The Congress of the Chiropractor – Dynamic Growth 2014

Whenever I am reminded of the annual chiropractic event, the Dynamic Growth Congress (DGC), run by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation (ASRF), I think of the Kama Sutra: deep in your heart of hearts you have this ominous feeling that, eventually, someone is gonna get screwed.

The Australian Spinal Research Foundation is a closely related ally of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA). It is an organisation wherein the magical concept of the chiropractic subluxation reigns supreme. It is an organisation with serious financial questions hanging over its head regarding its stated (charitable) goal of research, as opposed to the reality of its poor research output. It is also an organisation which has a long and tainted history of association with barking mad anti-vaccinationism. Well, maybe that history is not so historical.

The ASRF has hosted anti-vaccinationist Meryl Dorey to present talks, and to act as an exhibitor. It has also hosted the Deranged Californian™ Billy (Lyle) DeMoss as  recently as 2013. Of course the ASRF would not dare host the likes of DeMoss again: associating with him has already seen the removal of one Chiropractors’ Association of Australia New South Wales board member, Tim Shakespeare. Surely, associating with anyone who still holds DeMoss in any esteem would be ridiculed by such an austere organisation as the ASRF. Surely?

So…the ASRF has released its speakers line-up for this year’s Melbourne DGC. Going through the list of speakers there doesn’t appear to be much there about research either. I cannot do justice to their individual blurbs, so I implore you to read them for yourself. I’m guessing that if your desires may tend toward vitalism, back slapping, practice building, cash accumulation, personal growth, motivational speaking, life coaching, and wealth creation, as delivered by a global cabal of true believing mates; then, you may find yourself right at home. I don’t see too much there about evidence based health. I see plenty about chiropractor based wealth. Think of Hillsong, only more annoying; but, maybe with more hymns.

This may not be the final list – two names were added overnight – but, I wanted to have a look through and see if we recognise any of the names, either from my own posts, or from other noticeable activities. So, here we go:

Alison Young (Scott) is a former Board Member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia Western Australia franchise who was outed by her friend, Olivia Gleeson, as someone who snuck in and adjusted babies in hospital. Young is/was also a member of the rabid anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN).

Andrew Cameron is someone I haven’t met before, but a perusal of his Facebook page raises some questions about his claims regarding chiropractic’s ability to treat…

1. Cows:

Cameron 1 chiro on cowAnd, 2. allergies:

Cameron 2 spring time allergiesAnthony Golle is an anti-vaccine chiropractor and also the employer of shameless anti-vaccine chiropractor, Rob Hutchings. Hutchings claimed to be a “doctor” in an online news comments section. Hutchings later claimed, in a closed Facebook group, that he had been hacked. Unluckiest guys in the world, these anti-vaccine chiropractors. Always getting hacked by hackers who share their exact beliefs. What.Are.The.Odds?

Billy Chow is an anti-vaccine chiropractor and board member of the CAA National. When Chow was a board member of the CAA South Australia he approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from – and this is not a joke – Meryl Dorey of the AVN.

Brett Hill is an anti-vaccine chiropractor and wellness evangelical. Hill was a president of the CAA South Australia, as well as being a member of the South Australian anti-vaccine group, VISA. Along with the CAA SA and the ASRF Hill was extremely enthusiastic in promoting the anti-vaccine, chiropractic infomercial Doctored.

Brian Kelly is en esteemed chiropractor, worldwide. He was in charge of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC) at one stage. He is now the boss man at Life Chiropractic College West, in the United States. A quick perusal of Kelly’s online activities shows he is a supporter of Andrew Wakefield:

Kelly 2 promoting WakefieldAnd Kelly would appear to have some knowledge of the BRCA1 gene. Otherwise he would shut his damn mouth about Angelina Jolie, right?

Kelly 1 Angelina Jolie having breasts removed for no reasonHe is also a promoter of the anti-vaccine, chiropractic infomercial, Doctored. This is to be expected, given where he now resides:

Kelly 3 Doctored screening Life CollegeBrinsley Lane is not someone I’ve heard of before. He has spent some time in the Solomon Islands, even claiming to have given a presentation to their parliament. What did he present? The chiropractic fuse-box, used everywhere to claim that chiropractic removes nerve interference, or something similar, so that organs work properly:

Lane 1 fusebox in Solomons parliament

I just hope Lane didn’t make any claims like this, in parliament:

Lane 2 paracetamol asthma riskBruce Whittingham has become one of my favourites. He works alongside Adam L Smith, who has featured in my anti-vaccine chiropractors series, making arrogant, ignorant, callous claims like this:

I have not read a media report of an unvaccinated kid dying from any of these diseases. It’s the supposedly protected, vaccinated kids who are getting sick and dying from the very diseases they are supposedly immunised against.

Whittingham was also a member of the anti-vaccine AVN at one stage. He grabbed my attention recently when he implied, in public, that the parents of a baby who had suffered a broken neck following a chiropractic manipulation were the subject of a child protection investigation (DOCS). Yes, he implied that the parents broke their baby’s neck, so he could divert attention from the real investigation. He did that. He later deleted this comment:

Whittingham 3 Mamamia blaming baby injury on parents DOCSThis led to a perusal of Whittingham’s other sites. Apparently he considers himself a guru, and even has an app for that. Ridiculously, on his YouTube channel, The Chiropractic App, Whittingham still, to this day, features one of the most thigh-slappingly comedic videos we’ve seen this year. I strongly urge you to watch this. Here is a still from the video which depicts how Whittingham adjusts a baby via “surrogate muscle testing” and applied kinesiology. Remember – and this is pertinent – he’s giving a talk at the premiere chiropractic talk-fest of the year. He is a leader of chiropractic in this country:

Whittingham 4 surrogate muscle testing AK baby adjustment videoIf you’re lucky Whittingham will cure your dog’s incontinence as well:

Whittingham 2 adjusting dogCarren Smith has featured in my anti-vaccine chiropractors series as a wellness evangelical. She is not a chiropractor. Smith appears basically everywhere with Cyndi O’Meara on the public speaking, wellness evangelical circuit.

Clinton McCauley has a very quiet online presence. He is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Craig Foote features in my anti-vaccine chiropractors posts. He is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Cyndi O’Meara is a life-long chiropractic devotee, coming from a family of chiropractors. She never made it through chiropractic school, instead focusing on a lucrative career on the nutrition and wellness evangelical circuit. O’Meara is strongly anti-vaccine and has admitted dissuading friends and callers from immunising their children, using deceptive sources. She features in my anti-vaccine series.

Damian Kristof is another of the anti-vaccine wellness evangelical chiropractors. He has built a very successful career around this evangelism. He is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Daniel Malone has a very quiet online presence. He works at Pioneer Family Chiropractic, which prides itself on manipulating babies, and their parents, and using them in advertisements:

Malone 1 babyJohn Hinwood is the founder of the DGC. He is a past president of the ASRF. He has made a career out of practice coaching.

David Jackson is awesome. He is an associate of Billy DeMoss. I want to include his DGC blurb, and you can just gauge it for yourself:

Jackson 3 cash successApart from being a reformed or recovering failure, Jackson is now fully cashed up to the spizz, bro. He has worked it out. And, he’s here to share his secrets with you. And one of the secrets is surely the truth. Here is some of his truth:

Jackson 2 Wakefield added to eventJackson is also the cover-boy of Billy DeMoss’s latest Spizz magazine:

Spizz JacksonAnd, yes, I had to look it up as well. Here is the explanation of the spizz which drives them:

“Spizz – to live ambition and enthusiasm for sharing the truth about chiropractic from the center of your soul.” – Gilles Lamarche

“Spizz is the general excitement we have for Chiropractic borne from a deep knowledge of our philosophy, science and art… and realizing we have a obligation to share this message of hope with the world.” – Rob Sinnott

“Spizz means an uncontainable passion and enthusiasm for ChiropracTIC.” – Liam Schubel

Billy DeMoss also “unleashed the spizz” to DGC in 2013, in Brisbane. So much spizz. So little time. I’m glad they’ve got someone else to do it this year. The ASRF wouldn’t want to bring down the tenor like they did in 2013. But, I digress.

