual understanding.

Phillip Ebrall
Former Assistant Editor, CJA

[Received June 26 2014]

Screenshot of apology:

Ebrall 27 apology June 26 2014

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Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 3

Since August 8 2013 chiropractors in Australia have been banned from posting anti-vaccine misinformation, well, anywhere. Period.

I’m not sure how much the Chiropractic Board of Australia has done about its anti-vaccine chiropractors: we only hear rumours. We don’t see any published evidence of action. I’d like to see some numbers, names, and some content.

Tom Dawson runs a manipulation business called Wellbeing Hawthorn. He featured in my original Anti-vaccine chiropractors series as number 3.

Then, when I visited his page in November 2013, I noticed another anti-vaccine post linking vaccines and autism. I wrote about that one, here. He removed that anti-vaccine post, dated November 27 2013.

So, he posted anti-vaccine misinformation after being told to stop, by the CBA; and, he posted more anti-vaccine misinformation after I posted about his anti-vaccination misinformation in my original series. Maybe it’s Oppositional Defiant Disorder? That steenking board won’t tell ME what to do…

But, silly me. I missed another of his posts. It was made on November 16 2013, and he still hasn’t removed it.

This is a man who posts incredulous anti-vaccine memes. This man encourages his clients to “investigate” their recommended vaccines. A man who said, last year:

Here come the medical Nazi’s, once they get the right to inject your child with things you don’t want them to, next they will remove your rights to choose for other things. Medical fundamentalism is no better than any other.

and dishonestly, and callously:

I don’t hear about unvaccinated kids dying of these diseases

 All of the children getting these diseases, dying from them and/or featured in the media HAVE BEEN VACCINATED

That’s some encouragement, right there.

Dawson 8 Gardasil post scamSo, over to you, once again, CBA.

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The Anti-Vaccination Network’s talk at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo


In this post Meryl Dorey’s Expo talk gets eaten alive by an immunologist. Please click through and see the demolition by someone who really knows what he’s talking about. You won’t regret it…

Originally posted on The LymphoSite:

Yes, She Actually Said That

On the 25th of May 2014, the spokesperson for the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network (AVSN, formerly the Australian Vaccination Network), Meryl Dorey presented a talk, Vaccinations – Do They Really Save Lives? at the Healthy Lifestyle (You Can Heal Yourself) Expo in Caloundra, Queensland.

If you’re familiar with the AVSN, you know they’re an anti-vaccine group that do not provide reliable information on vaccines, and in fact disseminate misleading, misrepresented and incorrect information about vaccination which engenders fear and alarm, according to the public statement the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission put out about them.

You may of heard of their spokesperson and public officer, Meryl Dorey, who has no qualifications in immunology, microbiology, medicine or vaccinology and who for over a decade has been the major voice behind most of the incorrect information  put out by the group. This talk was no exception.

In reading…

View original 2,871 more words

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Meryl Dorey again repeats ‘vaccines cause Shaken Baby Syndrome’ lie at Queensland Expo

Many people have written before about what Orac calls The vilest antivaccine lie that won’t die: Shaken baby syndrome as “vaccine injury”For a greater understanding of this particularly nasty anti-vaccine lie, I highly recommend reading the Orac post.

Another person who has been on top of the vaccines cause SBS lie, longer than anyone would care to be aware of, such is its repugnance, is Peter Bowditch.

Back in 1997 a thug by the name of Alan Yurko killed his girlfriend’s 10 week old son. After being acquitted of murder, due to sloppy morgue practices, Yurko went down for manslaughter. Peter Bowditch has a very thorough timeline of events on his site.

I want to note some of the injuries listed in the post-mortem of the slaughtered baby. From Peter’s site:

Note – the baby had been crying for a few days before the father held it by its feet and hit it.

Post-Mortem Findings included minor contusions of both temporal areas of the head, small ecchymosis of the right lower eyelid, fresh subdural hemorrhages of the right and left cerebral hemispheres and at base of brain and some areas of spinal cord, and retinal bleeding. The brain was grossly edematous. In addition there were several old, healing fractures of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th ribs, all posterior and on the left.

To cut a long story short, chiropractic organisations and anti-vaccine activists swung in behind Yurko, where they remain to this day. As Peter Bowditch notes, Yurko was labeled a “hero” by the International Chiropractors Association’s Pediatric Council. You read that right. And one of the main medical advocates for the baby slaughterer was one Harold Buttram (remember that bit).

So, take into account the injuries suffered by that 10 week old baby; remember that the injuries he sustained (some whilst being hung upside down by his feet, and struck) led him to be the subject of a post-mortem; and now remind yourselves of what Meryl Dorey and her husband Ken Dorey said on January 7 2001, on the AVN Yahoo! Group:

Dear Barbara,

I just read this out to my husband who is great with catch phrases and he suggests – Shaken Maybe Syndrome. I like Shaken from the inside too – both are good. And a great thought – you are right – sound bites have it. And as my 16 year old niece would say – that bites!

