Whooping cough awareness video featuring Dana, Toni, and David McCaffery

Our nation’s foremost whooping cough awareness advocates – Toni and David McCaffery – have put themselves out there again:

Toni and Dave Vaccine HubAlways with an eye to the health of our community they have taken part in a new, moving 70 second video on Vaccine Hub: The McCafferys’ Story.

This Pertussis awareness video is the latest in a long line of selfless acts by a family I am proud to know; a family whose perpetual integrity and kindness is a life lesson for all of us.

Toni and Dave Vaccine Hub DanaA previous video, entitled Dana’s Story, is also available on the Vaccine Hub site. It, too, can never be seen too many times.

The McCaffery Family received no payment for their inclusion in this public health video. Their only motivation is their love for Dana, and a determination that others should not share their fate. The video was shot in Lennox Head, their hometown. It was shot on Toni and David’s 15th wedding anniversary, for their little girl.

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If you have come for callousness, the AVsN is the place for you.

I bang on about the callousness of anti-vaccinationists quite a bit. You’ve probably noticed.

Anti-vaccine ideologue, and sage to her death-cult, the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network, Meryl Dorey, is the queen of the cruel taunt; the callous jibe; the hunter of the grieving.

Even then, every once in a while, one of her panting ghouls will surprise us. And that’s saying something.

Dorey has stated that she is going to conduct her own examination of a newly published meta-analysis, one which shows again that there is no link between vaccines and autism. Dorey is serious. I am not making this up.

One of her grubs added this:

Shelle Polmear This article has caused the pro vaxers in my family to get on their high horses…again :-(  Ok, they have a child undergoing chemo for Leukemia (remission) but they are so paranoid about my non vaxed kids and they are taking everything the Dr says as gospel :-( Your findings on the study will be interesting., and I feel, useful.

AVN 6798 Polmear leukemia childYou read that right. Her family members are getting “on their high horses” regarding their immunocompromised child WITH LEUKEMIA.

The god damned nerve of some cancer patients and their families.

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Meryl Dorey – the libelous, private public officer

Ever since the very beginnings of Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network, five years ago, anti-vaccination ideologue Meryl Dorey has steadfastly refused to answer simple questions via email. The questions pertain to the operations of the (then) Australian Vaccination Network, her (once influential) anti-vaccination pressure group. The group is now rightly, and publicly, in tatters; both ethically and financially. This is proper.

Meryl Dorey is the ex-president. Dorey was and still is the public officer of the AVN.

Many years ago Dorey lied about Ken McLeod in a response to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. Dorey claimed, among other things:

“Mr McLeod has made numerous direct communications to the AVN and myself via email communication over the last few years, and such communications have been very rude and aggressive in tone and intimidating in nature, particularly towards myself. I have found dealing with this man very distressing and hurtful,”


“the threat that he poses and continues to pose to me and my family is very real….”


“I can give no explanation for the ferocity with which he pursues both myself and the AVN….”

The immediate problem for Dorey was that Mr McLeod kept every single bit of correspondence between himself and Dorey, and he asked her to substantiate her lies about him. If you check the above link, you can see for yourself why Dorey never, ever answered for her lies. She often repeats the slurs on Mr McLeod and others of us who attempt to elicit some honesty from her; but, she’s never retracted any of her lies about Mr McLeod.

So, we see how she operates as the public officer of an incorporated association. She lies, claims harassment, and lies some more.

Here is Fair Trading NSW’s page on the responsibilities of a public officer.

A public officer is the official point of contact:

DFT 1 what is a public officerAgain, the public officer is responsible for acting as the official contact for the association:

DFT 2 role of public officerRemembering now that the public officer’s duty is a to act as the official contact, this means that the public officer is the person to whom the public makes requests of the organisation, including any the provision of any documentation as covered under legislation. Dorey has never done this, to the best of my knowledge.

Today we saw another example of what Dorey thinks are her duties as the public officer. Apart from publishing an email sent to her as the public officer of the AVsN (how’s the privacy going?), Dorey also included another accusation that Ken McLeod, a member of the public, is harassing her; she included his internet provider’s name; threatened him with reports to his internet provider; threatened to report him to ACMA, the Australian Communications and Media Authority; and she did this by including his picture. Just who is doing the harassing here?