David Hendrey and Doug Herron I’ve not heard of before [see update January 23 2013].

Glenn Maginness is someone who calls himself a paediatric chiropractor. He runs a business program called C4K Chiropractic for Kids. He also runs a business called Mt Eliza Family Chiropractic Clinic. He provides CPD accredited courses, training other chiropractors in the manipulation of babies. His training is so good, so evidence based, he approached the more evidence based association the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA), asking them to also run and advertise his courses. COCA said no:

Maginness 1 COCA CPDI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you must go to a chiropractor, go to a COCA registered chiropractor. They don’t (shouldn’t) treat children for anything other than musculoskeletal conditions, and you’ll be hard pushed to find a single magical subluxation correcter, or spine wizard, among them. Here is the COCA policy on treating kids.

And, AHPRA accredits his courses? This needs a serious, swift investigation.

We can see that Maginness has previously given DGC talks about treating ear infections (so, COCA was right to ignore him):

Maginnis 2 ear infectionsI’ll leave the “inverted swing test” up to your own imagination. You’ll need to work a subluxation in there somewhere as well:

Maginnis 3 inverted swing testMaginness also shared this absolute rubbish:

Maginnis 4 TylenolAnd where would we be without Mike Adams, Natural News, and water fluoridation lies? I suppose we should be thankful I found no anti-vaccine posts:

Maginness 5 fluoride

Jamie Richards and Jo Dobson are not chiropractors I’ve come across before in any noticeable way.

Kate Golle is the wife and business partner of Anthony Golle, above.

Katelyn McGregor works at Pioneer Family Chiropractic. She featured in my post regarding the chiropractors who sneak into hospitals to adjust babies and other customers. Whilst searching through images for this post I was reminded of this baby-manipulating photo, in which McGregor claims she provided a “presentation” for the Mercy Hospital. Why on Earth would this be the case? I did email the Mercy Hospital(s) to inquire about this claim. I never did receive a reply. Maybe some of you will have better luck:

McGregor 2 Mercy HospitalLaurence Tham is an anti-vaccine chiropractor and wellness evangelical. He’s the guy who is out to turbo-charge your practice, so you make more money health, basically. Tham is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Marcus Yeo featured in my anti-vaccine chiropractors series, congratulating an anti-vaccine screed by another chiropractor. He has his own posts which I haven’t shared before, from his own profile, and from his nutrition page.

Mercola, Gardasil, and the “biohazard”:

Yeo 1 biohazard found in Gardasil MercolaAnd Yeo tells us what he really thinks about vaccines; or, as he likes to call them, “poison”:

Yeo 2 flu shot poisonMark Postles is an elder statesman anti-vaccine chiropractor. He is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN. He is a fixture of the ASRF.

Martin Harvey is the president of the ASRF, man about the world of spizz, and an anti-vaccine chiropractor. I’ll use any excuse to share this photo again, and again. DeMoss may be absent, but, he’s never far away from the ASRF:

Harvey 2 picture with DeMossPatrick Sim is a board member of the CAA National. As with Billy Chow, above, he was on the board of the CAA South Australia when they approved anti-vaccination zealot Meryl Dorey to provide CPD training to CAA SA members. Again, they approved anti-vaccine training to chiropractors as part of their professional training requirements.

Rosemary Keating has a very quiet online presence. She is/was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN.

Ross McDonald is the president of the Scottish Chiropractic Association. He is also the creator of the Edinburgh Lectures, a chiropractic platform similar to the DGC. In 2010 McDonald was forced to remove claims from advertising material, and from the windows of his business. The claims made therein could not be substantiated. But I wanted to have a look at something from a bit later, given this man is a modern, global powerhouse of chiropractic.

Here is a thread from his 2012 Edinburgh line-up. Such Tim O’Shea. Much Billy DeMoss. Brad Glowaki wow. Very Tony Croke.

Ross McDonald 2012 Edinburgh Lectures DeMoss O'Shea Croke GlowackiLook, maybe I’m being a little harsh. 2012 was a long time ago. Let’s give McDonald – the president of the SCA, the creator of the Edinburgh Lectures – the benefit of the doubt. Who’s up for 2013?


Shady Botros doesn’t have much of an online presence. Apart from testimonials:

Shady 1 testimonials

I think we all know testimonials are banned, right? It’s a shame we need to remind the chiropractors, and the Chiropractic Board of Australia.

Terry (Tez) Molloy is a chiropractor and rugby coach at Life Chiropractic College West. He is also a qualified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming. I’m serious. He’s pretty quiet online, but, he provided me with a testimonial, once:

start posting on his blog by starting with “Hi Unreasonable Wank ..” or “Hi Ignorant Flogger …”

Tiffani Clingin is the wife and business partner of Tony Croke. She is not a chiropractor. I once caught Clingin pretending to be a community member on a public Facebook thread, commenters being called there to support chiropractic and provide positive testimonials following the Catalyst episode. Clingin and many other chiropractic professionals did not like being called out as very interested parties pretending to be otherwise.

Tony Croke is an anti-vaccine chiropractor who was a member of the anti-vaccine AVN for a decade. He is a member of the board of the CAA National. He is a supporter of Billy DeMoss. Croke agreed with and condoned the practice of chiropractors sneaking into hospitals to manipulate their customers. Here is Croke encouraging DeMoss to visit Australia again. Remember, this was taken only 6 months ago. Did I mention that Tony Croke is a National Board Member for the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia? I did?

Croke 55 Billy De Moss welcome in Australia antivac autism

Sheridan Brady-Kay is one of the lecturers at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. She used to post frequently on the AVN Facebook page. Here she is, in February 2012, supporting another anti-vaccinationist for making “wise, researched decisions”:

AVN 4168 Brady-Kay on Louise letterAnd from 2011, here is Kay, the anti-vaccinationist, in a hospital manipulating a 2 day old baby, and its parents:

AVN 4167 chiro 2 day old babyA 2 day old baby fell asleep! WELL &*$@ ME! Chiropractic is a miracle!

At least Kay didn’t do this dog in the hospital. She only did the dog in her business. I asked her about the cleanliness of this procedure, and she told me that everything was fine as the table is leather. Well, that’s okay, then. The dog didn’t think so, judging by his tail:

Kay adjusting dog

Skip forward to 2013 we see the premiere New Zealand Chiropractic event, Lyceum. This is the event where Tim Shakespeare took that fateful photograph with DeMoss. Yes, DeMoss was one of the presenters at Lyceum. But, it wasn’t only Shakespeare who posed with him:

Tham 10 DeMoss and KayLast one. I promise. I don’t have much to say about this one. I think this is self-explanatory…

Benjamin Harvey:

Benjamin Harvey DGC blurb

On his Facebook page he describes himself as a “Difference-Maker Accelerator”, whose past institutions include the “Academy of Wealth and Achievement”. Hey, whatever floats your boat, chiropractors who call yourselves primary health care practitioners. Who am I to judge?

Benjamin Harvey Facebook profile Difference Maker AcceleratorThere are 36 speakers listed, so far.

I have nothing to add for 4 3 of them [see update January 23 2013].

Most we have seen before. Some for their unethical entry into hospitals; others for their bizarre claims and treatments, including that of babies. And still others because they are just very silly.

Approximately 22 of them have confirmed links to anti-vaccinationism ranging from overt support to deranged, entrenched belief. The ASRF gets a 61% pass for anti-vaccinationism. This is just for anti-vaccinationism alone, without including anything else. And anti-vaccinationism says a lot about a person. But, it says a lot more about a primary health care practitioner.

