TAKING A STANCE (excerpt) by Serkan Ozturk. Australian Doctor interview.

In May 2015 I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Serkan Ozturk of Australian Doctor. I was one of three subjects chosen from different fields of health activism. I admit I felt way out of my depth compared to the other two highly qualified, highly respected experts; and being the subject of an interview was entirely novel and strange. As the full article is now available online, here, I can now publish my excerpt courtesy of Australian Doctor and Serkan Ozturk. I highly recommend clicking on the link to read the other interviews, introduced here:

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, THERE’S FIRE Professor Mike Daube is a professor of health policy at Perth’s Curtin University. Since 1973, he has been involved in campaigns highlighting the dangers of tobacco and smoking. He is currently president of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health.

A STRUGGLE FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS Brisbane GP Dr Janet Fairweather became a doctor later in life after a career in accountancy. She has been a local voice for women’s rights regarding access to abortion. She has also campaigned against abortion remaining on the criminal code in NSW and Queensland.

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TAKING A STANCE – Serkan Ozturk. Australian Doctor – May 29 2015.


The writings of public health blogger Peter Tierney, who uses the pen name Reasonable Hank, have seen him become a target of anti-vaccination activists. A single father who once worked in the healthcare industry and now lives on the NSW south coast, Reasonable Hank says he has been the victim of numerous death threats in a bid to silence his calls for an evidence-based approach to health.

“I first got involved with the whole vaccination issue because I saw what happened to the McCaffery family online when their little baby Dana died in 2009 from whooping cough. They spoke out on TV about the need to vaccinate, the importance of herd immunity. But I was just shocked at the treatment that they got from the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network (AVSN). These grieving parents were publicly vilified. The same type of treatment is still happening to other families who have lost babies to vaccine-preventable disease.

I have ventured out beyond anti-vax to anti-vax chiropractors. Chiropractors argue that there is not a large segment, but I and my friends would argue that there is still a large segment of chiropractors — the subluxationist or vitalistic chiropractors — who are linked to the anti-vaccination lobby in Australia. Indeed, chiropractors made up a huge majority of the professional membership of the AVSN. A friend did a pie chart to represent it. It’s astonishing at how huge the chiropractic profession was represented within the AVSN.

All I do is basically collate screenshots of information from the internet — documents, Facebook posts, websites and that kind of thing — and use them as evidence as to what people are doing and present them to a wider audience through my blog. My practices are pretty simple and straightforward.

But you learn pretty quickly that the internet can be a big bad place and you learn pretty quickly the true definition of trolling. They are out to get a response, they are out to offend, they are out for any sort of vengeance they can get to elicit any sort of reaction they can get. That’s why they are so offensive when they attack grieving families.

The most prominent threats I’ve received would be death threats from a particular gentleman in Adelaide. They are pretty disturbing. The gentleman in question has sent death threats to others and is well known to police. Receiving death threats directly in your inbox is a little bit startling but you just need to sit back and take them for what they are. I suppose we have known of each other for about 18 months. He may have made a few comments online before sending direct messages to my inbox. There’s a couple of death threats from others along the lines of ‘we know where you live’.

I’m never really that worried about any sort of violence from this type of person because they are basically cowards. It is a worry though when they are starting to use your kids’ names in things, that is definitely a worry. Although I’m known as Reasonable Hank, it is okay to use my name, however. That’s not a secret. I used to be a ‘grunt’ in the healthcare field and now I live on the south coast of NSW.

There is one particular AVSN troll — and I use that term in its most accurate sense — who has been vilifying grieving families for about six years, as well as me. I think she has created 15-17 fake online profiles impersonating me over the years.

They have made a lot of Facebook profiles impersonating people but I was their delicacy, so to speak.

It’s a common tactic used by all ‘denialists’ to say it is you who is actually attacking people and being a bully. You’d be aware of certain large religious cults that would use similar tactics. The comparisons and similarities of the tactics they use are striking.

All of those sorts of things — calling you a bully, calling you violent, calling you abusive.

In the very post that they use calling you a bully, they show the examples that they are basing their claims upon and it’s sort of self-defeating for them. They will get a comment out of context and try to paint it as something that it’s not.

I get to say things that doctors wish they could say as well. We certainly don’t have the restrictions of AHPRA hanging over our shoulders, which is what doctors and nurses and the like do have.

A doctor or nurse could say something that is perfectly reasonable online, but all it would take is one litigious anti-vaxxer — and there are thousands out there — to make a report to the medical board and even though the complaint may be vexatious and hollow, the practitioner still has to go through the process of having a complaint heard against them.

My friends and I don’t have that drama and it has been said to me by a doctor that we do what they can’t. They are thankful for it but we need to do it with integrity. There is no point going out there and being a ratbag online and diminishing the whole movement with poor activities.”

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Another six chiropractors sanctioned by Chiropractic Board of Australia over hospital breaches

As most readers would be aware, two days ago the president-elect of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia, Helen Alevaki, resigned her position after her presence on the CAA National board became untenable. Alevaki was investigated by AHPRA and was required to  agree to  undertakings by the Chiropractic Board of Australia.

Alevaki was investigated and sanctioned for her admissions that she had breached the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors by treating patients in hospitals without permission. This came about because of a blog post I published in September 2013: Australian chiropractors sneaking into hospital wards to manipulate patients.

Thanks to a tip-off from a reader I can now reveal that a further six chiropractors from that September 2013 blog post have been investigated and sanctioned.

1. Catherine Langford (CAA member) of  South Australia has undertakings on her registration:

1. To successfully complete the following education with a registered chiropractor who has been approved by the Board.

2. To:

a. obtain the Board’s approval of the educator prior to the commencement of the education The educator is required to:

i. hold general registration as a registered health practitioner for a period of not less than seven (7) years

ii.not be in a close collegiate, social or financial relationship with Dr Langford, and

iii. have experience in the various regulatory, legislative and other requirements governing practice as a chiropractor.

b. provide the educator with a copy of this undertaking prior to the commencement of the education and to advise the Board in writing that a copy of this undertaking has been provided to the educator within 14 days of doing so.

3. To meet on at least two occasions over a three month period for a minimum of two hours each occasion for education on the following issues:

a. the ethics of practice as a chiropractor in maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the profession, with particular reference to the Board’s Code of Conduct for Chiropractors

b. use of social media, with particular reference to the Board’s Social Media Policy, and

c. the blog posted by ‘Reasonablehank’ which will be provided by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), in light of subparagraphs 4a and 4b hereof.

4. To ensure the following reports are forwarded to AHPRA’s Compliance Team within two weeks of completing the above education:

a. A report from the educator, stating the dates the education occurred, what the education comprised of, and whether or not I have, in the opinion of the educator, satisfactorily participated in and understood the contents of the education.

b. A report written by me demonstrating a written summary of the outcomes/lessons learnt from the education sessions, and a written summary of how I intend to apply this knowledge to my practice.

5. I acknowledge that:

a. The above reports and statements will be relied upon by the Board when determining whether I have complied with the terms of the undertaking.

b. That AHPRA may communicate with the educator in relation to my compliance with these undertaking.

c. If the Board is not satisfied that the reports demonstrate that I have benefited from the education, I may be required to provide a further report and/or undergo further education as determined by the Board.

d. I am responsible for all the costs associated with this undertaking, including the costs of reports by the educator.

6. This undertaking will be reviewed in six months.

7. In the event that I change my principal place of practice to New South Wales, then the appropriate review body for this undertaking is the Chiropractic Council of New South Wales.

Langford had posted this evidence on her Facebook page:

Langford 5 adjusting baby at North Eastern Community Hospital

2. Jenny Roppola (former CAA National board member) has conditions on her registration:

1. Dr Roppola is required to successfully complete the following education with a registered chiropractor who has been approved by the Chiropractic Board of Australia (the Board).

2. Dr Roppola is required to meet with the educator, in person, or via video or tele conference, for a minimum of two hours on at least two occasions over a three month period (review period).

3. Dr Roppola is required:

a. to obtain the Board’s approval of the educator prior to the commencement of the education.

The educator is required to:

i. hold general registration as a registered health practitioner for a period of not less than seven (7) years.

ii. not be in a close collegiate, social or financial relationship with Dr Roppola.

iii. have experience in the various regulatory, legislative and other requirements governing practice as a chiropractor.

b. to obtain the Board’s approval of the education program prior to the commencement of the education.

c. to provide the educator with a copy of this undertaking prior to the commencement of the education and to advise AHPRA in writing that a copy of the undertaking has been provided to the educator within 14 days of doing so.

4. The educator is to review the blog posted by ‘Reasonablehank’ and Dr Roppola’s response to the investigation, which will be provided to the educator by AHPRA, and discuss the following with Dr Roppola:

a. the ethics of practice as a chiropractor in maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the profession, with particular reference to the Board’s Code of Conduct for Chiropractors.

b. use of social media, with particular reference to the Board’s Social Media Policy.

c. her understanding about working within her scope of practice.

d. her understanding about how to work as a member of a collaborative, multidisciplinary team and the need for proper coordination of care.

e. her obligations as a registered professional to comply with the requirements of registration, focusing on maintaining proper indemnity insurance, with particular reference to the Board’s registration guidelines.

f. Record keeping practices in relation to informal and formal chiropractic treatment, focusing on the importance of recording investigations, findings, working hypothesis and treatment provided for every attendance.

g. provide feedback to the Practitioner about her general practice as a chiropractor and the requirements on a registered health professional to maintain the trust and confidence of the community in the profession.

5. Dr Roppola will ensure the following reports are forwarded to Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Compliance Team within two weeks of completing the above education.

a. a report from the educator, stating:

i. the dates the education occurred, and

ii. what the education comprised of, and

iii. whether or not Dr Roppola has, in the opinion of the educator, satisfactorily participated in and understood the contents of the education.

b. A report written by Dr Roppola demonstrating:

i. a written summary of the outcomes/lessons learnt from the education sessions.

ii. a written summary of how Dr Roppola intends to apply this knowledge to their practice.

6. Dr Roppola acknowledges that:

a. The above reports and statements will be relied upon by the Board when determining whether she has complied with the terms of the undertaking.

b. That AHPRA may communicate with the educator in relation to her compliance with this undertaking.

c. If the Board is not satisfied that the reports demonstrate that the practitioner has benefited from the education, she may be required to provide a further report and/or undergo further education as determined by the Board.

d. The practitioner is responsible for all the costs associated with these conditions, including the costs of reports by the educator.

Roppola had made these comments about her hospital breaches:

Adjusted my daughter (14 weeks prem) in NICU as soon as I was allowed to touch/hold her. Did sacral work SOT style…. Never said a word…. Then when she got bigger and I was able to breastfeed behind screens, a colleague came in to work on her…. Nurses even commented on how we had the best behaved baby in there…. Told nurses later, especially after her ‘colic’ settled so well and quickly.

CAA Hospital 2 Roppola


I’ve done sacral SOT type work on a few preggers and post-partum women. Use the curtains when you visit your brother and get creative….. (That doesn’t sound so good……). :/

CAA Hospital 5 Roppola

3. Olivia Gleeson (CAA member) of Western Australia has conditions on her registration (as per above).

Gleeson made these startling admissions about her hospital  breaches:

I have adjusted lots of bubs in hospital, I just go in do my work and then go home. :)
Ali adjusted Tom in the Nicu a couple of hours after birth and the nurse wasn’t happy but my hubby said we are doing it anyway

CAA Hospital 4 Gleeson Ali also adjusted in hospital

4. Stephanie Le Coz (CAA member) formerly of New South Wales; now of Western Australia has conditions on her registration.

Le Coz made this admission about her hsopital  breaches:

Have adjusted my mother and my CA post surgery . Do not worry and go for it xxx

CAA Hospital 7 Le Coz Croke liked comment

5. Katelyn McGregor (CAA unknown as yet) of Victoria has undertakings on her registration (as per above).

McGregor made these alarming admissions regarding her sneaky hospital breaches:

U don’t need to broadcast it but it’ll be fine. Ditto to being in there often, all good. Go at visiting time when their’s lots of people around and wack the curtain around. I visited my mum in neuro wards of lots of hospitals. No biggie… And ur right , he needs adjusting. Get well to him x

CAA Hospital 9 McGregor Croke liked comment

6. Tom Dawson (CAA member) formerly of Victoria; now Indonesia has undertakings on his registration.

Dawson’s comments are nothing short of bizarre in the clear threat to patient safety he demonstrates to have undertaken:

If the PT wants you to, you can do it, simple as that, I actually lifted a man in Albury off a guerney in the base hospital there 17 years ago, put him in the car and drove him over to Wodonga( Vic licence only) as the medicos said they couldn’t help him anymore and just left him there. I offered to take him back but he walked out and went home. Saw him and his family last week. Nowadays I just set up and go for it whenever asked.

CAA Hospital 14 Dawson

It should be noted that three of the six chiropractors included above have been members of the disreputable anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination Network, or have featured in my anti-vaccine chiropractors series.

I note that there were a few more chiropractors who featured in my original September 2013 blog  post who  have escaped sanction. In reality some of them did not make the clear admissions of wrongdoing that those above have made. Fair enough. There are two anti-vaccine chiropractors who were featured in that post whose admissions, I must say, to me, were damning. They have escaped sanction at this point it seems.

1. Tim Shakespeare (former CAA NSW board member), of NSW. Shakespeare – now the proprietor of Life Rebel Chiropractic in Newcastle – has featured in this blog, a lot, for his anti-vaccinationism as well as his repeated examples of bringing the chiropractic profession into disrepute.

Shakespeare makes this extraordinarily arrogant admission:

Why should they care? They think its next to useless anyway…
I adjusted my niece with a CWD (Chiropractic World Domination) t-shirt on.

CAA Hospital 11 Shakespeare

2. Bryce Fleming (CAA member) of NSW still works at Shakespeare’s former haunt, Healing Wave Chiropractic in Newcastle. Fleming, too, has featured in this blog for  his anti-vaccinationism. Really, who can forget his jolly japes with Shakespeare who joked of “shit[ting] on the doorstep” of a medical  practice who was offering influenza immunisations?

jazz club nice

Fleming made this admission of his own hospital breaches:

I have adjusted a few peeps in hospital too. The more confident you are being there, the less questions get asked

CAA Hospital 12 Fleming

So, we’ll see what happens with Shakespeare and Fleming. To me their breaches appear to be clear cut. The CBA might think differently.

It took almost two years and, who knows, it might not be over yet; but, congratulations to the Chiropractic Board of Australia for taking some action against these chiropractors. Even better, the sanctions are recorded on the public register of practitioners so the public can also see some regulation happening.


Update July 27 2015

Article – including audio – from ABC Radio’s PM program. Elise Worthington reporting:

Peak body for chiropractors to review membership obligations after president-elect Dr Helen Alevaki resigns

Australia’s peak chiropractic body has vowed to overhaul membership policies in the wake of the resignation of its president-elect.

Dr Helen Alevaki, who was also its board director, stood down last week after admitting on social media to sneaking into a maternity ward to perform a spinal alignment on a newborn baby.    

The Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) has confirmed a further six chiropractors have had conditions placed on their registration.

It is understood several were part of the closed Facebook group where the comments by Dr Alevaki were made and some also admitted to similar practices on social media.

It is the latest in a string of controversies for the booming spinal adjustment industry which is estimated to be worth around $1 billion a year in Australia […more]

MARK COLVIN (audio intro): The national health watchdog has sanctioned a further six chiropractors for sneaking into hospitals to treat newborn babies. The president elect of the national body has already resigned after admitting to ‘sneaky’ visits to a maternity ward to perform a so-called spinal alignment last week.


Update July 28 2015

Article from Australian Doctor. Serkan Ozturk reporting:

More chiros sanctioned over social media boasts

Six more chiropractors around Australia have been sanctioned over their use of social media to promote visits inside hospitals and maternity wards, it can be revealed.

The chiropractors had used social media to discuss various strategies on how to clandestinely enter hospitals and perform chiropractic work on patients — including babies and infants — with at least one also posting photos while inside hospital wards.

Confirmation of the sanctions follows on the heels of a similar ruling handed down in April to the former president-elect of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA), Helen Alevaki.

Ms Alevaki was instructed to undertake further education on professionalism and social media use after admitting to having used Facebook to post about her “sneaky” visits to the maternity wards of hospitals.

The six chiropractors, who were investigated by the Chiropractic Board of Australia, also have to undergo further education on professional standards, ethics, record-keeping and use of social media.

The practitioners are:

Katelyn McGregor (Victoria)
Jenny Roppola (ACT)
Olivia Gleeson (WA)
Catherine Langford (SA)
Stephanie Le Coz (formerly of NSW, now in WA)
Thomas Dawson (formerly of Victoria, now in Indonesia)

In an unusual move, the chiropractic board has also directed all the sanctioned chiropractors to review writings by public health blogger Reasonable Hank — widely considered a nemesis of subluxationist chiropractors within the profession.

It was a blog post on Reasonable Hank’s website in September 2013 that first brought the alleged activities of the six sanctioned chiropractors and others into public light.

The sanctions on the chiropractors were imposed separately from September 2014 to February of this year, the chiropractic board has confirmed.

The latest sanctions have led to calls for the chiropractic board to be more transparent in its investigation of rogue elements within the industry.

Associate Professor Rod Bonello, the president of the newly formed national lobby group Chiropractic Australia — which stresses evidence-based approaches to the practice — said the actions of Ms Alevaki and the other six sanctioned chiropractors had brought a stain upon the profession.

“This sort of behaviour is indefensible,” he said. “Our group … doesn’t and won’t accept people as members who continue to do this kind of thing.”

Professor Bonello added: “It’s well and good for the Chiropractic Board of Australia to react to complaints but I think the profession needs to be proactive in stamping out this form of conduct.

“The vast majority of chiropractors do the right thing, with complaints against chiropractors relatively uncommon compared to other health professionals.

“But the actions of a few miscreants are giving the profession a continued bad reputation.”

The chiropractic board continued to protect the public and manage potential risks to public safety from chiropractors, a board spokesperson said.

Ms Alevaki resigned her position as president-elect earlier this month amid claims from CAA members that her admitted actions had brought disrepute upon the organisation.


 Article from Sydney Morning Herald. Harriet Alexander reporting:

President-elect resigns from peak chiropractors group over ‘sneaky’ hospital visits

Already bent out of shape and weathering trauma from external forces, the peak body for chiropractors has now lost its head.

Helen Alevaki, the president-elect of the Chiropractors Association of Australia, has resigned from the board three months after she was reprimanded by the regulator for making unauthorised visits to maternity hospitals […]

Ms Alevaki had flagged in another closed Facebook group that under her leadership the CAA would renew its interest in subluxation, a controversial theory that claims spinal manipulation can cure almost all human conditions.

Her resignation has also reinvigorated disgruntlement with the CAA board for accepting her as a candidate for president only a year after her excursions into maternity hospitals were discovered.

Joe Ierano, who ran against Ms Alevaki in the 2014 campaign, said the CAA should not condone the bad behaviour of its members.

“Helen stepped up, but it’s up to the board to determine whether a candidate is suitable,” said Mr Ierano, the former president of the CAA NSW […]

“I think it’s fair to say that people looking at any prospective candidacy will be asked to ensure that there’s no potential breach of the constitution,” Mr Fisher said.

Mr Fisher was recently embarrassed after he penned a criticism of Chiropractic Australia on the ReasonableHank medical blog and was praised by two respondents, one of whom said chiropractic “had made a real difference in my life” and the other who said Mr Fisher’s insight made the person “proud to be a chiropractor”.

Both respondents were later revealed to have used the same IP address as Mr Fisher.

Mr Fisher said both comments were made by legitimate sources, who had sent them into CAA’s Penrith office where a staff member had posted them to the site.

The staff member had been counselled.


 Update July 29 2015

Article from Medical Observer. Flynn Murphy reporting:

Calls for inquiry after chiros sneak into hospitals

RE-EMERGING claims that chiropractors snuck into hospitals to treat and in some cases adjust newborn babies have sparked calls for a Senate inquiry.

The controversy resurfaced when the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) president-elect Dr Helen Alevaki, who first admitted to sneaking into a maternity ward in a Facebook post in 2013, resigned this month.

Sceptical health blogger Peter Tierney, who captured the 2013 post, revisited it on his Reasonable Hank blog this month after Dr Alevaki was named incoming president of the peak body.

Mr Tierney said contrary to media reports, Dr Alevaki had boasted about “checking” babies, not “adjusting” them. He said in any case she had breached the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors.

AHPRA has confirmed that in the past nine months, six chiropractors have been sanctioned for sneaking into hospitals.

They are: Katelyn McGregor (12.12.14), Catherine Langford (20.2.15), Jenny Roppola (16.10.14), Olivia Gleeson (19.9.14), Stephanie Le Coz (19.9.14) and Tom Dawson (12.12.14).

At least four of the practitioners sanctioned are members of the Australian Chiropractic Philosophy Society Facebook group, where members have shared tips on how to sneak into hospitals.

One, Katelyn McGregor, advised to: “Go at visiting time when their’s [sic] lots of people around and whack the curtain around. I visited my mum in neuro wards of lots of hospitals. No biggie…”

Mr John Cunningham, an orthopaedic spinal surgeon practising in Melbourne, says the incidents speak to the “hubris of many chiropractors”.

He says chiropractic has no evidence base and no place in hospitals, and risks breaking a newborn’s neck.

He has backed calls for an inquiry.

“Anything in medicine is based on the balance of risks and benefits,” Mr Cunningham told MO. “We know there’s risks of chiropractic manipulation and so far no benefit. There have been a few poorly performed studies. I don’t see there’s any benefit.”

Murdoch University Associate Professor Rodney Bonello disagrees. In June, he launched a new chiropractic lobby group Chiropractic Australia (CA) in response to a perceived failure by the legacy body – the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) – to “keep its members in line”.

It is “completely wrong and indefensible” for chiropractors to sneak into hospitals, Professor Bonello said.

But he rejected Mr Cunningham’s “sweeping statement” that there was there was no evidence for the use of chiropractic treatment in babies.

“The fact is there’s very little scientific evidence that validates this, but there are some mechanical problems that babies and infants do get that chiropractors can help with,” he said.

“I’m thinking of something like infantile torticollis, or wry neck… sometimes it’s spastic, and the muscles need to be worked on and stretched and released.”

Professor Bonello said other chiropractic treatments that there was “even less evidence for” should be properly investigated, and that chiropractors should be in hospital teams.

“The evidence is thin – and a lot of it is anecdotal… but we don’t slam the door on new areas of technique because we don’t have the evidence. We look for the evidence,” he said, rejecting calls for an inquiry.

Stop the AVN spokesman Ken McLeod said Greens leader Dr Richard Di Natale, who has links with the sceptics group, has indicated he was “receptive” to the idea of an inquiry.

“I would suggest the terms of reference be quite simple – is there any evidence for what chiropractors practice today?” Mr McLeod said.

“And should there be taxpayer subsidies for private health insurance that includes chiropractic and other unproven practices?”

The Greens’ leader, who is on a study tour in Portugal, was not immediately available for comment.


Article from Kidspot. Rebel Wylie reporting:

Warning to parents: Chiropractics and babies don’t mix. It’s dangerous and unproven

To date, legitimate properly-controlled studies have failed to support the claims of chiropractors who treat children. The risks of paediatric spinal-adjustment are too frightening to consider, and the benefits? Pure fiction. So why are parents sneaking chiropractors into hospital wards to secretly treat their newborns?

“Chiropractors caught sneaking into hospitals to adjust newborns’ spines” was the news headline on ABC Radio earlier this week – and it sounded a whole lot of alarm bells. Should newborns, just out of their cosy, watery home and with all their rubbery and soft bones and ligaments be subjected to such treatments? Are there any proven benefits? And most importantly, is it safe?

Kidspot has rounded up experts including an orthopaedic surgeon and a chiropractor – and also a confused new mum who was advised to seek chiropractic treatment to treat a breastfeeding issue.

What has become clear to me in my extensive research and discussions for this story is that the information available to parents is confusing at best. But there is one comment from an expert, orthopaedic surgeon John Cunningham, that needs to take pride of place right up the top of this story:

 “Your baby’s spine is mostly cartilage at that age. There is no problem that spinal manipulation can fix – it is never justified.” […]

The Chiropractors Association of Australia has been left red-faced by these allegations

Australia’s peak chiropractic body, The Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA), is in utter turmoil after the resignation of its board director and president-elect, Dr Helen Alevaki, over an unauthorised hospital visit to treat a baby that has seen her sanctioned by health watchdog, The Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

It was back in 2013, when Aussie blogger Reasonable Hank first shone the torch on the Australian chiropractors operating outside of reasonable expectations. That post is where you will find the screenshots of Dr Alevaki’s bold brags of conducting the sneaky visits. Reasonable Hank also looked at the behaviours of other board members of the CAA who too boasted of sneaking into hospital wards – including, astonishingly, neonatal intensive care units – without the permission of the hospital or any treating physicians, nursing, or allied health staff. Not only conducting unnecessary and dangerous spinal-adjustments, but conveying an anti-vaccination message that they have no medical authority to discuss.

AHPRA has since confirmed a further six chiropractors – four of whom are also members of the CAA – have also been sanctioned and have had conditions placed on their registration.

The CAA has also been criticised for allowing chiropractors who take an anti-vaccination stance to be members – more detailed information around that can be found later in this post […more of this highly recommended, wonderfully researched article]


Update August 6 2015

Article from Australian Doctor. Serkan Ozturk reporting:

Chiros’ kids care comes in for criticism

Questions over whether chiropractic procedures should be performed on young children are being raised again following the sanctioning of six more chiropractors.

The chiropractors have received sanctions from the Chiropractic Board of Australia to undertake further education on professionalism and ethics over comments they had made on social media sites about how best to clandestinely enter hospital wards to treat patients.

A similar ruling was handed down in April to the former president-elect of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA), Helen Alevaki, who admitted to “sneaky” visits of a maternity ward.

While it is unclear whether all the chiropractors were treating babies and children, the revelations of the visits has led the AMA to reiterate calls for an end to chiropractors performing spinal and neck manipulations on children due to a lack of evidence on their worth.

Many chiropractic clinics that treat children suggest the technique can assist with a variety of health problems such as bedwetting, colic, diarrhoea and ear infections.

“Adjusting babies is so safe and so relaxing that many newborns will fall asleep,” reads the website of Health in the Bay clinic, in Neutral Bay, Sydney.

Australian Doctor contacted several chiropractors who advertise their services treating babies and young children, with each refusing to comment.

Another Sydney chiropractor said the issue was “too political at the moment”.

The CAA’s CEO, Dr Matthew Fisher (PhD), says the association welcomes the recent sanctions upon its members as there should be “no circumstance” for chiropractors to enter hospitals without appropriate permission.

He said that some chiropractors were perhaps spooked by the “debate that’s been going on through different media outlets”.

Dr Fisher (pictured) said while knowledge about the possible dangers associated with procedures on children could be “significantly enhanced by ongoing rigorous clinical research”, there was already plenty of anecdotal and other evidence for their benefit.

“If a variety of evidence … goes to show that a modality of treatment either has or hasn’t got benefits, then that would be put to the profession for them to incorporate into their practice,” he said.

The CAA has commissioned the University of Technology Sydney to examine longitudinal health outcomes of chiropractic care.


Update August 7 2015

Article from Medical Observer. Flynn Murphy reporting:

Chiro chief condemns covert baby visitors

THE Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) has distanced itself from members who sneaked into hospitals to secretly treat newborn babies, describing the practice as “unprofessional”.

Speaking to MO, chief executive Matthew Fisher rejected criticism that the CAA attracts members with fringe views on medical evidence and vaccination.

He said at least one chiropractor had been expelled because of his criticism of childhood vaccination and several others had resigned because their views conflicted with the CAA, which supports vaccination.

Stories of chiropractors bragging about sneaking into hospital maternity wards to treat and adjust newborns sparked calls last week for a Senate inquiry. Their re-emergence followed the resignation of CAA president-elect

Dr Helen Alevaki, who admitted to the practice, a breach of the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors, in a Facebook post in 2013.

Sceptical health blogger Peter Tierney, who captured Dr Alevaki’s 2013 post, sparked a media storm for the group when he revisited it on his Reasonable Hank site after Dr Alevaki was named incoming president of the peak body last month.

AHPRA has confirmed that in the past nine months six chiropractors have been sanctioned for sneaking into hospitals. They are Katelyn McGregor, Catherine Langford, Jenny Rop­pola, Olivia Gleeson, Stephanie Le Coz and Tom Dawson.

Dr McGregor advised others on Facebook to “go at visiting time when their’s [sic] lots of people around and whack the curtain around. I visited my mum in neuro wards of lots of hospitals. No biggie…”

Mr Fisher stopped short of committing to expel from his association chiropractors who sneak into hospitals, saying that was a matter for state branches.

Mr John Cunningham, a Melbourne orthopaedic surgeon, says the incidents speak to the “hubris of many chiropractors”. Chiropractic has no evidence base and no place in hospitals, and risks breaking a newborn’s neck, he says, backing calls for an inquiry.

Murdoch University Associate Professor Rodney Bonello, who launched a new chiropractic lobby group, Chiropractic Australia, in response to a perceived failure by the CAA to “keep its members in line”, rejected Mr Cunningham’s “sweeping statement”.

Admitting evidence supporting the chiropractic treatment of newborns was “thin” and “anecdotal”, he said “we don’t slam the door on new areas of technique because we don’t have the evidence. We look for the evidence.”


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President-elect of Chiropractors’ Association of Australia resigns #CAAgotyourback

Almost two years ago I published evidence that many chiropractors were sneaking into hospitals, without permission, to check, adjust and/or manipulate their customers.

Last week we were informed that a notification had been lodged against Ms Helen Alevaki, the president-elect of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia; and that Alevaki had been investigated by AHPRA; and that she had agreed to undertakings imposed on her by the Chiropractic Board of Australia.