Take care,


AVN 6808 Dorey shaken maybe syndrome Yahoo messageYou also read that right. In the Dorey household it is okay to sit around thinking up glib “catch phrases”, which have “bite”, to defend baby killers.

With all of this in mind I want you to read the following transcript, taken from Dorey’s appearance yesterday at the You Can Heal Yourself Expo, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The organisers defended Dorey’s right to be at the Expo, and staunchly defended Dorey’s right to give a presentation. Media also gave Dorey free plugs. The organisers led people to believe that the HCCC’s Public Health Warning against the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network would be on display. It wasn’t.

Read this astonishing transcript for yourself and then judge the actions of the organisers of the Expo:

Questioner: Yeah hi I was wondering with the SIDS I’ve heard that a lot of fathers and sometimes mothers have been jailed for I guess being said that they caused the deaths from shaking while their babies were sleeping or something, because the vaccinations actually cause bruises as well as the instant death. Do you have any statistics on that or something?

Meryl: I don’t have statistics but there is a book we carry it  it’s called Sudden Infant Death I can never remember the whole name it’s quite long it’s written by Harold Buttram who’s an MD, a GP who has been studying this for a long time and he has actually engaged an engineer of some kind, a mechanical engineer I think to test what sort of force is needed to shake a baby in order to cause brain damage and bleeding behind the eyes which are basically the symptoms they look at in shaken baby, and it is impossible according to this expert, it is impossible to shake a baby hard enough to cause that sort of damage without breaking their neck. I mean even if you hold the baby’s head and body at the same time and shake them, the neck has to break. So shaken baby syndrome again like SIDS, is a waste basket. It is a way of blaming the family for what may have been caused by the medical community. And bleeding behind the eyes, retinal bleeding is something that has been known to follow vaccination, it has been known to follow hypoxia or lack of oxygen. There are so many things that can cause that symptom and um, in Australia there is a doctor by the name of Archie K who also put a lot of those symptoms they’re looking at with shaken baby down to lack of vitamin C, he even believed that vaccinations caused uh, ah a deficit of vitamin C and that those would cause the bruising and the broken bones that a lot of people were seeing in this babies as well. Uh yeah, shaken baby syndrome is being used, so is Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy.

And she wonders why reasonable people will not debate her. Sometimes there are just no words.

Update 1 hour later:

This is precisely the problem with allowing someone to lie their face off at vulnerable parents:

AVN 6809 Zaiga Virsis never vaccinating due to Dorey talk at Expo


I want to give a huge shout out to many people who contributed to this post: Of course, Peter Bowditch, who has been all over this for years; the two ninjas who politely attended the Expo and made it possible to see the above words; and the OTTER who transcribed like a now wounded sea mammal.

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Whooping cough awareness video featuring Dana, Toni, and David McCaffery

Our nation’s foremost whooping cough awareness advocates – Toni and David McCaffery – have put themselves out there again:

Toni and Dave Vaccine HubAlways with an eye to the health of our community they have taken part in a new, moving 70 second video on Vaccine Hub: The McCafferys’ Story.

This Pertussis awareness video is the latest in a long line of selfless acts by a family I am proud to know; a family whose perpetual integrity and kindness is a life lesson for all of us.

Toni and Dave Vaccine Hub DanaA previous video, entitled Dana’s Story, is also available on the Vaccine Hub site. It, too, can never be seen too many times.

The McCaffery Family received no payment for their inclusion in this public health video. Their only motivation is their love for Dana, and a determination that others should not share their fate. The video was shot in Lennox Head, their hometown. It was shot on Toni and David’s 15th wedding anniversary, for their little girl.

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If you have come for callousness, the AVsN is the place for you.

I bang on about the callousness of anti-vaccinationists quite a bit. You’ve probably noticed.

Anti-vaccine ideologue, and sage to her death-cult, the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network, Meryl Dorey, is the queen of the cruel taunt; the callous jibe; the hunter of the grieving.

Even then, every once in a while, one of her panting ghouls will surprise us. And that’s saying something.

Dorey has stated that she is going to conduct her own examination of a newly published meta-analysis, one which shows again that there is no link between vaccines and autism. Dorey is serious. I am not making this up.

One of her grubs added this:

Shelle Polmear This article has caused the pro vaxers in my family to get on their high horses…again :-(  Ok, they have a child undergoing chemo for Leukemia (remission) but they are so paranoid about my non vaxed kids and they are taking everything the Dr says as gospel :-( Your findings on the study will be interesting., and I feel, useful.

AVN 6798 Polmear leukemia childYou read that right. Her family members are getting “on their high horses” regarding their immunocompromised child WITH LEUKEMIA.

The god damned nerve of some cancer patients and their families.