And because you asked me to rub some salt into your gaping wounds, the DGC is being sponsored by the Industry Super Fund for healthcare workers, HESTA. If you don’t contact them and tell them that you are displeased at where your money is being used, they won’t ever stop doing it. This needs to stop:

ASRF DGC 2014 Hesta sponsor

I don’t have anything else to say about the ASRF and their Congress. If this is normal for them, Australian chiropractic is screwed.

Thanks for reading.

Update January 23 2013

David Hendrey, of Hendrey Chiropractic, Queensland.

With many thanks to a keen eyed reader who remembered some bizarre treatment claims; and even bigger thanks to colleagues who fired up the Wayback Machine and found the since deleted claims, I bring you three former pages of David Hendrey’s website. All screengrabs go back to March 2012; so it’s not that long ago that these claims were being made on Hendrey’s website.

Hendrey claimed that “Chiropractic correction of the subluxation can aid the immune responses of the body by reducing nerve interference”:

Page captured from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Hendrey made this claim regarding this huge cohort of HIV Positive patients, under the title “Chiropractic and HIV” :

Five patients were adjusted and five were controls. After 6 months, in the control group (not under chiropractic care) the CD4 levels decreased by 7.96%. While the group receiving chiropractic adjustments experienced a 48% increase in CD4 cell count. This indicates that correction of vertebral subluxations enhance the immune system and healing ability of the human body.

Page captured from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Hendrey included this miraculous story of a convert which claims that chiropractic can treat and improve autism:

They are so convinced by the benefits of chiropractic that Quentin is determined to spread the word. “This is the unimpeachable testimony of a man who did not believe in it. We have to raise awareness, because it worked so thoroughly for my son and changed his life and ours. If I can help just one child that’s going through what we went through, then that’s my reward.”

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

Page taken from the Wayback Machine

The only saving grace for Hendrey is that these pages don’t exist on his site any more. But, they did. Only two years ago. That says enough.

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Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 2

Today’s post will be rather underwhelming compared to the last one. That one was napalm-grade. But, it shouldn’t be underwhelming. The problem of chiropractors spreading misinformation about immunisation and other health-related issues still exists. And there doesn’t appear to be a lot of action coming from the regulator, the Chiropractic Board of Australia, despite a wealth of damning evidence of continued instances of this misinformation being readily available to them. Remember, the CBA are the ones who claimed they were going to conduct audits: a proactive step, to be sure, if ever carried out. From their own media release:

The Chiropractic Board of Australia cracks down to protect the public.

The Chiropractic Board of Australia is cracking down on chiropractors who step outside their primary role as healthcare practitioners and provide treatment that puts the public at risk.

To protect public safety, the Board has:

- ordered practitioners to remove all anti-vaccination material from their websites and clinics
– removed several courses from the list of approved CPD programs, and
introduced random audits of practitioner compliance with the Board’s registration standards. [Media Release August 8 2013]

Today I want to introduce you to Mr Grant Bond, who runs a business called The Back Dr Shellharbour. Bond doesn’t appear to be a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, which is odd as he appears to share their general philosophy. Bond is/was also a member of the rabidly dishonest anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination Network. Indeed, his business page still lists the AVN among its likes:

Bond 12 likes AVNI had seen Bond’s name before on the professional membership list of the AVN, but, thanks to a Twitter friend, his name popped up again.

On October 8 2013, two months after the CBA ordered chiropractors to stop making claims about immunisation, Bond uploaded this video (which I have also downloaded), on the subject of “Boosting Immunity Naturally”. It is a common occurrence on chiropractic pages for them to make advertising claims that chiropractic will boost your immunity. What I didn’t expect to see so brazenly stated in the video is a denial that immunisation can boost one’s immunity, or make it “stronger”:

Bond 10 chiropractic boosts immunity not immunisations video

In fact, if it was a contest, I’d put my old car on immunisation being able to boost your immunity much better than chiropractic. Of course Bond would beg to differ:

Bond 11 chiropractic is safe and natural alternative to immunisationIn another video Bond claims to be able to treat ear infections. We know this is just wrong. This is a false claim. This is false advertising. Yet, it is a claim so prevalent throughout chiropractic that the CBA must just ignore it. They see it. They must. But, they must ignore it:

Bond 9 treats ear infections videoMoving onto Bond’s Facebook page we see the promotion of the anti-vaccine documentary The Greater Good:

Bond 2 Greater GoodIn another post there is an attempt to show balance by linking to Jabbed (a real, factual, balanced immunisation documentary); however, the post is undermined by their own clumsiness, alluding again to The Greater Good as a documentary which provides a “deeper insight…into the topic of vaccines”. Jabbed is also slurred as being “funded by the Australian Government”. That’s basically code for censorship, distrust of the man, and possibly government mind-control, or something:

Bond 3 Greater Good gives deeper insight than Jabbed

Now, remember, Bond wanted to hold an anti-vaccination movie night. He supports rabid anti-vaccination organisations. He has odd beliefs about chiropractic providing a stronger immunity than immunisations. And, he treats babies and children, using them in his advertising:

Bond 8 kids and babies in advertsingAdjusting a baby to “help her get over her flu”. You read that right.

In this post Bond goes a step further with his treatment claims:

Do you know a child that suffers from chronic ear infections, re current colds & flu, “growing pains” bed wetting, ADHD or trouble concentrating at school? Refer them in for a complimentary assessment with us today so they can start enjoying life more.

Bond 13 ADHD, bed wetting, colds flu, ear infections

And, to top it all off, Bond is also an anti-fluoridationist…

Bond 1 anti fluorideAs one would expect, Bond also relies on the banned use of testimonials to promote his business. But, not only does he encourage testimonials, he entices testimonials with the offer of gifts:

Bond 6 testimonials enticed with giftsAnd did this enticement with free gifts pay off? You bet it did. There are 22 testimonials on this page  :

Bond 7 testimonials true localWhilst there are another 20 testimonials on Google Places:

Bond 14 Google places testimonials

This is what the Chiropractic Board of Australia has to say about the use of testimonials:

Guidelines for advertising of regulated health services

5 What is unacceptable advertising?

This section is intended to provide a clear indication of the
type of advertising of services that the boards consider to
be unacceptable. Where examples are provided, they are
intended to assist practitioners and other persons who
advertise regulated health services to comply with the
advertising provisions of the National Law. They are not
intended to be exhaustive.

To comply with s. 133 of the National Law and these
guidelines, advertising of services must not:

(d) use testimonials or purported testimonials

So come on Chiropractic Board of Australia. I’ve brought the random audit to you. Whilst chiropractors like this guy, and all of the others I’ve featured, appear free to conduct themselves like this, the decent guys of the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia are being tarred with this unfortunate brush.

The whole thing is a dog’s breakfast.

Wait, what?

Bond 4 adjusting puppy activatorDogs are people too.

I’m still waiting for the course number from any Australian university which runs animal chiropractic courses.

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Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 1

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.


If I earned an income from a mere whiff of the promise that the saliva of arrogance, ignorance, and hubris which drools from the side of the mouth of anti-vaccination activists – who are also health care practitioners – will flow inevitably into the public sphere, ensuring that down-river there will be a bucketload of good, old-fashioned footbullet; then, I could probably afford more things than I can at the moment. It doesn’t matter that some health care practitioners should know when to stop talking about things they don’t understand. The flow is inevitable. They can’t help themselves.