There is one little thing Dorey also included in this post: she claims that her meryl@avn.org.au email address, which can be seen on basically every official public utterance from Dorey, is somehow “private”. You read that right. The public officer of an incorporated association claims that contacting her on her organisation’s email address is “private”. And it is therefore “harassment”:

AVN 6790 Dorey Ken report to ACMAI’ve included his picture because I like to be reminded that he exists. However, here is a more recent photo of Mr McLeod having just stepped from the carriage to acquire his substantial share portfolio:


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Australian chiropractor Laurence Tham to present for US anti-vaccine chiropractic group

One would think that the past year of embarrassment for Australian anti-vaccine chiropractors would be enough for some pause for thought. But, I guess, when someone has the capacity for anti-vaccination belief, one can think anything is appropriate.

Recently the Flying Floreanis™ visited an anti-vaccine chiropractic religious event in California – CalJam – run by well-known deranged chiropractor, Billy DeMoss. Jennifer Barham-Floreani and her husband Simon Floreani even had their pictures taken with anti-vaccine king-pin Andrew Wakefield, as well as the barking mad DeMoss – that’s one huge F-U to the Chiropractic Board of Australia right there.

I guess it’s because Australian chiropractic hasn’t found itself embroiled in enough mockery-laced opprobrium that go-get-‘em, practice building obsessed chiropractor Laurence Tham has decided to go over to California to present at DeMoss’ Dead Chiropractic Society (if only, right?). He even tags DeMoss in his post:

Tham 18 DeMoss DCSAnd here’s the event on DeMoss’ site:

Tham 17 DCS June 4 2014Regular readers, or followers of Australian chiropractic, would remember Tham from such posts as, Anti-vaccine chiropractors 41 – The Wellness Evangelicals,  in which we saw that Tham, a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (of course), is/was a member of the anti-vaccination fundamentalist pressure group, the (former) Australian Vaccination Network. Tham is also heavily involved in the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, a research organisation heavily imbued with anti-vaccinationism. In the post we also saw that Tham was effusive in his praise for Australia’s prime anti-vaccine hatemonger, Meryl Dorey. Tham did take some notice after I published that post. This is what you now see when you click on his video which promotes Dorey:

This video should have never existed

This video should have never existed

So I do find it odd that Australian chiropractors who are well aware of the damage their anti-vaccinationism has done to their profession persist in hanging out with people of the calibre of DeMoss.

As a reminder, let’s see what DeMoss has come out with of late. Chiro pride, folks. Chiro pride.

Nothing like a bit of exploitation of your underage marks [redactions mine]?

DeMoss 141 kidDoctors are a danger to your health because they are a tool in the depopulation of the planet…

DeMoss 140 dangerous to go to MDAnd some good old germ theory denial…

DeMoss 139 germ theory denialChiropractic is in some serious trouble.

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Why our deep-seated commitment to investigating Meryl Dorey?

Why do we spend so much time holding Meryl Dorey and her Anti Vaccination Network cabal to account?

It’s because she used to be a go-to for the media to get the other side of the immunisation non-debate. She used to be held up as a font of wisdom on all things immunological. It didn’t matter that she had absolutely no qualifications, nor any deep understanding of that on which she would regularly pontificate. It didn’t matter that she would regularly make false claims which, if disseminated more widely, would see a decline in immunisation rates. Her callousness was unbridled. Her dishonesty ran amok. If her advice was acted upon by the whole community you could bet that every suburb would have a mound of dead babies. And she would have her glory.

Stop the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network changed all that, in five short years.

The AVN’s name is mud. Dorey is seen for the callous liar she is. Her tactics of intimidation are seen for what they are: the death-rattles of a conspiracy driven narcissistic ideologue, lacking compassion and decency, driven by self-glorification: the kindly aunt (as she has been unfortunately called), with a hunger for the death of others’ babies. It’s the logical conclusion. It didn’t start out like that. It never does.

I prefaced this because today Dorey has proven again why she needs to be publicly excoriated.