Australian Doctor reported, on July 16 2015, that Alevaki had rejected claims that her position as a board member was untenable, as per the CAA Consitiution 8.10(g). From Tessa Hoffman in Australian Doctor:

The next head of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia has admitted she was “wrong” to brag on social media about sneaking into hospitals to treat babies.

But Helen Alevaki (pictured) has dismissed claims her actions, which led to sanctions by AHPRA, leave her unfit to lead the profession’s peak body.

Ms Alevaki’s brag about being a “sneaky friend” who made clandestine visits to maternity wards on a private Facebook page was investigated by the Chiropractic Board of Australia, and as a result she agreed to undertake further education on professionalism and social media use…

Health blogger Reasonablehank, who outed Ms Alevaki in 2013 along with several other chiropractors who also claimed to have made secret hospital visits, said the admission makes Ms Alevaki’s position as president-elect “untenable”.

But the Melbourne chiropractor rejected this, claiming her experience will actually see her better placed to lead.

“[I will] take the learnings I’ve made through my error to … educate other chiropractors and other allied health practitioners who don’t work within the public healthcare space.”

She said the issue did not arise during discussion over her election.

“I think I’m very well-qualified for the position of national president.”

Before we continue there are two major points we need to address at a later date. And, by “we”, I mean AHPRA, the Chiropractic Board of Australia and the CAA.

1. the issue of Alevaki sneaking into maternity wards was not raised during her election campaign. These are issues which first became public in September 2013. The Alevaki ticket’s campaign went for months, as did the opposing Joe Ierano ticket. She was vocally backed in by Tim Shakespeare. The CAA was unconcerned by all of this. From my October 2014 post in which I first addressed the problems already inherent in the Alevaki tilt for CAA presidency:

…a flyer was posted out by the Alevaki team. It included many names who were willing to back her ticket, in writing: of the 42 names, 20 have appeared in the pages of my blog, either due to anti-vaccinationism, or sneaking into hospitals, or both. That is really bad. Included in that list are former CAA National and NSW board members, Tony Croke, Nimrod Weiner, and Shakespeare. All three had their terms ended prematurely.

Of Alevaki’s three running mates only Patrick Sim has featured in my blog, for anti-vaccinationism.

2. I am not aware of any other chiropractor facing investigation for practising in hospitals without permission, despite the clear evidence being published in September 2013. Again, this is almost two years ago.

Today it has been announced that Helen Alevaki has tendered her resignation as the president-elect – to current president Laurie Tassell – and that the CAA board has accepted her resignation. Transcript from ABC Radio’s The World Today (includes audio):

President-elect of chiropractors association resigns after ‘sneaky’ spinal adjustments on newborn babies

KIM LANDERS: The Chiropractors Association of Australia is in turmoil with the resignation of its president-elect over an unauthorised visit to a maternity hospital.

Dr Helen Alevaki reportedly used a closed Facebook group to reveal that she had made quote “sneaky” visits to a Melbourne maternity hospital to perform treatment on a baby.

The name of the hospital has not been disclosed.

Dr Alevaki has been under investigation by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) but is being allowed to continue to practice.

Nance Haxton reports.

NANCE HAXTON: The resignation of Dr Helen Alevaki means the Chiropractors Association of Australia has lost its board director and its president-elect.

The association’s CEO Dr Matthew Fisher says the current president accepted her resignation in the wake of a recent investigation by the health regulator into her conduct.

MATTHEW FISHER: Well, there was a complaint heard by the health regulator with regard to a statement that Dr Alevaki had made about entering a hospital on the request of a parent to provide some treatment to a child. And, this was heard by AHPRA and subsequently some undertakings were made for Dr Alevaki with regard to continuing professional development and what that has meant is that, in accordance with our constitution, she’s unable to continue as the director and she has made the decision to resign.

NANCE HAXTON: So is that because of concerns of entering the hospital without the permission of the hospital?

MATTHEW FISHER: That’s probably the basis of the matter. The fact that, to provide services within a healthcare facility, you need to be credentialed even if you do have permission, so in fact – and Dr Alevaki has admitted this.

maxwell smart this much

So, the CAA is back where they started. They are again without a president. They were acutely aware of the problems inherent in the Alevaki ticket’s bid for board positions. They ignored all of these concerns.

I would argue that these concerns were ignored due to ideological reasons first and foremost: the Ierano ticket was not fundamentalist and reactionary enough; Ierano and his ticket had been using the dreaded “E” word – Evidence. There was not enough subluxation in Ierano‘s kit and so the subluxationist ticket won.

And with the subluxationist win came the concomitant, yet discreet, anti-vaccinationist welcome mat. The National and State CAA boards are still littered with anti-vaccinationists – as is the largest Australian chiropractic research organisation, the Australian Spinal Research Foundation – much to the disgust of public health advocates around the nation. The now-ex-president-elect of the CAA, remember, is a member of the anti-vaccinationist, crackpot US organisation, the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) as well as the ASRF. This was all common knowledge:

Alevaki 6 ICPA ASRF member

If you really want to do your head in, here is a list of 172 more Australian chiropractors listed as members of that anti-vaccine chiropractic paediatric organisation. And don’t forget how many CAA members are/were members of the thoroughly disreputable anti-vaccine organisation, the Australian Vaccination Network.

I think Australian chiropractic just dodged a public health bullet with Alevaki’s resignation. Let’s see if they learned anything. Judging by the growing Australian membership of the ICPA I doubt it. And judging by the continued hubris of the subluxationist/vitalist wing of chiropractic I doubt it even more.

Chiropractors: if you want moderate, reasoned representation, go and join Chiropractic Australia and stand by their ideals. The future of your profession is in their steady hands.

Alevaki 20 5 stars review for CAA


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Anti-vaccine chiropractors redux 12 – dedicated to #CAAgotyourback and #chiropractic

I really am dedicating today’s post to the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA). Without them I would never have been reminded to have a proper look at the professional Facebook page of today’s guest.

The CAA have been having a time of it of late. There is a new evidence-based, chiropractic representative body kicking into positive gear and accruing new members like no one’s business: Chiropractic Australia. This has seen a number of articles in the press which have also featured the travails of president-elect, Helen Alevaki, who has agreed to undertakings after being investigated and found in need of corrective professional behavioural adjustment by the Chiropractic Board of Australia. Alevaki was caught bragging of sneaking into hospitals without permission. It seems she is only sorry she got caught.

Add to all of the above the still unexplained, apparent astroturfing of this blog by the Chief Executive Officer of the CAA, Matthew Fisher. We are yet to hear reasons as to why his IP address – from which he used to comment on my blog – was also used by two inane fake accounts who commented on the same blog post in support and pride of chiropractic. I’d email the CAA and ask; but, they don’t respond. Look, I don’t  blame them.

So, it is with some magnanimity and gentillesse that I shoulder some of the recent burdens of the CAA; I want to help them out by giving their triumphal hashtags #CAAgotyourback and #chiropractic a boost. The CAA has been on a bit of a public relations drive, given it is celebrating 25 years as a representative organisation in which “leadership, advocacy, excellent member services and building the evidence base” abounds. You have got to hand it to the brave mavericks at the CAA: most organisations celebrate milestones by actually celebrating. But, not the CAA. The CAA just celebrates millstones.

But, back to today’s honoured guest; courtesy of the CAA (thanks again). Mr Jeffrey Brooks is a chiropractor who runs a business called Sydney Chiropractic Care. He is, of course, a member of the CAA who claimed him as a representative of their own after he appeared on Channel 9 News to promote a new gizmo. There’s even a CAA poster on the wall in the image:

Brooks 1 CAA rep Channel 9 News

There are a lot of  images to get through today. I apologise in advance. There are many posts claiming the existence of subluxations which need to be adjusted away and the need for chiropractors to get their hands on newborns which are fresh out of the oven; so many, in fact,  that one almost becomes unperturbed at their presence. But we have to start somewhere.

Brooks shares this post from the anti-vaccination paediatric chiropractic organisation, the ICPA, which is run by CEO Jeanne Ohm. This post claims that chiropractic is effective in treating ADHD in children. Oh yes they do:

Brooks 14 ADHD

This professional chiropractic post from 2012 – still located on Brooks’ professional chiropractic Facebook page, like the rest of the following images – asserts that vaccines caused an increase in cancer. Note the date of the source:

Brooks 23 vaccines cause cancer 1909 quote WU

This anti-influenza vaccine post asserts that the “vaccine empire has collapsed”:

Brooks 28 anti flu vaccine True Activist Post

This is magnificent. From conspiracy central, Wellness Uncovered:

Brooks 19 WU geoengineering vaccines fluoride

Here is the large image so we can take it all in. Vaccines. Fluoride. GMOs…

Brooks 20 WU geoengineering vaccines fluoride

Since we raised the topic of fluoride it would be a crime against humanity if we didn’t include this one:

Brooks 32 fluoride

Where would any modern-day conspiracy theorist be without their own Guy Fawkes mask, I ask? I suppose it’s possible they’d be at the Brisbane anti-vaccine protest; but, these guys are on the professional Facebook page of a registered Australian chiropractor:

Brooks 22 anon pharma

Next up there is some aspartame misinformation:

Brooks 21 aspartame Mercola

Maybe “misinformation” is too kind a euphemism:

Brooks 31 aspartame

I mean, did you guys know that you can catch death from aspartame? I didn’t:

Brooks 33 aspartame

This is where things get serious. Remembering that this registered health practitioner is wont to share anti-vaccine conspiracy theories we must also ask ourselves what the chances are that he is fully immunised. In contrast, the new chiropractic representative association, Chiropractic Australia, recommends its members are immunised as per National Health and Medical Research Council recommendations for health care workers. How good are they?

What does the old CAA recommend for its  members? It doesn’t. It condones unimmunised registered health practitioners, who share anti-vaccine misinformation, laying their hands on brand new babies. Think about that:

Brooks 15 newborn baby subluxations

These paediatric chiropractic posts are ubiquitous to CAA members’ social media marketing. And let’s not kid ourselves; this is cradle to grave marketing and practice building. Subluxations from birth:

Brooks 2 subluxations from birth

The 95% misalignments at birth canard:

Brooks 4 95 % birth misalignments

This little one got benefit from chiropractic because her mother was adjusted whilst pregnant! That is one hell of a claim:

Brooks 5 baby benefit from chiro on mother

More happy birthtime chiropractic for the purposes of diagnosing and treating the mythic:

Brooks 15 newborn baby subluxations

The 95% misalignments at birth canard, again:

Brooks 16 95 % birth misalignments

And a variant of the above birth images:

Brooks 30 adjusting newborn

Subluxations at birth aren’t the only marketing tool. As per the CAA’s brave new direction, subluxations are the new black. Are you living a “Subluxation Free Life”? Well, are you? Is there really a God? Who knows. Maybe call Pascal and put $50 on Who’s Got Your Nose in the fifth at Randwick:

Brooks 3 subluxation free life

Did you know that you could have a subluxation and not even know it? You’d better take that bet and start reading the bible:

Brooks 6 you could have subluxation and not even know

Chiropractors are obliged, by law, not to break the law. This is also the case in regards to advertising and marketing. There are these Guidelines for advertising a regulated health service, for just this purpose. And these guidelines state:

Section 133 of the National Law regulates advertising of regulated health services. It states:

1. A person must not advertise a regulated health service, or a business that provides a regulated health service, in a way that—

c. uses testimonials or purported testimonials about the service or business

CBA 4 National Law advertising guidlines

This is not hard to understand. But, for chiropractors especially, it appears to be written in Klingon. I could throw a monkey poo over my left shoulder right now, at Facebook, and I would certainly hit a chiropractic testimonial on an Australian chiropractor’s Facebook page. And Brooks is no different.

This is banned:

Brooks 7 testimonial

This is banned:

Brooks 8 testimonial

This is banned:

Brooks 9 testimonial

This is banned:

Brooks 10 testimonial

This is banned:

Brooks 11 testimonial

This is banned:

Brooks 12 testimonial

This is banned:

Brooks 13 testimonial

Linking to a Google Reviews site, from your business’s website, where people can leave testimonials is banned (they are still under Brooks’ control):

Brooks 34 Google reviews link on website

The above leads to this page on Google Reviews:

Brooks 35 Google reviews

None of this is hard to  understand. It is against the law. It would be refreshing to see the Chiropractic Board of Australia enforce the National Law. It is pretty much one of the major reasons the CBA exists.

I wanted to finish off with some more anti-vaccine posts from Brooks. We have covered other chiropractors who have linked to and heavily promoted the anti-vaccine chiropractic infomercial, Doctored.  Anti-vaccine chiropractor Brett Hill was ebullient in his adoration of the advertorial. Who wouldn’t be?

There is this. No, really, there is this:

Doctored 1 Infowars Gardasil death

There’s Burzynski!

Doctored 3 Burzynski

There’s the anti-vaccine Canary Party, asserting that vaccines cause autism:

Doctored 5 Canary Party vaccines cause autism

There’s Mercola, on GMOs:

Doctored 6 Mercola GMO

With the calibre of talking heads featured in Doctored one would certainly need some even wiser heads to promote the advertorial.

Like, Billy DeMoss.  You will see that Brooks really likes this infomercial:

Brooks 24 Doctored DeMoss

I mean, really, really likes it:

Brooks 14 Doctored

I mean, really, really, really likes it:

Brooks 17 Doctored

I mean, really, really, really, really  likes it:

Brooks 29 Doctored

I mean, really, really, really, really, really likes it:

Brooks 25 Doctored

I mean, really, really, really, really, really, really likes it:

Brooks 27 Doctored Chestnut

I mean, really, really, really, really, really, really, really likes it:

Brooks 26 Doctored DeMoss

What better way is there to finish a post on anti-vaccine, conspiracy-driven, subluxationist chiropractic – as promoted by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia – than linking to The Big Red Flag of Orange County (Billy, above).

If you made it here, thanks for reading.

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CAA president-elect Helen Alevaki sanctioned by Chiropractic Board of Australia

In September 2013 – yes, almost two years ago – I posted about Australian chiropractors who were boasting of sneaking into hospitals to perform…erm…well…to perform. They did not have permission to be doing whatever it was they thought they were doing. All of the chiropractors were in clear breach of the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors (6.5).

CBA 3 CoC 6.5 hospital requirements

Only eight days ago I posted again, having uncovered further evidence that it is still happening. One of the chiropractors, among the many, who had escaped any sort of sanction by the regulator, the Chiropractic Board of Australia, was the current president-elect of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia national body, Helen Alevaki. Alevaki had bragged, in 2013, of being the “sneaky” friend who visits “maternity wards around Melbourne”:

Alevaki 1 sneaks into maternity wards to check babies

Only four days ago Harriet Alexander, in a thorough, damning piece for the Sydney Morning Herald, noted of the CAA:

Its president-elect is Helen Alevaki, who has admitted in a closed Facebook group to paying “sneaky” visits to Melbourne maternity hospitals

In what comes as a bit of a surprise to those of us who follow the exploits of Australian chiropractic – and its regulator, the CBA – news hits us that the CBA has taken action against Alevaki. From Australian Doctor (log-in required):

Two years ago, Ms Alevaki was caught up in controversy after an alleged Facebook brag about how she sneaked into maternity wards to check babies…

Ms Alevaki now has conditions on her registration requiring her to undertake education on professionalism and social media use.