Today, my friend Annette pointed me towards a thread on the Channel 9 Facebook page. It is a story serving as a public health warning regarding a potentially serious Measles outbreak:

Ch 9 measles public health warning January 3 2013Annette had noticed one of the commenters on there, and his attitude, and some trigger-words, and her Spidey Senses tingled. She followed his profile and, well, what do you know, the guy is a chiropractor. Here are his comments on the Channel 9 page. They are confusing, given the comment set up used by some Facebook pages, where one cannot work out who is replying to whom, and when. But, you get the general feel of the anti-vaccination hubris welling at his lips, ready to roll:

Davidson 23 Ch 9 thread argue with foolsDavidson 24 Ch 9 thread disease drop cannot be attributed to vaccineDavidson 25 Ch 9 thread pharma shill gambitDavidson 26 Ch 9 thread brainwashed sheepDavidson 21 Ch 9 threadDavidson 22 Ch 9 threadSo, we had a further look. Yes, Koe Davidson is indeed a chiropractor who makes money from his customers at  Peak Potential Health and Wellness, in Melbourne. As is expected Davidson is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. Now, he would possibly, usually, get away with his inaccurate, arrogant, ignorant public comments on the Channel 9 page. He probably shouldn’t, but, he would. He doesn’t out himself as a chiropractor. But – and this is where I want the Chiropractic Board of Australia to show they are there for a reason, that being regulation, the reason they were formed – given the misinformation which exists on his publicly available Facebook pages, Davidson should be dragged over, under, through, and back over the coals.

This post will consist of a lot of screenshots. As with my series on Anti-vaccine chiropractors I won’t be offering debunkings for each example of demonstrable anti-vaccination misinformation published by Davidson. The screenshots of the anti-vaccinationism are there as proof that the anti-vaccination misinformation exists on his pages. Then, it’s up to the CBA to do some dragging. It’s time for examples to be made.

The first screenshot I want to show you is one I would like you to keep at the forefront of your mind as you view the following anti-vaccination rubbish. I want you to remember that this little person who is here not of their own free will, but, that of their parent; a parent who is captive to Davidson’s anti-vaccinationism should it enter any conversation; a parent who has been led to believe that there are good clinical reasons to have her 4 week old baby in a chiropractor’s business (there aren’t); a parent who has been led to believe that Davidson’s talk of subluxations is based in reality:

Davidson 8 adjusting 4 week old babyOn Davidson’s Facebook profile I came across the first burning red flag of what was to come. Here is the Meryl Dorey petition, based on a lie; a revolting piece of misinformation also shared by other chiropractors:

Davidson 1 Dorey's killed by vaccines petitionMoving on to his own professional page, Dr Koe Davidson – Chiropractor - a page classified under “doctor” – Davidson proves he does not understand anything about relative risk, or numeracy, or the Pertussis vaccine, or the waning immunity of the  adult population, inferring that the Pertussis vaccine should not be trusted (this is a clear breach in itself):

Davidson 4 Fb page Pertussis still trust vaccinesHere is the “safety-pin/subluxations/dis-ease” meme which is loved by straight chiropractors since DD Palmer cracked his first mark. I should make it quite clear: the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), and the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA) – COCA are the evidence-based guys – have declared the vertebral subluxation complex is a “historical concept” which is “not supported by any clinical research evidence”. Yet a great, big, fat swathe of CAA chiropractors base their business model on correcting these subluxations, including on babies (just like above) and children. If you go to a chiropractor and you see this image, run:

Davidson 5 subluxations safety pinHere Davidson asserts that vaccines cause autism. And he attempts to get that misattributed Schopenhauer quote in there, but gets it wrong as well:

Davidson 6 MMR and Thimerosal cause autismDavidson cites that high impact journal, The Liberty Beacon, to get another thing arse-about:

Davidson 7 chicken pox Liberty BeaconDid I mention he said this on the Channel 9 page? I didn’t?

Davidson 30 Ch 9 peer reviewed researchMore of the vaccines-cause-autism lie, because Davidson does good research:

Davidson 9 vaccines cause autism memeThere’s nothing like a Strawmanning lie about vaccine ingredients to start the day for the CBA, right?

Davidson 10 flu vaccine scary ingredients including mercuryAnother anti-vaccine meme made by people who hate history books:

Davidson 11 sue the drug companiesProving that he does, in fact, look at peer-reviewed literature, showing that the HPV vaccine something something, Davidson presents the work of anti-vaccinationists Tomljenovic and Shaw in meme form. The reality is that the HPV vaccine is one of the safest, most effective vaccines ever:

Davidson 12 Tomljenovic Shaw HPVHere is the real deal from Tomljenovic and Shaw, showing that Gardasil and other “vaccines are not effective” (really, where’s AHPRA?):

Davidson 13 vaccines Gardasil not effective Tomljenovic Shaw paperHOLA! DOCTORED! Although, in Davidson’s defence, the CAA and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation also promoted this anti-vaccine advertorial:

Davidson 15 DoctoredOne of the biggest frauds in western medicine is the flu shot with a 98% fail rate and loaded with neurotoxins.

I can’t add anything to that. Only to call for AHPRA:

Davidson 16 flu shot 98% fail rate loded with neurotoxinsHOLA!

Davidson 17 Doctored trailerI imagine Mr Davidson providing a scholarly interview, stating “there’s nothing which says balanced and sane like a health care practitioner posting an anti-vaccine meme featuring the skull and crossbones”:

Davidson 18 skull and crossbones Vactruth memeDavidson raises the bar for AHPRA with the vaccines didn’t save us gambit. Take note, Chiropractic Board of Australia. Mr Davidson, chiropractor, exclaims:

Vaccines are not the answer people..!

Davidson 19 vaccines are not the answerThis is a multi-post of bollocks which includes the German homeopath. Remember earlier where Davidson said “peer-review”, or words to that effect? Really. The German homeopath:

Davidson 20 multi post including German homeopathI really had to leave out some posts so I could have a look at his main business page. It is nowhere near as bad. It’s still bad, but, either he has cleaned it up, or, he just never went full mental jacket on that page, knowing it would scare off the customers. Here are some posts from there.


Davidson 27 Peak DoctoredThere can never be enough German homeopath for the discerning reader of peer-reviewed literature. That’s what I always say:

Davidson 28 Peak German homeopeath flu vaccine mersury lieAnd here’s the money shot. The testimonials. Banned by the CBA. That doesn’t stop Davidson and his coworker, naturopath Renee Trost, from providing testimonials to themselves. And here I was thinking anti-vaccination zealot Meryl Dorey had a grand set of testicles:

Davidson 2 testimonials including self

This is what the Chiropractic Board of Australia has to say about the use of testimonials:

Guidelines for advertising of regulated health services

5 What is unacceptable advertising?

This section is intended to provide a clear indication of the
type of advertising of services that the boards consider to
be unacceptable. Where examples are provided, they are
intended to assist practitioners and other persons who
advertise regulated health services to comply with the
advertising provisions of the National Law. They are not
intended to be exhaustive.

To comply with s. 133 of the National Law and these
guidelines, advertising of services must not:

(d) use testimonials or purported testimonials

There is one more post I wanted to explore. I’m only guessing, but, this must be something to do with the bundles of static or energy which get blocked due to subluxations, or something like that:

Davidson 29 Peak static blockage in spine stopping bundles of energyWhat say you, orthopaedic surgeon, Mr John Cunningham?


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Death threats and threats of harm incited by the Australian Vaccination Network (NSFW)

One of Meryl Dorey’s trump whines has always been the cry that she has been the target of death threats and threats of harm from people who are real people. That being the case I wanted to point to some real threats of death and harm, made by real, traceable people: people who were incited to make their threats by Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network.

On February 10 2012, Dorey published a blog post titled SAVN’s Trouble With The TruthThe post is basically Dorey having a moan about being contacted to substantiate many of her claims and lies. She used the title as a direct rebuke to Ken McLeod’s three-part series of facts, Meryl Dorey’s Trouble with the Truth, to which Dorey has never responded to clear up her conga-line of anomalous claims, despite many requests to do so.

But, here’s the rub. In that blog post, Dorey published the email addresses of all people who had contacted her with queries. She breached a most basic privacy law – remember she was the President and Public Officer of the AVN – and published private email addresses, and she did it out of pure malevolent vengeance. So, what happened?