Today Dorey sent out a call-to-arms to her followers on the AVN Yahoo! Group. The Yahoo! Group is a private group of around one hundred members. A copy of the message was obtained. In it, Dorey requests her followers send letters (the bizarre concoction can be viewed in part here, written by our favourite Otter), and send photos of “injured and killed” children, to the Courier Mail (Dan Buzzard also covered this a few hours ago, here).

This is Dan’s post in full:

AVN 6772 Dan Buzzard postOkay, that’s bad enough.

Here is the full Yahoo! Group screed in which Dorey again sails close to the wind of defaming the Australian Medical Association, and certainly defames the Courier Mail, calling them “corrupt”:

AVN 6768 Dorey CM editor Yahoo message dead kids photosBeing a very clever ideologue, Dorey left out some of the defamatory material when she posted the same to Facebook.

Another thing she changed? Notice she has removed the word “killed” from the request for photos?

So please resend your letters to the address above. And if you have a healthy, unvaccinated child, include pictures of them. The same if you have a child who was injured by vaccines.

AVN 6769 Dorey CM editor killed kids photos left out on Facebook

Later on Dorey again posts to Facebook with a recording she made of a phone call she took from a Courier Mail staff member. The recording was clearly done for the purposes of intimidation and grandstanding. Part of the phone call is missing. We only have Dorey’s word for the exact wording of the conversation before she started recording:

Her words were (because she asked this at the very beginning of the conversation before I started recording) what I hoped to accomplish by asking people to send her pictures of dead babies. I explained that I hadn’t asked people to do that – simply to send the letters they had already written to the Ministers and to also include, if they felt like it, pictures of their healthy, unvaccinated children or their children who had been injured by vaccines.

AVN 6770 Dorey recorded phone call Courier MailSo, Dorey clearly lied. She may not have specifically said “babies”, but, we know from her Yahoo! post that she clearly requested people send photos of “killed” children to the paper.

But Dorey was far from finished. It gets worse.

Dorey found Dan Buzzard’s post. She accused Dan of altering her text. She lied to her Facebook followers, and blamed someone else:

Now, all you have to do is read what I actually wrote in the post below – I will copy and paste it here – and you will see that Buzzar – I mean Vulture – kindly added the words “or killed’ to what I’d written.

AVN 6771 Dorey lying about killed added by Dan

But that’s not the worst Dorey has done today. Two screenshots up you would have seen that Dorey dog-whistled to her followers what is really getting in her craw:

I then asked her what the newspaper hoped to accomplish by publishing a story and photo about a child who had died from whooping cough! Strangely enough, she had no answer.

Dorey was gearing up to attack the McCaffery Family, again. We could see it coming, and we weren’t sure if she could muster up enough hatred; but, she did it. Dorey has been vilifying the McCaffery Family ever since Dana passed away. We are dealing with a monster. The McCafferys have requested  several times that Dorey and her thugs refrain from mentioning them or their little girl for years. From June 2012:

Meryl Dorey, you have been asked time after time not to mention our daughter Dana on your website. The recent article by Judy Wilyman is false, dangerous, misleading and disrespectful. She has no expertise in the area of vaccines and has not asked, nor does she have, our permission to discuss our daughter’s death.

Let’s be clear, Dana’s death to whooping cough and the issues related to it, are not anecdotal. How can you and Ms Wilyman be so callous?

Dana died from whooping cough, a vaccine preventable disease. And we mourn her death every day. You and your friends add torture to our pain.

Ms Dorey, you and your group simply do not know us and we ask you to stop discussing Dana’s death. Her tragic death is not something that you can toy with to promote your misleading ideology.

Once again, you and Ms Wilyman are not friends of ours, or medical doctors and know nothing about Dana’s life or death.

BTW< Both of you, do not take this post as an invite to respond in any way. Leave us and our little girl alone!

David McCaffery

Thugs don’t listen.

Only minutes ago David McCaffery was forced to make another public statement requesting Dorey and her thugs leave them alone, and cease amplifying their pain by continuing to mention Dana:

Toni and Dave statement re Dorey April 13 2014This is why we take on the thugs. This is why we take on the dishonest bullies. Our community deserves better than having a family lose a baby, then, be vilified by a jealous sociopath intent on injecting as much venom into them for the rest of their days as the community will allow.