Information suggests that an AHPRA investigation was begun some months ago into Alevaki, with Alevaki’s undertakings now published on the AHPRA Register of Practitioners page. Not just a caution, this time, from the CBA. In full:

Dr Helen Alevaki, registered chiropractor (CHI0001061473) agrees to undertake the following:

1. To attend and complete further education (the education) by way of two one-on-one sessions, within four months of the Board’s approval of the education program. The education must cover the following content:

a. An understanding about how to work as a member of a collaborative, multidisciplinary team and the need for proper coordination of care;

b. Record keeping practices in relation to informal and formal chiropractic treatment, focusing on the importance of recording investigations, findings, working hypothesis and treatment provided for every attendance;

c. Use of social media, with particular reference to the Board’s Social Media Policy.

d. The further education will be conducted with a practitioner (the educator) who has been approved by the Board and Dr Alevaki must meet the Board’s specific requirements in relation to this. The educator is required to:

i. be an experienced registered practitioner, with a minimum of three (3) years’ practice, and

ii. not be in a close collegiate, social or financial relationship with Dr Alevaki.

2. Dr Alevaki is required:

a. To obtain the Board’s approval of the education program prior to the commencement of the education.

b. To provide the educator with a copy of this undertaking prior to the commencement of the education and to advise AHPRA in writing that a copy of the undertaking has been provided to the educator within 14 days of doing so.

c. To commence the education sessions within one (1) month of the Board’s approval of the education program.

d. To provide a report to the Compliance Department at AHPRA within twenty eight (28) days of the date of the completion of the education which covers the following:

i. a written summary of the outcome/lessons learnt from the education sessions, and

ii. a written summary of how she intends to apply this knowledge to her practice.

e. To advise the educator that within twenty eight (28) days of the completion of the education the educator is required to provide a report to the Board stating:

i. the dates the education occurred,

ii. the content of the education sessions, and

iii. whether she has, in the opinion of the educator, satisfactorily participated in and understood the contents of the education and incorporated into her practice any recommendation/s made during the course of the education.

3. Dr Alevaki acknowledges that:

a. The above reports will be relied upon by the Board when determining whether the terms of the undertaking have been complied with. If the Board is not satisfied that the reports demonstrate that the objectives of the education have been met, further education or some other action may be required as determined by the Board.

b. The Board and/or AHPRA may communicate with the educator in relation to her compliance with this undertaking.

c. All costs involved in the provision of this education are her responsibility, including the report(s) to the Board by the educator(s).d. The further education will not be in satisfaction of her Continuing Professional Development requirements.

All of this terrible news for the CAA comes at the time when a new evidence-based chiropractic representative body starts accruing more members with its enticing message: no cranks. As Harriet Alexander wrote in the SMH:

The breakaway group, Chiropractic Australia, claims already to have 1000 members on its books.

Chiropractic Australia president Rod Bonello said his organisation would be premised on chiropractors being non-surgical spinal and musculoskeletal care experts, while the CAA was returning to radical theories such as subluxation.

“Our view is that we shouldn’t be based on some fundamentalist beliefs that originated in the 1800s but we should be evidence-based practitioners, just like every other association in Australia,” Mr Bonello said.

“We are looking to become full players in the health care system, not some marginal alternative group.

And the new body, Chiropractic Australia, isn’t mincing words. Here is their wonderful immunisation policy, in part:

Chiropractic Australia endorses the Guidelines for the Control and Prevention of Infection in Healthcare (2010) of the National Health & Medical Research Council, including the recommendations on immunisation for health workers.

Not just for  patients and the general community; they are recommending chiropractors get immunised. I’ll say that again: Chiropractic Australia is recommending that chiropractors get immunised.  Just like responsible healthcare workers. With all of this talk of  immunisation and evidence and things one can see why the CAA is upset.

Indeed, CAA Chief Executive Officer Matthew Fisher even took the extraordinary step  of replying to new CA president Rod Bonello on this blog. Mr Fisher hasn’t yet replied to the many questions put to him, including a request for him to  explain why two separate fake accounts would comment on my blog post using precisely the same IP addresses as his official CAA CEO IP address:

“cleoevie” wrote:

Thank you for all the info provided about chiropractic. Chiropractic treatment has made a real difference in my life.

Whilst “chiroenthusiast” wrote:

Thank you for all the insight provided to chiropractors, and all the information around chiropractic. You make me proud to be a chiropractor.

I couldn’t find any explanations for this confusion from Mr Fisher in any CAA statements. Anywhere.

Meanwhile the CAA has stated it is standing by Helen Alevaki:

The CAA supports Dr Alevaki in her position as president-elect of the Association

Can anyone imagine any president of any Australian Medical Association, national or state, having conditions, cautions or undertakings on their registration? Yet here we are.

And, for her part, Alevaki seems hardly repentant; nor is she convincing in her statement which is linked on the CAA site:

Alevaki 18 statement about sneaking into hospitals

I’m certain Ms Alevaki just misspoke, or something. After her undertakings have been undertaken we might see another public statement which may acknowledge wrongdoing.

We certainly look forward to further investigations of all chiropractors who have either been caught, or who have admitted to sneaking into hospitals without permission to attend to their customers.

Update July 15 2015

Judging by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia  Constitution, amended October 20 2012 at AGM, Helen Alevaki’s directorship – and not only her presidency  – of the CAA is untenable:


8.10 Termination of Director’s Office

A position of Director shall be vacated if a Director:

8.10(g) is found guilty of an offence of professional misconduct or conduct discreditable to the profession

CAA 3 Constituion directorship

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Anti-vaccine president Tasha David glorifies dangerous health advice which lands toddler in hospital

An extremely disturbing blog post was published this morning (Australian time), which provides an account of the provision of dangerous medical advice, by unqualified anti-vaccination movement leaders, in a closed Facebook group named Vaccine Free Australia – administered by Courtney Hebberman and Luke O’Hehir (Luke E Lawless) – which consists of 3100 members. Please spend five minutes reading this post, from Things Anti-Vaxers Say (TAVS), which contains the full Facebook thread: Antivaxer’s child ends up in hospital after terrible medical advice.

The post deals primarily with the outrageous advice provided by inept Australian anti-vaccination stalwart, Bronwyn Hancock; a summary of Hancock’s dangerous advice – compiled by a medical professional who wishes to remain anonymous – is as follows:

1. Providing health-related diagnosis and treatment advice in the absence of any formal training or experience.

2. Providing these over the internet without any detailed history taking, examination of the child, or laboratory investigations.

3. Treatment advice dangerous: specifically against generally recommended strategies for use of antipyretics in children with moderate to high temperatures. Child went on to have an uncontrolled, very high fever and to rapidly deteriorate requiring urgent transfer to hospital and admission. Ignored early clinical clues the child did not have an uncomplicated fever: “she seems to be acting a little delusional”.

4. Diagnosis of vitamin deficiency in the absence of any clinical examination or laboratory testing. Followed by recommendation for therapeutic treatment with specific therapeutic doses sourced from alternative health literature. Initially failed to provide clear advice and failed to distinguish between clinical preparations of Vitamin C.

5. Without appropriate history taking, clinical examination, and laboratory testing, suggests to parent of a sick child to allow the body to auto regulate (“But who is anyone to judge what is ‘too high’ better than the body is? The body is NOT suicidal!”). Neglecting the real possibility the child had a life threatening infection and required urgent medical care.

6. Most dangerously, did not recognise important clinical indicators of a seriously unwell and potentially deteriorating child: “Abit concerned about her rapid breathing…”, “No she’s pretty delusional talking gibberish and can’t keep her balance”. Children with a bacterial infection causing a high fever, and this state (rapid breathing, delusion, balance problems) may be at high risk of long term serious morbidity or even death if not treated promptly in a medical/hospital setting.

7. Despite these symptoms, actively advised against taking a very sick child to receive medical care on the grounds that doctors caused her child to have an unsubstantiated vaccine injury, meaning the child should effectively never receive medical care in the future.

8. Provided medical advice in contradiction to the advice and treatment plan arranged by the doctors caring for the sick child in hospital. Specifically, that the hospital gave antipyretics, did not give high dose vitamin C. Made an incorrect diagnosis that the child had brain inflammation due to having received antipyretics to suppress the high temperature, with the brain inflammation resulting in fever.

9. Whilst providing medical advice, attempts to undermine the mother’s relationship with her husband. The reason provided for this is that the husband provided entirely appropriate medical treatment (antipyretic treatment) to a child with a high temperature which did not align with Ms Hancock’s recommendations.

10. Specifically stated without evidence that the child was at higher risk of seizure due to having had an antipyretic. This is misleading and potentially dangerous advice.

Crazy stuff. It should be noted, here, that Hancock operates her anti-vaccine business, Vaccination Information Service, out of Sydney. This makes Hancock answerable to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, thanks to the stellar work of Meryl Dorey and the latter’s unrestrained ego (oh, how we have come full circle in the battle for anti-vaccine supremacy). Complaints to the HCCC can be lodged here. Feel free to use any information contained herein. Hancock can no longer claim to be providing medical advice in private, as a private citizen: VFA, as noted above, has 3100 members.

Tellingly, Hancock was one of the headline speakers at the recent Sydney anti-vaccine protest, organised by Damien Poulsen and Belgin Colak:

Hancock 17 Sydney protest speech

Gisella Deubel (left); Bronwyn Hancock (right). Publicly available image courtesy Facebook.

Another leader of the anti-vaccination movement, Tasha David, is the president of the thoroughly disreputable anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, itself the recipient of a public health warning from the NSW HCCC. She claims to be the parent of six vaccine-injured children and two healthy children. None of the health conditions David attributes to her children, including autism, can be caused by vaccines. None. In a 2012 blog post on the AVN’s anti-vaccine blog, David also lists the following:

…eczema, asthma, psoriasis, chronic ear infections, gastrointestinal disorders (ie chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation and urinary tract infections), food allergies and intolerances, and chemical sensitivities…

Tasha 29 list of kids vaccine injuries 2012 NCV blog

Tasha David’s entire anti-vaccine universe is constructed on a bedrock of bog-standard anti-vaccine myths. Also, tellingly, Tasha David was one of the headline speakers at the Melbourne anti-vaccine protest:

Tasha 25 Melbourne protest speaker Lydall

Tasha David (centre). Publicly available image courtesy Facebook.

When the protests were all done and dusted a mange of anti-vaccinationists traveled to Canberra to lobby on behalf of their execrable movement. One of the senators who met with them was Senator Glenn Lazarus. To his credit he has since strongly declared his support for immunisation as safe, effective and necessary.

Tasha 28 Glenn Lazarus Brett Smith

Pictured left to right are: Marelle Burnum Burnum, Tasha David, [not known], Senator Glenn Lazarus, Max Dulumunmun Harrison (Marelle’s husband), Brett Smith (a qualified naturopath who uses the fake name “Lucas Jackson Kelly“; an anti-vaccine 9/11 Truther and all-round internet tough-guy). Publicly available image courtesy Facebook.

Tasha David is specifically mentioned here because of her glowing endorsements of the potentially catastrophic medical advice freely bandied about in the VFA Facebook group, as noted above. It cannot be stressed enough: these people got a hearing in the offices of one or more Australian senators. We can safely assume that neither Senator Lazarus, nor any other unsuspecting senators or members of parliament, would have been informed that David is the president of an organisation which has a public health warning against its name. We can also be sure that the direct threat to public health and safety posed by these people would not have been known by any senators or members.

Back to the VFA Facebook thread; this is what eventually happened:

VFA 67 one year old three fits

The following is what AVsN president Tasha David really thinks about dangerous, unqualified medical advice which landed a one-year-old infant in hospital after having multiple seizures:

The other good thing to come out of this was the support and advice from all of the members of the group during your time of need! What a great knowledgeable bunch of members we have. It is reassuring to know that if we have any health issues occur with ourselves or our children that there are people to  turn to…

The advice you received from all of the wonderful people involved was great information and will be beneficial to  any other parent in this situation. I am really proud to be in contact with such wonderful knowledgeable people :)

Tasha 27 VFA knowledgable bunch baby hospitalised

These people do not belong in the offices of senators and members of parliament. They belong in the feckin’ sack. Because of the internet – as magnificent a creature as it is – backyard medical advice has become a broader public health menace. What was once mere misinformation handed out over a back fence by the local cat lady is now dispensed to millions. In the case of the VFA group examples, above, the reach is at least 3100 people. Imagine if this mother did not take the child to hospital at all, based on the advice of her anti-vaccine peers? It is not that far-fetched a potential calamity. Sometimes only one disastrous decision, on the back  of a series of poor choices, is all that it takes for an avoidable death of a vulnerable person.

In closing – also related to the TAVS blog post  – here is another supporter of the anti-vaccine protests which are coming up  in September. From the Sydney anti-vaccine protest page:

Bodnar 31 July 4 comment NJNP Syd protest



Huge thanks to all contributors who assisted with this post. 


Update July 17 2015

Courtney Hebberman – the administrator of Vaccine Free Australia, the group in which the above, outrageous health misinformation was shared – has taken issue with the contents of this blog post, and those who share it.

With huge thanks to Leanne – who had the foresight to screen-capture the following public and private comments from Hebberman – we see the real face of Australian anti-vaccinationism: foul-mouthed, vicious, vindictive liars. These dishonest people have absolutely no regard for truth,  integrity, or manners.

Public thread on Leanne’s  profile:

Hebberman 18 Leanne public post

Public thread on Leanne’s profile:

Hebberman 19 Leanne public post of RH text

Public thread on Leanne’s profile:

Hebberman 20 Leanne public post

Hebberman then took to sending private messages of startling abuse. Hebberman makes the same disingenuous offer to Leanne – to join VFA and see for herself – that she has dishonestly made, previously, to members of Stop the Australian Vaccination Network.

Courtney Hebberman

hat the fuck would you know about our group?
People like you make me laugh
Jealous haters with no fucking life
Have u seen the group?
Our pinned disclaimer that says this is not medical advice and to actively seek healthcare.
It is a SUPPORT group for those who do NOT vaccinate.
Do you have a problem with that?
Add me and I’ll add u to the group and u can feel free to post and take it up with the 3500 people in there
Some who have children who have serious medical conditions from the medication.
Why don’t you ask the group yourself if you have the balls you ugly bitch.
Ugly soul
Ugly person.
For the record
This person in that blog isn’t even in my group
Its all fabricated crap lmao and you’re so thick u fell for it lmao!
Go fuck yourself.
Offers open
Accept my request and I’ll add u in so u can see and post for yourself
Narrow minded cunts like you have no fuckin idea.

Hebberman 23 PM to Leanne

Appropriately, Leanne blocked Hebberman. Hebberman then sent a private message to Leanne’s friend, who passed it on to Leanne:

Hebberman 21 Leanne PM from friend

Hebberman 22 Leanne PM from friend 2

It should be noted that the redacted individual from these last screenshots has also removed Hebberman from his friends list. Wise move.