Some days later two of those whose privacy was breached in that post were contacted by an AVN supporter. His threats were reported to the police, who took it extremely seriously, and acted immediately. The police were already aware of this individual who had been previously convicted for other serious offences. Here is his threatening email to Ken McLeod, as incited by Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network:

Ken threats from redactedAnd here is a second, related threatening email sent to another person whose email was published by Dorey. The subject line was “ken the sicko”:

Ken threats from 2 Redacted

It is now well-known that NSW Opposition Health Spokesperson Dr Andrew McDonald was also sent threats by supporters of the AVN. These, too, were incited by Meryl Dorey and the AVN. Just one example which got the pulses of Dorey’s acolytes running is a May 2012 media release sent out claiming that there is a government vendetta; a very common claim by the conspiracy theorist, Dorey:

AVN 6709 Dorey media release vendetta by Andrew McDonaldAnd here is the associated Facebook call to arms, including the email addresses, provided by Dorey:

AVN 4922 Dorey press release government used by pharma interested SAVN

Speaking in NSW Parliament, on March 26 2013, Dr McDonald noted (p.19405):

When provoked, Australian Vaccination Network’s fellow travellers can and do behave reprehensibly. The police have been called to my office on one occasion following threatening emails after I raised concerns about the practices of the Australian Vaccination Network.

Here is another public threat made against Ken McLeod by another Dorey Facebook friend and AVN supporter, Troy Anderson, of Tasmania. In November 2012, Dorey, again inciting her followers, gets the desired response from Anderson. She had shared this AVN post on her private, yet, then, publicly visible wall:

I would love to pay him a visit, if I could but I live in tassie. There is only one way to sought out pricks like him, a good old pounding

Dorey 77 Ken McLeod thread threats of violence from Troy Rattlehead AndersonI want to finish up with one of my own. I received my death threat on the morning of December 30 2013. The threat was incited by this post by courageous, anonymous AVN Facebook page administrator, “B52″, on December 29 2013. I addressed that particular example of the courageous anonymity of B52, here:   The public death rattles of the Australian Vaccination Network.

Many of the commenters have disappeared from that AVN thread. Having been exposed as a couple of the cowards behind the abuse of  Facebook reporting for the purposes of censorship, they put their tails between their legs and scarpered. Here is a selection from that AVN thread, where it was deemed appropriate to attack my children, among other indecipherable claims made by a person who has never heard of Epic Rage Guy:

AVN 6712 Hempel Algester Butterfield my kids, my mum, Wank etc

And, here is the death threat I received via Facebook private messaging, incited by that AVN Facebook post. Frankie Vazquez is a long-term AVN supporter who lives in Adelaide. He is also a supporter of South Australian MP Ann Bressington, and the like-minded South Australian would-be politician and used car salesman Mark Aldridge. This is pretty run-of-the-mill for Vazquez. Ultimately, I think my main concern is that he cares for a baby:

Vazquez 23 dead man walking

So tell me again why the AVN is a registered incorporated association with a charitable fundraising authority, as opposed to being in the dock? Then maybe tell the NSW Attorney-General and the new Minister for Fair Trading. Many of us just can’t work it out.

A question I pondered on Twitter, and on Facebook, is whether or not I should involve the police in this matter. In doing so I would also be seeking to subpoena the real name of the courageous, anonymous AVN admin, B52. Given that he incited Vazquez to threaten me with death, I would guess that he should have some questions to answer. And given the AVN would be the publisher of the inciting post, and that it remains published, I guess Dorey and president Greg Beattie may also be contacted? Or Dorey and Beattie could just tell me his real name and contact details, given how they are so committed to justice. Surely they would want to see justice done? I would feel pretty confident that at least Vazquez has broken the law.

Here are the relevant sections of the Criminal Code Act 1995:

474.15   Using a carriage service to make a threat

Threat to kill

(1)  A person (the first person ) is guilty of an offence if:

(a)  the first person uses a carriage service to make to another person (the second person ) a threat to kill the second person or a third person; and

(b)  the first person intends the second person to fear that the threat will be carried out.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 10 years.

Threat to cause serious harm

(2)  A person (the first person ) is guilty of an offence if:

(a)  the first person uses a carriage service to make to another person (the second person ) a threat to cause serious harm to the second person or a third person; and

(b)  the first person intends the second person to fear that the threat will be carried out.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 7 years.

Actual fear not necessary

(3)  In a prosecution for an offence against this section, it is not necessary to prove that the person receiving the threat actually feared that the threat would be carried out.


(4)  In this section:

“fear” includes apprehension.

“threat to cause serious harm to a person includes a threat to substantially contribute to serious ” harm to the person.

Criminal Code Act 1995 474.15 death threatsAnd:

 474.17   Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence

(1)  A person is guilty of an offence if:

(a)  the person uses a carriage service; and

(b)  the person does so in a way (whether by the method of use or the content of a communication, or both) that reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the circumstances, menacing, harassing or offensive.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 3 years.

Criminal Code Act 1995 474.17

But, as I’m obviously not a lawyer, I’ll ponder some more…

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Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccine organisation: abusing Facebook’s reporting mechanism with spite

The soon to be ex-Australian Vaccination Network has an extended history of hypocrisy. The duplicitous anti-vaccination organisation heralds itself as a champion of the oppressed; a defender of “health freedom”; a campaigner against the suppression of free speech. Calls to arms and ACTION ALERTS along these very lines have been lucrative. They are like trigger words for the hypnotised marks of the organisation. Help us help you…Your freedom isn’t free…If you don’t stand up and donate you will be the arbiter of your own suppression…Fight government blackshirts…They are conspiring to take away your freedom…the SAVN terrorists are coming…Donate now…

From September 2012, Dorey doing god’s work, or something. Not that she’s anything like Jesus. This example is by no means rare:

AVN 6705 Dorey September 2012 strike a blow for freedom of speech by donatingAnd, another common clarion call, supporting her regular pleas for other people’s money:

Censorship is NEVER acceptable! - Meryl Dorey April 2012

AVN 4869 Dorey tweet censorship is never acceptableDorey even went so far in her freedom rhetoric to dupe the University of Wollongong’s Professor Brian Martin into defending her attack on children’s health. Writing an article for Dorey’s now defunct cash-cow/magazine, in a 2011 article (that link goes to the UoW online publications…well played, champs) titled Debating Vaccination, Martin – the now former AVN member – wrote this. It could not be more breathtaking that he was not saying this in Dorey’s ear; but, directing it at Dorey’s critics:

AVN 6434 Martin comment free speechIt is interesting, then, that Martin doesn’t shine his freedom torch squarely at Dorey and her organisation. In a previous period of frantic and vicious censorship Dorey relied on abusing the DMCA take-down mechanism, publicly admitting to fraudulently reporting over 50 posts for copyright infringement, under penalty of perjury. Read that again: 50 posts. She did this purely to censor her critics. She did not own the copyright. The posts were overwhelmingly public Facebook posts. And she bragged about in her own 2011  blog post:

AVN 6659 Dorey 50 reports DMCA take downsBut Dorey has form abusing other reporting mechanisms to reach her goal of the censorship of her legitimate critics. As seen in her own admission she freely reports posts for abuse. In Dorey’s world, remember, “abuse” generally means “disagrees with me”.

In my recent post I included another conspiratorial Dorey admission, tucked away amongst other nasty admissions that AVN supporters strive for censorship by intentionally marking unfavourable posts as spam:

Meryl Dorey: To add insult to injury, I reported about 10 posts from SAVN that actually ARE abusive. Facebook rejected all of the reports! It is obvious that SAVN has an inside track to Facebook. I wish there was an alternative but Google + is unworkable and there just don’t seem to be any other good social networking sites as of yet. Any coders want to start a Facebook alternative?

Liz Turner: That’s okay Meryl Dorey. I will play their game too. I’ve reported all of Hank’s wordpress posts (since the blog I posted was also a wordpress blog). Shouldn’t take too long for his to disappear either. Screw them!