The McCafferys are hurting all over again.

It needs to end. Now.

We will get there.

Update April 14 2014

Never one to know when to start telling the truth and introspect, Dorey continued her campaign of spite, today, after the Courier Mail included a short article on her call-to-arms:

AVN 6775 Dorey Dana death used by government to vilify

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Articulate, intelligent and passionate.


Meryl Dorey of the anti-vaccination network summons her minions to ‘write’ to federal and state ministers. They did. Dorey published their letters. Dorey says “these letters are articulate, intelligent and passionate.” This claim is investigated. Unleash… THE OTTER.

Originally posted on landlockedseaotter:

Ah, the AVSN. There are a lot of things the AVSN don’t do very well. So it’s probably easier to list the things they can do well:

1. They are very good at summoning the flying monkeys to submit spit speckled letters of indignation at unsuspecting recipients.

2. Uh… look the things they’re good at is a work in progress.

But let’s get back to point one, or as the AVSN calls it, “articulate, intelligent and passionate” letter writing.

You can read them in their entirety here.

(This will be a work in progress. I will be adding letters and trying to fix the formatting over the next little while)

Exhibit A:


Sadly this is one of the more articulate letters. The fact that in 2014 these people are still writing about “ethyl mercury” or “thiomersal/thimerosal”, over a decade since it was removed from childhood vaccines reaaaaaally rustles my jimmies. 

View original 865 more words

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Anti-Vaccination Advocates on the Front Line of Public Health


Yet another in a line of anti-vaccination nurses employed by our health departments. Sydney nurse Deb Henry  uses her qualifications and her employment as an RN to spread anti-vaccination misinformation. She needs to be held to account. Henry’s Linkedin account  lists a more complete work biography.

Originally posted on Evidence, Please.:

I have a confession to make, people. Sometimes I read the comments. And sometimes I even join in.

Earlier today, ABC News posted a news article on their Facebook page regarding Federal Health Minister Peter Dutton’s meeting with his state counterparts to discuss a possible decision to withhold Family Tax Benefit payments from parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, for non-medical reasons. It’s a complicated issue and one that Dr Julie Leask has addressed in the news article itself.

ABC News’ Facebook moderator invited comments from Facebook users on the topic, prompting much discussion, both advocating and opposing vaccination itself, and agreeing with or criticising the proposal to withhold benefits from families who choose not to vaccinate their children. Having a little free time on my hands, I had a look over the comments and made a few myself; predominantly providing rebuttals to anti-vaccination rhetoric and suggesting that…

View original 597 more words

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Death threats against Dr Paul Offit and family published on NVIC Facebook page

Barbara Loe Fisher and her cronies at the US National Vaccine Information Center know how to get a rise out of their panting whackaloons: mention the name “Paul Offit”; make sure it’s mentioned in a Strawman; make sure it’s a dog whistle. The pack of dogs come in numbers, and they never disappoint. Fisher has trained them well.

I’ve covered this sort of thing from Fisher and her bed-wetting, illiterate minions before here and here.

The Forbes article in question is a great one. In it Dr Offit calls for an end to false balance in medical reporting. It is a noble call. The community does much better when fully informed by those who are qualified to speak in their field. Putting these qualified people up against a bubble-blowing conspiracy theorist in news stories does the community a disservice. It needs to end.

This time the NVIC have upped the ante into full-blown death threats against Dr Offit and his family. All because of a dog-whistling Strawman from the master puppeteer, Fisher. It pays the bills, folks.

I won’t say any more. They really do speak for themselves.

NVIC 37 OffitNVIC 38 Offit turd Kim Jong

We’ve met the deranged Vazquez before, here. He’s a supporter of the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network.

NVIC 40 Offit Vazquez threats

Vazquez is in charge of a small child. Think about that for a while.

NVIC 41 Offit should be in gaol damn naziNVIC 42 Offit douche bag horses ass feel sick prisonNVIC 43 Offit pussy protecting his millionsNVIC 44 Offit belongs in gaol sickAnti-vaccine pride.

Let your friends and family know what really lurks behind the fraudulent veil of decency which is portrayed by these violent organisations. This is why Dr Offit has required a heightened security presence in the past.