Respected leader in Australian anti-vaccinationism, Courtney Hebberman. Let’s give it up for Courtney.

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Sergeant Damage

Christopher William Savage is a former serving sergeant in the Queensland Police Service. We have been following his exploits since 2012 and he has recently come to prominence once again as the darling of the No Jab No Pay anti-vaccine protest movement, for a speech he gave at the Brisbane protest. It is long past time to publish a collection of the innermost, outside-voice thoughts of former Sergeant Savage. It is my opinion that he poses a risk to public health and safety.

Savage believes that some immunisation advocates are “possessed by demons” who will not survive “on this earth very long” because they have been immunised. From the anti-vaccine group, Vaccine Free Australia:

Savage 109 provax trolls are possessed by demons not long for this world July 18 2015 VFA

I want to bookend this collection of Savage’s broader sociopolitical treatises with two screenshots. This first image is from August 2012. Savage declares that he wants his guns back, granting us some retrospective succour in the knowledge that, in 2012 at least, Savage was not in possession of firearms:

I want my guns back I said you government arseholes

Savage 3 wants his guns back

The second image comes from a post made by Savage, yesterday, on the Vaccine Resistance Movement group’s open page. The reader can now see why there is some more urgency to the Savage dilemma:

SHOULD VACCINATORS BE SHOT if they try to inject babies like this one? I say yes

Savage 87 vaccinators be shot VRM edited posts

As you can see, Savage went back and edited his post after his initial violent, inciteful comments hit Twitter within minutes.

It is Savage’s anti-vaccination claims – and the broader respect he receives from all strata of the anti-vaccine movement – which has brought him the most attention. Our favourite cast-iron, black, flying pig wrote a damning piece on Savage in 2012. Back then Savage was sharing his new Statutory Declaration – bringing him worldwide anti-vaccine fame via the likes of the UK’s Christina England – in which he claimed innocent people were being framed by the Queensland Police Service; whilst making named, outrageous accusations against former colleagues, alleging misconduct, in the treatment of parents charged with assaulting their babies amongst other childhood injuries.

Of course, by that time, Savage had already drunk heavily from the vile poison which is the assertion that shaken baby syndrome is caused by vaccines; just like SIDS and every other ailment and health condition. One spectacular result of the aforementioned 2012 Lucky Losing blog post was that it elicited a response from one of Savage’s former colleagues who was intent on asserting facts. Here is the damning response from Witness, in full:

I wish to clear this matter up in regards to Sgt Savage. I am a Witness to the events that happened at the Ipswich Watchhouse. SGT Savage only arrived at Ipswich in September 2009 from Townsville. Upon arriving he made his prescence felt and got offside with all officers who worked in the Watchhouse including senior members of the QPS. He ranted about vaccines from the day he arrived, he pushed his anti Doctor anti traditional medicine down everyones throat. He sold alternative therapies in the form of medications to other QPS Staff Members. His views were always very extreme and he seemed to be extremely fixated on anything to do with medicine, to a point of madness.

He has no medical qualifications and yet he diagnoses and sells alternative therapies and medicines. He sold some to me!!! This was brought to the attention of senior QPS members and as a result SGT Savage was removed from his duties as a Charge SGT (shift supervisor) in the watchhouse as he could not be trusted. Senior Constables would run the shift whilst SGT Savage would perform the duties of a Constable and had to be under constant supervison. He was under serious investigation for his behaviour. The placing of material in a prisoners property was in fact ordered by SGT Savage for a staff member to do. He told the only other member working with him that night (a civilian watchhouse officer) to place the material in the prisoners property. SGT Savage then went and had a long and intense conversation with that prisoner and advised him of a defence of shaken baby syndrome and also that he had put information in his property to read when he got to the jail on remand. I was appalled and could not believe SGT Savage’s behaviour on this evening. Eventually senior staff were notified and Savage was finally removed from the watchhouse and sent to the communications room at Yamanto where he could be babysat and could be kept an eye on by senior staff from the district. Savage was a person that was not to be trusted around prisoners or members of the public and also had his service weapon removed from him in Townsville as a result of his unfit behaviour.

When the world was closing in on him, he then went of sick leave and was paid for a long period of time by the QPS, whilst the QPS decided what to do with him as he was dangerous. Eventually he left the QPS under a medical cloud as medical retirement. He was never confirmed in his position as Sergeant as he was not worthy of this rank.

I observed Savage selling and diagnosing medical conditions for people with all types of illness’s including cancer, female problems, pregnancy problems etc even though he has no qualifications to support this. He is a quack!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked up his website and it appears that he is still in the business of selling stuff to unsuspecting sick people. His website is “superoxy”. He has it listed in the states with a link to the australian website????? Scam??????

I am appalled at the way that he is accusing the QPS of being frauds, cover ups, evidence fabricators, liars, framers etc. The QPS do a very good job working long hard hours for very little reward. For the QPS to be on the recieving end of a psychologically dillusional madman is appalling and the QPS should go after him for defammation and should silence him from speaking utter evil and spreading lies and information that can not be proven or supported.

Mr Savage do everyone a favour and shut up and ping off. Your are crazy and no one wants to listen to your ranting irrational and pathetic self!!!!!!!!! You are a complete and utter disgrace to the QPS and all of the worthy men and women that put their lives on the line every day for the likes of people like you.

We can’t thank Witness enough for coming forward. This is important stuff: as we will see now, Savage relies heavily on his claims as a former QPS sergeant as his major argument from authority. The claims regarding Savage’s provision of unqualified health advice and unqualified healthcare, made by Witness, will also be substantiated as we progress. All screenshots are captured from Savage’s then public, various Facebook postings. His Facebook profile is now set to private.

Savage the police sergeant

Savage boasts of accosting strangers using his former employment as an authority to push his anti-vaccine lies:

Savage 46 ex cop antivax advice in St Vinnies

Savage contacts his local  member of parliament, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss, using his former QPS service to garner authority for his anti-vaccine delusions:

Savage 61 Truss bioweapomns

Update July 19 2015

Savage has published, on a public Facebook thread, on his  profile, the contents of his message to Warren Truss:

Savage 101 letter to Warren Truss contents

Savage uses his former rank and service number to claim that the major side effect from vaccination is “life force reduction”:

Savage 64 former sgt of police vaccines harm

This post claiming that a uniformed Savage is still serving as a police officer was shared many times. Savage commented on this post. I have not seen anywhere where Savage has corrected this claim that he is still a serving police officer:

Savage 77 uniform meme agenda 21 etc

Savage claims that a Family and Community Services case which at the time was current in the Lismore Base Hospital maternity unit – and there are real concerns regarding the mental health of the father – is a case of the hospital stealing babies:

Savage 92 LBH steals babies QPS

Here Savage omits many of the reasons he left the QPS:

Savage 95 QPS

Savage on vaccines

Savage has recently been heralded by the new leaders of the anti-vaccine movement – the organisers of the national anti-vaccine protests – as a man of truth and integrity, for his delusional speech given in Brisbane. People actually stood by whilst Savage claimed vaccines are the real cause of shaken baby syndrome; people applauded him; they clapped when he made conspiratorial claims that vaccines are a “soft kill” mechanism utilised for the purposes of global depopulation. They clapped. They glowed. They cooed. Thankfully, as Brisbane friends reported, a few left in disgust.

This glowing endorsement comes from the now-defunct Brisbane anti-vaccine protest page (notice registered nurse, Alisha Wood, praising Savage. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia can be contacted here – Queensland notifications must be made through the Office of the Health Ombudsman):

Savage 75 Alisha Wood RN Bris thread

This one from 2012 more or less explains itself:

Savage 7 vaccine scare poster age quickly gillian barre

Okay, look, this one’s just funny:

Savage 10 cognitive dissidence

Savage also shares from his friend, the callous Meryl Dorey, of the thoroughly discredited Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. This one is actually quite special:

Savage 22 share Dorey bioweapons nazi

Savage thinks Polio immunisation providers get what’s coming to them when they get murdered:

Savage 32 polio workers killed in self defence

Savage is willing to testify against these individuals so as to have them “removed from this earth”. Clearly this is more incitement of violence against those he thinks deserve it, just like the Polio vaccine providers, above:

Savage 73 testify crominal charges Murdoch Gates etc Bris protest

This post from only two days ago shows the strength of Savage’s delusions. This poor child did not die;  the child was covered in bruising from being assaulted. The only thing Savage got correct in this post was the word “and”. Even that was a stretch:

Savage 84 SBS telegraph

Savage the anti-Semite

Savage is obviously an offensive character. It is clear from his own beliefs, actions and pronouncements that he is an objectionable fellow. He is perfect for the anti-vaccination movement and they hold him close like a faeces-adorned security blanket. And this is what really gets under my craw with anti-vaccinationists: it’s not just that they pose a direct threat to public health and safety; it’s that they don’t care with whom they metaphorically to bed to get their nefarious task done. This despicable man is a hero in anti-vaccine ranks. Chris Savage, the violence-inciting anti-Semite, with a penchant for desiring the death of his enemies by bullet. There are too many images to include; I will include an addendum at the bottom of this post. I apologise for the following; however, if we don’t share this then others will not know the real Savage.

Holocaust denial:

Savage 20 holocaust denial

Savage claims that Jews are evil satan worshippers:

Savage 88 Jews evil satan worshippers

Jew bankers, Karl Marx, Obama, Communism, Antichrist. This has almost everything:

Savage 25 jew bankers etc

It’s the Jews’ fault that the term “racist” exists, because of “Jewish Mind control”:

Savage 31 racist Jewish mind control

Savage and his anti-Semitic mates can’t be sure, but, they’re pretty sure the Jews poison water supplies:

Savage 37 JEWS poison the water

“Jews are behind all major terror events”, according to former QPS police sergeant, Chris Savage. Maybe his Jewish friend Meryl Dorey can confirm this for him?

Savage 90 Jews behing all major terror events

Savage thinks The Onion is real. And he’s got the offensive anti-Semitic language to prove it:

Savage 67 Onion Jews

More anti-Semitic images at the bottom of this post. It is telling that there are so many – and even this collection is not exhaustive of Savage’s posts – that we can’t even fit them all in the main body of this post.

Savage the unqualified, unregistered health provider

You are going to think that this is a joke. It is not. Savage produced, for distribution and sale, his own intravenous decalcification kits for the administration of magnesium. This post was eventually removed from Savage’s profile after health authorities asked him what the hell he thought he was doing. He made them with his brother. He will also train the chumps who buy it:

Savage 34 IV kits decalcification

Savage is, of course, a proponent of the flesh-eating Black Salve in the treatment of cancer. The “hate filled demons of the medical mafia” are, of course, opposed to untrained individuals burning off their flesh out of a spite for evidence-based treatments:

Savage 9 blcak salve works nazis

Of course – verifying his former colleague’s accusations of unqualified health provision – Savage has his own cure for skin cancer:

Savage 40 skin cancer cure

Savage also hands out advice to families of those suffering Stage 4 colon cancer with associated metastases:

Savage 58 stage 4 colon cancer with mets treating

And who can go  past a good old Scrotum Scrub™. Not me, that’s for sure. Thanks to a friend for the brand-name:

Savage 94 Scrotum Scrub

There is nothing Savage won’t rub the wrong way.

Savage the offensive conspiracy theorist

Like many anti-vaccinationists Chris Savage has a broad range of nonsensical, insensitive, offensive beliefs that engender victim-blaming and the accusation of ill-gain by victims of tragedy and victims’ families.

One of the more offensive of the conspiracy theories is the false flag: the accusation that a particular event was staged by the government, with the complicity of victims and their families, so as to cover-up some broader evil agenda.

In 2012 Savage asserted that the massacre inside a Sikh temple by white racists was really the work of the CIA:

Savage 1 false flag shootings

Savage, like many of his colleagues, claimed that the Boston Bombing was an obvious false flag:

Savage 13 Boston false flag obvious

The New World Order conspiracy is to be expected, of course, via Infowars and Alex Jones:

Savage 5 NWO Bilderbergs etc

Chemtrails are a certainty:

Savage 38 chentrails

Offensively Savage claims that the recent infant death from raw milk was not caused by the raw milk. His evidence? Well, he doesn’t have any of that. Who cares about dead infants when there’s an ideology to uphold, right? Just another day of false flags:

Savage 33 raw milk false flag child death

And, where would any upstanding conspiracy theorist be without AIDS lies?

Savage 91 AIDS conspiracy

Savage and his ties to white supremacy

If the anti-vaccinationism, the conspiracy theories, the dangerous health products and advice, and the ugly anti-Semitism wasn’t bad enough; then the following should get a few hairs standing up on the backs of your necks. Especially considering Savage’s declarations in favour of firearms and executions.

At least someone calls him out on this astonishing  comment:

Savage 30 niggers comment

“Filthy Jew Bitch” from the Daily Stormer, a white supremacist publication:

Savage 48 filthy jew bitch post neo nazi

Again from the Daily Stormer: Savage declares that there is “no more important video than this”, arguing that genocide is being planned by Jews against Christians. Deranged:

Savage 49 Jewish plot to murder 6 million xians

The race card. One of the last refuges of a white scoudrel:

Savage 50 race card

From another white supremacist publication, the White Resister, the putrid accusation that the gas chambers of The Holocaust were faked:

Savage 54 jews fake gas chambers

No more needs to be said, here:

Savage 55 friends with nazi

Saying sorry to our Stolen Generation is, in the turbulent mind of Savage, “divisive, racial mind control”:

Savage 56 Sorry

European white supremacy comes in all colours of white:

Savage 65 white supremacist

I got nothing:

Savage 68 white genocide

Before we finish I should add that Chris Savage was a candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in the 1998 Queensland State Election. Perfect, yes?

This is the man with whom the global anti-vaccination movement is enamoured. We can see the type of person the anti-vaccination movement deems acceptable to include in its ranks; to hoist aloft as a beacon of integrity and valour; to lead the charge of the gibbering masses, blaming everything on the Jews and Jew-doctors.

It is your anti-vaccine movement, Meryl Dorey. It is yours, Sherri Tenpenny. It is yours, Barbara Loe Fisher. It is yours, Stephanie Messenger and Susan Lindberg and Kathy Scarborough and Tasha David and Bronwyn Hancock and Viera Scheibner, and all of the new unhinged zealots of the protests; it is yours Corinne Stanaway (Cos Stanway) and Damien Poulsen and Belgin Colak. It is yours Courtney Hebberman and Luke O’Hehir (Luke E Lawless). He is yours! He is yours, Judy Wilyman and Brian Martin of the University of Wollongong. He is yours.

Christopher William Savage is yours, anti-vaccination movement. Hold him. Cherish him. For he is yours.