Even only a few months ago Dorey was actively using the latest AVN tactic: censoring critics by reporting any and all Facebook comments that use a full or partial name.

This tactic is especially unsavoury. Nothing is off-limits. If you mention a name, even in courtesy, you can be reported. For this, your comment will be deleted by Facebook, and you will receive an instant 12 hour ban from Facebook. The AVN and its acolytes know this. And, they have been going to town, even provoking conversation only to come back and report comments.

Here is a comment Dorey reported in September, 2013, having the commenter banned:

AVN 6690 Dorey banned comment September 2013And here is another from September, with the same outcome:

AVN 6691 Dorey banned comment September 2013Dorey has been playing dumb over the latest round of reporting. However, she is clearly one of the instigators, her acolytes following her ethics to the letter.

Only one week ago today Law Professor Dorit Reiss wrote eloquently on this latest abuse of Facebook’s algorithm:

It seems obvious, but apparently it’s not: getting someone banned from Facebook for posting polite, factual comments you disagree with is a problematic tactic. If that’s what you have to resort to, it means that you have no credible arguments. It also reflects badly on your debating ethics.

But that’s what some anti-vaccine activists have chosen to do. And they’re proud of it.

In the week since Professor Reiss wrote that article the reporting abuse has continued. In the short period following Dorey’s reports, above, the AVN acolytes started using the tactic. From September:

AVN 6692 Martin banned commentRemembering that each of these reports are meant to be for violating Facebook’s community standards. Read each of them and make up your own mind.  Remember that each of these reports results in a 12 hour ban from Facebook, for the user. Now, add to this deceit that this campaign of censorship is orchestrated, so that comments from months ago are found and reported in a timely fashion coinciding for the moment when a user’s 12 hour ban is over. One user has had multiple bans, reported at one per day, so he has not had continual access to his account for over a week.

This is not a petty Facebook squabble. This is an orchestrated campaign of censorship being waged by a Health Service Provider and Charitable Fundraising Authority holder who maintains a steady cash flow of donations due, in part, to its standing as a defender of the freedom of speech. It screeches loud for its own free speech. It doesn’t even whisper in the defence of others’ rights to the same. In fact, it carries out that which it purports to despise. And it doesn’t even break a sweat.

Here is a list of banned comments. This list is not extensive. Not all banned users retained a copy of their Facebook notification. If you have one which doesn’t appear here, and it is genuinely not abusive, link to it in the comments.

All of these comments are from the last two weeks:

AVN 6640 John banned comment

AVN 6641 Meleese banned comment

AVN 6642 Amy banned comment

AVN 6643 Maddy banned comment

AVN 6644 Ann banned comment

AVN 6649 Meleese banned comment

AVN 6650 Jane banned comment

AVN 6652 Shelley banned comment

AVN 6653 Heidi banned comment

AVN 6654 Harry banned comment

AVN 6655 Maddy banned comment

AVN 6657 Kate banned comment

AVN 6663 Dan banned comment

AVN 6666 Peter banned comment

AVN 6672 Paul banned comment

AVN 6681 Sian banned comment

AVN 6682 Ken banned comment

AVN 6683 Graeme banned comment

AVN 6684 Rhianna banned comment

AVN 6685 Peter banned comment

AVN 6686 Sue banned comment

AVN 6687 Patrick banned comment

AVN 6689 Sian banned comment

AVN 6694 Amy banned comment

So, Happy New Year.

In the words of Meryl Dorey and her band of brazen hypocrites at the Australian Vaccination Network:

May everyone be happy, healthy, filled with abundance and free to speak 

AVN 6688 Dorey HNY 2014 free to speak outShe really said that.

Update January 1 2014

This brand new banned comment is the first ban of 2014. It was reported by an Australian Vaccination Network supporter on the AVN Facebook page:

AVN 6693 Patrick banned comment

Breaking her silence on this very issue, Dorey has today commented on the AVN Facebook page, declaring – in the overwhelming face of concrete evidence against her, from only a portion of her own admissions as seen in this blog post – that she is unaware of such practices of deceitful, nasty, petty censorship. Dorey then goes on to strongly advocate that her acolytes carry out the very practices she employs, yet somehow denies: she tells her followers to “Report posts that use your name without your permission”. I don’t know whether to cry, or stand and applaud such a grand set of testicles as possessed by this person:

AVN 6697 Dorey not aware of reports tells them to report use of their name

More general reported comments which have resulted in bans for commenters:

AVN 6699 admin banned comment

AVN 6698 admin banned commentAVN 6700 Dumbldore banned commentAVN 6701 Dumbldore banned commentAVN 6702 Jane banned commentUpdate January 2 2014

AVN 6706 Harry banned commentUpdate January 3 2014

AVN 6710 Natalie banned comentFrom a few months ago, this abusive comment:

AVN 6711 Addryanne banned commentUpdate January 6 2014

This resulted in the Facebook banning of a user who was trying to organise events surrounding her father’s death:

AVN 6715 Leonie banned comment

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The public death rattles of the Australian Vaccination Network

The callous anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination Network, is soon to be no more. They must change their name to something less deceptive, which better reflects their true intent – which is to dissuade parents from immunising themselves and their children. They lost their appeal against Fair Trading NSW, who ordered the name change.

Stop the Australian Vaccination Network has won. In four and a half years we have turned the tide from what was once an organisation which was sought for immunisation comment, to an organisation which is no longer sought for comment on anything apart from its own callousness and dishonesty. The “AVN” is defeated. They will rename. I doubt any of its critics are going anywhere. I’m certainly here for the long haul.

Today the AVN made this post, again making defamatory claims about two pharmaceutical companies, that they are “pathological criminals”:

AVN 6667 Pfizer and Glaxo are pathological criminals

Now, I don’t care much for big business – pharma included – but, I have a strong belief that they be allowed to hold crackpots accountable, legally. They won’t do it, for a variety of reasons. I think they should. They won’t.

I let them know, on Twitter. More should. That’s just my view:

It is well past time @pfizer & @GSK took action against the AVN, for being labeled “pathological criminals”

I’m sure @pfizer & @GSK could put to good social use a whole macadamia farm in Northern New South Wales

Now, I want to remind everyone that the Australian Vaccination Network is classified as a recognised Health Service Provider, as a Health Educator, under NSW health legislation. The AVN is also the holder of a Charitable Fundraising Authority. It is a not for profit incorporated association with a code of ethics, registered with Fair Trading NSW.

A short time ago an official representative of the Australian Vaccination Network made a post under the official Facebook account of the AVN. It made the post in retaliation for my Tweets above. I am content that this post was made. I want it to remain on the public record.

I give you, the real Australian Vaccination Network:

Peter Tierney (aka Reasonable (W)Hank – writing to his bosses at Glaxo Smithkline and Merck asking them to somehow remove the macadamia farm from Meryl’s family and to take action against her for forwarding an article that was printed in the BMJ and on the Refuser’s website about their fraudulent activities. No concern about the fact that these companies have admitted to being guilty of committing criminal offenses and paid tens of billions of dollars in fines; and that adults and children are dying and being permanently injured as a result of these crimes.

Really, you couldn’t make these guys up! Keep it up Pete – we really do love watching you grovel to the companies who pay your bills. But just remember, karma is a bitch and she’s got your number!


AVN 6668 B52 Reasonable Wank GSK and PfizerIf ever there was a fitting grand statement of the raison d’etre of this dangerous, nasty, callous, dishonest, intimidatory cabal of disease advocates, who dine on the tragedy of the death of innocents, it is the above; as well as these vile comments from Meryl Dorey, two days ago:

AVN 6662 Dorey vaccinated have greater illness when infected December 27 2013And, even worse, from yesterday. Dorey reverts to the monstrous form which ensured the creation of Stop the Australian Vaccination Network:

AVN 6664 Dorey coicidence dying from VPDs

Good riddance. We’ll see you in the new year.