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Andi Lew. Just a mum? On the media interviewing anti-vaccinationists.

The last few days have been a flurry of media stories regarding the release of new immunisation uptake rates in Australia. Rosalie Hilleman has a collection here.

False balance on health stories has long been a problem in media all around the world. Giving anti-vaccinationists a podium with real experts, in the interests of fairness and balance, does nothing but a disservice to the health of our children. Whose interests are benefited by interviewing people like Meryl Dorey and Judy Wilyman, who have actively vilified grieving families? How does public health benefit by allowing an anti-vaccinationist to lie to a national audience, only having to then require a real health expert to refute the lie which was always a lie? Is it really just filler? Is public health worthy of so little as to make it about advertising revenue? Do we preface every Holocaust story with David Irving, out of respect to fairness and balance?

I want to focus only on one egregious example from Melbourne’s Channel 9 newsroom. We’ve seen this sort of thing before from Channel 9; when interviewing an AVN committee member, and attempting to pass her off as just a parent.

You’ll need to search for the segment entitled, “Low vaccination rates putting children at risk”, in which you will find what would have been an okay vaccination story. Except the reporter did this:

Lew mumAndi Lew, introduced by journalist Martine Alpins as “Bayside mum”,  says:

If vaccinations work, then, why are you so worried about whether I vaccinate my child or not?

So, who is “Bayside mum” Andi Lew, who uses this weak, selfish argument to bleat to the world about how little she cares about babies too young to be immunised?

She is the co-author of an anti-vaccine book, 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You, with her chiropractor husband Warren Sipser (a board member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, Victoria outlet). The book is sold online and throughout the chiropractic and wellness industry. It would have been nice for viewers to have this information. You have met Sipser, Lew and their book before in this post:  Anti-vaccine chiropractors 50 – the CAA Boards Extravaganza.

So, is Lew just a mum? Hardly. She profits from anti-vaccinationism. Viewers should have been told.

And experts need to stop appearing in the same segments as these public health menaces. Stop dragging yourselves down to the level of the anti-vaccine liars and the news story fillers.

Viewers deserve better. You would think news outlets, who are meant to be respectable, would have learnt from the WIN News/ACMA/Media Watch saga.

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It’s Brandivino all around at the anti-vaccination network

I really didn’t want to write this post. So much has been written about the remnants of the grubby little anti-vaccination cabal, the Australian Vaccination Network, in the last few days that I didn’t think it necessary to add anything.

As I wrote the other day the AVN had “surrendered” it’s Charitable Fundraising Authority. I couldn’t really say back then that the surrender was under duress, in the form of a show-cause letter from the NSW Minister for Liquor, Gaming and Racing. We were waiting for the press release so as to officially state that the show-cause was the reason for the AVN’s surrender. So, here it is; a triumvirate of glorious burn from no less than three government ministers:


Minister for Hospitality George Souris today warned the public not to make charitable donations to the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network Incorporated (AVSNI), formerly known as the Australian Vaccination Network Incorporated (AVN), as it is no longer a registered charity.

Mr Souris said the association had surrendered its ‘Authority to Fundraise’ under the Charitable Fundraising Act following an investigation into its anti-vaccination activities by the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR).

“OLGR issued a ‘show cause’ notice to the association requiring it to respond in writing on why its Authority to Fundraise should not be revoked,” Mr Souris said.

“As a result, the association has now surrendered its Authority to Fundraise to OLGR effective immediately”.

Under the Charitable Fundraising Act, if an organisation intends to fundraise for a charitable purpose it must be the holder of an Authority to Fundraise.

However, an Authority to Fundraise for a charitable purpose can be revoked if determined to be in the public interest. One of the objects of the Charitable Fundraising Act is to prevent deception of members of the public who desire to support worthy causes.

“OLGR’s investigation sourced expert medical evidence challenging the accuracy of information provided on the association’s website in relation to the risks and benefits of
vaccination,” Mr Souris said.

“The investigation highlighted a range of potential concerns, including risks arising from the association’s anti-vaccination advocacy and the potential for misinformation to influence important health decisions resulting in potentially adverse public health consequences.