Update July 13 2015

A clearly mentally tormented Savage declares that the government-sanctioned agenda of global depopulation by way of vaccine “bioweapons” is underway. Even more troubling, he declares that this is a “war”:


Update July 22 2015

On May 6 2015 a little boy named Levi Wibberley passed away. Levi had the genetic degenerative disorder, Krabbe Disease. This following is the Facebook page info from Levi’s page:

Levi is an 18 month old little boy living with Krabbe Disease.
Levi was born healthy and thriving and hitting all milestones at the correct age.. until 6.5 months old.. he stopped feeding and started to go floppy.
Levi under went a large amount of tests and surgeries to find out what was wrong.. at 8 months old and many hospital admissions Levi was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy Disease.
A terminal illness that many who live with it do not see their second birthday.

What is Krabbe?
Krabbe disease is a degenerative disorder that affects the nervous system. It is caused by the shortage (deficiency) of an enzyme called galactosylceramidase. This enzyme deficiency impairs the growth and maintenance of myelin, the protective covering around certain nerve cells that ensures the rapid transmission of nerve impulses.
The symptoms of Krabbe disease usually begin before the age of 1 year (the infantile form). Initial signs and symptoms typically include irritability, muscle weakness, feeding difficulties, episodes of fever without any sign of infection, stiff posture, and slowed mental and physical development. As the disease progresses, muscles continue to weaken, affecting the infant’s ability to move, chew, swallow, and breathe. Affected infants also experience vision loss and seizures.

Today, Levi’s parent’s were forced to respond to callous misinformation being spread about their little boy’s passing:

Im not normally one to ‘entertain’ the misinformed but the fact that Levi’s passing is the talk of multiple anti-vaccinators around the world really upsets me..

Levi’s disease was not caused by vaccination.. It is a genetic illness passed down from Ben and myself.. this disease can be picked up in utero before any vaccinations are administered.

Heartbroken and sick is what I feel seeing my baby used in a uneducated argument..

Levi 1 message regarding VRM Savage posts

“Heartbroken and sick”. On top of the pain of having lost their little boy these parents are made to feel even more “heartbroken and sick” by the actions of delusional, callous, cruel anti-vaccinationists; all done in the name of ideology. Savage, of course, is one of them. Levi’s mum and dad should never need to write this:

Levi’s disease was not caused by vaccination.. It is a genetic illness passed down from Ben and myself

Levi’s mum and dad were forced into defending their little boy’s dignity, and the facts surrounding their own pain, due to the actions of the contemptible, cruel Chris Savage and his foul, deranged ilk. From the VRM Facebook group:

Savage 107 Levi VRM

But, in true dishonest Savage fashion, the above version of the post is not the original; Savage went in and edited the text after being exposed for the dishonest, cruel crackpot he is. Here is the original text, sans his fake feelings for this grieving family. This is the real Savage; he does not have any interest in facts; nor does he have any concern for Levi’s family. Savage is only interested in spreading conspiracy theories which point to vaccines being the cause of all human misery. Savage only conveys concern for others after being shown for the ghoul he is:

This is classic misinformation from the media owned by Stokes who purchased the Rothschild Family Bible for 15 million…and this story is classic vaccine injury misnamed a rare disease

Savage 106 Levi vaccine

The cretin also blamed Levi’s mum for having had the influenza immunisation. From the now-deleted VRM post:

I read the symptoms and know that the mother likely had a flu vaccine and baby’s in Australia are given the Hep B at birth routinely so there is your answer

Savage 108 VRM Levi mum

And what did the offensive, dangerous Chris Savage achieve? This:

Heartbroken and sick is what I feel seeing my baby used in a uneducated argument..

Of course, Savage has form. Lot long ago he posted this execrable anti-vaccine stream of lies to the memorial page of little Riley Hughes, who died because he caught whooping cough:

Riley 110 Chris Savage

Who does that?



Addendum of Savage anti-Semitism

Holocaust denial:

Savage 15 holocaust denial nazi jews

Jews are insane psychopaths who run the world:

Savage 19 JEWS

ISIS is run by Zionists:

Savage 21 ISIS Zionist funded

This one is a grab-bag of racism:

Savage 23 racism against African Americans Jews Muslims

Anne Frank was a fraud because Jews:

Savage 28 holocaust Anne Frank fraud

Multiculturalism is caused by Jews who are to blame for this assault, according to Savage:

Savage 89 Jews bring multiculturalism assault

Jews killed JFK, of course:

Savage 41 Jews killed Kennedy

Savage claims psycho Jews are in charge who are really practising Jewish mind control, when they are done murdering Jesus:

Savage 42 Jews Russia Putin

Again with Holocaust denial:

Savage 52 Holocaust faked

Savage is upset with one of those uppity Jews who object to his Jew-talk:

Savage 53 blocked by Jew

Mamamia, GSK, and Newscorp are run by Jews for the purposes of bioweapons, or something:

Savage 62 Murdock Jew bioweapons

I’ll let Savage finish off with his own hateful words:

Savage 63 Jews Holocaust

Thanks for reading.

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Are Australian chiropractors still sneaking into hospitals without permission?

In September 2013 I wrote about Australian chiropractors, including board members of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA), bragging about sneaking into hospital wards – including, astonishingly, neonatal intensive care units – without the permission of the hospital or any treating physicians, nursing, or allied health staff. Mind-blowingly, one of those who was bragging about her many “sneaky” visits into maternity wards is now the president of the National CAA. You read that correctly – the president:

Alevaki 1 sneaks into maternity wards to check babies

The previous CAA president, Laurie Tassell, in November 2013, was thunderous in his contempt for such actions, once the actions became public:

The damage to the profession from the unprofessional use of social media…bragging about entering hospitals without permission and posting photos with well known speakers openly critical of vaccination are not acceptable.

Since that time the Code of Conduct for Chiropractors has been made very clear in regards to chiropractors entering and working in health facilities. There are six easy steps to be followed:

6.5 Provision of care in a healthcare facility

Good practice involves:

a. seeking permission to access and provide care

b. adhering to and following the policies and procedures of the facility

c. communicating effectively with other practitioners involved in the management of the patient

d. keeping the facility informed of any care

e. ensuring professional indemnity insurance (PII) coverage to cover care in that facility, and

f. keeping adequate records.

CBA 3 CoC 6.5 hospital requirements

Which brings us to today’s subject. Josh Farmer is a US-trained chiropractor at TLC Bundaberg Chiropractic. On July 5 2015 – two days ago – Farmer posted that he had been in a hospital to check the spine and nervous system of a baby. Farmer has since deleted this post, given the attention it received on Twitter:

TLC 12 July 5 2015 redacted

Given that the linen and towel, as well as the crib, appeared to be those of a public hospital I contacted Queensland Health on Twitter to investigate. To their credit Queensland Health were very swift in investigating and replying that the actions by Farmer were not facilitated by Queensland Health; nor were Farmer’s actions done “with” Bundaberg Hospital:

Qld Health 1 Today Queensland Health clarified further, stating that Farmer’s actions were not “arranged with Bundaberg Hospital”:

Qld Health 2

To clarify further I rang the Mater Hospital in Bundaberg – a private hospital – who confirmed for me that they do not offer birthing or maternity facilities; nor do any other private Bundaberg health facilities.

Given the responses by Queensland Health; the crib,  linen and towel in the image; and Farmer’s swift deletion of the image from the TLC Chiropractic Facebook page, I think we can gauge what has happened here. But – as those of you who are long past expecting surprises in these posts would expect – this is not the first time Farmer has posted these images.

From June 16 2015 (also deleted):

TLC 13 June 16 2015 redacted

From October 7 2014:

TLC 14 October 7 2014 redacted

And from July 31 2014:

TLC 15 July 31 2014 redacted

All of the above posts, taken from inside a hospital maternity unit, are signed off by “Dr Josh”. The above examples show at least four occasions in the space of twelve months – and these are only the ones for which there is photographic evidence – where this chiropractor has entered and conducted his business inside a healthcare facility. And not only that, he has used the images and names of infants in his online marketing, which is precisely what Facebook is deemed to be under the National Law. Add to all of the preceding that there is no reputable evidence for a chiropractor to touch any day-old infant.

So, again, how many of these Code of Conduct requirements has this chiropractor ticked off?

CBA 3 CoC 6.5 hospital requirements

I’m not expecting the Chiropractic Board of Australia to do anything about this. I’m long past expecting them to carry out any meaningful action, anywhere, about anything. But, if you want to lodge a notification you can click here to complain to the Queensland Office of the Health Ombudsman (they handle AHPRA complaints in Queensland).

Thanks for reading.

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Beware the violent antis – Lismore Mayor physically assaulted

The alternative health movement is  often perceived in the broader community as one which embraces love, light and unicorn tights. But, as anyone who has questioned an alt-med person, or requested evidence for their claims knows, it only takes a feather-scrape to reveal the fangs which lurk. Then the gloves are off. Critics become fair game, in the truest Scientological sense. It is no coincidence that many alt-med identities are Scilon-friendly; like Meryl Dorey and her rabid anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. The AVsN online store is packed with Scientology DVDs.

Today I’m discussing incitement: debasement with the intent of legitimising an attack on the target. There is a long history of this intellectually dishonest practise, of course.  I’ll contain myself to the last few years.

Six years ago Ken McLeod  lodged a complaint with the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission at the same time that Stop the Australian Vaccination Network was forming. In her response to the HCCC Meryl Dorey brazenly lied about  Mr McLeod, claiming that his emails were abusive, inferring that she had to hire security because of the threat he posed. Mr McLeod’s publication of the full Dorey correspondence proved she is a liar. But, this was an initiation for those of us unused to such bastardry. The smears had begun. This is how targets are made.

In 2012 Dorey published private email addresses of individuals who had emailed the AVN with legitimate questions regarding the organisation, which is their right to do under legislation. This resulted in threatening emails being sent to two of those named. Police had to intervene as the person sending threats was very well known to them. At Dorey’s incitement members of parliament also received threatening correspondence for which police were again involved.

In 2011 Dorey published a link on her AVN Facebook page. It was to an article by Mark Sircus called String the Bastards Up. It detailed how doctors, medical researchers and government health officials should be executed, and lined up against a wall.

In 2011 Dorey published that unforgettable claim that childhood immunisation is the same as rape, and that doctors and a presiding judge are the same as rapists. In 2012 she equated doctors and drug companies to paedophiles. The AVN repeated the rape claims twice in 2015! South Australian anti-vaccine chiropractor Paul Lawrence took his lead from Dorey and said the same, in 2013. What better way to debase the enemy than call them rapists?

I have also been the target of  many death threats and other threats of violence including the threat from Mr Frank Vazquez of Adelaide that he is “gonna kill [my] whole family”. This, too, was incited by the actions of Meryl Dorey and her AVN. I’ve had numerous trolls follow me around the internet; but, one stepped  over the edge. Johanna Holland/Nicole Johnson is a supporter of Meryl Dorey and the AVN; Holland/Johnson is protected by them. She created approximately 17 fake profiles impersonating me, even going as far as to use my daughter’s name in profile pictures, as well as NSW South Coast place names in the fake profiles in an attempt to intimidate me.

In the US infectious diseases specialist Dr Paul Offit had armed security follow him around CDC offices due to death threats. Amy Wallace writing of Dr Offit in Wired includes this alarming passage:

Then there are the threats. Offit once got an email from a Seattle man that read, “I will hang you by your neck until you are dead!” Other bracing messages include “You have blood on your hands” and “Your day of reckoning will come.” A few years ago, a man on the phone ominously told Offit he knew where the doctor’s two children went to school. At a meeting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an anti-vaccine protester emerged from a crowd of people holding signs that featured Offit’s face emblazoned with the word terrorist and grabbed the unsuspecting, 6-foot-tall physician by the jacket.

The thing is, we know who incites this stuff. It is people like the mild-mannered grand dame of US anti-vaccinationism, Barbara Loe Fisher. I’ve written three posts highlighting the separate attacks – including death threats – on Dr Offit which were incited by the dog-whistling of Fisher. Fisher is not Robinson Crusoe, here: Sherri Tenpenny also incites her acolytes into a violent fervour. And, when all the dog-whistling is done and dusted, the road is paved for images like this to be created with impunity. I’ve spun the image for ease of reading:

Thug 4 Paul Offit books

Law Professor Dorit Reiss is also targeted by the anti-vaccination lobby, both for her vaccine advocacy based on her expertise in law, and because of who she is. Being a Facebook friend of Professor Reiss I can say it is with alarm the comments I see posted which have been made towards her as a Jewish woman. I feel let down by my species. We all know what can eventuate from the dehumanisation of a people. Skeptical Raptor has written recently on the anti-Semitism of the anti-vaccination cult, with which the majority of the cult appear to be comfortable.

Another current target in the US is Dr Richard Pan, a state senator in California, who is a co-sponsor of the SB-277 bill to remove all non-medical vaccination exemptions, such as those we are lucky enough to have coming to us in Australia, in 2016. Dr Pan has subsequently been vilified on an unimaginable scale, including death threats. The Sacramento Bee notes, on April 14 2015:

The messages range from images depicting Pan as a Nazi to posts on his Facebook page calling for him to be “eradicated” or hung by a noose.

The image to which The SacBee refers is this one, luckily kept by Harpocrates Speaks:

Thug 5 Pan Hitler

The same Facebook page, Thug Health, is responsible for another Nazi image of Dr Pan:

Thug 3 Pan Nazis

On May 19 2015 we see an even more worrying trend. Lobbyists are being singled out and their locations shared around! From The SacBee, again:

Lobbyists championing the bill on behalf of the California Medical Association and the California Academy of Family Physicians have attracted the attention of bill opponents, who have begun sharing information on the lobbyists and disseminating photos of their locations on social media.

On May 20 2015 The SacBee featured an excellent opinion piece by Shawn Hubler, which shows how an anti-vaccination activist created a YouTube video singling out a lobbyist, Jodi Hicks, including private photos of Hicks’ wedding:

Then up flashed a clandestine photo of Hicks in a Capitol hallway. Then one from her wedding, the bridal party of fellow politicos all glued to their cellphones. (“I love this,” the narrator, a complete stranger, snickered.)

And now here was a campaign ad in which Hicks’ youngest child high-fived Pan, an old friend and Hicks’ pediatrician. And now came her professional bio.

“Jodi Hicks, that’s her right there,” the narrator trilled. Hicks rechecked her Twitter, which was blowing up now.

And then there was this:

“Hey, Jodi!” someone yelled as she crossed the street. When she turned, a bevy of red-shirted “No on SB 277” women snapped her picture. Moments later, it was up on Twitter.

“#wheresJodi,” the caption sneered. “#DevilWithTheBlueDress.”

“There’s a special place in hell for you, just waiting,” warned the mean tweets.


Terrifying stuff, indeed. Especially when you take into account comments like this, about Dr Pan:

Pan 1 attack Hitler killed etc

Journalists are also fair game for anti-vaccinationists. We are all well aware how anti-vaccinationists like Meryl Dorey attack journalists on a regular basis. Journalists expect it from Dorey and her ilk. But, in the US again, another tactic of real concern was exposed by Renee DiResta, who co-wrote the wonderful Time article regarding the attempted manipulation of the SB-277 bill via the use of Twitter hashtags by a concentrated number of users. On June 13 2015 this happened:

Renee DiResta tweet antivax infant

Ms DiResta Tweeted the same day, which gives us a greater insight into the activists:

Renee DiResta tweet hearings removed fuck you

And let’s not forget back in 2009 when Age of Autism’s editor Kim Stagliano published a grotesque attack on Dr Paul Offit, Amy Wallace (journalist), Dr Steve Novella, Trine Tsouderos (journalist) and Alison Singer: they were photoshopped into a Thanksgiving dinner; the main course in the middle of the table was a baby.