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Chiropractic may help with your “talking sickness” says Donald McDowell

Mr Donald McDowell is a chiropractor who makes his money from his customers in Canberra. He runs the Macquarie Chiropractic Clinic. He is/was a member of the rabid anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network. He is also seen as an elder statesman of Australian chiropractic. He is a stalwart of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, of course.

McDowell just blew my mind. He must be trolling, I thought. This just can’t be, given the repeated warnings from many different chiropractic quarters, including the Chiropractic Board of Australia, and the President of the CAA National, regarding the use of claims which are unable to be substantiated.

Well, he just shared this:  13 Surprising Health Conditions Chiropractic May Help.

McDowell 16 13 conditionsMcDowell said this:

This is a short list but shows the increasing data for good outcomes.

Data. Outcomes.

I’ll just include the final one. You can read the rest for yourself. Do have a look. Especially if you have testicles, hearing loss, or ADHD:

McDowell 17 talking sicknessI’d say this one was cured by the chiropractor, in 1921, who wore an onion on his belt, which was the style at the time.

The Chiropractic Board of Australia is complicit in this. It is clear that including chiropractic in the regulatory process has failed. It is also clear that allowing the use of the courtesy title “Dr” to these people, in return for getting them under the regulatory umbrella of AHPRA, is a dismal failure.

Chiropractors could drop their pants and moon the community and it wouldn’t be any more offensive and ridiculous than the current situation.

"This is a short list but shows the increasing data for good outcomes".

“This is a short list but shows the increasing data for good outcomes”.

Of course, even if you haven’t got testicles, he’ll do your buns:

This is not a photoshop. He is doing a rabbit.

This is not a photoshop. He is doing a rabbit.



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The Phillip Ebrall Monologues: chiropractor at large

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the wealth-creationist, evangelical, personality cult-driven, life-coach chiropractors worldwide, it’s the importance of goal direction. Well, the December 2013 issue of The Australian Chiropractor, the official magazine of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, fully sanctioned and edited by the CAA, has given me some of that goal direction for 2014 and beyond. Really, I had no idea what I was to do with my life. Then, along came an editorial by Mr Phillip Ebrall.

Ebrall is the former head of school at RMIT. He is now the head of school at Central Queensland University. Remember this. And remember the Vice Chancellor’s Twitter handle. You might need it. In fact, I implore you to use it. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the last few years, nothing happens with those of outrageous hubris unless there is an enforced public accountability.

Ebrall is a member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. He is also a board member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. A board member.

The questions are: is it appropriate that the subluxationist Ebrall holds the position he does? Should he be teaching and influencing students? What action will be taken by the Central Queensland University? What action will be taken by the Chiropractic Board of Australia? I certainly have my own opinion, and I’m not alone. But, these questions now need to be taken very seriously by Central Queensland University, and the Chiropractic Board of Australia. And where is AHPRA? Where is the regulation?

This post will remain open. If you have something you think should be included in it, feel free to add it to the comments, or email it to me at:

reasonablehank [at] gmail [dot] com

I would prefer screenshots if you have them. They speak for themselves and do not require much verification. Add a date and location, if possible.

Mr Ebrall is a man who started interacting with and provoking other users on Twitter. He would reply to them, argue with them, then, eventually post defamatory Tweets about them. Then, when he couldn’t stand the heat, he canned his account. Not before leaving one last jibe. He was going to write about his social media experiences, you see. He got everyone, real good:

Ebrall 10 thanks twitterverse jibe

Just keep in the back of your mind, throughout this post: this is a person who attempted to intimidate another young chiropractor by posting his name and registration number on Twitter, just because he disagreed with Ebrall.

So, here is an excerpt from Ebrall’s editorial in the latest The Australian Chiropractor. This is the “paper” to which he referred in his parting, butthurt salvo. It is well worth a read. You’ll see Ebrall likes to refer to his critics in a derogatory manner. This is in the official magazine of the CAA, the largest representative body for Australian chiropractors. The CAA approved of this:

Ebrall 17 excerptSo, did Ebrall have ethics approval for his deliberate enticement and provocation of  the subsequent negative reactions and criticisms towards him? Did he tell any targets of his goading about his intentions for his “paper”? No. Not until he courageously scarpered, as pictured above.

Ebrall also had some sanctimonious, derogatory words to say about The Rogue Chiropractor, an evidence based chiropractor who had the temerity to investigate the poor research output of the ASRF – which is a registered charity, with a stated goal of research – as well as the ASRF’s continued failed search for the mythical subluxation. If you haven’t, read the post here.

Ebrall 21 Rogue Chiro December TAC

Here’s an excerpt from the June 2013 The Australian Chiropractor. Here is the full editorial, named “The Absolute Joy of Chiropractic”. Please read it for the full effect. He tells you about his colonoscopies, and segues to describe the critics of non-evidence based chiropractic, the Friends of Science in Medicine. He’s all class, this guy:

Ebrall 18 excerpt June 2013 O_o

That’s enough background. Much has been left out. Feel free to add more in the comments. I want to start with this one, because, well, it’s just glorious. Remember this one. Hold it close to your heart. From August 2013:

Brings a tear to my eye. Sort of like a colonoscopy would.

Brings a tear to my eye. Sort of like a colonoscopy would.

Now it’s my fault the ASRF also host anti-vaccinationists? The ASRF, which is wed to the CAA like a co-morbidity. August 2013:

Ebrall 4 disingenuous no intelligenceAnd the expected attack on my evidence, based on the Argumentum ad whatsyourrealnameum. He blocked me after this. August 2013:

Ebrall 5 Dear Mr HankDefamation of another practitioner?  We know the Chiropractic Board of Australia will do nothing with their code of conduct. No point reporting it. From October 2013:

Ebrall 9 Sue Ieraci a foolMore defamation. The recipients of this message were not impressed. They had no idea why Ebrall had involved them. From November 2013:

Ebrall 14 Sue anal retentiveIndeed they asked Ebrall to stop (he left Twitter shortly after this embarrassment). From November 2013:

Ebrall 12 Deadly Teachers stopWe’ve seen this threat before, after The Rogue Chiropractor published the ASRF post. From October 2013:

Ebrall 8 tweet to Rogue ChiroMore defamation against a medical practitioner, and two evidence based chiropractors. If the Chiropractic Board of Australia does not act against Ebrall it should close. From November 2013:

Ebrall 20 Tom Alex Sue filth detritus tweet“Parameters of decency”.  Parameters of decency

If you would like to add to this post, with evidence, please comment or email. There was much more from Ebrall. I missed much of it due to being blocked. If you have some, add it below.

To be continued…

Update: 20 minutes later…

Well. That didn’t take long.

Here is Ebrall attacking another chiropractor; offering a third party money for dirt on that chiropractor; and referring to Murdoch University, and the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA), in a derogatory manner. All From October 2013:

Ebrall 23 Tom rego numberEbrall 22 pay money for dirt on TomEbrall 24 Tom Murdoch derogatoryUpdate: December 20 2013

Ebrall claims that fraudulent health claims made by chiropractors are not commonplace. I think he needs to get out more. As is proper for Ebrall, this is the fault of critics, the “idiots”, not his profession. From November 2013:

Ebrall 25 chiro claims are falsehoods spread by idiots

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Anti-vaccine chiropractor still giving the bird to AHPRA

Only a few days after the Chiropractic Board of Australia issued its press release demanding chiropractors cease publishing anti-vaccination misinformation, I started a series called Anti-vaccine chiropractors. The August 8 2013 CBA release stated:

The Chiropractic Board of Australia cracks down to protect the public.

The Chiropractic Board of Australia is cracking down on chiropractors who step outside their primary role as healthcare practitioners and provide treatment that puts the public at risk.