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Meryl Dorey – the libelous, private public officer

Ever since the very beginnings of Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network, five years ago, anti-vaccination ideologue Meryl Dorey has steadfastly refused to answer simple questions via email. The questions pertain to the operations of the (then) Australian Vaccination Network, her (once influential) anti-vaccination pressure group. The group is now rightly, and publicly, in tatters; both ethically and financially. This is proper.

Meryl Dorey is the ex-president. Dorey was and still is the public officer of the AVN.

Many years ago Dorey lied about Ken McLeod in a response to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. Dorey claimed, among other things:

“Mr McLeod has made numerous direct communications to the AVN and myself via email communication over the last few years, and such communications have been very rude and aggressive in tone and intimidating in nature, particularly towards myself. I have found dealing with this man very distressing and hurtful,”


“the threat that he poses and continues to pose to me and my family is very real….”


“I can give no explanation for the ferocity with which he pursues both myself and the AVN….”

The immediate problem for Dorey was that Mr McLeod kept every single bit of correspondence between himself and Dorey, and he asked her to substantiate her lies about him. If you check the above link, you can see for yourself why Dorey never, ever answered for her lies. She often repeats the slurs on Mr McLeod and others of us who attempt to elicit some honesty from her; but, she’s never retracted any of her lies about Mr McLeod.

So, we see how she operates as the public officer of an incorporated association. She lies, claims harassment, and lies some more.

Here is Fair Trading NSW’s page on the responsibilities of a public officer.

A public officer is the official point of contact:

DFT 1 what is a public officerAgain, the public officer is responsible for acting as the official contact for the association:

DFT 2 role of public officerRemembering now that the public officer’s duty is a to act as the official contact, this means that the public officer is the person to whom the public makes requests of the organisation, including any the provision of any documentation as covered under legislation. Dorey has never done this, to the best of my knowledge.

Today we saw another example of what Dorey thinks are her duties as the public officer. Apart from publishing an email sent to her as the public officer of the AVsN (how’s the privacy going?), Dorey also included another accusation that Ken McLeod, a member of the public, is harassing her; she included his internet provider’s name; threatened him with reports to his internet provider; threatened to report him to ACMA, the Australian Communications and Media Authority; and she did this by including his picture. Just who is doing the harassing here?

There is one little thing Dorey also included in this post: she claims that her email address, which can be seen on basically every official public utterance from Dorey, is somehow “private”. You read that right. The public officer of an incorporated association claims that contacting her on her organisation’s email address is “private”. And it is therefore “harassment”:

AVN 6790 Dorey Ken report to ACMAI’ve included his picture because I like to be reminded that he exists. However, here is a more recent photo of Mr McLeod having just stepped from the carriage to acquire his substantial share portfolio:


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Australian chiropractor Laurence Tham to present for US anti-vaccine chiropractic group

One would think that the past year of embarrassment for Australian anti-vaccine chiropractors would be enough for some pause for thought. But, I guess, when someone has the capacity for anti-vaccination belief, one can think anything is appropriate.

Recently the Flying Floreanis™ visited an anti-vaccine chiropractic religious event in California – CalJam – run by well-known deranged chiropractor, Billy DeMoss. Jennifer Barham-Floreani and her husband Simon Floreani even had their pictures taken with anti-vaccine king-pin Andrew Wakefield, as well as the barking mad DeMoss – that’s one huge F-U to the Chiropractic Board of Australia right there.

I guess it’s because Australian chiropractic hasn’t found itself embroiled in enough mockery-laced opprobrium that go-get-‘em, practice building obsessed chiropractor Laurence Tham has decided to go over to California to present at DeMoss’ Dead Chiropractic Society (if only, right?). He even tags DeMoss in his post:

Tham 18 DeMoss DCSAnd here’s the event on DeMoss’ site:

Tham 17 DCS June 4 2014Regular readers, or followers of Australian chiropractic, would remember Tham from such posts as, Anti-vaccine chiropractors 41 – The Wellness Evangelicals,  in which we saw that Tham, a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (of course), is/was a member of the anti-vaccination fundamentalist pressure group, the (former) Australian Vaccination Network. Tham is also heavily involved in the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, a research organisation heavily imbued with anti-vaccinationism. In the post we also saw that Tham was effusive in his praise for Australia’s prime anti-vaccine hatemonger, Meryl Dorey. Tham did take some notice after I published that post. This is what you now see when you click on his video which promotes Dorey:

This video should have never existed

This video should have never existed

So I do find it odd that Australian chiropractors who are well aware of the damage their anti-vaccinationism has done to their profession persist in hanging out with people of the calibre of DeMoss.

As a reminder, let’s see what DeMoss has come out with of late. Chiro pride, folks. Chiro pride.

Nothing like a bit of exploitation of your underage marks [redactions mine]?

DeMoss 141 kidDoctors are a danger to your health because they are a tool in the depopulation of the planet…

DeMoss 140 dangerous to go to MDAnd some good old germ theory denial…

DeMoss 139 germ theory denialChiropractic is in some serious trouble.

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