We are clearly not dealing with rational people.

Last Saturday, June 20 2015, Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell was assaulted in broad daylight in the Lismore CBD. Mayor Dowell was allegedly assaulted by an anti-fluoride activist.

As reported in the Northern Star, by Hamish Broome:

LISMORE mayor Jenny Dowell has reported on Facebook that she was assaulted in Lismore CBD this afternoon by a woman angry about the fluoridation of Lismore’s water supply.

The mayor posted that the woman “slammed” the mayor’s car door against her head as she got in to end what was becoming an aggressive verbal confrontation…

“a woman (Ann?) wanted to speak to me for 5 mins about fluoride. I sat with her but for the first minute she just accused me of not listening (I was silent),” Cr Dowell posted on Facebook.

“I stood up and said I was going- she then followed me and harangued me up the street to my car then slammed the door against my head as I got into it. She shouted that I am a ‘f…ing bitch’, gave me the finger and left- I now have a sore ear and cheek- and I’m shaken…

And most strikingly, Mayor Dowell recounts an alarmingly similar tale:

While the mayor stressed the alleged assault was an “isolated incident”, she did recount numerous verbal attacks from people who were anti-fluoride over the last two years.   “I’ve been called Genocide Jenny, I’ve been called Hitler… that’s happened on more than a dozen occasions by different people,” Cr Dowell said.   She added that when people got into public office some people “no longer saw them as a person” or worthy of normal decent behaviour.

“You’re fair game.”

The alleged attacker was apprehended:

The woman who allegedly assaulted Lismore mayor Jenny Dowell has been arrested and charged after the mayor reported the matter immediately to Lismore police.

Indeed, Mayor Dowell has been the victim of the aforementioned debasement, with the intent of legitimising an attack. She was indeed seen as fair game, as noted above. And all of us need to be aware of the tactics used by anti-vaccinationists and anti-fluoridationists – as they are more or less the same tactics – and acknowledge that, although it is isn’t likely that one will be the target of a physical assault, it is entirely possible; unfortunately, we have now seen that this is so.

But, this has been telegraphed for years. It was coming. It was only a matter of when.

How does the anti-fluoride lobby incite violence against those whom it perceives to be enemies? In the same way that anti-vaccine ideologues do. Here is Facebook page, Forced-fluoridation Freedom Fighters, opining on the very incident against Mayor Dowell, who is pictured in the thumbnail:

people have the right to defend themselves and others against forced-fluoridation in whatever way they see fit

FFFF 1 Jenny Dowell lucky activists right to self defense

Astonishingly, and with ghastly misogynistic ferocity, the FfFF page admin justifies its attack on Mayor Dowell, by attacking Irish scientist, Jen Keane:

FFFF 2 Jen Keane

As we have seen above with anti-vaccinationists, anti-fluoride activists equate water fluoridation to rape, the corollary being that those who order water fluoridation are rapists. It is easier to incite violence against someone whom you deem to carry out inhumane acts:

victims also have the right of self-defence

FFFF 3 rape

But there is a longer history at play, in Australia. In the last few years an anonymous, anti-fluoride coward has been learning how to use photoshop. He first came to our attention via the former South Australian MLC, and all-round conspiracy theorist, Ann Bressington, who posted this bullet-ridden wanted poster – featuring the then Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek – not once, but, four times; even after being called out in the national media. Bressington was called out by Bernard Keane, in Crikey. She was also called out by Tory Shepherd, in the Adelaide Advertiser.

Bress 105 Feb 25 poster Plibersek

The bullet-ridden wanted poster is the work of the anonymous coward behind the Facebook page No Fluoride Australia (he also runs No Vaccines Australia). The NFA page has 7000 fans. That is quite a reach to be condoning and inciting violence. And it is implicit in this person’s images that he condones violence against those he perceives to be a threat. There are bullet holes; accusations of mass poisoning; and accusations of crimes against humanity.

Now we see the violent rhetoric to which Mayor Dowell alludes. And we see the violent rhetoric to which our US examples allude. And, like in the US vaccine debate, where journalists became fair game, the same is carried out by the anti-fluoride lobby. NFA Guy decided that Tory Shepherd was a target. He removed the bullet holes for this image; this is probably for the best, as you can see the violent Frank Vazquez likes the image:

NFA 2 Tory pis

Another attack on Tory Shepherd:

NFA 3 Tory pic

Most concerning, however are the attacks on NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant. Jane Hansen has written two articles on Dr Chant’s harassment by anti-fluoride activists in the Northern Rivers region.

On September 12 2013, Jane Hansen wrote:

THE Chief Medical Officer for NSW Dr Kerry Chant was accosted and threatened in Lismore on Tuesday evening after she gave a submission to Lismore city council on the benefits of fluoride.

In the car park, after the council voted to reverse a ban on fluoride, Dr Chant was told by an anti-fluoride protester: “We know your face, I have friends in Syria, do you know of Sarin gas.”…

Lismore paediatrician Dr Chris Ingall witnessed the abuse by the woman.

“I heard what the woman said, she said we have friends in Syria and do you know of saran gas, Dr Chant was trying to be nice to her. Kerry handled it professionally, calmly and expertly and we walked away and that’s when she started screaming abuse at us,” Dr Ingall said, calling on more security.

“I’d like to see heightened security at meetings where fluoride is discussed and our elected representatives could be more active in supporting our townsfolk who want fluoride because we are under fire,” Dr Ingall said.

Mayor Jenny Dowell said she was very embarrassed and had written an apology letter to Dr Chant on behalf of the community.

On September 21 2013, Jane Hansen wrote:

“Expect to be threatened! The community is angry, it wouldn’t surprise me if these criminals pretending to be authorties (sic) on health start going missing, eventually members of the public will snap and take matters into their own hands, its only a matter of time. People go missing over far more trivial issues,” was posted on the Facebook page by No Fluoride Australia on September 12…

“I am horrified that any member of the public would deem this threatening behaviour acceptable particularly when it involves a well-respected clinician like Dr Kerry Chant,” [NSW Health Minister] Ms Skinner said…

Opposition health spokesman Andrew McDonald said Dr Chant is getting a taste of what local councillors have endured for years when they support fluoridation of water.

Absolutely mind-boggling stuff. But far from uncommon. Part of the “threatening behaviour” to which Minister Skinner alludes is the wanted poster featuring Dr Chant, created by NFA Guy [I will include a collection of these images at the bottom of this post. There are too many to include here]:

NFA 9 Kerry Chant wanted poster

So, we can see a common thread across continents, and across topics, of the incitement of violence by denialist, anti-vaccination and anti-fluoridation movements. Anyone whom they perceive to be a threat is fair game. It doesn’t matter if you are a federal, state or  local government politician; a journalist; a researcher; a medical professional; an advocate; or a layperson: if they choose you, they will go after you. And, as we have seen with the NSW Northern Rivers examples, the seething, irrational, cock-eyed stare of an angry zealot at a council meeting can and does ferment into real physical violence, against someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Be careful.

As noted above, the woman who allegedly assaulted Jenny Dowell was arrested and charged. I’m sure we’ll be updated.



Thug life

Thug 1 rifle

Thug 2 handgun

Thus 3 provax kill themselves

No Fluoride Australia

Michael Foley:

NFA 4 Dr Michael Folay crimes against humanity

Regarding Dr Chant: “If you play with poison you should expect to get poisoned”:

NFA 8 expect to get poisoned

Tanya Plibersek:

NFA 10 Plibersek wanted

Tanya Plibersek wanted poster t-shirt. Yes, he made a t-shirt:

NFA 13 Plibersek wanted shirt

Tanya Plibersek behind bars:

NFA 16 Plibersek behind bars

Bob Carr:

NFA 14 Bob Carr

Mark Arbib:

NFA 15 Mark Arbib

Anthony Albanese:

NFA 17 Anthony Albanese

David Tollner:

NFA 18 David Tollner

Anna Bligh:

NFA 19 Anna Bligh

Jillian Skinner:

NFA 20 Jillian Skinner

David Davis:

NFA 21 David Davis

NFA Guy likes a comment about Julia Gillard needing “cross hairs on her head”:

NFA 22 crosshairs on JGs head

NFA Guy links to a blog post by Meryl Dorey of the AVN, to which the violent Frank Vazquez states, “I see Dead politicians walking”, in reference to the Greens:

NFA 25 Vazquez dead politicians walking

Campbell Newman:

NFA 34 Newman

Tony Abbott. This photoshop was done by Mr Luke O’Hehir (AKA Luke E Lawless), the proprietor of a home-based IT business called Elegant Logic. Mr O’Hehir is currently undertaking a campaign of harassment against me, having continually sent me unsolicited private messages on Facebook:

NFA 44 Abbott Nazi

Protesters attempting to stop children having good teeth. Well played, protesters. Well played:

NFA 42 Lismore protest


Update July 8 2015

The LA Times has reported that death threats against public figures have been spray painted across various locations in the city:

The California Highway Patrol sent a bulletin to security officials in the Senate and Assembly about the felony vandalism arrest of Marlon Andrino, 28, of Ontario. He was arrested July 2 in Beverly Hills and released on $80,000 bail, according to a report by the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Andrino allegedly used spray paint to write “4 Every Kid Afflicted A Public Figure Will Die, SB 277,” at West Hollywood City Hall, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and 10 Freeway walls in East Los Angeles and Baldwin Park, according to a memo forwarded by Assembly administrator Debra Gravert.

SB277 1 LA Times death threats

Update July 9 2015

The Sacramento Bee reports that the California Highway Patrol has issued alerts to senate and assembly security regarding the death threats:

Authorities have warned California legislative offices to be on the lookout for a Southern California man arrested last week and suspected of spraying graffiti that threatened lawmakers for the approval of Senate Bill 277, which outlaws religious and personal belief exemptions for school-required vaccines.

The California Highway Patrol issued a bulletin to sergeants-at-arms’ offices in the Assembly and Senate about Marlon Brian Andrino, who was arrested July 2 in Beverly Hills on a charge of felony vandalism. Police say Andrino spray-painted “4 Every Kid Afflicted A Public Figure Will Die, SB 277” at four locations: the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, West Hollywood City Hall, on an Interstate 10 sound wall in east Los Angeles and a freeway on-ramp in the Baldwin Park area.

SB277 2 death threat graffiti

Image courtesy Instagram via SacBee

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No Jab No Pay No Way protests – anti-vaccine to their very core

On June 21 2015 the capital cities of Australia will be treated to a series of protests by groups unhappy with the Federal government’s new childcare immunisation requirements. There are protests in Adelaide, Launceston, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. The first three I won’t address as they’re either a  non-event, or the pages are being overrun by conspiracy theorists (Melbourne). I’ll quickly address the Perth event, which is only billed as a speakers’ event; but, I’ll focus on Sydney and Brisbane, the organisers of which are the driving forces of these larger marches.

The catch-cries of the protests are the usual anti-vaccine mating calls of “pro-choice, health freedom, freedom of choice, human rights, anti-discrimination, informed choice…”. You get the idea. It is timely that, at this very moment, there are many posts circulating the internet pertaining to this very subject: the ruse of anti-vaccinationism made over as health freedom and informed choice.

Time magazine has tracked anti-vaccine Tweets which are attempting to sway the US immunisation legislative process using this particular, deceitful attempt at cloaking. The Unwholesome has recently blogged the same, using the wonderfully apt metaphor of polishing a turd. And this is precisely what they are doing. Two years ago  I wrote about Meryl Dorey’s persistent use of a form of the bait-and-switch: she would paint herself and her vile anti-vaccine organisation as health freedom fighters who are battling for the freedom of informed choice for her acolytes.

Three things always stick out immediately whenever I sit down to look at any particular “pro-choice” group or page:

1. there are no posts in support of immunisation.

2. there is an overabundance of posts inferring that vaccines are unsafe, ineffective, poisonous, or malignant-agenda-driven.

3. there is no freedom of informed choice on offer, and any dissenting opinion is banned.

With all of the preceding in mind, this is the banner logo used by the protest pages in various forms:

Protest 17 freedom of choice

Taken from the Brisbane page, we have all seen this deceitful graphic used by anti-vaccinationists. They know that being anti-vaccine is viewed as selfish and unpalatable by the rest of the community. That’s why they need to lie about their own beliefs; at least in public:

Stanway 25 not anti vaccine meme Vicary

Interestingly the Perth protest is being organised by the pride of the University of Wollongong, anti-vaccine PhD student Judy Wilyman, who also likes to vilify grieving families:

Wilyman 99 Perth protest

The Perth rally will also feature registered nurse and midwife, home-birth advocate Serafine Nichols (Hinemoa Fine), who is very active in the group. Again, a registered nurse is going to speak at an anti-vaccine event:

Nichols 5 Perth RN protest

The first Sydney organiser is a conspiracy theorist by the name of Damien Poulsen. Poulsen uses the “freedom of choice” gambit to address the crowd:

Poulson 1 points about protest

However, in more cosy surroundings Poulsen is more open to speaking his mind. From a different, closed Facebook group:

Poulson 4 antivax not provax

Just in case you were undecided on Poulsen’s stance on vaccines, here he is on the Sydney protest page agreeing with the violent Frank Vazquez, of Adelaide; the same Vazquez who made bomb and arson threats against venues who were considering canceling the recent Tenpenny tour bookings; the same Vazquez who sends out death threats to those with whom he disagrees. This is the organiser of the Sydney protest in fierce agreement with Frank Vazquez, vehemently declaring he is against “pro-choice” – that is, against anyone accessing vaccines – in public. What a colossal foot-bullet:

Poulson 6 Vazquez

Even more incredibly, on May 24 2015, Poulsen appeared on the Sally Elkordy podcast so as to promote the protests. I would highly recommend putting aside one hour to have a listen to this work of genius. Maybe grab a beer, or a wine. Invite some friends over. Hand around some Cubans. Diluted Thinking notes:

In this interview Poulsen went on to explain that this policy is all part of a bigger, worldwide agenda run by pharmaceutical companies, Murdoch media, the Bilderberg Group, the Rockefellers, and that this agenda has no borders and is a worldwide exercise to diminish our population. And yes, fluoride and chemtrails also got a mention.

For me I just can’t get past the enduring image of a symphony led by two cartoon weasels hitting each other on the head with squeaky hammers; the third movement rising to a majestic crescendo of gibbering, salivating, conspiratorial splendour.