“As the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network Incorporated does not hold an Authority to Fundraise from OLGR they can no longer fundraise for a charitable purpose”.

Minister for Fair Trading, Stuart Ayres, said the association recently changed its name, to the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network Incorporated, following a direction from Fair Trading and an Administrative Decisions Tribunal decision requiring it to adopt a name accurately reflecting its scepticism about vaccinations.

“I warn members of the public against making donations to this organisation.

“NSW Government agencies will continue to monitor the organisation’s activities to ensure it does not fundraise for a charitable purpose.”

Minister for Health Jillian Skinner said she is very proud of the NSW Liberal & Nationals Government’s commitment to childhood vaccination.

“On January 1 this year, new legislation came into effect to ensure no child can be enrolled at a child care facility unless the parent/guardian provides an official immunisation record which shows the child is fully immunised or has been granted an exemption after the parents/guardian have met with a GP or nurse immuniser.

“Our Government is determined to protect our children from the devastating consequences of vaccine-preventable disease.

“While NSW has a very high rate of vaccination among children, we will continue to do all we can to protect those children who remain unvaccinated.

“Forget the scaremongering – there is nothing to fear from vaccination,” Ms Skinner said

Ouch. So that explains why the AVN surrendered its CFA. Here is where we leave the real world.

At the AVN they’ll slurp Brandivino through a bendy straw and tell you it’s champagne:

AVN 6750 Aus Doc surrendered charity statusIndeed. The “charity” status from which they garnered so much street cred has now transformed into a “millstone”. Indeed, that’s the party line from president Comical Ali Greg Beattie for the last two days. In several articles he has been stating that the AVN never wanted the CFA, and that they had been attempting to get rid of it for years. In this just-published piece from The Guardian Beattie attempts to pull a fast one on the journalist. In his typical disingenuous, petulant manner Beattie goes to town unhindered by facts:

The president of the group, Greg Beattie, told Guardian Australia the AVSN inherited its charitable status when it took over the Australian council for immunisation information, and had been trying to get rid of it for years.

“We could have surrendered it at any time but the nice staff at the OLGR warned us if we did we wouldn’t be able to raise any funds,” Beattie said.

He said the organisation’s constitution and its “broad aims” painted AVSN as a charity but had recently hindered the work of its legal team appealing against the order to change the organisation’s name, which was when the issue of its status was revisited and reviewed.

“We’ve been celebrating ever since we shed that licence because the OLGR was a popular avenue of complaint for all of our complainants, [particularly] the Stop the AVN group.”

Celebrating. Indeed. Iraq is safe from the infidels. Break out the Brandivino, Greg.

There is one small problem with Beattie’s account. Meryl Dorey has been telling a  different story for years about the AVN’s charitable claims and aims, and the right for the AVN to hold such a prestigious accolade as its charitable status. It pulls in the donations, after all.

Here is Dorey in June 2009, in the AVN’s newsletter, complaining that the mean old Australian Taxation Office won’t give the AVN Deductible Gift Recipient status:

AVN 6753 Dorey June 2009 newsletter DGRAnd, here is Dorey in April 2012, on the AVN website, stating the she is “pleased” that the AVN had been given its CFA back by the OLGR:

AVN 6752 Dorey April 30 2012 reinstatment of CFA pleased site

To ram it home, here is Dorey just over one month ago stating that the AVN is a charity:

AVN 6756 Dorey the AVN is a charity Feb 6 2014

Even the AVN Facebook page, now owned by overseas unicorns (apparently), but, still linking to and describing the AVN, declares their past victories resultant in regaining their CFA. This image taken 45 minutes ago:

AVN 6754 1800 hrs March 18 2014 CFA reinstated Facebook infoMaybe Beattie meant, ‘we’ve been trying to get rid of this horrid charitable fundraising authority for days, and days. So many days, now. Oh the days we’ve wanted this thing gone”

I’ve previously described Beattie’s problems with his bed posture here and here. Dr Rachael Dunlop goes into more depth about the recent shenanigans, here. And Shellity has described some more arrogant Beattitude, here.

These people should forget lying in bed, and just take to rocking in the corner with a nice flagon of purple.

Thanks to all those who found links used above.

One office chair was harmed in the creation of this work.

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