To protect public safety, the Board has:

- ordered practitioners to remove all anti-vaccination material from their websites and clinics
- removed several courses from the list of approved CPD programs, and
- introduced random audits of practitioner compliance with the Board’s registration standards.

The long-awaited and seemingly toothless missive from the CBA prompted me to start my series highlighting instances of chiropractic anti-vaccinationism, predominantly by members of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia. It wasn’t only the ordinary members spreading the lies of the anti-vaccination movement; it was also board members of the various CAA franchises. Truly despicable.

Number 3 in my series was an anti-vaccine chiropractor named Tom Dawson. From that post:

I want to introduce you to Tom Dawson, member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, who conducts his business at Wellbeing Hawthorn.

What really rustled my jimmies with this guy were these two excerpts from his own anti-vaccine screed:

I don’t hear about unvaccinated kids dying of these diseases

 All of the children getting these diseases, dying from them and/or featured in the media HAVE BEEN VACCINATED

There truly aren’t enough expletives for the callousness and ineptitude of people like this, so I won’t go there.

Anyway, fortunately for us, Dawson proved that he was aware of the CBA crackdown. He commented on my post:

Comments you have posted are about my opinions expressed on my personal FB page, topics such as immunisation, which i remind you is still a choice in this country that requires consent, are not discussed in my office on a regular basis as I don’t feel it is my scope of practice, I encourage my clients to thoroughly investigate ANY medical procedure thoroughly before agreeing to it.

So, he attempted to shy away from his social media responsibilities by claiming that the comments were made on his open, personal Facebook profile. He also gave a summation as to what information he shares with his customers. Sorry, I just don’t believe him. Especially when I find this posted on his business’s Facebook page, from just last month – well after the CBA directives:

Dawson 5 MMR autism

And remember. We are also dealing with a person possessing the hubris to believe they can walk into any hospital and treat patients. Yes, he is one of those:

CAA Hospital 14 DawsonThe Chiropractic Board of Australia needs to show their mettle. It is becoming more than obvious that the regulation of these people is useless. And it seems the AHPRA experiment has failed. All that has happened is that chiropractors were permitted to claim the “doctor” title, with no public health benefit in return, apart from arrogance and a disdain for evidence.

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Chiropractor claims to treat anorexia nervosa with “nutritional counselling”

If the Chiropractic Board of Australia does not act immediately against chiropractor Mr Angus Heseltine, of  Mosman Family Chiropractic, then, it should shut up shop.

We have met Heseltine before in  Anti-vaccine chiropractors 44In it he showed that he has little regard for CBA codes and guidelines which determine how chiropractors are to conduct themselves. He breaches guidelines in regard to the use of testimonials; flagrantly offers discounts on chiropractic services, despite the guidelines stating that the practice is “inappropriate”; and he thumbs his nose at the CBA over immunisation directives:

In June, Heseltine declared his intentions to fight the CBA’s immunisation policies. He states, bluntly, that he will continue to provide immunisation advice to his customers.

Since the time of my earlier post Heseltine has continued to make unsubstantiated health claims on his Facebook page. He can “ensure” a safer childbirth:

Heseltine 8 ensure easier safer childbirthHeseltine again claims that chiropractic will boost your immune strength by 200%:

Heseltine 9 200 percent greater immune strengthHe claims a 96% correlation between the magical, mystical subluxation, and “fatal pathologies”:

Heseltine 10 fatal pathologies and subluxationsAnd, in mid-November 2013, well after the CBA crackdown on anti-vaccination misinformation provision by chiropractors, Heseltine went onto the Facebook page of the anti-vaccination harpies, the Australian Vaccination Network, to pontificate on immunisation as “experimental”, using an embarrassing Strawman argument about the non-creation of health via immunisation – what on Earth is he smoking?

Heseltine 11 commentng on AVN pageWell, a few days ago, he upped the ante. On a post which has since disappeared from his Facebook page, Heseltine claimed that he could treat anorexia nervosa:

Heseltine 12 anorexiaI’ll include the whole text from the Facebook page:

Nutrional Counseling Thru The Help Of A Mosman Chiropractic

Due to the increasing number of people suffering in Anorexia Nervosa, it would really help you a lot if you rethink and evaluate yourself whether you need Mosman Chiropractic Assistance about Nutritional Counseling or not. It doesn’t take a genius to realize and prove that there is high importance regarded by people today about fashion and looks. It’s a normal social-related response of an individual to try to fit in and gain self esteem brought by the knowledge of having a group or community that they belong.

However, if you are a perfectionist and always wanted to be an achiever and standard, it might lead you to some disorders. Though the good intention for trying to fit in is there, there’s a chance you will end up hurting yourself. If you feel that you have a desperate need of getting thin, but you see your reflection otherwise, then you’ll start losing self esteem.

So How Will You Know If You Are Suffering Eating Disorder?

According to the experts, here are some of the key points to evaluate yourself whether you are anorexic or not:

  • You are not satisfied with your own body shape and size
  • Depriving yourself of eating
  • You got alibis to skip your meal
  • You constantly ignore your hunger
  • Have trouble concentrating
  • Abnormal eating pattern
  • Very paranoid about gaining weight
  • You always complain about being fat though you’re obviously not
  • Obsessed about monitoring your weight
  • You exercise too much

What’s fearful about this disorder is that you will never achieve the thinner self you want, and you might end up hurting different body organs like your heart to the extent of also damaging your brain.

You Can Seek Help From A Mosman Chiropractic

If getting thin is all you wanted to achieve, why not do it the healthy way? Not only that you’ll gain healthier lifestyle, you will also get thinner through the help of proper diet without ever suffering from hunger. Mosman Family Chiropractic offers you Nutritional Counseling that is surely effective. Contact us and book your first appointment today to avail of our web offer. We are dedicated to be a Mosman Chiropractic that provides only high quality chiropractic services.

I just want to highlight these sentences again. Read these carefully:

If getting thin is all you wanted to achieve, why not do it the healthy way? 

Mosman Family Chiropractic offers you Nutritional Counseling that is surely effective. 

Heseltine may have deleted the horrid little post from his Facebook page, but, he still has it published on his website; advertising video and all. Dr Sue Ieraci has left a comment on the site, still awaiting approval…

Heseltine 16 Dr Sue Ieraci comment anorexiaIndeed, anorexia nervosa is a serious mental health issue. Here is what The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has to say. Compare it with the dangerous drivel from Heseltine:

Key points about anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness associated with significant physical debility.

Anorexia nervosa presents in not only young women but also across all ages, both genders and socio-economic demographics. Although dieting and avoidance of weight gain are characteristics of the disease, the actual causes are varied and complex.

The severe weight loss associated with dietary restriction can be life threatening, not only due to the associated medical complications but also due to the severe mental anguish that an eating disorder causes.

If you think that you or a member of your family may have significant issues with food and dieting, it is important that you seek advice from your family doctor, local mental health services, or an eating disorder organisation who can refer you to a health service professional who specialises in eating disorders…

Anorexia nervosa can be treated very effectively, especially if it is caught early. The most effective treatment involves a multidisciplinary approach (a range of health services including psychology, psychiatry, medicine, dietetics, family therapy, social work). Anorexia nervosa can take years to develop, and recovery can take time (in some cases years).

And this chiropractor thinks he is going to fix it by addressing nutrition, and making glib statements about just wanting to be thin.

I ask again: where is the Chiropractic Board of Australia? Where is AHPRA? The Codes of Conduct, and the Advertising Guidelines are here for all to see. Why aren’t we seeing them implemented?

Remember this excerpt, from a recent President’s Report, by Chiropractors’ Association of Australia’s Laurie Tassell? It’s almost as if the dressing down was written specifically for Heseltine, in advance:

Tassell CAA TACUpdate 20 minutes after publication:

The anorexia post on Heseltine’s website is now returning a 404 error. I have retained the video:

Heseltine 17 404 on anorexia page


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