I want to make a quick, yet, related diversion. It should be noted that Poulsen was able to conduct the interview with Elkordy due to the efforts of Karen Johnston. Johnston has been an anti-vaccine campaigner in Australia for decades, more widely now known as the main Facebook admin for the worst page on Facebook, VINE. Here Johnston posts the Poulsen/Elkordy interview to the Sydney protest group, and the post  is liked by Poulsen:

Poulson 5 Elkordy interview posted by KJ liked by Poulson

Soon after that Karen Johnston was shut out of the protests by the organisers of the Sydney and Brisbane events, who are no-names – let’s be honest; I had never heard of them – Johnston’s name being smeared on many pages, including the protest pages. However, Johnston did have her defenders:

Poulson 2 report KJ to FB

The other Sydney organiser Belgin Sila Colak also shut out Johnston, to the same protests:

Belgin 12 KJ

The Brisbane organiser Cos Stanway (real name Corinne Stanaway, of Sunshine Coast Queensland) sent out the same message, excluding Karen Johnston from a movement with which she has been over-actively involved for two decades:

Stanway 32 KJ

Now, I do not like what Karen Johnston does. I detest that her activities could have an effect on public health. But, I will begrudgingly acknowledge that she has been at this for many years. And I will also acknowledge that she is at least open and honest and upfront about her barking mad, conspiratorial anti-vaccinationism. That’s more than can be said for the individuals who are running the protests. I always ponder to myself: “who will do the most damage to children? The overt public health menace, or the covert liars playing a a ruse of legitimacy?”

But, back to Belgin Sila Colak, the other Sydney protest organiser. Colak created this image claiming that “science has proven that vaccines are ineffective”. Pretty sure we’ll need a citation for that one:

Belgin 2 protest science proven vaccines ineffective

This one is just awesome. I mean, two lies and Godwin, and she didn’t even blink. Well, I didn’t see her if she did:

Belgin 6 Hitler

The community needs to know what these people are fighting for. These people are protesting for the right to infect their children with vaccine preventable diseases. In Spain, a child recently contracted Diphtheria. The child is on life support. In Canada, a child was infected with Tetanus. I refuse to respect anti-vaccination activists, who pose as pro-choice campaigners, who demand the right to have their child die for the parents’ cause:

Belgin 10 right to natural immunity

Vaccine fascism. Bingo. She’s pro-choice, remember?

Belgin 11 vaccine fascism

I love this one. The protest organisers have made an online letter available for all participants. The idea is to fill out the letter, send it to your local member of parliament, making sure you are outside their office door when they open their emails in the morning, whereby you shall be treated to howls of laughter and banging on desks as the staff take turns yelling out, in upper-class British accents, “IT IS MY WILL”:

Protest 13 MY WILL letters

Cos Stanway is the organiser of the Brisbane protest. Like the others she also uses the terminology of the pro-choice ruse:

Stanway 14 protest not about whether to vax or not

Did you hear that? The protests are not about whether one should vaccinate their children or not. And just to show you that this is the case have this syringe-snake:

Stanway 3 snake fangs

If the syringe-snake didn’t convince you that this is all about “choice”, then, maybe Gandhi will, with his talk of “barbarous” vaccines which are a “fatal…delusion”:

Stanway 6 Gandhi vax barbarous

If the pacifist side of politics won’t convince you, then, how about the extreme right?

Stanway 8 Mengele

Mengele not loud enough? You asked for it:

Stanway 24 swastika nuremberg code

I listened to this one the other day. Sally Elkordy interviewed deranged ex-Queensland police officer Chris Savage, who hands out medical advice in between his Facebook tirades about THOSE JEWS. I never knew anyone – other than Alex Jones – could vocalise supercapslock, but, Savage proved me wrong towards the end of his interview, screaming into the mike like a champ. That anyone would share this thing in public is a testament to their absence of a shame gland:

Stanway 28 Elkordy Savage

Here is anti-vaccine activist Tetyana Obukhanych claiming that vaccines are neither safe nor effective. This is more “pro-choice”:

Stanway 30 Tetyana vaccines not safe effective

This is one of my favourites, created by the Queensland network of rabid anti-vaccinationists which includes Stephanie Messenger and Susan Lindberg (who is a commenter declaring that she will be vary active on the day, on the Brisbane protest page); this is Pincushion Baby:

Stanway 31 pincushion baby

I’ve saved the best until last. Every time I see this I think of Armageddon, the family-friendly radio broadcast about the care of small, furry mammals. This image should be treated with all the same gravity as the Armageddon skit:

Stanway 29 Pharmageddon

That any of these people dare to claim that they are campaigning in the name of informed choice is an insult to all of our dictionaries. It is clear that no protest pages contain any information which is positive about or supportive of immunisation; in fact all we find is the sort of anti-vaccine, conspiracy excreta included all the way up the page. These people are conspiracy theorists and, in the case of Stanway at least, well-rehearsed multi-conspiracy protesters. I could find no mention of immunisation on Stanway’s wall before the time that the federal government childcare announcements were made: suddenly she and her anti-vaccine friends are plotting against – and removing – Karen Johnston, a woman who has been involved in the movement for decades. We know Stanway is a habitual protester of dubious causes, as her friend tells us so; whilst at the same time attacking Karen Johnston on the Brisbane protest page:

Stanway 27 habitual protester chemtrails fluoride monsanto

To finish off, this is a selection from Stanway’s profile which further exemplifies the beliefs of those organising these anti-vaccine rallies. David Icke, Illuminati Jews, 9/11 Truther, Chemtrails:

Stanway 33 consliracy collage

Thanks for reading.

Update June 12 2015

The three anti-vaccine organisers of the Brisbane and Sydney protests publicly vilify Karen Johnston again, on the Sydney protest page:

Stanway 34 KJ Poulsen Colak

Stanway 35 KJ Poulsen Colak cont

Update June 13 2015

Lissa Weckert is confirmed by the organisers as a speaker at the Brisbane protest. As already noted above Weckert is a serial protester, having protested against Monsanto, fluoride and chemtrails alongside Stanway. Here are two screenshots from her profile which explain more than I could. A variant of Pincushion Baby:

Weckert 2 pin cushion baby

And some nice anti-Semitism:

Weckert 1 racial hoax of the Jews

Update June 14 2015

Patricia Dow was the person to whom I was referring when I noted above that the Melbourne protest page is full of conspiracy theories. Dow posted this on the Brisbane protest page. Do click on this link to read the glorious prose in its entirety:

Protest 18 Dow open letter to Abbott

Of course the Brisbane organiser Stanway loves it:

Protest 23 Dow open letter Stanway great

Update June 15 2015

Sydney protest organiser Colak protests against Sydney protest organiser Poulsen’s inclusion in the Sydney protest. Colak – 1; Poulsen – 0:

Belgin 18 Poulsen no longer in protest

The lack of organisational and intellectual coherence and stability has caused attendees to withdraw:

Belgin 30 disillusioned punters

Sydney anti-vaccine protest organiser Poulsen is banned from the Sydney protest page:

Poulson 7 banned from protest group

Organiser Colak has stated she will be taking her four day old baby to the protest on Sunday, the baby being born on June 16. Just so we’re clear: Belgin Colak will be bringing her four day old baby to an event of around two-three hours duration, in which the brand new baby will be surrounded by adults and children who have either not been vaccinated, or whose immunity would have waned, in the case of whooping cough. At the moment there are whooping cough and measles outbreaks around the nation and Colak will be risking her four day old infant in this climate for the sake of her ideology:

Belgin 29 bringing 4 day old baby to protest

Update June 16 2015

Brisbane protest organiser Stanway has commented on this post; but, as I have a “no lies” commenting policy she didn’t make it through. Here is her comment. She claims she is not anti-vaccine:

Stanway 37 RH blog comment IP email redacted

Here is the “I am NOT anti-vax!” Stanway on her Facebook profile on April 13 2015. This is one of many anti-vaccine posts on her profile. Like I said, liars are not permitted to comment here:

Stanway 40 Pincushion Baby profile

Update June 17 2015

Monique Grobben declares she will be at the Brisbane protest. Grobben first featured in this blog after laughing about private messaging the mother of a deceased baby under the pretense of concern, only to then start sending anti-vaccine misinformation, then, declaring the mother “ignorant”:

Grobben 3 kids at protest

The Sydney anti-vaccine protest page is still welcoming the comments of Frankie Vazquez, whom we know from his flurry of death, bomb and arson threats against those whom he perceives to be a threat:

Vazquez 92 Wallace shithole mother's cunthole

Update June 18 2015

Frank  Vazquez is still active on the Sydney anti-vaccine protest page:

Vazquez 93 vaccine injured kids Sydney protest

South Australian anti-vaccine ideologue Kathy Scarborough is confirmed as a speaker at the Adelaide anti-vaccine protest:

Protest 29 Adelaide Scarborough speaking

Melbourne anti-vaccine protest organiser Libby Hobley (AKA Elizabeth Jane) posts a link to her appearance on Leon Pittard’s conspiracy internet radio program, Fair Dinkum RadioLeon gets everything wrong in the introduction, which is to be expected: life is difficult. Hobley claims discrimination of her minority group (based on hers and her fellows’ anti-vaccine beliefs), as well as discrimination against religious groups who do not vaccinate (although there are none in Australia). Hobley and Pittard go on to lie about the safety of the HPV vaccine, amongst many other misrepresentations and displays of brazen wilful ignorance. Hobley also confirms that veteran anti-vaccine activist, Wendy Lydall, will be speaking at the Melbourne protest. All of the above confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that these protests are anti-vaccine to the core:

Protest 30 Melbourne Libby Hobley Elizabeth Jane Fair Dinkum Radio

Anti-vaccine flyers have been reported at the University of Wollongong, which is notably the university to whom the Western Australia-based Judy Wilyman is affiliated, conducting her PhD there under the tutelage of Professor Brian Martin; Martin himself recently publishing a how-to-avoid-health-regulators-for-dummies publication in assistance of the anti-vaccination movement. It is reported that four flyers have been removed from university property, including this one which was appropriately pasted on the refuse/recycling receptacle:

Protest 31 UoW flyers

Update June 19 2015

The University of Wollongong’s links to the anti-vaccine protests were featured in today’s midday news bulletin, on ABC Illawarra [audio]. The report mistakenly claims that the AVsN is behind the protests, but, this slight error is more than forgivable due to the AVsN’s former profile as being a relevant organisation. Obviously, the AVsN is no longer relevant. Transcript as follows:

Nick McLaren: The role of the University of Wollongong in supporting anti-vaccination campaigns is continuing to attract criticism. A group called Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network appears to be behind a series of meetings around the country advertised under the banner “Freedom of Choice”. The meetings are protesting the Government’s No Jab, No Play policy, where parents who refuse to vaccinate their children could miss out on Government benefits. A meeting in Sydney is being advertised at the University of Wollongong campus and UoW PhD candidate Judy Wilyman is speaking at a Perth event.

Spinal surgeon and vaccination advocate Dr John Cunningham says the group is not presenting the pro-vaccination side of the argument.

John Cunningham: “People like Judy Wilyman, a PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong, is presenting only anti-vaccination rhetoric, fear, and misinformation in her presentations surrounding this protest which is going ahead.”

Nick McLaren: The ABC has sought to contact Judy Wilyman for comment.

Sydney anti-vaccine protest organiser Belgin Colak links to this blog, on the protest page. She is losing followers, as per the reasons above. Colak responds to me in the comments, which she must do because she banned me (and many, many others), from the protest page. Her explanations of anti-vaccine terminology and the infighting are just puerile, and silly. This is what happens when you let the children take charge of the adult jobs:

Belgin 31 RH thread

Belgin 32 RH thread

Belgin 34 RH thread

Colak reminds everyone on the Sydney anti-vaccine protest page that Damien Poulsen is not involved in the Sydney protest:

Belgin 33 Poulsen reminder

Update June 20 2015

Meryl Dorey, the public officer of the rabid anti-vaccination organisation, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, posts on the AVN Facebook page urging everyone to get out and protest against “medical tyranny”, “today”. As one commenter points out, the protest is tomorrow. Other commenters don’t know where to find information about the anti-vaccine protests. The anti-vaccine cause against the “scientocracy” rolls on as it always does, tripping over its own untied shoelaces:

AVN 7027 Dorey wrong day protest

Anti-vaccine entrepreneur of many anti-vaccine business ventures, a failed anti-vaccine charity, and co-owner of the pointless anti-vaccine Church of Conscious Living, Stephanie Messenger, confirms she will be at the Brisbane anti-vaccine protest. This further consolidates the anti-vaccine standing of the nationwide protests:

Messenger 103 protest

In the Perth anti-vaccine protest group the people who like to claim they are better researchers than scientists appear to be having difficulty knowing where they are supposed to be, or what they are supposed to bring to tomorrow’s anti-vaccine protest:

Protest 33 WA attendees can't google

Update June 21 2015: anti-vaccine protest day

There are many photos circulating taken from the various protests; mainly Sydney and Brisbane. I’m not going to add many here. Friends have kindly secured many flyers and information sheets from the Brisbane protesters. All of the information is anti-vaccine. Of course the protesters are chanting the lies of “informed choice” and “pro-choice”, but, the only vaccine information available is anti-vaccine, as well as sovereign citizen wing-nuttery. Even this flyer states: “This is not an anti-vaccination flyer”.

Protest 52 not an antivax flyer

It then goes on to completely misrepresent and lie about immunisation schedules, safety and efficacy, whilst going on to post an incredible section of almost every anti-vaccination lie you can muster, including this:

Prefer the child to catch the disease naturally

Which brings me to this toddler, photographed at the Brisbane protest, doing the parents’ bidding: the toddler exercising his/her parents’ freedom of choice. Why should we stand back and allow this toddler to be infected with vaccine preventable diseases, on his/her parents’ delusional whims? This toddler exemplifies, for me, everything that is wrong with anti-vaccination liars who can’t even be honest enough to admit their beliefs:

Protest 51 Brisbane toddler

And if protesting for the right to deliberately infect a baby or toddler with infectious disease isn’t bad enough, anti-vaccine protesters in Sydney were handing out a flyer featuring a story written by baby murderer Alan Yurko. I’m serious:

Protest 53 Raggedy Ann Yurko flyer

Flyer courtesy Anne Blake who collected it in Sydney

Badges sold at the Sydney anti-vaccine protest. Skull-and-cross-syringes. “No to the vaccine.” Anti-vaccine to the core:

Protest 57 Sydney antivax badges

Source Facebook Public Image: Bialkowska.

And this guy/girl at the Sydney anti-vaccine protest, citing Tenpenny like a charm:

Protest 58 Tenpenny moron

Source Facebook Public Image: Bialkowska.

Organiser Poulsen (left) reinstated himself to be in charge of the charade. Bronwyn Hancock (right) managed to appear without being publicly humiliated by Veira Scheibner (absent), this time. In the middle is some other person:

Protest 61 Poulsen Hancock

Source Facebook Public Image: Bialkowska.

And the very last image from the day of national deceit shall be from the organiser of the Sydney anti-vaccine protest, Belgin Colak, who is at pains to declare that the anti-vaccine protests are not anti-vaccine. Here is Colak inviting all Sydney protest page commenters to come and like her Facebook group, Anti-Vaccination Australia:

Belgin 37 join antivax group

I don’t know any more. Is it napalm-grade ineptitude? Or is it a practised, sustained perfidy which nourishes these people?

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